Author: xxellie02xx
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Category: X-Files
Genre: Family/Adventure
Written: 02/16/2014
Disclaimer: I do not own the x files, Or any of its characters.

Summary: "They killed my sister and with her, a part of me. They just left her without so much as a glance to check she was gone" What if Emily wasn't the only child Scully had? when Scully found Bella, Her life was falling apart and she was haunted by memories from her past. While Scully desperately tried to pick up the pieces, the fate of the world would rest in this little girl's hands.

A/N: Thought this would be interesting, Just randomly came up with the idea one day. The prologue doesn't really say much, so hopefully chapter 1 will clear a few things up :)

My sister died when she was three. I never got a chance to know her, all I know is that I had a twin and her name was Emily. We were so different, her hair was almost blonde while mine was as red as fire. We both had bright blue eyes, with the ability to talk to each other in our heads. I saw what they did to her. How they created us and they just let her die by their own hands without a second thought, without so much as a glance back to make sure she was gone. We were never real, just created as some stupid experiment to be chess pieces in their games. Now they must pay, the people who killed my sister and with her, a part of me. Every single one of them will pay for everything they did to us, they will all pay the ultimate price.

I had stood in the hallway, tears pouring down my face as I heard what they were saying. There was no hope for her. She was dying, fading before their eyes. The lady with the red hair was insisting they had to do something, that there had to be some kind of treatment, but there wasn't. There was no cure for this, this was simply our life. I had stood there in my own hospital gown, clutching my teddy by his arm, when my dad carried me away, I saw the tortured look on Emily's face and heard the frantic screaming for help in her mind as the lady broke down crying and then I looked away.

I opened my eyes again, shaking and crying silently. Just a dream, it's not real. I know it's a memory but the past can't hurt me now. I remember it well enough, I don't need to see it every night in my dreams.


I looked to the door, shivering. My dad stood there and he looked worried. Light danced in my room through the curtains I always left open and filled the room with a yellow light.

"Nightmare," I said simply. "I'm fine."

He looked away. I couldn't tell him about my dreams, not ever. He knew too much. Do dreams tell fact, ask questions we don't yet know how to ask? Mine do. What would I say anyway? My dead sister is haunting me? You know dad, the one you could have saved, but instead you just stood there and watched the life drain from her eyes.

I see the truth. I know when people are lying. I learned a long time ago that the only one I could ever trust is me, and it will always just be me.

I don't know who she is, the lady with hair like mine. I want to find her. She loved Emily. I can see the sadness in her eyes everytime I see that memory. Who is she? Why did Emily mean so much to her?

"She was never meant to be."

"We can't save her."

"No cure."

The words cut away at my conscience like knives.

Reading the newspaper, I saw a man. He was missing, and an FBI agent. Why did I recognise him? He looked so familiar.

I looked at the name carefully, reading the article over and over again. Fox Mulder. I didn't recognise his name, but I knew him from somewhere, I was sure. Stuffing the newspaper in my bag, I finished eating breakfast and hurried to school.

Everyone was talking about it. How he believed in the weirdest things and spent his life chasing ghosts and aliens, looking for creatures that didn't exist and accusing the government of conspiracies. If only they knew how wrong they were, how they were really just naive and he was the one who knew the truth. I kept my mouth shut all day, and refused to talk about the mysterious disappearance of the man, I knew what would happen. He would turn up in a field, muddy covered in scars and barely alive. He could not be saved. A mysterious death blamed on kidnapping or him escaping from somewhere unknown, and everyone would deny all knowledge of anything.

I realised that there was nothing to do now but wait. Maybe I could save him, tell someone what I knew. Would they believe it? I doubt it. Save him myself? Walk through fields until I found the exact spot? I couldn't just let him die, I knew that much, so I had to do something.

After school I researched as much as I could about him and his work, trying to find information. Eventually I found one thing, an old case report that had been in the newspaper about some sort of toxic oil. I read on, ignoring the scientific words I couldn't read and looking for anything that might be of use.

"Dana Scully," I said to myself, noting the name it had written alongside Fox Mulder, and realised she must be, or had been, his partner.

As I slept again that night, my dreams were of the lady with red hair, and occasionally Emily. Someday I would make them all pay, every doctor that said there was no hope, every human in the government that organised this torturous experiment. Every alien that created us just to let us die. They would all pay. All they needed was my blood to touch them, and they would be gone before they could say goodbye. Even the aliens, this mixture of human was so dangerous because of the chemicals. I had my own life, and without even knowing they had created something that could end them and all the pain they had bought into this world from the day they first arrived. In that moment, I knew what I had to do.

Even when I realised my life had a purpose, it still scared me. I wasn't ready to kill someone, not even if it was the right thing to do. Was it the right thing to do? I slid my window open, and slipped out onto the roof. The air was cold, and the only light was from the full moon and the stars that dotted the sky.

Walking down the street was terrifying. It was deserted, and the glow of the moon was eerie on the damp roads. I knew where I had to go first. The man who tried to treat Emily was smart, but not smart enough to outdo the aliens. He had their blood in him, changing form to stop himself from ever being properly discovered. He would be at the hospital now, as he was every night in my dreams.

He had treated me for a while, but when it didn't work Dad took me somewhere else. I had been all over the place while people tried to save my life, and he had always stayed and treated Emily. I walked in to the hospital, pushing open the doors and striding into his office. I shut the door carefully, locking it behind me.

"Bella." He acknowledged me with a nod. "You've grown."

"I'm so sorry," I whispered, tears falling onto the floor as they rolled down my cheeks. I looked up at him, my blue eyes blurred with tears. I took a tiny knife from my pocket, flicking it and making a tiny cut on my wrist. His eyes were sad, but he was silent as he stood in front of me. Eventually he took a deep breath and fell to the ground.

No turning back now. He had payed for what he did, for the way he had just left her to die. I was a murderer.

