Title: You Should Be Proud
Author: Faith N.
Keywords: William (if that's a key word), Mulder/Scully married, and Mulder's POV
Spoiler: Existence
Rated: PG, nothing bad here!
Disclaimer: If I owned The X-Files, do you think I'd be sitting here typing fan fiction in my spare time? The real people who own The X-Files are Chris Carter, 20th Century Fox, and 1013 products. Not to mention the rest of the cast and Crew that work to put The X-Files together.
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Summary: A look into the life of William through the eyes of one of his proud parents


Last week we, Scully and I, received a letter home from William's kindergarten teacher of two weeks requesting a parent- teacher conference for the following week. About a thousand thoughts went through my mind of what Will might have done to provoke a conference.

I automatically thought back on my childhood where conferences had meant big trouble for me, but perhaps this would be different. Maybe the teacher just wanted us to know that Will was doing excellent, but that is very doubtful. I mean in my experience teachers only request conferences to tell the parents how the kids have screwed up. But, then again I had a pretty bumpy school life. Whether the news is good or bad my curiosity is gonna kill me if I don't find out soon.

So, I turn to the most reliable source, William. I go in his room where he is sitting on the floor playing with his Legos. His brown hair is wild and his teeball uniform is dirty from the game he'd just gotten done playing. I sit down next to him and proceed to interrogate the five-year-old.

"Hey buddy what cha doin'?" I ask him.

"Building a spaceship." He replies quickly while his busy little hands snap together assorted colors of Legos.

"You're doing good." I say. I don't know why I feel so nervous all the sudden.

"Does it look like the spaceships you and Momma saw?" He is totally intrigued by my stories of aliens and flying saucers. In fact his room is done in UFO's and my "I Want to Believe" poster is hanging on the wall.

"Identical." I tell him smiling and patting the top of his sweaty head.

"Identical." He repeats. He does that from time to time like he is taking everything I say in.

I smile again, "Well, kiddo, how's school treatin' ya? Got in any trouble?" That's the subtlest way I can think of to ask him what he's done.

"It's ok." Then his big blue eyes get even bigger and he smiles that smile that makes him look just like Scully.

"What?" I ask, smiling at him.

"Know what happened?"


"Tambry Wallace got gum stuck in her hair and had to go home." He laughs and I can't help but giggle at him.

"Will, you shouldn't laugh when stuff like that happens. Don't you like Tambry?"

His reply is that of any five-year-old boy. "Yuck, girls got cooties."

About then Scully comes in. She smiles at me then turns to William.

"Come on, Baby, it's time for your bath." She says. I stand and she comes back with "Not you Mulder, Will."

I smile and hug her as William runs for the bathroom and Scully follows behind him. I stand in my little boy's room for a few more minutes. I'm sure that whatever he's done at school can't be too awful.

I smile to myself and head to the bathroom where Scully is keeping an eye on Will while he takes a bath. He's made himself a "Santa Claus" beard out of the bubbles and is showing it to his mom. When I walk in he picks his hands up out of the water and proceeds to say, "Hey Daddy, I'm all wrinkly."

"You sure are!" I say. "That's called being pruned." I tell him.

"Pruned." He repeats.

I lean over to Scully " I'll watch him if you want to go do something else." She knows what I'm getting at.

"Like go cook you mean." She smiles.

"Yes, Enigmatic Dr. Scully is right again." She slaps me with the towel and is goes on to the kitchen.

"Enigmatic." Will says.

Just about the time that Will gets out of his bath and dresses in his race car pajamas that the doorbell rings.

Will races me to it, but Scully is already there greeting the pizza man. She pays him and he hands over two medium pizzas.

After closing the door she turns to me and asks, "Would you believe that I cooked this?"

"Anything you say."

"Anything you say." Will repeats. "Can we eat in the living room, Momma? The Planet of the Apes is on TV."

Will and I both add "Please?" and with that we have her. I get the plates and we head into the living room. Will doesn't usually eat much but tonight he eats four slices of pizza and drinks two glasses of milk.

"What did you have for lunch today, Baby?" Scully questions.

"Gross stuff, but all I ate was the cottontail." Will answers.

"The what?" Scully and I ask at the same time.

"Cottontail." William answers matter-of-factly.

"What's cottontail?" I ask Scully, feeling ignorant.

She shrugs and goes on to ask Will the same question.

He answers with "fruit."

"Fruit?" I ask.

"Yeah, fruit cottontail."

Realization dawns on Scully's face, "Oh, fruit cocktail." We both start laughing and Will looks at us like we're nuts.

"Will, buddy, it's not fruit cottontail it's fruit cocktail."

