Title: Phase 2
Author -Char Priolo
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Rating -R Category -S, A (Angst), MSR (Is there anything else?), Slight KSR, Character death/resurrection
Spoilers -US5 including THE movie, but not "The End" that did not happen.
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Summary - Phase 2 of THE project.

Chapter 1
Jan. 10, 1998: 11:21pm

It's was a dark and stormy night in Washington DC, another Nor'eastern storm pounded the Northeast again for the third time in the last two weeks.

Dana Scully sat at her dinning room table with her laptop reading over a report on an upcoming case. As she went to refill her glass with more wine, the light flickered as thunder filled the air. "Great, I better back up my work." She said to herself as she went back to the computer, hit save, and then turned it off. She picked up her glass again and headed for the kitchen. As she pored the wine the light again flickered then went out. The wine bottle slipped out of her hands and fell to the floor with a loud crash.

"Oh...just great." She murmured frustrated as she started to clean up the spilled wine. As she started to get up, she felt lightheaded.

"Maybe I had too much wine, I feel dizzy." She said to herself as she went to lie down on the couch, a habit she picked up from her partner. Shortly after she was asleep, not knowing of the black van just outside her apartment. The door of the van opened as three men dressed all in black headed to Dana's door.

24 hours later...

Dana's eyes opened then shut them fast, her head hurt badly. She wondered how long she was asleep. She lifted her head to look at the clock of the wall and saw it was just about midnight. "Maybe I should just go bed, I've been asleep for about a half an hour." She said to herself as she trudged to the bedroom. Her legs and stomach hurt just as bad as her head. "I better not buy that wine again, I already have nasty hangover and it's been only a few hours after I drank it. I remember the days I could drink any guy under the table. Those days are over." She thought as she peeled back the covers and climbed into the bed, clothes and all.


The phone would not shut up; Dana reached for the phone and said in a groggy voice."This better be good, it's Sunday morning!"

"Good morning sunshine!!" Her partner said cheerfully.

"What do you want?!"

"Well, well who's cranky this lovely Monday morning?"

"What? What are you talking about, it's Sunday!?"

"Well the last time I checked it was indeed Monday; you're late."

"Oh shit! It can't be Monday! Last night during the storm my electric went out. I know I didn't sleep for a whole day."

"Well sweetie, you missed Sunday, because last night was a clear starry night, Sat night was when we had the bad storm."

"Are you saying I slept for over 24 hours? How can that have happened?" Dana said into the phone as she started to gather up clothes for the day. "I'll been in as soon as I can, and Mulder, thank you for waking me up, I could have slept all of today away too." As she hit the power button on her phone she said.

"I can't believe this, I must have been really tired. It's been only 4 months since the remission and I didn't take any time off to recuperate. I guess my body did need the rest."

A month later:

"Great, just great. Why can't these doctors get me straightened out. It's been almost four years and I still am not regular." Dana whispered to her best friend, Suzie, who worked in the lab.

"What do you mean?" Suzie asked her friend.

"Well a few months after I came back from wherever I was, I would have it for a day, then two weeks and now not at all. If I didn't know I couldn't have a child I would swear I was pregnant. But that's impossible for two reasons, one I have no eggs and two it's been over five years since I was with anyone."

"What about your PARTNER? From what I hear, things are hot and heavy between the two of you."

"What? Do you believe that crap?! No Mulder and I have never been together." Dana said with sadness in her voice.

"You almost sound disappointed." Suzie said softly. Dana thanked the waiter for the menus and opened it to hide her face from her friend for the tears started. She was in love with her partner and didn't know what to do or say to him.

"Well so what looks good to you, Suzie?" She said as she wiped her eyes behind the menu.

"Well I'm still on this diet, so I'm just going to have the garden salad. What about you?"

"I'll have the same." Dana said to the waiter as he took their orders.

"So how late are you?" Suzie whispered as she leaned closer to her friend.

"Over a month, no signs, no PMS, nothing."

"Do you want to see my doctor? I trust her with my life."

"I know what she will say. I can't have kids, I had three doctors tell me the same thing. No eggs, no kids, it that simple."

"Just go, please. This could be something else, you would be better off to get it checked out."

"Ok, ok, make the appointment for me, ok?"

"Fine." Suzie said as she pulled her cell phone from her coat. As she dialed her gynecologist, Dr. Lisa Ford, their salads arrived.

Later that afternoon:

"Scully, hello?? Are you in there?" Mulder called to Dana from across the office they shared.

"Hum? Oh what did you say?" Dana murmured as she came out of her daydream.

"What's wrong, were where you just then?"

"I .. I'm fine, I was just thinking."

"Hum, dirty thoughts about me?" Her partner teased as he leaned into her personal space.

"In your dreams."

"Every night." Mulder whispered as he hopped back into his chair. 'I know something is not right here. Dana, I will find out what's troubling you, mark my words.' Mulder thought to himself as he pulled out a file from his disorderly desk drawer.

Three days later:
Dr. Ford's office

"Suzie, I think this is a mistake. There is nothing that can be done; I was even on the pill to regulate it. That didn't even work." Dana whispered to her friend as she flipped though a magazine while waiting to be called to see the doctor.

"Maybe there is something else wrong. Please Dana, it could be serious if you ignore it" Suzie whispered back as she also flipped though a magazine.

A half hour later:

"So Dr. Brown that's my story. I still to this day don't know what happened to me in those three months. And the rest you can see in my medical history." Dana said as she handed Dr. Brown a folder with her medical history in it.

"I see. Have you been to a support group or any kind of therapy?" Dr. Brown asked as she flipped though the folder.

"Well I was hypnotized once, to try and remember what happened."

"And did you remember?"

"No, I was frightened with what I did remember that I didn't want to continue. I never when back."

"Well I do what to run a few routine test and we'll see what we can do. My nurse will be in to draw some blood. There are a few things I want to rule out first." Dr. Brown said as she picked up the phone.

"I'll be back in a few and we'll see what we can find, ok?"

"Sure, thanks Dr. Brown."

A hour later:

Dana paced in the little exam room while some wild thought ran though her head.

'What could be taking so long? Oh God, what if they found something? Just what I need, another illness.'

Dr. Brown opened the door to the little room as Dana sat down on one of the chairs.

"I'm sorry Dana for taking so long, but I wanted to consult with a friend of mine about your case."

"Is there something wrong?" Dana asked as fear griped her heart.

"Well not really, I just wanted his thoughts on how this happened." Dr. Lisa Brown said to her new patient.

"What happened?" Dana asked.

"Well I'm not sure if this will be happy or sad news, but you're pregnant. That's why I was talking to my friend Dr. Williams who is a fertility specialist. I faxed him your history and he said that the only way for this to have happened is if you had IVF, that's..."

"I know what that is, Invitro Fertilization. But how, a fertility specialist has never treated me. How could this have happened? Dr. Brown are you sure?"

"Yes, Dana, you are four weeks pregnant. If you wish, I would like to treat you though this pregnancy." "Sure, I can't believe this. How, when, and WHY?" Dana asked herself as the doctor led her to the waiting room.

"Thank you Dr. Brown, for everything." She found herself saying to Dr. Brown as she walked out the door, not hearing Suzie calling her.

"Dana, Dana wait. What happened?" Suzie asked her friend as she caught up with her at her car.

"Suzie, I'm sorry, what did you say." Dana said with sadness in her voice.

"Dana, what happened?"