I got home just as the sun started to rise, climbing up to my window by the ivy that grew alongside the house. "Murderer, Murderer" my mind sang as I lay in my bed trembling. I felt so sick, knowing that I had taken a life, even though it had been the right thing to do. Did that make me no better than them, a liar and a killer? There was no going back now.

I spent the school day staring through the window, so much in my own world that one of the teachers sent me home. I insisted on walking, even though I knew dad would get off work to come and pick me up if he thought I was really sick.

I walked in the middle of the road, kicking the gravel and dragging my feet. I had to find the lady with the red hair, maybe she could clear a few things up, stop me killing anyone else. The only question; is she even real?

I had asked dad once when I was younger, but he looked so angry when I asked that he scared me into not asking him again. He was the only person I had, and yet I still couldn't trust him. Not now I knew what he had done, not now I had seen his life. He was a spy, a spy for the enemy. The enemy that made this my life, the enemy that got rid of my parents and left me alone in this world.

I sat curled up on my bed, the tatty teddy from all those years ago beside me. I pulled my old laptop onto my knee, clicking the Internet icon and switching to the news.

The headline was about a murder, a man dead with no apparent cause. I looked at the paragraph and gasped. His picture was on the front page, the doctor I had killed. Printed next to his name was "Dana Scully, FBI" she was investigating it along with a man called agent John Doggett. At the very bottom was a contact address for the FBI if anybody knew anything.

After a little while, I realised I knew the name from somewhere. I kept searching for answers, but all I found was the article I had seen earlier. Then it hit me. Dana Scully. She was his partner. I stood up and stepped away from the laptop, shocked. Entering one last search, I waited for the results and held onto my desk for support. Nothing could have prepared me for what came up. One single photo, and my eyes filled with tears as the ground rushed up to meet me. I sat with my head in my hands, sobbing though I wasn't even sure why. Shock? Probably. The photo was of her. The lady who was haunting my dreams, her hair as red as mine, shining like fire.

Dad came home an hour later to find me in that same position on the floor, sat leaning against my desk. He took one look at my computer, and muttered something to himself before he knelt down on the floor next to me.

"Bella, I need you to listen to me," he spoke sternly, scaring me out of my trance.

I looked at him, not knowing what to say and the look on his face kept me silent.

"We need to get out of here. Now."


"The government has some bad people in it, and they let you stay with me so long as you never found this out."

"You knew?! And you never told me?"

"Bella, if I told you, I would lose you."

Tears rolled down my cheeks again as he helped me to my feet. We packed a small bag each, and he took my hand as the sun began to set outside. We walked to the car, and I watched as he checked under the car for anything that could track us. We drove for hours, with me drifting in and out of sleep. Soon we stopped at a hotel, and checked in before we headed to the room we had been given and finally slept.

I stepped out of the small bedroom and turned on the radio that was sat on the table. I heard something about a car crash, and then that there was no news on the missing agent.

I was startled by a noise behind me, and panicked, reaching for the gun dad always kept under the table, but relaxed as soon as I heard a familiar voice.

"I need to talk to you, Bella."

He pulled out a chair, and I did the same. Throughout the next few hours, dad explained to me how he had been part of the conspiracies, but now wanted to leave them behind to give me a better life. How he had fought against the two agents, but could not bring himself to hurt them because of the connections they had to me.

For months we ran, not stopping sometimes for weeks.

Finally we heard news. The agent had been returned, but he was dead. Dad was immediately frantic, rushing around and starting the car.

"Bella, Get in the car!" he yelled.

I was upset, and confused. Why did we need to go? The guy was dead.

We drove for days, dad had a goal and he wouldn't stop for anything.

After days of endless driving, I was exhausted. We soon pulled up outside the hospital.

"Bella, stay in the car. Do NOT get out for anyone, unless you are really in danger."

He jogged off, a vial of liquid in his good hand. I watched from the car as a man walked over to him. I could see them through the hospital room's window. He looked familiar for some reason, with small round glasses and no hair.

"What do you want Krycek?" The man spat. They talked for a while, then dad came back and got in the car.

Then another man came. He walked up to the car slowly, gun in hand.

"Get in the back of the car, on the floor," dad spoke sternly, yet quietly. I climbed into the back, and lay on the floor on my stomach. Dad started the car, and drove fast. There were a lot of turns and I got thrown around a lot. A gunshot fired, and I cried out. The man glanced back, distracted. Dad sped off, leaving the shattered vial lay on the floor.

The man gave up, stalking off and back into the building.

"I could have saved him," dad muttered sadly.

He glanced back at the shattered vial one last time, and then parked the car once more to check I was alright. I opened the door.

"Bella, what are you doing? Get back in the car."

"I have to do something!"

"Bella, you can't. There's nothing to do."

I ran as fast as I could, knowing he was following me. This place was huge. I ran along the halls, and down a couple of flights of stairs. The man with glasses was outside the door of a room, and I took a step towards him. As I did, someone else left the room. I took my eyes off the man to look at her for a second and her eyes met mine. I stopped dead in my tracks. Her hair was as red as fire. I could feel her eyes on mine as dad put his arms protectively around me. She tore her eyes away and kept walking and my heart shattered like the vial.

"She saw me," I whispered.

"I know."

"Why doesn't she care?" I sobbed, as he turned me around and led me down the hall.

"She does, Bella. Believe me she does."

Scully walked in to the room of the crime scene, the child's room. The bed was tucked into the corner, toys by the bed as if the children were playing with them before bed. The bed was hard to see from the doorway and Scully didn't see the small body tucked under the covers straight away.

Scully walked closer to bed. She saw Mulders face change and was about to ask him what was wrong when she saw the little girl.


Scully saw red, and then Emily's face flashed in her mind as she fell helplessly to the ground. She was smiling.

"Scully, Scully, wake up."



"Mulder... Mulder she, she looked just like her."


"Yeah... But..."

"Scully, it isn't her, it wasn't, you went to her funeral, that little girl was not Emily..."