He blushes bright red, a trait he must have gotten from Scully, and whispers "Cocktail" to himself.

Scully cleans up and he and I watch some more of the movie. Will is obviously getting a little restless so, when Scully comes in and announces it's time for bed he complies with no more of an argument than a moan.

I pick him up and "Superman" him to his room and drop him on his bed. He is out of breath and on the verge of laughing when he says his nightly prayers.

When Scully and I leave the room, we can hear muffled giggles behind the closed door. We make our way into the living room and sit down.

"So, what do you make of this conference thing tomorrow?" I ask her.

She lays her head on my arm, "I'm sure it's nothing big. Will's a good kid plus he's just in kindergarten. How much trouble can a kindergartner get into?"

"Hopefully, not much. What time did you say the conference was again?" I ask as she snuggles against me.

"2:15 it's during the kindergarten recess. Did you cancel all you appointments for tomorrow?"

"Yeah, sure did. That's about 600 dollars down the drain though." I tell her referring to the psychiatric practice I started 3 years ago.

"Oh well." She yawns.

"Did you have to get out of anything?"

"No and I'm sure that Doggett and Reyes can handle paper work." She tells me. I look down at her and her eyes are closed.

I smooth the hair out of her face.

"I'm beat, let's go to bed." I guide her to the bedroom and she's asleep in a matter of seconds. I lay awake in the dark for hours. I don't know if many people know this, but Scully has a snoring problem actually it's more of a loud breathing problem. She only has this problem when she is bushed so I don't bother waking her. I roll her over on her side, which seems to help.

I think it's around one when I fall asleep and got around an hour of shut-eye in before a feel a little taping on the bottom of my foot and sit up to see a teary-eyed Will.

"Hey, buddy, what's wrong." I whisper trying not to wake Scully, God knows she needs her rest.

"I had a bad dream, can I sleep in here with you?" he asks.

I look over at Scully who has rolled back over on her back. She sounds like she is blowing up a balloon again. Poor thing must be exhausted.

"Why don't we sleep in your room." I tell him guiding him out the bedroom.

"What about Mommy?" He asks.

"I'm sure she'll be ok for one night." I tell him. I climb into bed and am asleep very quickly. I wake up the next morning with a tiny foot on the side of my face.

I open my eyes and see Scully eyeing me from the doorway. Her eyes are still bloodshot. "He had a bad dream." I explain. She nods.

"It's 7:00, would you like the honors of waking up your son?" She smiles at me.

I shake him gently and he wakes up, yawns, and routinely goes to the kitchen where he knows there is a bowl of cereal waiting with his name on it. Literally. His cereal bowl has his name on it.

Anyway, I get up and walk over to Scully. I kiss her cheek. "We both have the day off. Why don't you let me take care of Will and you can get a few more hours of sleep." At that Scully smiles one of the now not-so-rare smiles that I love and trotdsback to the bedroom, closing the door behind her.

I walk into the kitchen where Will is eating and reading the back of the Golden Graham's box. "Are you taking me to school today, Daddy?" He asks.

"Yep, I sure am. What do you want to wear today?"

He shrugs, "I don't know, my alien suit."

"Maybe tomorrow." I lie. I go to his room and collect a pair of his jean shorts and a polo shirt and lay them out on the couch. "Buddy, your clothes are on the couch. When you're done eating put them on, OK?"

"Ok." He replies.

After a while we're on the way to his school. It's a small private school. Scully didn't like the idea of sending him to public school in DC just yet, but I have to tell you this private school thing is sucking us dry. I drop him off and wait until I see him enter the door before pulling away and you know what, it breaks my heart to drive away. I don't see how Scully does this on a daily basis.

Anyway, I run a few errands before heading home so, I don't make it there until around ten and am surprised to find Scully still asleep. I then decide to watch an episode of Matlock. At around eleven I decide to cook lunch. The choice of what to cook is and easy one to make seeing as how the only thing I know how to cook is spaghetti.

Oddly it takes me an hour to cook it. So, around noon Scully comes out of the bedroom in a pair of my flannel pajama pants and my old Oxford T-shirt.

"Something smells good." She states yawning.

I grin at her, remembering when she wouldn't dare come near me dressed like that. "Why good morning, Sleeping Beauty, or should I say good afternoon."

"What time is it?"

"12:03." I tell her this and she looks, well, shocked. "You slept 'til noon Scully, bet ya haven't done that since high school."

"More like pre-school. Ahab wouldn't have us sleeping late." She tells me as I sit a plate of spaghetti in front of her.