"Please Suzie take me home." Dana said as she sat in the passenger's seat of her own car and handed her keys to her friend.

Chapter 2

Feb. 12, 1998

The phone woke Dana from a dreamless sleep; she reached for the phone, which was on the floor by the couch on which she slept.

"Hello?" She asked in sleepily voice.

"Dana, its Suzie. Are you ok?" Suzie's voice came over the earpiece of the phone.

"Yes, Suzie, I'm fine."

"Did you tell anyone yet?"

"No, I don't know what to say. What do I say to my mom and Mulder? I don't even know how or when this happened."

Dana felt herself tear up.

"Well, just tell them the truth." Suzie said as Dana heard the call-waiting single.

"Suzie, my call waiting just went off, I'll call you back, ok?

"Ok, Dana everything will be all right, I'll see you later."

Suzie said reassuring as Dana clicked over to her other call.


"Hey there partner! Where have you been all day? Skinner just gave me our new case, I would like to come over and tell you about it."

"Mulder, not tonight, please. I was at the doctors today and I'm very tired."

"Oh, are you ok?"

"I'm fine Mulder."

That frightened her partner, when she said 'I'm fine' that meant she was not.

"I'll be right over." Her partner said before he hung up. "Mulder, please not tonight." Dana said to the dial tone as the tears finally left her eyes.


He made it in record time, 10 minutes. While he drove disturbing thoughts clouded his mind, what if the cancer was back. What if she only had a few weeks to live? How would he go on without her? He knew if she would die, he would be right behind her within a few days. And if that was the case, he had to tell her that he loves her. What if THEY did something else to her, maybe the 24 hours she overslept they did something to her?

'What if... What if... I can't keep thing what if. Come on now, maybe she just tired.' Mulder thought to himself as he pulled up to Dana's apt building.

Mulder rang Dana's doorbell and waited. After a few minutes, he found the keys to her building and apt with his office keys. He promised never to kick her door down again if he had the key. He used the building key as he prayed for the first time in awhile. Before he opened the door to her apt he knocked, nothing. He unlocked the door and drew his gun. As he walked into the darken apt his eyes fell on the figure curled up on the couch.

Mulder kneeled down in front of his sleeping partner.

"Hey sleepy head, wake up." He caressed her cheek with the back of his hand, wiping away the tears that ran down her cheek. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, I just don't feel to well. It must be a bug going around." Dana said as she moved to sit up on the couch.

"It's no bug, you were crying."

"Please don't.."

"Why can't you tell me what's bothering you? You can trust me." He whispered as he rubbed her back.

"I do trust you, I .. I can't tell you. I mean, I don't know HOW to tell you."

"Oh god, the remission. Oh no, I can't believe this, I thought it was over." He felt his soul being ripped from his body.

"No Mulder, this is not about that. I just wish THEY would leave me alone."

Dana cried into her hands.

"What's going on Dana? What happened?" Mulder said as he silently thanked God for the remission.

"Oh Mulder I just don't know how to say this." Dana cried as she walked over to the window to see the school across the street. Her eyes drifted over the playground, imagining kids playing on the slide and swings.

"Please Dana, I want to help. But I can't unless you tell me what's going on." He said as he came up behind her.

"I know and I do thank you for being here for me." She said as her left hand gently caressed her belly trying to feel anything.

"You know, I always wanted to have children. When I was told that THEY stole that future from me I was devastated. I wanted kids more then ever, then Emily came along and I wanted it even more. Now I have a chance and I DON'T want it."

Her tears were flowing as her partner rubbed her back. He kept silent letting her finished what she needed to get out. "Mulder, I think last month where I overslept that Sunday, THEY did something to me. I think I might have been drugged and taking away again, but only for 24 hours. There is no other way for this to have happened."

Her voice was just barley a whispered as she finished what she wanted to tell him. "Mulder I'm pregnant."

"What? How? WHO?" Her partner said as he stood there in shock.

"I don't know. Oh god what am I going to do?" She cried as she fell into his arms. He wrapped his arms around her as she cried on his shoulder.

"We will get through this, we have been in worse binds then this. Just remember, everything they did to us we have beating them. And I promise, I will be with you through thick and thin, in fact I'll even be your coach. We WILL get through this, I promise." He whispered in her ear.

"Mulder, please stay here with me tonight, I don't want to be alone." Dana whispered, still in his arms.

"Of course I will, I'll make up the couch while you take a long hot bath. Then it's to bed young lady."

"Please sleep with me tonight, I .. I mean just sleep in my bed holding me. I really can't be alone tonight."

"It would be my pleasure, my lady." He bowed as he pointed to the bathroom telling her to go. As she near the bathroom door, she looked over her shoulder and said.

"Thank you Mulder for being a friend." She then treated him to one of her famous smiles as she closed the door.

That same night
Dr. Brown's office

"So how's is our newest patient?" He said as he inhaled his cigarette while leaning against the doorframe.

"What are you doing here? I told you I don't want any part of your game."

Dr. Lisa Brown growled at her one time boss. "When I left the "Project" I told you never to contact me again!"

"My dear calm down, I just wanted to know how Ms. Scully is doing? She is an important part of Phase 2 of the project. You are handling her case are you not?"

"Information about ANY of my patients are none of your business. Now if you will excuse me I have work to do." Lisa said as she picked up some filing. As she started to file her patient's latest reports away the smoking man came up behind her and said.

"I will be in touch about only ONE of your cases, you will help us or else another family member of yours will pay the price." He then blew smoke in her face as he turned to leave.

"I will not help you!"

"Make sure nothing happens to that child, do you understand?" And he was gone.

Feb 13, 1998

The email icon on Mulder's computer flashed indicating he had new email. As he clicked on the icon the letter popped up.

To: Fmulder@fbi.gov
From: Alittlebird@AOL.com Subject: I know a something you don't

Dear Fox: It is a shame you pretty red head partner found herself in such a bind! :) I know the details! :) Do you want to know who the daddy is???? Could it be you or ET?? I don't think so!! Who did this??? Meet me tonight at 1:00am at the on ramp to I-95 alone.

See you later! A Little Birdie

"Damn!" Mulder whispered as he hit the delete icon to delete the letter.

'Tonight I will know who did this and why. Oh Dana I will find out why they are doing this to you.' He though to himself as his partner walked into the office. She looked more relax then the last few days. The morning sickness seems to have no affect on her, well not yet at least. Mulder did notice a faint glow about her.

'I guess it's true that women who are, who are, DAMN I can't even think it. Well you get the point.'

"Hello beautiful, who are you feeling today?" He said as she sat at her little table were her computer sat.

"I can't want for the morning sickness to end, I'm starting to HATE crackers." She said as she pulled out of her bag a package of crackers.

"Well so got a hot date tomorrow? It is Valentine's day after all."

"Don't remind me! Who would go on a date with a women who not only is pregnant, but who don't even know HOW she got that way!?"

"I'm sorry, I was just kidding. How about I take you to dinner tomorrow night, I'll pick up at 7:00pm, ok?"

"Mulder, thanks but I just can't, please understand." She whispered as she opened the folder on her desk and started to finish up their exp. reports for the last three cases.

Chapter 3

Saturday February 14, 1998
The on ramp of I-95:

Mulder checked his watch one more time before he stepped out of his car to await his new informant. "This better not be a joke." He whispered to himself. Just as he opened the door another car pulled up beside his car.

The passenger's side window slid down, Mulder tried to see into the car but to no avail. "Ok what information do you have?" Mulder said to the figure inside the darkened car.