Scully got up out of the chair. It was just a coincidence... It can't be her, it couldn't be... This case has too many coincidences, Scully thought to herself. She started thinking of Emily and shook her head to dismiss the thoughts.

Mulder saw Scully shake her head and looked concerned.

"I'm fine Mulder," she replied with her usual business like tone.

It didn't take Mulder long to realise that she wasn't ok. It had been more than a year since Emily, but he knew she still woke up with nightmares from it. She couldn't forget. She was the only daughter and only child Scully had and probably ever will have.

They turned to leave, it was getting late, about 4ish Mulder guessed, as he didn't have his watch on. He put his hand on her back and led her out the room.

"I'll drive," she whispered.

Mulder knew she was already shaken, but she was bad enough today, and he didn't want to hurt her or start an argument.


They drove back in silence. The trip seemed like the longest ever, but it was only about an hour away from scullys apartment, they would go to her apartment first, Mulder decided, and then he would make sure she was ok and then drive home if he didn't stay to late, or , he reasoned, he could always stay on the couch.

It seemed like an eternity of driving before Scully finally admitted she may have missed a turn. The sky was growing dim and was a blazing orange. They pulled over and looked at the map.

Scully pulled off back onto the road, and took the next left, a shortcut, she decided.

They stayed on the long winding road, passing trees, still in silence.

Mulder knew something was wrong, he saw her stiffen. Her head jolted upwards.

"Scully are yo..."

"I'm fine," she cut him off.

As he looked at her worriedly, his phone rang, and he answered it quietly.

"Agent Mulder?"

"Yeah I'm here."

"We have a problem. The body's missing. The covers from the bed are on the floor, bloodstained. A couple of doors were opened, including the front door, and the little girl is gone."

Mulders jaw dropped. He turned to Scully and opened his mouth, but nothing came out. She looked distant, dreamy, as she had all day. He knew that this bothered her, but even he, who believed wholeheartedly in the paranormal, knew there was no way that this little girl was Emily. All the conspiracies, all the secret organisations, none could be great enough to cover something like that up.

Mulder looked ahead and saw a shadow. He heard Scully gasp. The car veered off the road and then they hit the tree.

The little girl walked away with tears running down her cheeks, bright blue eyes sparkling in the last light of the sun.

Scully was in the same deserted place she had seen before, the place she guessed was an old hospital. The never ending halls, the empty, eerie rooms. The place was almost ghostly.

She knew how it would end, she would walk through halls until she found a dead end, and there the little girl would greet her. Emily. She was Emily. She had the same fair hair, same blue eyes. But after over a year- why was this haunting her now?

It was all the same, but Scully had a strange feeling. Something was different. Something felt different... But she could work out what.

Scully wandered down the halls, fully conscious of her thoughts. It wasn't like a normal dream where strange things appeared normal- it was like a flashback, where she was thinking of the present.

She was there. The dead end. But where was the shadow? Where was Emily? Tonight she wasn't there. Everything was the same. But Emily wasn't there.

Scully turned around. Behind her, tucked in the corner of the hallway, by the end, was a door. Scully opened the door. She saw the room at the crime scene. Emily tucked in bed. When she saw Scully she screamed.

"Don't do it," she whispered

The room morphed into somewhere else. Emily was behind her now. Scully turned around. Emily had blood running down her face. Her blue eyes closed and she fell to the ground.

Scully grabbed her, shook her, the blood was gone, but her eyes were still closed.

Like the night before, everything went black. And then Scully woke gasping and coughing with tears running down her face.

Mulder sat by her bed, holding her hand. They were in a hospital. Then she remembered the crash. She could have killed them. Gradually, Scully started to remember why she had crashed. Emily. She was there.

"Scully. Last night the body went missing."

Scully looked straight into his eyes, she knew that there were no coincidences.

"I know," she whispered.

When she closed her eyes she saw Emily as she walked away, her eyes glistening with tears about to fall. Emily's hand reached out to her.


And then she was gone.

I woke, Gasping. My dad looked at me, concerned. After I realised I was still in the car, I calmed down and my breathing slowed.

The day after the incident at the hospital, I didn't talk at all. I was used to dad disappearing, often he was gone for days with his job but I never realised what he did during those days. This time it affected me, and this time I cared. Although I was angry, I couldn't be too mad at my dad. He was all I had left when the world didn't care.

"Bella," dad called. "I have a job to do. I'll call you tonight. It's the right thing to do." I had no idea what he meant by that, but I nodded anyway. As soon as he left, I locked my door and climbed out the window and along the ledges. I had my own job to do.

It turned out the hospital was further away than I thought, and when I got there I was disappointed anyway. The agents had left. Frustrated, I stormed out the building and went back to the hotel. It was actually a pretty stupid idea of mine to lock the door, because that meant when I got back I had to go up the fire escape and along the window ledges.

I curled up with one of the magazines that had been left in the room, suddenly feeling really tired. Dad had left lunch on the side but I wasn't hungry even though it was getting late by now. I was startled by the phone ringing.


"You're not supposed to answer the phone if you don't know who it is."

"Who else would it be, dad?"

"Ok. Fine. I might be late back, this is taking longer than I thought. One of the super soldiers went on a killing spree down here, and I don't want anyone else to get hurt."

"Love you," I whispered, but the line had already gone dead.

When I had read all the magazines and listened to the radio for a while, I was bored out of my mind and tired, so I watched the sunset then slept.

I was vaguely aware of someone else in the room, but my eyelids were too tired to open. I felt someone's arms underneath me, lifting me up. I felt a hand on my forehead, and heard dad mutter something, then the world faded away again.

When I opened my eyes, I was alone In a car. I panicked for a second, until I saw the cracked mirror and dad's phone sat on the back seat. Then I looked out the window. Dad was stood, holding a gun, as was another man.

"No" I tried to yell, but it was a whisper. "No!" I screamed now, banging on the window.

