Title: Roads

Author: W. D. _spooky_ Carter (trust_no1_@hotmail.com)

Date: May 28th, 2002

Category: Taking place during 'The Truth'. 'Shipper ? NoRoMo safe ?

Boh! probably both.

Rating: G

Spoilers: Season 9. Spoilers from 'The Truth'

Disclaimer: Mulder and Scully and anyone else you recognize from TXF, don't belong to me, but to THE Creator, Chris Carter, and to David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson. I'm not making any money out of this...

Summary: Based on the spoilers from 'The Truth', what is going to be of little William now that the time is ticking out ? How will Mulder react to the news of his son's adoption?

Author's note: As I said, I wrote this story according to some of the spoilers I read about 'The Truth', on May 13th 2002. We haven't seen the finale yet, so I have no idea on how they're going to deal with William's adoption in the last episode, so this is my take on it.

Archive: Just let me know where so I can come and see and be proud of myself! ;)...And of course, keep my name attached.

He just kept driving.

He had no idea about where to go, he just kept driving. He wondered what had possessed him into taking the car and start driving in the middle of the night without a clue as where to go, where to start from. He just felt he had to go.

He had left Scully sleeping, he didn't want to wake her; he felt he didn't have to. He was sure that as soon as she would've woken up he was going to regret it. She would think he had ditched her once again to get himself into trouble once again. Unless this time he was on the right path.

He had always followed his intuition. But maybe what had been going wrong was that he hadn't followed it entirely, completely; he had always let his mind play a part in his decision.

Frohike told him clearly..."You must change your plan"... Was he crazy to give credit to the words spoken by a vision? Maybe...But he did. He had changed his plan. He wasn't listening to his mind anymore. Not this time. Not when his whole life, his whole quest he'd been fighting for since forever, Scully's whole life depended the decisions he had to take. Not when he was running out of time to think too much. Not when his son's existence depended on it.

And he was doing all of this for him. For that little person he had known only for a couple of weeks. He had already lost too much of his son's life. He wasn't going to give up on him. Even if it was the last thing he would've done, he was going to have him back, no matter what. He had the distinct feeling that everything that had happened in the past months had been one big mistake, on big wrong turn on the road. Maybe he couldn't go back and take the right turn, but he could try and find a way to get on the right path again. This was only the beginning.

There was only one 'small' problem. Where to start. Driving along the desert country road, he wondered how in hell he had thought he would've been able to find the family that had adopted William in one night, or what was left of it. How he could have him back in one night.

Feeling his mind was taking control of him again, he tried to focus on his feelings again. He wasn't going to think about it. He would just do it.

So he just kept driving.

He decided to stop as soon as he found a gas station because he was about to run out of fuel. Thanks God, it wasn't so far away. About ten minutes later he pulled out the road and stopped. Getting out of the car he took a look around: no one was in sight, except for the salesman and a kid sitting on the side of the road, backpack beside him and a can in his hand.

As the man filled the car's tank with fuel, Mulder wandered around the small shop looking for something to eat. Getting out of the small building, he reached his car and fumbled around his jacket looking for his wallet. Pulling out a couple of bills, he waited for the salesman to finish, making his gaze wander to the kid still sitting beside the road.

"He's been sitting there for a couple of hours by now..." the man's voice got him out of his thoughts. "Looks like he needs a ride to somewhere, but it's not like there's a lot of traffic around here ..." he chuckled.

"Yeah..." he answered back. He then gathered his thoughts. "Umm, how far is it to the next town? I'm looking for a farm, but I haven't seen many around here."

"Oh, well, there are a very few farms here. You should keep driving or at least 10 miles in that direction..."he pointed forward to miles of nothing. But then there are many farms once you get to the next town...I hope you know what you are looking for."

Mulder snorted. "Yeah, right"...he whispered under his breath. He held out the bills to the man. "Thanks, keep the change."

Mulder got in the car once again, headed toward the road once again. He stopped to see if there was any car coming when he stole another glance to the kid. The boy couldn't be more than 17, 18 years old, baseball hat hiding his forehead; he looked up locking eyes with Mulder.

Mulder stared at him longer than he should, then lost any thought about why a teenager would sit on the side of a desert road in the middle of the night and rolled down the car's window. "Hey you...do you need a ride?"