"Take this." The dark man said as he handed Mulder an 11 x 14 folder. The window slid up as the car pulled away onto I-95 and out of Mulder's sight.

Mulder took the folder and when back into his car. As he was heading home his mind whirled with unspeakable horror that may lie in the folder by his side.

Mulder's apartment

The folder sat on his coffee table next to his new issues of smut magazines. Mulder tried to contain his fear and his need to know just what's going on. He sat his hot mug of coffee on top of his new magazines, causing a coffee ring where the cover girl's bra would have been if she were wearing one.

With a sigh of fear he picked up the folder and opened it carefully as if someone's life depended on how careful he was. As he read, his eyes filled with tears as his heart broke. How could someone do such things to another human.

An hour later he closed the folder and gently placed it back on the coffee table. As he laid down on the couch his thought turned to an innocent woman who he loved. And now because of him she was forced to become a lab rat for the unnamed men who controlled not only his parent's lives but now his and all he knew.

Before sleep took him, his mind tried to figure out how he was going to tell Dana what was done to her and what she carried within her.

Saint Marie's Church:

The church, that's were Dana found herself on this sunny and unseasonable warm Saturday in February. For some reason she needed to be here today. She needed to ask God for forgiveness for what she had decided to do. Dana felt that her only way out was to commit a sinful act. As she stepped into the small confessional she could hear her heart breaking. She knelt down in front of the screen as tears started to welt up. She always hated confession, ever since her mother would take her and her siblings to Saturday evening mass, where she would have to dress up and admit the sins she had committed. Now while she waits for the priest to finish with the others, she realizes how trivial and childish those sins she thought was the end of the world were. The small door sliding in front of the other side of the screen shock her out of her daydream. She crossed herself and said with sadness and fear in her voice.

"Forgive me Father, for I have sinned...I don't know where to begin..." Her voice cracked with a soft sob as she felt the tears falling onto her folded hands as in prayer.

"My child, are you crying? What could you have done that has you so upset?"

"Well Father, it what I'm about to do. You see, something was done to me and I don't know how to handle it. I thought I knew but now I'm not sure. Oh God why did this have to happen. Father, what if I told you that I was carrying a child that I'm sure is not totally human?"

"I'm sorry?" The priest asked puzzled.

"I know this will sound crazy even 'Spooky', but four years ago I was kidnapped. These people who took me where working on some 'Project'. They took all my eggs and left me to die. But I didn't die, no matter what they threw my way I seem to duck just in the nick of time. But they took me again a month ago. They mixed my eggs with something I'm not sure was even human and planted this back into me. I think, no I SURE this is what happened and now I'm carrying a child that is half human and half .. half alien. I know this sounds crazy but Father I swear, here in this church, to GOD this is true. Oh Father I can't have this child, please forgive me for what I'm about to do." Dana confessed as tears and fear caught in her throat.

"My child God has giving you a gift, you can not kill this gift."

"Father did you hear what I said? It's not even HUMAN! How can I keep this child and know: 1. It's not human and 2. I was NOT a willing part of this. Its like I was raped and you are telling me I have to keep a reminder of what happened because you say it's "God's gift"? Well if that's the kind of gift He gives to the people he loves then I don't want any part of it." She whispered angrily while tears spilled wetting her face, hands and shirt.

"My child I know to you it seems the end of the world, but this just might be a blessing in disguise. Think more and pray more before you make this decision. If you feel at peace with what you decide to do, then you know God has giving you his blessing." The priest whispered and gave her his blessing and slid the door between them closed.

Dana just sat on the floor of the confessional and cried into her hands.


'Come on Dana, you have to finish getting ready. Oh I don't feel up to going out tonight. I'll tell Mulder I don't feel well and I'll see him on Monday.' Dana thought to herself as she tried to pick out an outfit for her dinner date with Mulder. Date and Mulder don't seem to belong in the same sentence, but Dana found them to fit perfectly together. Just as she picked out a pair of new jeans and a light blue top the doorbell rang. Dana walked to the door still dressed a red silk robe and opened it to find a very big bouquet of red rose in front of Mulder.

"I stole these from a guy down the hall, he had a broken leg so he can't chase me." He teased her as he walked into her apartment. Dana took the flowers from Mulder and when to the kitchen to place them in a vase. "You are not dress yet. Or is that what you were planning on wearing, because it ok by me." He said with a wicked smile.

"Well if you like it, I could keep in on all night."

"No that's ok, but I would like you to take it off."

"You don't quit do you?"

"Not until you say yes."

"Well then I better get dress, because I'm saying no yet." She smiled and walked into her bedroom to change.

"Well that's better then no. I'm getting closer." He said loudly to the closed bedroom door. While he pulled the folder from under his coat and placing it on her coffee table.

'Ok now don't let her read this until we come back from dinner.' Mulder told himself as he placed a few magazines on top of the folder.

"Ok, I'm ready." Dana said as she came out of her bedroom dressed in jeans and a light blue tee shirt. "Let's go then. You pick the place."

"Oh I don't know, surprise me."

"OK." Mulder said as they left Dana's apartment.

Ming Li Lo Chinese kitchen

"Mulder, what's going on? You are not yourself tonight." Dana said as she finished her Chicken and Veggie dinner. As she placed her chopsticks down next to her plate, she placed her hand on top of his. "You can tell me anything, what's bothering you?"

"I found some information on your problem and you are not going to like it." Mulder whispered as the waiter placed the check in front of him.

"What did you find?" Dana asked as fear griped her heart.

"Not here, let's go back to your apartment, I left all the information there." He said as he pulled out his credit card. "I've also came to a decision about this mess. Let get out of here and back to my place."

"Um are you coming on to me?"

"What if I said yes?" Dana whispered in his ear as she grabbed her coat and walked out the door. She paced outside waiting for Mulder to pay the bill. As he came out of the diner, Dana waited by the car. They drove in silence until the arrived at her apartment.

Chapter 4

Dana's apartment

"So what did you decide to do, or do I have to ask." Mulder questioned his partner as she make coffee for them.

"Well I went to confession today and I make the hardest choice I ever had to make. Monday morning I will ask Dr. Brown to terminate this pregnancy as soon as possible. Mulder, I know what I'm doing. I KNOW this child is NOT human, knowing this how can I give birth to this thing? I need someone to come with me, someone I can trust. Please come with me, I need you to be there, please?" Dana told her partner as she placed the mug of hot coffee in front of him.

"Well if that's what you really want to do, I'll stand behind you." Mulder whispered as Dana sat next to him on the couch. "Thank you for everything." She whispered as she sat her mug down on the coffee table, noticing the folder under some magazines.

"Oh, Um I forgot about that." He said as she held up the folder. "What's in here?"

"That's your file from THEIR files."

"And how did you get it?"

"A Little Birdie gave it to me as proof of what's happening to you." Mulder said as he told the folder from Dana's hands. As he placed the folder back on the table, he took her hands in his and said. "This child is more then half human. The whole story is so unbelievable, if I haven't see this file I wouldn't believe it."

"What's growing inside me? I need to know Mulder!"

"This child was not conceived naturally, but not the way we are thinking. One of your eggs was fertilized with a sperm that was from a half-human/alien hybrid, then place back inside you. That's what happened that night you though you overslept, you didn't oversleep, you were taking again." He told his partner as she picked up the folder and started to read the contents.