I jerked open the door, stumbling out as the world spun, and then there was a gunshot. I screamed, throwing myself in front of dad as another shot fired. Then all I could feel was intense pain and I heard one last gunshot as everything went black and my body hit the floor.

My eyes fluttered gently and the world slowly came in to focus. I could hear a steady beeping, and tried to move but soon realised I couldn't. Wires were attached to me all over my body, which of course just made me panic more.

"Hey, calm down, it's alright," a quiet voice whispered as someone sat down beside me.

I turned my head carefully, feeling it throb with pain.

"Dad?" I asked weakly, before I remembered the gunshots. Wincing, I pushed myself up the bed despite the wires trying to stop me.

The man tried to push me back down gently, talking soothingly and calming me. Eventually I gave up and lay down again. It hurt anyway.

"He's gone, Isn't he?" I whispered, my voice so quiet it was barely audible, but he heard me. As I looked at him through teary eyes it was only then I saw his face. It was the agent that had been missing, Fox Mulder.

"You're safe now, that's what is important."

I looked away, feeling tears run down my face once more. He left awhile after I had turned away, and I was alone.

The next thing I knew he was back, sat in the chair next to me again. I felt so lost I didn't even acknowledge him.

"She's in shock, she's lost her father," said a female voice, which was enough to spark my curiosity. I glanced quickly, seeing the lady with red hair walk towards me and sit in the second chair. I watched cautiously when she looked at the machines surrounding me.

Later on, when I was unhooked from a few of the machines, I was able to sit up. From outside the door, I could hear a doctor talking.

"I'm not sure exactly what it is, she has some sort of rare anaemia and she has lost a lot of blood from the gunshot wound."

Only then did I look down at myself and see a bandage around my stomach. As I peeled it back slightly, I saw a line of stitches.

I lay back down and watched suspiciously as the lady with red hair spoke to agent Mulder.

As I watched I decided to try something.

"You knew Emily," I said quietly

Her eyes grew wide, with horror or shock I could not tell. She turned to agent Mulder, her eyes were hurt and I knew that Emily must have scarred her somehow.

I simply looked at her matter of factly, and she stared back at me with an icy glare.

"I know you did, I saw you."

This shocked her even more, and I saw tears gather in her eyes.

"Yes, I knew Emily." she whispered, biting her lip.

"I knew her too."

"How?" She asked, interested yet cautious.

"She was my sister."

At that point she put her head in her hands and tears fell freely down her cheeks. Mulder put his arm around her waist and guided her to a chair.

"How did you know her?" I asked quietly, hating to make her cry more yet needing to know.

"I'm her mother."

I grabbed at the wires, ignoring the frantic beeps of protest from the machines and the pain. The pain just mixed in with all the anger and hurt and made me want to get away more.

"You're not my mother," I answered, denying it even though my mind screamed it was true.

"Bella..." She trailed off.

I saw the hurt look in her eyes, and clenched my fists in anger. I knew the truth. Everyone I had ever trusted were liars and murderers.

"You killed my sister."

"No, Bella I tried to save her. I did all I could." Her lip trembled as she begged me to listen.

"You killed her. You knew exactly where to look, you just refused to believe. What killed Emily was your ignorance of what was happening right in front of your eyes."

I turned and walked away, hearing her gasp and a strangled cry.

My whole life fell apart before my eyes, all my hopes of having a true family, of belonging were shattered like a broken window. I ran out of the hospital crying and the tears blurred my vision, but not enough to stop me seeing Emily. I saw her out the corner of my eye.

"Don't do it."

My blue eyes glistened as I walked over to the bridge, stepping up onto the side and holding on to one of the cables.

"Don't do it."

Below was blue water, inviting me, and the hope of all my problems going away. I edged forward, trying to take deep breaths as I stood shaking.

"Don't do it," she whispered, before turning and running. I have never felt so abandoned in my life. She just turned and ran, away from me, away from my life full of lies.

And then I jumped.

"Bella!" Scully screamed, falling to the ground screaming still. She lay there crying, as Mulder ran out.

"She's gone."

I felt the water drag me down, the weight of all my emotions leaving me as my heart broke, and then I felt strong arms around me, pulling me up, towards the sun.

"Mulder, leave her be, she's gone."

"I refuse to believe that."

"There's nothing you can do."

"There has to be."

"She was sick Mulder, dying even, she chose this."

"She deserves more, Scully. She's only a little girl."

With that he ran off the bridge, and swam out into the river. The wind was picking up, the sky looking almost stormy. He searched for what seemed like hours, finally finding something solid. He latched on to it, holding it as though it were his own life. He dragged at it, pulling until he got the confirmation he needed. It was her, her blue eyes staring into nothingness. He dragged her onto the shore, shaking as he watched Scully try to revive her. An ambulance turned up, and paramedics watched helplessly. Finally she started to breathe.

Where was I? There were voices, so many of them. It was beautiful, rainbows shone as light danced everywhere. It came into focus, slowly but surely. It was the same as ever, and it hurt. My eyes flickered, opening carefully. Just in time to see doors close and the two agents disappear into the distance. I must be in an ambulance, or something like that. The lights were blinding and the sirens made my head ache. No more hospitals, please, I silently begged.

Just my luck. Another hospital. I knew I was being selfish, but I couldn't bear to be here. They unloaded me, and I fought the whole way, trying to sit up, insisting I could walk, yelling and swinging my legs over the side of the stretcher.

"Calm down, you'll hurt yourself." the red haired agent was beside me again.

"What do you care?" I spat, tears slipping down my cheeks.

"I know it's hard Bella, but you need to understand, I tried to help Emily, there was nothing more anyone could have done."

I closed my eyes, taking a shaky breath.

"Don't try to pretend, I was there. I saw you sit with her, and I watched her die, when the machines stopped you didn't do anything."

She looked shocked. I turned away. We were in the room now, and the doctors checked a few things and then left.

"I can help you, Bella."