"Not even during the summer?" I ask taking a big bite of spaghetti off my fork.

"Not even during the summer. Well, actually if he were out at sea Mom would let us sleep in, but not often."

"It's times like these that I'm glad my dad wasn't a navy captain." I tell her.

After we're done eating Scully gets ready and we head to Will's school. The moment I've been waiting for is soon to come. I can hardly stand waiting another five minutes to find out what the kid has done.

When we get to the school, Scully knows exactly where she is going; we go through the cafeteria and down a long hallway of rooms until we get to a room that has the name "Freely" printed above it. We go on in and the young woman behind the desks stands and greets us.

"You must be Mr. and Mrs. Mulder." She says extending her hand.

"Actually it's Mr. Mulder and Mrs. Scully." Scully states. The young blonde looks confused.

"She kept her last name." I state and the teacher starts to smile again.

"Well, have a seat." Scully and I do so in the two normal size chairs that are sitting in front of her desk. Suddenly, I feel as if I'm in Skinner's office, about to scolded. That thought makes a smile form on my lips.

The teacher continues. "First of all, I would like to say that William is a great kid. There is just a small problem."

"And what's that?" Scully asks.

"He keeps telling his classmates that you and your husband fought and fight aliens in other galaxies." She laughs while saying this.

"Well, he knows better than that." I say.

"I thought you might say that." The teacher smiles.

"We fought 'em right here on earth." I say and Scully stifles a laugh. The teacher doesn't look amused.

"We'll speak to him about keeping those stories low key, Mrs. Freely. Is there anything else that we need to know about?" Scully asks.

"Well, like I said Will is a great kid. He's is on a third grade reading level where as most of his friends can't read, but I sure your both aware of that though. Whatever you're doing, keep doing it. You should be very proud of that little boy."

And we are proud of him, we always will be proud of him.


Our home has become a second home to a fourth grade girl named Tambry Wallace. She and Will have been joined at the hip since the second grade when Tambry and her grandmother moved in next door.

Not that I mind having her around the house all the time, in fact I rather like it and I know that Scully likes it. The kid is quite cute with curly blonde hair and blue eyes. In fact she almost has the same coloring as Emily did. Sometimes she comes over just to visit with Scully.

From what I gather her mother was killed in a boating accident when she was six. I remember Will coming home that day from the first grade and telling us about it, but I have never questioned Tambry's grandmother about it. I guess it's none of my business anyhow.

Well, anyway, her and Will's newest project is writing these science fiction stories. Actually it's more of Will's new project. Tambry just provides gross medical terms and moral support. I read some of the stories that he wrote and they are actually very good. In fact had I not known better I would have thought that an adult wrote them.

Anyway, the two of them are in Will's room right now. I haven't heard a peep out of them for a while so, I decide to go in and check on them. Will is typing on the computer and Tambry is sitting in Will's beanbag chair with all the alien heads on it. She's reading Moby Dick; it's on loan out from Scully. Tambry looks really into it, Scully would be happy to know that.

Speaking of Scully, she's off in New York working on an X-file. She's been gone for a week and a half and I really miss her.

I enter the room more completely and start a conversation with the nine-year-olds. "Hey, guys. What ya up to?" I ask.

"Reading and writing." Will answers. "You heard from Mom today?"

"Yeah, this morning."

Tambry looks up from her book, "How's her case going?"

"Good, she'll be home in a couple of days." I answer. "So, Will what's this one about?"

"The night I was born. Don't worry, I changed the names." He says.

"Yeah, plus he had to downplay it a lot to put it in the Scifi contest at school." Tambry tells me.

"They have a Science fiction contest at school. Where was that when I was a kid?" I joke with them. They are still at the age where they think I'm cool so they laugh.

That night I order take out Chinese for the three of us. Tambry leaves for home at around eight and I put Will to bed at around nine.

I read Will's story and wait up for Scully's call. Like clockwork the phone rings at 10:15. "Hello?" I answer.

"Hey, Mulder. Is the house still standing?" I smile; it's great to hear her voice.

"How's everything going?"

"It's not, we're at a dead end. I think we're just gonna mark it unexplained and come back home. Besides, I miss you and Will." She tells me. "How's Will doing today?"

"He's good. He's entering a Science Fiction writing contest at school. I think he's got a good chance at winning."

"I hope he does win, Mulder."

"Oh and something else, Tambry is liking Moby Dick. I thought that you'd be glad to know that."

"That's great. It brought me a lot of happy memories, maybe it'll do the same for her."

Just then I hear what sounds like a knock at her door. "Well, I gotta go. Reyes locked herself out. I love you."