"Here they said the hybrid was the only success in the "Project", now they want to produce more. You are the start on a new phase of the project, the first real mother to a hybrid." Mulder told her as she read the reports. "This 'Father' is almost totally human, no green blood, nothing to indicate that he was NOT human. We might even know him, from what the report said he was introduced into society a few weeks before your disappearance, almost four years ago. Get this, he even worked for the FBI in DC." Mulder said as he pointed out a part of the report stating that fact.

"Who can it be? I want to know who the father of this child is! I want to see him, know him. I want to know what color eyes and hair he has. Mulder I need to know what this child is!" Dana said as she started to pace up and down the room.

"I have no clue. But I think it doesn't matter anyway, you just told me you didn't want this child."

"I know, but I want to know who this hybrid is? How close are we to him? It could even be our boss for all we know."

"No, I know it not Skinner, that is for sure!"

"All this is giving me a headache. Mulder would you mind if I call it a night? I really don't feel so good." Dana said as she sat down on the couch with her head in her hands.

"Sure, I think you should get some sleep, you look like you need it." Mulder said as he picked up his coat from the other chair.

"If you need ANYTHING, call me. I'll see you Monday morning." He said as he leaned down to kiss Dana lightly on the forehead, then softly brushing his lips to hers. She stood at the door in shock as he walked away from her.

Monday Feb. 16th 1998

"Well, you are early today." Mulder said as Dana walked into their office, ten minutes early.

"Well I have to call Dr. Brown this morning." Dana said as she pulled out Dr. Brown's card from her purse. "So you still going through with it then?"

"Yes Mulder, I CAN'T have this child and that's the end of this conversation." She said as she picked up the phone, and with a sad sigh she dialed.

"Dr. Lisa Brown's office can I help you?" A young girl's voice said.

"Yes, I would like to see Dr. Brown today, it's an emergency."

"Yes, she has an cancellation at 10:50am, all I need is your name and I'll mark you in, ok?" The nurse said after a few minutes.

As Dana gave the nurse the information, Mulder thought to himself.

'I need to know who this "Father" is, do we know him and why was Dana chosen. I need to know right now.' "Mulder, hello? Anyone in there?" Dana snapped her fingers in front of his eyes to get his attention.

"Um, oh what?" He pulled himself out of his daydream.

"I have an appointment at 10:50, you're still going with me, right? Please Mulder I need you there." Dana whispered as she sat at her little worktable.

"You know I will be there. Do you want me in the room with you? To hold your hand." Mulder said as he came up behind Dana. She leaned back as his hands started to massage the sore muscles in her neck.

"You know I'll be there for you and that I love you no matter what you do." She turned around to face him, getting caught up in his eyes as she said.

"Do you really mean that? You love me?" She whispered.

"Yes I do, I know I should have told you before this, but I couldn't find the words or the right time to say it."

"Funny, because that's the same problem I have. You see, I love you too." Dana whispered as she saw the love and passion in his green/blue eyes. Just as their lips meet the phone rang; Mulder sighed as he made his way to his desk and the ringing phone.

"Yes, what is it?" He yelled into the phone angrily.

After a few more 'hello's' and no answer, he hung up the phone and looked at his watch.

"Well, we have a few hours until your appointment, why don't we grab something to eat first?" He said as he grabbed her coat from the coat tree.

"Ok, I kind of need to get some air, this morning sickness is driving me crazy." She said as he held out her coat, helping her put it on.

Dr. Brown's office

Fox Mulder sat in one the plastic waiting room chairs, as his partner in work and now in life, signed in at the front desk. "Hey, is this all they have to read?" Mulder said as Dana sat next to him. Pointing to a year old copy of "Parents" magazine.

"Well Mulder, this is GYN/OB office, what do you think they would have: UFO Digest?" Dana whispered as she herself started to flip though the magazine.

"So how long do you have to wait?"

"Not too long, about an half an hour."

"Oh, ok, wake me when you are called." He whispered as his head fell backwards hitting it on the wall.

"Sure, fine, whatever."

After three magazines and a half an hour later the nurse called her name as the next appointment.

"Hey, sleepy head, time to go." Dana whispered in her sleeping partner's ear.

"Hum, ok I'm awake." He said sleepily as he stood and stretched his 6 foot plus frame to get all the creaks out of his bones.

"Well here we go." Dana mumbled to herself as they walked into the exam room.

"Ok Mulder, you sit in that chair and I'll sit on the table."

"Are you going to put your legs in those?" Mulder said with a gleam in his eyes as he pointed to the stirrups on the end of the table.

"Get you head out of the gutter Mulder! But if you are a good boy today, I will just for you." She said to him as she leaned into his arms. "Maybe I would wear anything either."

She whispered in his ear as she turned and went to sit on the foot of the exam table. He was just to make a crude remark when the door opened and Dr. Lisa Brown walked in with a file in her arms.

"Dana, I heard this was an emergency. What's matter? Any bleeding, cramps or any other kind of pain?" Dr. Brown said with concern in her voice.

"No, nothing like that doctor. Oh this is my partner Fox Mulder; he's here as a friend. You see I couldn't do this alone, I know I would back out. But I have came to a decision about this child. I want terminate this pregnancy as soon as you can. For reasons I can not get into, I can not have this child." Dana said with all the strength and courage she could muster.

"I see, Dana I can't do this. For reasons that are personal and dear to me, I can not and will not kill a child that I can help bring to this world. But I will not push my believes on anyone, including friends and patient. I can refer you to a friend who runs the women's client downtown. But I know the law is, there is a 24 hour waiting period for this kind of procedure." Dr. Brown said with sadness in her voice. She knew if the others were to find out what Dana was planning to do, not only would Dana's life, but the lives of Lisa's family would been in great danger.

"Please Dana think long and hard about this, it could have a lasting effect on not only your life, but the lives of others. And that's all I will say. Here is Dr. Millie Numan's address and phone number of her office. Good Luck, and if you change your mind, I would love to be your doctor, ok?" Lisa gave Dana a piece of white paper with the name and number of the only person that could get her out of this mess. "Thank you Dr. Brown for understanding and for not pushing me out of this. And if I do change my mind, which I know I won't, I would love for you to be my doctor. Thanks again. Ready Mulder? Let's go." Dana said as she hopped off the table and put her coat back on.

"That's it? All this waiting for nothing. Now what?" Mulder said as he held the door open for her.

"Now we pay a visit to "The Women's Center of Washington DC. Are you up for one more doctor's visit?" Dana said as they reached the car.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

"YES, now get in the car!" She yelled not only at him, but at all the one that did this to her.

"Ok ok you don't have to yell." He said as a joke.

"I'm sorry, I'm just on edge, you know the hormones and all. Well let's get this over with."

Women's center of Washington DC

"Hi, I would like to see Dr. Numan please?" Dana said to the nurse as she signed in.

"Do you have an appointment?" The nurse questioned.

"No, I just came from my GYN and she gave me Dr. Numan's name. Can I just talk with her; it will not take very long. It kind of an emergency." Dana explained to the nurse.

"Wait just a minute." She said as she picked up the phone and dialed an in-house number. "Yes Dr. Numan, I have a woman here who would like to speak with you for a few minutes. Do you have some free time? Ok, I'll send her back."

She hung up the phone and said to Dana and Mulder.

"She will see you, follow me." She said as she walked down a small dark hallway. "In there, the doctor will be here in a few." Then she left them alone in another exam room.