"I don't need your help. I don't even know you. I want my dad."


She came every day. I pretended to be asleep, I ignored her and I turned away. I wouldn't talk to anyone. I suppose I knew people were worried from the whispered conversations, the way they looked at me.

Eventually I got used to her. I watched her, stopped ignoring her. Curiosity got the better of me. She sat and wrote reports, or read a book, or sometimes brought her partner and they would have hushed conversations. One time I woke up and she wasn't there, but I found a small packet of sweets by my bed. The next time I saw her, I smiled and looked away. Bit by bit, we each got used to eachother. I got used to her being there, and when she wasn't, I felt alone.

After a couple of months, the days became the same. Running into each other, the only way to distinguish them was the darkness of night. She talked to me, but it was like talking to a wall. The words washed over me, as I kept living in my own world. In my world my dad was there, he wasn't a criminal and everything was perfect. I knew this was no way to live, but I just kept dreaming and wishing.

"Everyone has lost someone close to them" the doctors told me.

The doctors had no idea what to do. I would sometimes wander around, and they would find me in the gardens, just sitting there.

That day she came, took my hand and led me outside. We walked all around the hospital gardens, finally sitting on a bench. She talked about legal guardians, and I caught a few words but just stared at my feet. She stopped talking, which I assumed meant she was waiting for an answer to something. Looking into her eyes, it was like a mirror. The same icy blue, and a lost look the same as mine. I looked back at my feet, and could practically feel her frustration. I glanced up for a second, not knowing why, and I saw Emily. I hadn't seen her since the bridge incident. I must've looked suprised, because she smiled and laughed silently at me. She looked at me and nodded, then looked at Dana, still nodding. So I nodded carefully, unsure but knowing this was the answer to the question she had just asked.

"Yes," I whispered, still not completely sure of the conversation but having a general idea. She put a gentle arm around me and in my head I tried out her name. Dana. That's what she said to call her. It was a pretty name.

When we came to the corridor with my room, we walked slowly. Then I saw a familiar face. Dana must have seen it too, because she put a hand on my arm. He was walking towards us quickly, almost jogging.

"You killed my dad!" I screamed, as Dana grabbed my shoulders, holding me back from him. I gave up, feeling that I couldn't win this. She pulled me towards her, holding me tightly.

"Agent Doggett, I think you ought to leave," she stated, firmly but politely. He nodded and turned on his heel.

"How is she?" asked Agent Doggett. I saw them both glance in my direction and glared. They were stood in the corridor outside my room, and I could see them and hear the whole conversation.

"She's improving. Acknowledging people at least. The treatment is going well too, they might release her in a couple of days and continue her treatment from home."


"I've applied to be her legal guardian, she agreed to it."

"Agent Scully, in your line of work..."

"I will make sacrifices if I have to."

"I'll have you know I don't agree with this."

"I never asked you to."

"How's Mulder?" He changed the subjuct abruptly.

"Out chasing aliens" She smiled, raising an eyebrow. "He's trying to get back on the x files. I really ought to go check he's ok."

She looked back at me, before striding down the hall, heels clicking and her long black jacket brushing against her legs.

Three days later, Mulder came to the hospital. I'd met him before, but I was still wary of him. I watched him carefully, only talking if I had to. He gathered things from around the small room that had become like a home to me, picking up photos and clothes. When he reached the bedside table, he carefully picked up a photo and looked at it for a while. It was Dad and I, after he came home one time. It was outside our old house, with the flowers in the background and me holding my teddy.

"You ready?" Came a voice from the corridor.

Mulder placed the photo carefully in a bag, zipping it up and slipping it onto his shoulder. I had changed into jeans and a top before they came, but I still wore my medical bracelet.

"As I'll ever be," I replied.

She took my hand, and we walked down the corridor and out the doors. The sun was brighter than I thought it would be, and it was warm. I looked up at Dana questioningly, then ahead again. I had no idea where we were going.

She opened the door of a silver car, waiting for me to get in. There were no seats in the car like I used to have, but I figured I was probably old enough now to not have one. She saw my concern and looked back at me, clipping in the seatbelt I was struggling with.

We drove for about half an hour, me leaning my head against the cool window. When we stopped I was surprised to see a block of apartments, rather than a house. It was quite big, we were obviously in the middle of the city now. She opened her door, as did Mulder, and I knew they expected me to do the same. The sun was starting to set, so it must have been later than I thought.

I was tired, stepping out of the car slowly and before I knew it someone had picked me up. We went up flights of stairs; how many I wasn't sure, finally stopping in front of a simple white door. Mulder placed me on a bed in a spare room, and I took in the plain white walls, blue curtains and a desk before I fell asleep.

"Krycek really left a mess, didn't he?" Mulder stated, sounding exhausted.

"I wouldn't have expected anything else," Scully joked.

"What're we gonna do, Scully? We have no idea how to raise a seven-year-old, let alone one as troubled as she is. We know almost nothing about her, not even her birthday."

"She's mine, Mulder. What else could I have done? I couldn't just leave her. I will help her, but I can't do it alone."

"You will never be alone."

When I woke, I panicked for a second, forgetting where I was. I sat up quickly, shaking until I came to recognize my surroundings. I was no longer wearing yesterday's clothes, but a pair of blue pajamas I had never seen before. I slipped out of bed and tiptoed to the door, seeing Dana in the kitchen. She smiled when she saw me peeping around the door, and came over.

"It's ok, don't be shy," she whispered to me, taking hold of my hand and leading me into the small lounge area. I sat down gently next to Mulder, who looked like he had only just woken up.

Dana, or 'Scully' as Mulder called her, turned on the TV to keep me occupied. She turned sideways, tending to whatever was on the stove, and I saw a bump on her stomach. She was pregnant. How had I not noticed before? Where did that leave me? I was shocked, and scared.

"My mother is coming down later, to watch Bella so we can get some work done." Scully mentioned absentmindedly. Mulder nodded, muttering something.