"I love you too."


"Bye." And with that I hang up. You know, as much as I miss working on the X-Files I'd never give up this life for it. Yet, I remember a time when I'd give anything for those files. I go put Will's story in his book bag where I told him I would and then turn in. I hate sleeping in this big bed by myself.

The next morning I feel someone kiss my cheek. It definitely wasn't Will. I open my eyes to find Scully standing above me.

"Hey, long time, no see." She says.

"When did you get here or better yet, when did you leave New York?" I ask grinning.

"We left last on a plane this morning at six and I just got here."

"Did you wake up Will?"

"No, it's Sunday I think he deserves to sleep in."


Will sleeps 'til about ten and then wanders into the living room where Scully and I sit watching the National Geographic Channel.

"Momma, when did you get here?!" Will runs up and hugs Scully. No one could ever accuse my son of not being affectionate. Which is kind of weird considering the fact that he is our son.

"Did Dad tell you that I'm entering a writing contest at school?" Will asks.

"Yeah he did. I'm so proud of you."

"Do you think I might win?"

"If you don't, I'll have some complaining to do." Scully says.

"When is it due, Buddy?" I ask him.

"Tomorrow. I've gotta choose which one to use."

"I'd use the one that I read last night." I tell him and he smiles. I figured that was probably his favorite. It was about the night he was born. "I put it in your book bag."

"Thanks," Is his reply.

The day goes by quickly. Scully makes some great chili. I've missed having her make dinner for the past week and a half. Will is practically bouncing off the walls with excitement about turning in his paper. We finally get him in bed at ten thirty and hit the sack ourselves.

Scully must have rested well during her case because she was breathing like a normal person.

I didn't go to sleep for a while, I just held Scully and thought about Will. I hope that he wins, the little guy is so determined. I fall asleep that way.

My alarm clock beeps loud and annoying. I reach over and smack it. It's 6:30 am. My first appointment's at 8:00. Scully is already up and drying her hair in the bathroom.

I get some breakfast and wait for her to get done. She comes out fully dressed and gives me a kiss.

I shower up and when Will is ready I walk him and Tambry to the bus stop. They both started public school two years ago. I wish Will good luck as he gets on the bus.

The day at the office seems to go extra slow. But as I sit there listening to people complain about their jobs, their spouses, their kids, pretty much their lives in general, I realize that my life with Scully and Will is amazing.

I get home that afternoon to find Tambry and Will watching cartoons on the couch. Scully isn't home just yet.

"Hey buddy. Did ya win?" I ask. I'm more anxious than he is.

"They don't find out 'til tomorrow." Tambry answers.

"Oh, ok, well you can call tomorrow at work to tell me you won if you want to. What do you get if you win anyway?" I ask him.

"I get a medal, I get to read my story in front of the whole school, and I get a free large pizza at any Bubba's Pizza in Virginia." He is so excited.

"Wow, I'm sure you'll win."

Then Tambry chimes in, "I think everyone is sure that he'll win. His story is so great."

After another long, agonizing, day and a half Will calls me at work with the good news. "I won Dad." Is the first thing he says after I say "Hello."

"You did! That's so great, buddy. You tell me all about it when I get home. I love you. Bye." I hang up with a grin on my face.

When I get home Will is waiting for me completely ecstatic. As soon as I get into the house Will starts giving me an earful. "The assembly is on Tuesday. Can you come?" He asks.

"I wouldn't miss it for the world."

Another five days pass quickly. Will does an amazing job reading his story and gets a medal for an award. After the assembly William's principal, Mr. Cantly comes up to Scully and I and shakes our hands.

"I just wanted to tell you that you have a great son. You both should be proud."

Scully and I just look at each other and smile.


Will started high school about four months ago. I can hardly believe it. He has the highest grade point average in the school. Tambry isn't too far behind him.

In the last few years Tambry has become increasingly popular so, she hasn't been hanging around our house as much. But, she and Will are still very close. In fact they are out now, leaving Scully and I alone for the night. We invite over Skinner, Doggett and Reyes.

The five us manage to finish off three large pizzas. Skinner eats most of it. He had been coming over more since he retired last year. We sit around and watch Casablanca until ten when Will comes in.

"Hey everybody." He sits down in the armchair.

"Hey Will, did you have fun?" Skinner asks him.

"Yes sir, we went and saw Jurassic Park 9."

"Was it any good?" Scully asks.

"Were the last six?" Will smiles.

"Point taken." States Scully.

"Well, I have some studying to do tonight. I've got a big test on Monday. Oh, a, by the way, Dad, can I go out to the fair with Tambry tomorrow night? It's Saturday. That's when most of the teens in town go."