"You know I'm kind of getting turned on by these leg things. Hey get up on the table and show me how they work." Mulder said as he tried to get a smile from his partner.

"Mulder, please stop." Was all Dana said as she looked at the pictures on the walls. Pictures of mountains, fields, oceans and other nature type of scenes.

"I'm sorry, I'm just trying to get you to smile." He said as the door opened and a tall, lean blue eyed woman walked in.

"Hi, I'm Dr. Numan, how can I help you?" She said to Dana.

"Hello doctor, I'm Dana Sc- um Smith. Um well I want to terminate this pregnancy as soon as possible. Can you help me?" Dana said, not wanting to give her real name, just in case THEY are watching.

"Sure I can help, I just want to exam you and then we can talk about the choices you have. Sir, do you want to be here for this, or do you want to wait outside. I'll have the nurse call you in when I'm done, ok?" Dr. Numan said to Mulder, who took the hint and went to the waiting room.

20 minutes later:

"Mister, you can go back in now." The nurse said as she taped Mulder on the shoulders.

"Oh, ok thanks." He said as he headed back to the exam room. As he opened the door, he saw Dana finishing dressing as the doctor made notes in her file.

"Ok Dana here is what I found, yes you are indeed pregnant, about four to five weeks. There are a few procedures we could do you take care of this, do you want me to tell you what they are?"

"No, just set it up. I don't want to know what you do to .. to them. Just do it." Dana said with out emotions, studying the floor.

"Um ok, how's 8:30am Wednesday?"

"Can you do it tomorrow?"

"Well the law requires a 24 hour waiting period, and we have to do this in the morning. So Wednesday morning is the earliest I can do this."

"Ok, 8:30 Wednesday it is." Dana said as she pulled her coat over her shoulder.

"Oh Dana, I need your real name, it's the law." Dr. Numan said just as they were leaving.

"Scully." Dana said as she closed the door.

Chapter 5

After a long dinner, Mulder left Dana off at her apartment at 8:00pm. He made her promise him that she would call him before she went to bed for the night. As his car pulled away, Dana watched as his car faded in the darkness of the street. She dropped her coat and bag on the chair next to the door as she walked into the darkened apartment. A figure stood in a dark corner of the room, watching as she stood with her back against the door. Tears welled up in Dana's eyes as the events of the day came flooding back. She slid to the floor as she placed her head in her hands and cried.

"Why am I letting them get to me, I stronger than this. Dana girl, you are not as strong as you want others to believe and THEY finally broke you!" She whispered angrily at herself.

The mysterious figure in the shadows watched as tears welled up in his own eyes. His heart broke at the sight of this woman's pain. He was the source of her suffering. After the passing of endless minutes, she finally rose from the floor to turn on the lamp at end table. While wiping the tears away with one hand, the other turns the lamp on. The man tried to sink further into the shadows to no avail. She turned and came to face him, blue orbs locking onto green. She slowly reached for the gun at her back and pointed right at his heart. "What do you want!" She screamed at the man as her heart pounded in her chest.

"Scu.. Dana, please, I need to talk to you." The man said as he raised both arms to show he was not armed. He lifted his right arm, then raised his left arm, his fake left arm.

"Alex Krycek, what are you doing here?! What do you want?!" Dana just about screamed the questions as she lowered her gun, but still held on to it because she did not trust this man.

"I need to talk to you, about you condition. I know all the details." Krycek said as he moved to sit on the couch motioning for her to do the same. "I'm here as a friend, you can put that away. I am not armed, I will not hurt you. I wanted to come here to say I'm so sorry for getting you into this. I did not know what else they would do to you."

"What do you mean? How did you know about my condition?!" She said as she threw her gun down on the coffee table.

"When they came to me asking if I had a preference of who was going to bear my child, I had no idea what they were going to do to her."

"WHAT?!" Dana screamed as fear griped her heart and soul. "I'm the father of your child Dana. I've chosen you, but I did not know about the implant."

"What implant?" Dana said as her body shivered with fear and shock, Krycek was the father of this child, which also meant he was a hybrid.

"The implant they placed inside the womb with the child. When the child is born or taken, the implant will be actived."

Alex explained while taking her hand in his good hand. As he caressed her hand he went on. "It will cause massive internal bleeding, the doctors with not be able to stop it. I'm sorry, I didn't know they were planning on killing the mother." Alex said as he stared at her hand in his while tears rolled down his cheeks.

"Oh my God! What if I terminate this pregnancy?"

"The same result." He said flatly as he caressed her hand "Oh God, this child will kill me? That's what you are saying."

Dana whispered as she stood and slowly walked to the window.

"Yes." Alex whispered back as he stood.

"What if I have the implant removed with the child?"

"Same." He said as he came up behind her.

"Why me? Why did you choose me to be the mother of your child?"

"Three months ago They told me that Phase 2 was about to start. They said I had to choose one woman from all the ones that were taken and were still alive. For weeks I went though files after files, until I came across yours. For some time now I've been attracted to you, well I should say I fell in love with you the first time we met. I didn't know you were part of this project. I knew they have taken you, but there was more then one-project going on at the same time. Some having to deal with bees, some with the black cancer and a cure, the Eves & Emilys." He held his breath when he spoke of her daughter. "I didn't know which one you were part of until I found your file. I just knew it had to be you, they told me I could not see you until the birth. They will take the child shortly after the delivery. By that time you would be .... Um." He stopped and sighed sadly. "Dana I'm so very sorry, I should have not chosen you."

"Oh God, what am I going to do?" Dana whispered as she wrapped her arms around herself, trying to stop herself from shivering.

"I would get things in order. Oh Dana I'm so sorry!." Alex whispered in her ear as he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her close to him.

"How did you find out about this implant?" Dana questioned as she wiggled her way out of his embrace.

"The smoking man told me a few days ago. He gloated that they finally got you and Mulder were they wanted. That's when I took the file and arranged Mulder to get a hold of most of it." Alex told her as he walked over to her.

"You were the "Little Birdy"?! Oh God, what about Mulder? Does he know about this implant?" She questioned Alex as she sat on the couch with her legs to her chest as she hugged them.

"No and he can not find out." He said sharply as he sat on the couch next to her.

"What do you mean, he can't know?" She nearly yelled as she rested her head on her knees.

"If they find out he knows, they will kill you and they will not care about the child." Alex said as he stared at his hands.

"They also placed bugs in the office, his and your apartments."

"So what do we do now?" She whispered as tears ran down her cheeks. "I have to tell Mulder, now." She said as she picked up the phone. Alex grabbed it away from her.

"Did you hear what I said. They will kill you TONIGHT if he finds out. I will not be able to help. Give me time and I will try to find out from them what we could do. Trust me Dana, I love you and I don't want you to die. I will get it out of them how we can stop this. Please give me a chance to prove myself to you, I WILL find the answer, just give me the time and your word." Alex said sharply as he grabbed her arms and pulled her up and held her in his arms.

"How can I trust you, you help them kidnapped me and you killed my sister thinking it was me. AND you killed Mulder's father! How can I trust you NOW?!" Dana screamed as she tried to pull away from Alex.

"Damnmit just listen to me. THEY WILL KILL YOU AND THE BABY IF MULDER FINDS OUT!! Please, don't tell him, not yet at least."

"Please leave now, NOW. I want you out of my apartment and out of my life, didn't you do enough to me and my family and friends? Why couldn't you and your fucking friends just leave us ALONE!?" She cried as she fell to the floor crying uncontrollably.