Suddenly Scully yelled out, doubling over in pain. Mulder immediately ran to her side, holding her up so she didn't fall.

"There's something wrong," she whispered, writhing with pain.

"Bella, come with me" Mulder ordered, helping Scully to the door. He went quickly down the stairs, holding Scully as I followed him.

Mulder helped her into the car, waiting for me to get in before he fastened her seatbelt and started to drive. I struggled with the seatbelt again, frustrated. Eventually it clicked into place and Mulder glanced in the mirror to check on me. He held his phone to his ear, driving with only one hand while talking to Mrs Scully.

I held tight to the car door as we swerved around corners and tore along backstreets. We soon pulled in to the hospital, Mulder helping Scully to emergency and me following once more. Scully was taken into a room, leaving me stood in the corridor feeling helpless.

A hand touched my shoulder, and I jumped. Mulder walked out into the hallway just as I spun around to see a woman with the same eyes as mine and dark brown hair staring back at me. I looked at Mulder, unsure, but when I saw him smile I relaxed a little.

"So you're the famous Bella," said the lady, smiling. Her voice was quiet and gentle. I nodded.

"Thanks for coming Mrs Scully," Mulder said, running a hand through his hair. "I didn't know who else to call."

"You did the right thing, Fox. She'll be fine with me."

Mulder forced a smile and wandered back into the room Scully was in, while I followed Mrs Scully down the hall.

"Make yourself at home, dear," Mrs Scully called, opening the door to Scully's apartment.

"I have some old coloring books somewhere in here," she murmured, and I watched as she pulled out a couple of books. Most of them were untouched, but one caught my eye. It was blank except for a single drawing which looked suspiciously like a potato.

Mrs Scully came over to me, and knelt on the floor. "Dana will be alright," she told me gently.

"I don't want to lose anyone else."

"You won't, dear. Dana has been through worse than this."

The phone rang, so Mrs Scully left me alone in the lounge area to answer it. There was paperwork scattered around the room, some photos hanging on the wall and a single desk. The desk had on it a photo, of a girl with light red hair, around 20 years old. I wasn't sure who she was but I could see the slight resemblance between her and Dana, and her and me.

"Dana's fine," called Mrs Scully, coming into the room again. Her eyes looked sad, but there was a smile on her face. "We can go see her later if you'd like."

"I would like that."

We walked into the reception to see Scully coming down the hall with a bag over her shoulder.

"They discharged me," she said, putting an arm over my shoulder.

"Under protest," Mulder pointed out.

"I'm a doctor, I'm fine and I can look after myself."

"I'll take your word then, Dana," answered Mrs Scully.

We walked along the side of the road, Mulder carrying Scully's bag and a hand on her back guiding her.

We all got in the car, Mulder driving and Scully sat in the back with me.

At the apartment, I immediately went back to my picture, pulling out the well used crayons once more. The adults then started a hushed conversation in Scully's bedroom.

"He's gone," whispered Mulder.

"What do you mean? He was hit."

"I can't explain it, but he is."

"Are you sure he was hit?"

"Doggett reckons he was. There was a lot of shots fired."

"Don't tell Bella, she doesn't need to know that he abandoned her, she can't lose him twice."

"Skinner went after him."

"He didn't need to, there are ways to break even Krycek. That little girl was his world, Mulder."

I kept coloring, vaguely aware of what they were saying but not really processing it. Were they talking about dad? They always referred to him as Krycek rather than Alex, and said his name with such venom. They didn't know how many times he had fought for them.

He was alive? I thought he was shot. Surely he wasn't alive? I can remember hitting the floor and hearing a gunshot, and if I thought hard about it, I heard a car engine and the screeching of tires. My blood ran cold.

"I don't need a nurse."

"She's not a nurse, Dana. She's just there to help."

"I can manage fine by myself. I have Mulder."

"Just give it a try. One week. If it doesn't work, I'll ask her to leave."

"Fine," Scully sighed.

My first day of school, which I was not looking forward to. I was still shy around other people, and found it hard to make friends. We sat silently in the car, my stomach full of huge butterflies. We also had a new housekeeper named Lizzy Gill. She seemed strange, and for some unknown reason I didn't like her. But that was the least if my worries. We pulled up outside the school, and Dana took me inside. I heard her tell the teacher something about 'coping with loss'. When Dana left I panicked, but the teacher introduced me to a couple of girls who seemed nice, and my day got better from there.

On the way home, I chattered continuously about my day, until I realised something was missing.

"Where's Mulder?" I asked, puzzled.

"There was a fire, so he went to fix it."

This confused me even more, since I knew Mulder wasn't a firefighter. Then again, I was frequently told he had a bizarre job so I left it alone.

When we pulled up outside the familiar apartment block, Mulder and Doggett were walking towards us. Scully put a hand on my arm, but when I did nothing she let go. I left Scully's side, avoided Doggett with a glare and ran over to Mulder.

"Did you fix the fire?" I asked him suspiciously.

"Sure did," he laughed, ruffling my hair.

We walked up to the apartment, Mulder holding Scully's hand which forced me to walk tentatively next to Doggett. We got to the door, only to find it wide open.

"Bella, Stay here. Agent Doggett, please stay with her."

Doggett put a hand protectively in front of me to stop me trying to follow them. They went through the door, guns at the ready almost back to back. If I had not been so scared, I would have found it amusing.

"Put it down!" yelled Scully's voice, ending with both me and Doggett disobeying Scully and bolting into the already crowded bathroom. The housekeeper was stood by the sink, a bottle of medicine in hand. She started to cry, launching into a long explanation about aliens and syndicates and Scully's baby while Scully looked at the medicine.

"They're only vitamin supplements as far as I can tell," Scully broke the silence, obviously relieved.

Doggett handcuffed Lizzy Gill and took her away, leaving us standing in the room. Suddenly Mulders phone rang, startling us all. He answered, and his face changed completely.