He has the subtlest way of asking questions. He always asks me if he can do things rather than Scully, I don't know why though.

Scully says yes a lot quicker than I do.

She tells me all the time about how charming she thinks our 5 foot 8", brown hair, and blue eyed fourteen-year-old son is.

"Yeah, you can." I answer and he almost looks surprised.

"Okay, well I'm gonna go study. Goodnight everybody." Will bends down and kisses Scully.

"Good night, Baby." Scully says.

The next evening at around seven, Tambry shows up at our door ready to go to the fair. Scully invites her in and they talk for a few minutes before I'm told to call Will down. He runs down the steps and grabs his jacket.

"Hey, Tambry." He greets her.

"Be back by ten okay, Will?" Scully tells him the time, which is not unreasonable for a fourteen-year-old.

"You have my word." He says. "Bye, I'll see you guys in a while." He and Tambry leave.

At around midnight Scully and I sit up waiting for Will to get home. Scully has called everyone in the phone book looking for him.

I'm trying to calm her down when we here a knock at the door. I open it to see a sight that I never thought I'd see. William stood there next to a police officer. Will looks afraid, not the look of a person who is afraid of being in trouble, but of someone who is scared, terrified even. I note that he has a black eye. I notice all of this in the four seconds I've been standing here.

The officer begins to speak, "Are you Mr. Mulder?"

I nod yes.

"What's going on?" Scully asks sounding as scared as Will looks.

The officer continues, "You should be very proud of your son here. There was a few local punks harrassing that sweet girl that lives next door to you. William here steps in and gets 'em off her. That was at around nine-thirty. He's been down at the station making out a report. He tried to call but all our lines are tied up." A smile of pride creeps onto our faces. "Yes sir, you should be proud."


Will is graduating this year as valedictorian. It's great. You know what else is great? Today at supper he announced that after he gets through college he's going to med. school. Ya know people always wish a lot for their kids and most of those wishes don't come true. In Will's case, however, he has achieved everything that we ever wanted him to. More even.

The auditorium is packed with students and their families. Scully and I were probably the first parents to arrive. Scully has been glowing with excitement ever since will told us that he was valedictorian. We are so proud of him!

After a while the graduates have their seats and the superattendant comes out and stands on the stage in front of the crowd. He says a few words about how close he feels to the class of 2018 and about how he'll miss seeing "their bright faces everyday". After his big speech is over with he introduces the band director who directs the band to play "Pomp and Circumstance" and "Cannon".

When the band is done playing the superattendant comes out again and introduce Will, "This years valedictorian is William Mulder. I am very proud of this young man as should his family and friends be. He has proven that responsibility for yourself and in your work will always pay off. Without further ado, Mr. Mulder would you take the mic?"

As Will walks up to the stage Scully takes at least seven pictures.

Will starts his speech and I can't help, I start thinking back on Will's life. I remember the night I "returned from the dead" and found Scully pregnant. I remember all the little miracles that took place the night he was born. I remember all the times in his young life that he's took my breath away with pride.

And I look forward to many more times. I will always be proud of my son, my little boy, my William.


Scully passed away last year at the age of 75. She died in her sleep of natural causes. Will decided it best for me to move in with him, Tambry, and my grandchildren, Melissa and Samuel Mulder. Today is a very exciting day for them as well as me, Will, and Tambry. Will has achieved something amazing. He has won the Nobel Prize for Medicine. If only Scully could see him.

Here I sit in this auditorium full of doctors and scientists and the families of doctors and scientists when I get this feeling that I have had so much in the past.

Pride. I am almost at tears over the pride I have in my son. I think everyone is proud of Will though. I know that John Doggett and Monica Reyes are. They sit next to me now. It's weird looking back now and thinking about the huge role that these two people played the night my son was born. I had barely even known them then, but they have become two of my dearest friends. My only real friends, aside from family, since Skinner died ten years back.

A man comes out and explains everything that William has done in the past years and presents Will with his award. He comes to a podium to say a few words.

"First off, I would like to thank my parents, 'The Enigmatic' doctor Dana Scully, who sadly passed away this last year, and 'Spooky' Fox Mulder. They have played a tremendous role in my life, as most parents should. I have and always will be proud of them."

He's proud of me?

The End

Authors note: This is my first fan fiction, so I'm not even going to pretend to be as good as most of the outstanding fan fiction authors who's stories I have read. But, with a little helpful criticism I might eventually be as good as you. So, please be sure and send me feedback at: starbuck731@hotmail.com Thank you, I hope you enjoyed the story.

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