"Oh God Dana I'm sorry. If I knew this was going to happen I would have never picked you. I hope before this happens you will find it in your heart to forgive me for all I have done to you and those you love. I did it all because I loved you and I wanted to be close to you. I will leave you now, I will be back before our child is born, with the answer to save you and the child." Alex whispered as he leaned down to were Dana fell in a fit of sobs. He kissed the top of her head and left the still darkened apartment.


The consist ringing of the phone finally woke Dana from a dreamless sleep, she picked herself off the floor where she fell in a fit of sobs. The words that Alex Krycek told her came flooding back to her as she reached for the phone, which was still ringing.

"Hello?" She whispered hoarsely into the phone.

"Hey, it's me, you forgot to call me before you went to bed for the night."

Mulder's voice came from the other side of the phone.

"I'm sorry, I fell asleep watching TV." She lied sleepily.

"Oh, sorry. Are we still going to the Women's Center? Did you change your mind?"

"That's what you are hoping for isn't it? But yes I have changed my mind, I really don't have much of a choice do I?"

"What do you mean you don't have a choice?"

"Never mind. Mulder, can you come over I need to be with someone right about now. Please." She asked as fresh tears welled up in her eyes.

"I'll be right over." Mulder said as fear griped his heart. His partner never admitted she needed anyone, he knew this was serious. After he hung up Mulder ran into his hardly used bedroom to grab some clean clothes. He was out the door in 20 minutes, after showering and dressing in record time.


The knock at the door, awakened Dana from a restless sleep. She rose off the couch and stood on her tippy toes to look into the peephole. There stood Mulder with a concerned look in his eyes. She unlocked the door to let him in. She threw herself into his arms and cried into his chest.

"Woo, what wrong? What happened?" He said as the impact of her embrace nearly knocked him over. He wrapped his arms around her as he walked her over to the couch. He sat her down then turned to close and lock the front door.

"Ok, what's going on?" He said as he sat on the couch next to her. As he took her into his arms as she picked up a pen and note pad. He just looked into her tear filled blue eyes as she wrote something on the notepad. She handed it to him pointing to the note.

"They are bugged me. Don't talk, pretend you are just holding me and we are falling asleep." The note read. Mulder writes under her handwriting

"What's going on?"

"Alex Krycek was here earlier, Mulder he is this child's father! He came here to tell me this. And that they placed an implant inside of me with the child. Mulder, this implant will kill me after the baby is born! I was told not to tell you, for if they knew that you knew, they would kill me and the child!"

Dana wrote as tear rolled down her cheeks.

"Just sleep, I'm here, I will always be here." He said out loud as he read what she wrote. His heart broke as he read her hand and whole body trembled with fear. He took the pad and pen and wrote.

"You believe that son-of-a-bitch?" He looked into her blue tear filled eyes.

"Yes! Mulder, he was very sincere. I believe him. I'm just so scared, more then I was with the cancer or the other implant."

She wrote back as tears ran down her face. He wiped the tears away with one hand while the other lifted her head to face him.

"I will not let anything happen to you." He mouthed as her caressed her hair.

"Hold me, please." She mouthed back as fell into his arms. After a few minutes she was asleep. Mulder grabbed the handmade blanket from over the couch and wrapped her in it. He then placed one arm under her knees and the other around her back and carried her into the bedroom and to the bed. He gently placed her on the bed, he kissed her forehead and tucked her in. He sat on the side of the bed and leaned over to kiss her lips lightly and whispered.

"I love you Scully, you'll always be safe, I promise." After placing another kiss on her lips as he turned the light off. He moved to lie next to her, on top of the covers, it was not long until he himself was fast asleep.

Chapter 6

One Month Later:
March 16 Th 1998

As Mulder laid on the couch watching one of "NOT" his videos, his thought turned to the woman and man on the screen to one woman who had been on his mind a lot recently 'What are we going to do? I have to talk to Skinner and see if I can make a deal with THEM for Dana's life. I'm going to give ALL this up, it's not worth her life. Then what? Dana I promise what ever happens THEY will pay for what they did to us. If I have to kill each and every one of them, I will. Oh God, why me? Why take everything and everyone I care for? If she dies, I will not be far behind her. I love her too much to let her go like this. I will do anything (and I do mean ANYTHING) to help her, save her.'

Mulder picked up the phone and placed a call to the one person who might be able to help, Skinner.

"Hello?" The stern voice came through the other end.

"Sir, it's me." Mulder said softly. "Did I wake you?"

"What are you doing calling me at home?" Skinner's voice boomed from the earpiece.

"I need you to setup a meeting with CSM's friends he was working for." Mulder said quickly.


"Well let's just say, they have us up against a wall, and I'm ready to deal. Please sir, my partner's life depends on this meeting." Mulder said.

"What did I tell you the last time you asked me to setup a meeting?"

"Sir, this time is different, CSM is dead, he can't help us anymore. Please sir."

"What's wrong with her this time? Please tell me she is still in remission." Skinner voice cracked with fear.

"No, she is still in remission. This is a new and bigger problem, I can not say anymore. If you want more information, you will have to talk to her."

"I'll see what I can do. Good night."

"Thank you sir, good night." Mulder said before he placed the phone back on the charger.

Mulder laid back down on the couch and closed his eyes, before he drifted to sleep one more thought came to his mind. 'I will not let this come between us! I have a plan if Skinner can't come though.'

March 17, 1998

"Hi Mulder." Dana said as she walked into their office, late. The morning sickness it at it's peek.

"How are you?" Mulder said noticing she did not look well at all, he knew it was the morning sickness, she was not handling this part well at all.

"Don't ask." She said as she sat at her table pulling folders from her brief case.

"Well how about a movie tonight, did you get to see Titanic yet?"

"What? Are you asking me out?"

"Only if you are accepting."

"I would love to, but I'm having my WHOLE family over for dinner tonight. It will be the first time we will all be together since Missy died. I'm going to tell them about the baby and the possible problems. I want you to be there, I really need you there, please. Anyway we can go see Titanic this weekend, I promise. I know how much you want to see that movie."

"Of course I would love to come, I will be there for you. What time?"

"Be at my place by 6:00pm, ok?"

"Ok, see you then. I have a few things to do today, I'll see you tonight." Mulder said as he closed the door on his way out.

"Oh, God, help me tonight. How am I going to tell my family that I'm having this child and I may not live through it. Poor Mom, she's lost so much in the last four years. Everything from Dad, Missy, my disappearance & coma, the cancer, Emily and now this! When will it end?! If I die, will my family finally be spared anymore pain?" Dana said to herself aloud.


The doorbell woke Dana from a dreamfilled nap.

"I'm coming." She said as she picked herself off her couch and walked towards the door.

"Wait for me." She heard Mulder's crude remark through the door as she just shock her head at that remark.

"Only you could make an everyday comment sound dirty. Come in, what do you have behind your back?" She asked as he walked into the apartment with one hand behind his back. He pulled his arm from behind him, trusting two dozen of red and pink roses at her.

"For you. And yes, they are real." He said as she took them from him and smelled them.

"I believe you. Let me put these in some water. Have a seat and open the wine for me please." She said as she walked into the kitchen.

"You are not having any, are you?" He asked as he placed the bottle between his legs to hold it as he pulled the corkscrew.

"No, I can't drink for awhile, maybe never again." She said softly as she heard a loud "pop" of the cork leaving the wine bottle.