"Scully, get a bag ready. We need to leave. Now!"


"Two words, Scully. Billy Miles."

"Mulder, the baby. It's due tomorrow."

"Doggett is sorting out a safe place for you and Bella to go."

He grabbed a few clothes for me, threw them in a bag and picked me up. I was tired, and terrified. We ran out to the car, and Mulder started the engine. It whirred, then nothing. He muttered something under his breath, then yelled for us to get out. We ran down the street. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a man following us. I didn't know him, but I knew his intentions, were not good.

A black car blocked our path.

"Get in" said a voice, a voice I knew. I had known that voice for years.

"How do we know we can trust you?" replied Mulder as I wriggled, trying to get free from his arms.

"You don't. Now get in."

The man was getting closer, and we had no choice but to get in. What I saw next was impossible. My dad was sat in the front seat.

"No chance to explain," he whispered, and I knew he was talking to me.

He pulled off sharply, and everyone was thrown back in their seats, but I just smiled. I was used to his reckless driving. In a matter of minutes we arrived at the FBI building, and Scully got out. Mulder followed her lead.

"Get out, Bella," he said, tears in his eyes.

"No, dad I won't leave, please don't make me leave," I begged

"Bella, I won't risk your life. You'll be safer with them."

"No, I won't dad, I won't," I replied, sobbing now.

"Forgive me Bella. I love you," he whispered, tears slipping down his cheeks. He wiped my tears away, and I reached for his hand. Mulder pulled me from the car, and my hand slipped away from his. Further and further, until the door shut and the car pulled away. I watched it until it disappeared into the distance, sobbing.

Scully held my hand, leading me quickly to where 3 people stood. One was John Doggett, another I knew only as 'Skinner' and a lady I had never seen before. I would have usually been wary, but the lady was smiling and she was easy to trust. My feet dragged on the floor because I was so tired, and eventually we reached another car.

The men had rushed off, I could no longer see them. We all got in and Agent Reyes asked a man for directions. I was about to fall asleep, but this man caught my attention. He pointed us in the right direction, then turned his back. I was the only one that noticed the scales on his spine.

I must have been asleep for a fair while, because when I woke I was on the floor of what looked like a large shed, next to Scully. She was screaming, and a crowd of people were closing in on us. Scully yelled for them to leave us and her baby alone, that it was hers. I squeezed my eyes shut, covering my ears and pretended I knew nothing. I went back into my own world; where everything was perfect. Everything seemed to get quieter, but even in my world I could hear Mulders voice. I opened my eyes again, just in time to see Mulder burst through the doors and the crowd disappear.

It was chaos. Scully was crying, holding a baby and Mulder looked pretty close to crying himself. I had no idea what was going on, and was thankful when we drove back to Scully's apartment and I could sleep properly. I settled in the spare room, Asking Scully to leave the door open a little like I did every night as she pulled the blankets up over me. From the crack in the door, I saw Scully holding the baby.

"Meet William Fox," she whispered.

And then they kissed.

I woke up as Scully came into the room, opening the curtains and letting the sun stream in. She smiles at me, as I sit up and swing my legs over the side of the bed. I stood up, suddenly feeling dizzy and starting to sway. Scully looked over at me, realised what was happening and managed to hold me up before my legs gave way.

She was on the phone to Mulder, while she put her hand against my head to see if I had a fever and tried to change me out of my pyjamas. I tried to move but my body wouldn't cooperate.

I closed my eyes for a split second, but then Mulder was there. He picked me up, grabbing the wet cloth that Scully had put on my head before, carrying me to the car. I knew what was happening. I had been in hospitals most of my life because of this. Dad said when I was created, something was wrong. They got the chemical balance mixed up. So when my body didn't know what to do because of the different chemicals in my blood, I got sick. Sometimes it took months to find something that worked.

With Emily, they were too late. They gave her the wrong medicine for so long, by the time she was saved there wasn't enough time. I closed my eyes again, hoping that wouldn't ever be me.

When we got to the hospital I felt a little brighter, trying to get out the car myself. I managed to stand, but I had to hold onto Mulder quickly because the world started to spin again. He lifted me up once more, and I didn't even try to resist like I usually did. Scully walked briskly into the emergency room, Mulder following closely.

I was checked with thermometers, machines and when nothing came up they decided to use another machine. This one was scary. I lay on a bed, covered with a cloth, and the machine rotated and clicked. I had to lie very still.

When it finished, they took me into a room and attached me to a few monitors, which was much the same as usual. They said they would keep me for the day at least, maybe overnight, to run more tests and keep an eye on me.

I stayed there that night, Scully asleep in a plastic chair next to me. Everything was fuzzy, but one face was clear in my mind. He smiled at me, and I forgave him for ever leaving. I forgave him for letting me think he was dead, for driving off and leaving me here.

In the morning, it was almost dusk and a few doctors came in. It was very early, Scully was still asleep. As they looked at the monitors, Scully stirred and woke. She looked at them, then at me and asked them about discharging me. Reluctantly, they agreed because she was a doctor. She rang Mulder, who was with William, letting him know we were coming. Just before we left, a doctor stopped us and handed Scully some paperwork.

"She needs serious treatment, she can continue it from home, but we have a few things we need to try."

"She's not an experiment," Scully burst out, earning a few strange looks.

"If we don't do something about this she will be," said the doctor quietly. "It's getting worse."

"I'll bring her back later for a few more scans, but she needs to rest, this place is too stressful."

"Alright," the doctor reluctantly agreed.

When I walked through the door, Scully gestured for me to be quiet. William lay in his cot in the bedroom and Mulder greeted us at the door. He put his arm around Scully's shoulders, pulling her closer to him.

I walked into the bedroom while they didn't notice, they seemed to be deep in conversation. Carefully, I peered over the wooden bars, looking down at William. He smiled toothlessly, big blue eyes looking back at me. The mobile hung above him gently started to move, slowly as though being pushed by a breeze. Then it got faster, until it was spinning out of control. I was shocked into doing nothing, then I screamed.

