These stories are all about a young girl named Anabelle Morgan. She's a bit strange, but Mulder and Scully like her anyway. Read on to see how their lives come together...

Anabelle 01: Mulder's Secret
Summary: Mulder gets lectured by his aunt about a secret he should tell.

Anabelle 02: Telling The Story
Summary: Anabelle confronts Mulder about who she really is, and Mulder tells the story to Anabelle and Scully.

Anabelle 03: Cornwall Redux
Summary-Anabelle feels the after-effects of a long ago trauma, and moves in with Mulder earlier than planned.

Anabelle 04: The Hunt
Summary: Mulder and Scully go apartment hunting and The Lone Gunmen meet Anabelle for the first time.

Anabelle 05: Back to School
Summary: It's Anabelle's first day of school down in D.C. Does anyone else get that wary feeling in their gut?

Anabelle 06: Girl Talk
Summary: Mulder has to go out of town for a conference and Anabelle stays with Scully.It's girls' night out...

Anabelle 07: Night of the Twisters
Summary: It's Anabelle's 16th birthday, and the friends hit the town for a night out. Trouble is inevitable.

Anabelle 08: Chance and Coincidences
Summary: How far back does Mulder and Scully's connection go?

Anabelle 09: Book of Secrets
Summary: Does one secret have the power to change the lives of three people?

Some other little glimpses into Anabelle's life:
Anabelle: 1990 Anabelle: 1992 Anabelle: Introspection

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