"Look, I'm sure we will beat this too. You have to believe that, have faith in me. I will get you out of this, just relax. Let me help you, why don't you sit here and I'm get some of those knots out of your shoulders." He said as he grabbed her hand and made her sit as he moved behind her. Just as she started to relax under his hands, the doorbell rang again.

"I'll get it, just relax." Mulder said as he moved to the door. As he opened it Bill, Jr. stood there with his wife, mother and brother Charles.

"What are you doing here? This is a FAMILY dinner! Now unless you and my sister got married, you are not welcome here." Bill said with hatred and protection in his voice.

"So this must be the Fox Mulder everyone told me about. Hi I'm Charles, Dana's younger brother. Nevermind this jerk, he's just worried about our sister." Charles interrupted Bill's speech.

"Charlie?! Oh my God!" Dana screamed when she heard his voice, throwing herself into his arms.

"Hey sis, I'm sorry I haven't be able to be here when the you or the family needed me. The Navy is so strict with leave, it took me almost three months and lots of begging to get this week off. Oh man do I need it! I'm so happy to be with the family again, I missed you sis!" Charles said as he hugged his sister.

"So what's for dinner Dana?" Maggie asked as she gave Mulder a hug and whispered in his ear. "Something's wrong, isn't?"

"Not now, later." He whispered back as Maggie's eyes searched his for an answer only finding pain and sadness. She turned away as tears threating to flow.


After the dinner of baked chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, peas, wine and dessert, it was time to move the family into the living room for a talk and coffee. As the others filed into the living room, Mulder pulled Dana a side.

"There's something we forgot to talk about." He whispered to her as the others left them alone.

"What?" She asked confused.

"Who the father is."

"Well I'll tell them it was a donor. It's kind of true."

"Like your family is going to believe that, no tell them I the donor."


"Why not, it's perfect. They all know we love each other, don't we?" He asked hopefully. He knew that Dana was falling for Alex's soft and kind words, he hoped she did not fall for him totally.

"Mulder, what are you saying?"

"Your Mother is going to freak out if you tell her that you are pregnant and don't know who the father is."

"I know who the father is. I can not let you take the blame, it's not your problem."

"I love you and that makes it my problem. I will not let you go though this alone. Please don't shut me out like you did with the cancer and Emily. I want to be there for you and this child. Please tell them I volunteered my services for this project of yours." Mulder implored his partner as he placed his hands on her shoulder and leaned into her personal space. "Dana dear, we are almost done with our coffee." She heard her mother calling from the living room.

"Well here goes nothing." She said as she and Mulder walked out into the living where her family waited. 'Can I lie through my teeth to my family?'

She thought to herself as faced her family with news that will tare them apart.

"Dana what's going on?" Bill asked angrily.

"Before I tell you all this, I want you all to know I CHOOSE this, nobody made me do this." Dana said as she paced around the room. "Since Emily I realized there was something missing from my life. Something I needed, an experience that was stolen from me. I thought long and hard, weighted the pros and cons. Then with lots of love and understanding I decided to make a life choice change. I'm three months pregnant. I will be due around Holloween. Fitting hun?" Dana finally finished as she looked out of the window, unable to face her family. She heard her mother's sharp intake of breath, Bill's jaw hitting the floor and Charlie's "Oh my God."

Bill was the first to recover from the shock of his life.

"Who?" Was all he could get out.

"Bill, Mom, Charlie, I want this, I choose this. Please I need you to accept this and be happy for me."

"Who's the father?" Her mother asked as she stood and walked over to her daughter.

"Mom, that not the issue. You are upset because I'm not married. Mom, now a days it is not a big deal to be a single mother. I did not go out and picked up some guy and .... "

Dana said as she walked away from her mother.

She walked to the chair Mulder was sitting in. "I choose a man that I though would make a great father, someone who could love and care for this child if anything was to happen to me. Someone I trusted with my life and my heart. Someone who could provided a stable home and who was financially sound. And I found all this in one person, Mulder."

"WHAT?" Bill said as he stood quickly. "He's your child's father? How could you choose HIM? He's caused this family nothing but pain and heartache. I will not except this Dana, you have a good head on your shoulder, WHY did you do something so stupid?"

"Bill, sit down and shut up." Maggie said to her oldest child. She went to her daughter and placed a hand on her shoulder and Mulder's. "If this is what you want Dana, I will try to except and love this child. But I will not accept you being a single mother. I would prefer if you two where to marry before this child is born." Maggie finished her thoughts on the news.

"Mom, I can not and will not put Mulder in this position. What he wants to do with his life is his choice; I will not force him into marring me because of this child. It is not fair to him, me or this child." Dana tried to explain to her very old fashion mother.

"There is something else they need to know, Dana." Mulder said as he took her hand in his. Now comes the hard part, the problems.

"What is it Dana?" Maggie asked as she fear and pain in her daughter's tear filled eyes.

"Well the other day, I when to my first OB appointment, they ran the normal test. They found that I have a rare blood disorder. It seems that my blood doesn't have the properties to clot correctly. I think it has something to do with the cancer and the treatments I had then. So there is a chance that when I have this child I will bleed, and in rare cases, like mine, the doctors may not be able to stop the bleeding." There it's out now all she could do is watch the people she loved the most in the world as they realized just what she said.

"Oh no." Maggie whispered as her heart broke. "I'm going to lose another child."

"If I had known about this before I decided to have a child, I wouldn't have done this. But there is nothing I can do about it now." Dana said as she tried to push down the lump in her throat as the tears flowed. "I may not live through the birth of my child."

Mulder stood just then and wrapped his arms around her as she cried into his chest. He held her until she fell asleep in his arms.

Chapter 7

Two months later
May 8, 1998

Skinner walked into his darken office, smelling cigarette smoke. As he flicked the lights on, he saw CSM sitting in a chair in a darkened corner of the office.

"Hello, Mr. Skinner, long time no see." He puffs on his cigarette.

"I told you not to show up here, they might find out you are alive." Skinner said as he grabbed his mail from his "in" bin.

"I have some information for you about your favorite female agent who is very pregnant."

"What do you know?"

"You know about the implant, don't you?"

"You mean the one we put back into her?"

"No, the one THEY placed inside her with the child."

"No, what do you mean?"

"Mr. Skinner, when they took her again and placed this child into her, they also added an insurance policy. The new implant works with the older one to make sure she is terminated soon after the child is born. If she decides to have the one in her neck removed, she will live through the birth of her child. Through there is a side effect, the cancer will come back growing faster than before. She will not be able to have the new one removed; it has a self-destruct mechanism. If it's touched it will cause an electric shock so strong every vein and blood vessels will break. Face it Mr. Skinner, she will be out of the picture soon, and that's what THEY want.

Without her Mulder will fall right into their hands. It's perfect! We knew he would fall for her hard and fast like he did in the past. He did not disappoint our purposes." CSM lips turned up as he finished his history lesson.

"You had this planned from the beginning?! You used Dana to get to Mulder, then kill her to make him do what you want, to control him. How could you live with yourself, knowing you just used someone then throw them away like yesterday's trash?" Skinner said as he took off his glasses and rubbed his tearful eyes.

"Why do you think I went as far as faking my death. I wanted OUT." Spat the Smoking Man.

Skinner narrowed his eyes. "What do we do now?"

"There is nothing that can be done, it's her choice. Either have the implant removed from her neck and live to see her child or do nothing and she will die before she sees her baby. We can not save her this time; there is no "cure" no other chip. I'm sorry, truly." CSM crushed out his cigarette and left through the side door.