Mulder ran in, stopping the mobile from moving while Scully pulled me towards her.

"There's something wrong," she said, her voice cracking as she struggled not to cry.

"There's nothing wrong," Mulder assured her.

"I can't deal with this."

"We don't have a choice."

For the rest of the day Scully was subdued, and I had nothing to do but read. I read a few books I had from school then moved on to magazines Scully had left on the kitchen counter. That afternoon we went back to the hospital, I was left with a nurse while Scully talked to the doctor.

"I have no idea what we are dealing with here," the doctor said.

"Surely you have something recorded you can look at, anything."

"There was one case. An Emily Sim, if I remember correctly. We were too late." He looked at his feet.

"I know."

"Excuse me?" The doctor looked up sharply.

"Emily was Bella's biological sister."

"You know this how?"

"I tried to adopt her. She was my biological daughter."

Scully glanced over at me, lowering her voice so I could no longer hear the conversation.

When she came out, the doctor handed her a box and a few more papers. They would start treatment using new methods, to see what worked. I could see Scully wasn't happy about me being 'experimented' on, but she must have known there was no other choice.

Mulder had left the apartment when we arrived, so it was empty and a little eerie. William was with Scully's mother for the afternoon.

"When will Mulder be back?" I asked distractedly.

Scully crouched down, so her head was level with mine. She looked down, then took my hands.

"He won't, sweetie. There's bad people in the world, and he isn't safe."

"So he ran away?"

"He'll come back one day. I know he will."

I looked at her eyes, checking she wasn't lying. They were filled with tears. She was usually so sure of everything, but now she seemed to be questioning herself. Whether Mulder would ever actually come back. Whether William was different. Whether she could save me.

She took a day off work by Skinner's order, taking me and William in to a coffee shop. We sat on a small table next to a lady and who I assumed was her husband. They started to yell, and the lady began to cry. Her husband stormed out, driving away. The lady kept crying, head in her hands. Scully gently told me to watch William, walking over to the table to make sure the lady was alright. She came home with us, as she had nowhere else to go.

When we got back, Scully talked to the lady while she put William to bed, and I watched cartoons. They were silly, to the point that they were almost completely pointless. I listened to the conversation happening in the next room.

"Is she your daughter?"


"She's beautiful, and so polite."

"Thank you."

"How old is she?"

"Almost eight. She acts much older, sometimes I can't believe she's only seven. She's been through a lot."

"I'm sorry."

Scully smiled sadly. "Do you have somewhere to stay tonight? You're welcome here."

"I wouldn't want to intrude."

"Don't worry, I'll find some spare sheets. I hope you don't mind the couch."

"Thank you so much, you're very kind."

Scully smiled sadly again, the only smile I had come to know since Mulder left. She put some sheets out, checked William again and came to put me to bed. I brushed my teeth, changed into my pyjamas and climbed into bed. She said goodnight, turned the light off and left the door open a little, the same as usual. Before long, I closed my eyes and the world faded as I fell asleep.

I awoke to a bang in the apartment, shivering with cold. It was still dark, so I pulled on a jacket and wandered out into the lounge room. The lady was gone from her bed, and so was William. His monitor was disconnected and turned off at the plug, so I panicked.

"Dana!" I yelled. No answer.

"Dana," my voice was terrified now, high pitched from fear and confusion.

Scully ran in to me, still looking half asleep. She saw the empty crib, and bolted from the room. I followed her. Her phone rang, but she ignored it as she heard William's cry from the front room.

We found William in the lady's arms, who Scully knew as 'Patti'. I never knew her name. She told us he was special. At that moment, agents Doggett and Reyes burst into the room, demanding to know whether Scully knew the guy that was trying to pick her lock.

The man, who was Patti's husband, was also an NSA agent. He talked a lot about William, and I didn't really follow, except that William needed protecting.

Suddenly Scully's phone rang, drawing all attention to her. She answered it, looking puzzled. Her puzzled look soon changed to surprise, then shock and then pure horror. By the end of the call, she was pale and looked like she was about to faint.

"I have to call Mulder."

"Dana..." Agent Reyes spoke.

"I have to."

With that, she walked into the next room, Doggett taking my hand to stop me following. I didn't object, she needed privacy as I understood. When she came out a few minutes later, she announced that it was arranged they would meet at the train station.

The train station was eerie at night, almost completely empty and the only people there besides us looked dodgy and up to no good. I held on to Doggett again, partly because I trusted him second to Scully, and partly because he looked the toughest so nobody would approach us.

The NSA agent suddenly pulled a gun, and from there everything seemed to happen in slow motion. Doggett pulled me away, and Reyes tackled Scully to the ground. The agent was shot, and Doggett shot twice at the man in the shadows who had just shot the agent, causing him to fall onto the tracks and the train passed over him. I didn't see because Doggett turned my head and covered my eyes, but that's what it sounded like.

Scully consoled Patti, slowly making her way over to me. Doggett and Reyes ran, following a dark shape into the quarry. Scully left Patti on the bench at the train station, taking my hand and leading me deeper into the quarry. I could see her debating whether it was safe, but I knew she didn't trust Patti enough to leave me with her.

A man grabbed at me from behind, but I was surprised and therefore jumped away. He glanced at me, then attacked Scully, while I stood yelling and screaming for help.

Much to mine and Scully's disbelief, the man was sucked into the quarry and crushed against the red rock. I stood gaping at the rocks, while Scully pulled me towards her and bent down to me. She pushed my hair out of my eyes, kissing my forehead then hugging me hard. We were both shaking.

Doggett and Reyes came running towards us, stopping when they saw how shaken we both were.

"What happened?" asked Reyes, looking around.

"That wasn't Mulder," whispered Scully. Then she broke down in tears. Whether her tears were for Mulder, or from shock or relief I didn't know. But what I did know was that we were no longer safe.

The End

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