The kid threw a small grin at him "Yeah, I do..."

"Where are you headed?"

"North, that direction..."he pointed to the opposite direction to the one Mulder had taken.

"Oh..."Going that way meant going back, Mulder thought. But then he still didn't know exactly where he was going. And he just couldn't leave the kid there all night. It would've been just a small variation. "Well, jump in. You just need to show me the way..."

The boy looked back to the gas station. "Actually, I'm not alone. There's my sister with me..." Mulder smiled "No problem, we can't leave her here, can we?"

The kid smiled back. "Ok, I'll go and call her...she's buying something to eat inside"


He came back a minute later followed by a girl who seemed not much younger than him. Light brown hair to her shoulders, a brown paper bag in hand, she walked after her brother to Mulder's SUV. They got in, the girl in the backseat, her brother in the passenger seat beside Mulder, adjusting his backpack between his legs.

"So..."Mulder took a look at the road and drove away from the gas station. "...what are you two doing out here in the middle of the night?"

"School trip" the girl answered. "We came back but we lost the last bus to our town..."

"I see..."

"You're not from here, are you?" asked the boy.

Mulder chuckled. "Do I really have the face of a foreign or do I show so much I have no idea of where to go around here?"

"No, I saw the nameplate." The kid nodded towards the car. "Washington...It's a long way from here..."

"Yeah...I have...Let's say I needed to get away from the city for a while..."he tried to be as casual as possible.

The rest of the drive was spent in silence. The kids seemed pretty tired. The girl kept looking out of the window, her blue eyes darting here and there to see things in the dark night, her brother had almost dozed off in the passenger seat, his baseball hat laid forgotten on his knees.

They got to a crossroad, and Mulder stopped the car, looking around. "Do I have to keep going on this road or should we take that one?"

"Oh, that one...we aren't so far away from home..."the girl answered back, leaning onto her brother's seat to have a better look of the road ahead of them.

It wasn't long before they pulled out on a driveway to a lone big house, a mile or so out of the small town they had just drove through. "Here we are..." said the girl. "Come on, Will. Let's get going" she shook her brother's shoulder to wake him up.

"Uh...what?" he shook his head to clear the haze of sleep. "Oh, yeah...I'm coming"

The girl took the paper bag and her backpack and get out of the car. "Thank you for the ride!"

Mulder waved to the girl from the front seat as she climbed out the SUV, before turning to look at her brother, who was gathering his stuff.

"Why don't you come in?" he asked Mulder while straitening his hat on his head again, getting ready to go out in the pouring rain.

"No, I wouldn't want to disturb at this time of the morning" Mulder declined the invitation.

"You're no bother, really...after you drove all night to take us here..." the boy insisted, turning to look at him straight in the eyes.

"No, really...Thanks anyway, but I think I shouldn't..."

"Well, I think you should..." the kid held his gaze firmly. "I think you want to..."

Mulder felt captured by that boy's gaze, so he turned around to look at the house through the car's window and the rain outside. 'Don't think...just do it...' a voice inside of him kept screaming. He turned again to the kid..."Ok, you..."

There was none there. No one was sitting on the passenger seat of the SUV; no one was walking through the rain to the house. Mulder got out of the car, not caring if he the rain was soaking him, and run to the other side of the SUV, took a look around. There was no soul in sight.

Without thinking more about it, he run toward the house, climbed the front steps and knocked at the door.

A woman opened it to find a drenched Mulder on her doorstep. "Umm, may I help you?"

Mulder looked at her for a minute before answering to her question. "Well, actually...yes...I mean, I just took two kids here, I met them about 20 miles away from here, they were on a school trip but lost the bus or something..."He didn't realized he was rambling.

The woman looked at him as if he'd grown another head. "I'm sorry...but...there are no kids here, you must be confusing the house with another one..."

"Who's at the door, honey?" a strong male voice called out from inside the house.

"Umm...I don't know dear..." she turned back to Mulder. "May I ask you your name, sir?"

"Oh, yeah...Mulder, my name's Fox Mulder..."

"I think I have never seen you before, Mr. Mulder" the woman looked obviously confused as she studied him from head to toe. "Are you sure this you haven't come to the wrong house?"

"Well, I..."

At that moment, a piercing sound broke the silence. The sound of a baby crying. Mulder smiled. "No, I don't think so..."



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