10 minutes later

Skinner walked into Mulder's office wearing a very sad, worried look on his face.

"I need to talk to you both. I have found out some very shocking and upsetting news." Skinner sighed as he closed the office door and locked it.

"Sir, what's this about?" Dana said as she struggled to get up from her chair. Mulder walked over to her and extended his hand to help her. She just pushed his hands away and stood up. "I'm find, Mulder."

"It's about you I'm afraid." Skinner said sadly.

"Oh God, now what!?" Dana said. Claws of fear gripped her heart and soul.

"I have found out there is another chip inside you with the baby. Basically it can not be removed. You could have the one in your neck removed. But that also means the cancer will be back."

"I know, Krycek told me this. Dear God what choice do I have? I'll die no matter what I choose. Damn them! Why me? Why this way? "Oh God, what am I going to do?"

"It's up to you, do you want to chance and have the one removed from your neck or do nothing?" Mulder said as he paced around his desk.

"I can not and WILL not go though what I went through last year. Not knowing each night if you will ever wake up in the morning. Losing all that weight, being pale and sickly looking, the treatments, hair loss, seeing everyone I love watching me die slowly. No, I will not go through that again, I'm not doing anything. If I am meant to die, so be it, but I don't want to suffer. Please don't let me suffer, that's all I ask. Dear God there is no other choice for me to make. Damn them to HELL!" Dana said as she leaned against the copier. "I better be going. I'm sorry." Skinner said softly as he moved towards the door.

As the door closed Mulder opened his eyes and saw red. He suddenly sprang up from his chair, knocking everything off his desk with one sweep of his arm. Turning towards the wall his fist punched the wall as he let out an angst moan. He slid to the floor burying his head in his hand and cried. Dana kneeled in front of Mulder, taking his wrist and pulling his into her arms were they cried together.

"They won!" Mulder said softly as he held on to Dana as if his life depended on her.

"We can not let them get away with this. Mulder, I need you to make them pay for what they did to us. Please, you can not give up after I'm gone. You need to end this. Let what's happening to me be the springboard you need to finally end this. I also need you to do something for me; I'm going to my lawyer today. I need you to come with me, I want you to be the executor to my will." Dana said as she stood and walked to the door, turned to see Mulder also standing.

"Please stop." Mulder whispered as he walked over to her.. "Mulder, we have to talk about it."

"Not now." He said as he grabbed her shoulders and pressed his lips to hers with such force she was pushed up against the door. With all the pined up passions and fear they just melted together. To hell with rules, to hell with THEM. Today here and now they did not care and gave into their most passionate fantasies here in their office.

Sept. 10, 1998

As the months passed by, Dana became more and more uncomfortable with her expanding belly and she was also upset for being placed on light duty. She tried to convince Mulder and Skinner that she was still able to do her job. Outnumbered, they pulled rank on her. For the rest of the pregnancy she was stuck behind her (new) desk doing paper work while her partner was out in the field.

Today was no different than the last few weeks. Mulder would often call her three to four times during the day and three times at night just to check on her. At 3:00 PM Dana knew Mulder would call at any minute. The phone rang as she finished the thought.

"Hi Mulder, what do you want?" She tiredly sighed into the phone.

"How did you know it was me?" He asked.

"I'm psychic."

"I always had a feeling you were."

"Hahaha. What do you want!?"

"Well, well someone's hormones are running wild today?"


"Ok, ok I'm on my way home, I need to talk to you tonight. Can I come over with pizza and a movie?"

"Are you asking me for a date?"

"Well after tonight I hope I don't have to ask anymore," mumbled Mulder.

"What does that mean?"

"You'll see. I'll see you at 7:30pm." With that he disconnected the call leaving Dana to look at the receiver in confusion. She sighed and went back to the expense report she was entering on a spreadsheet.


"Dammit!" Dana sighed as she tried on her two-month-old maternity jeans to find they didn't fit anymore. She settled for an oversized maternity sundress with big ugly yellow sunflowers all over the dress. As she finished dressing the doorbell rang.

"I'll be right there." She called as she made her way slowly to the door. As she opened the door she was greeted with two more dozens of red roses and behind then stood Mulder.

"Come in." She said as she took the flowers and headed into the kitchen. "Where's the pizza?"

"It's coming, I called from the car, it will give us a few minutes to talk." Mulder said as he nervously sat on the couch. Checking his inter pocket of his coat for the small box, making sure it was still there.

"Ok, what did you want to talk about?" Dana said as she handed him a grass of ice tea 'It's ice tea, it must be love!'

Mulder thought to himself as his voice said out loud." Um, I was thinking about what your mother said when you told her about the baby." He said as he gently rubbed her belly.

"She said a few things, what do you mean?"

"Um, about us getting married before the baby is born."

"Mulder, I told you and her that I did not want to put in that position, it's not fair."

"Dana, please let me explain. I know how you feel about this, but I don't think the same way."

"Mulder, what are you saying?" Dana asked as her heart speeded up a bit.

"I'm saying, I want a family. I want you and this child. I know he or she is not my child, but I will raise him/her as my own. I will love this child as I love his mother." He opened the box to reveal a 1/2 carat diamond ring.

"I know this is not the most romantic situation, but I want you to marry me and if and I mean IF things don't go well when he is born. I will make sure NOTHING will happen to him and he will be loved and raised right, by me."

"Oh my god!" Dana was shocked as he placed the ring on her left ring finger.

"Is that all you can say? I was hoping yes would could out instead." He said as he saw the tears running down her cheeks. "Yes, oh god yes." She whispered as the tears spilled. She threw herself into his arms and cried happily.

"I promise I make you happy and will not let anything happen to you or OUR child. If I have to die to find the answer I will. Dana, I can not lose you, not now, not ever. I will die without you! I love you and this child, don't ever forget or question that!" He said softly as he leaned towards his soon-to-be wife and kissed her with all the passion and love he had.

Chapter 8

Fri Oct 30, 1998

Dana woke to a slight cramp in her lower abdomen and a killer headache. As she dragged herself out of the bed she thought to herself.

"It's a good day to die. Why did I just say that? Damn Dana you are just about giving up hun?" As she walked into the bathroom she whispered out loud "I just hope that Alex show up soon with the answers."

After turning the shower on, she undressed and looked at herself in the full-length mirror hanging on the door. "Wow." Was all she could say when she saw how big her abdomen had gotten in the past few months.

She stepped in under the stream of hot water letting it wash away all her fears for just least for a while. As she washed her eyes fell to her left hand that rested on her abdomen. The ring shined brightly in the dim light of the early morning.

"Mulder and I have to talk about our wedding today."

She thought as she lifted her hand towards the light watching it shimmers in the light.

Suddenly she doubled over as a server cramp hit her hard.

"Oh God! No not now!" She cried as she slid down into the tub with both her arms hugging her abdomen as the pain left as fast as it came. She pushed herself up using the tiled wall for support, then finished her shower trying to forget what just happened. As she stepped out of the tub another pain hit her like a ton of bricks; she fell to the floor holding herself as she cried.

"Oh god help me, please someone help me." She cried as she crawled to grab a towel from the towel rack.

Wrapping herself in the towel, she managed to drag herself into her bedroom and onto the bed before nearly passing out.

She closed her eyes and sighed heavily as the pain left her again. She grabbed the phone from the night stand when another pain hit, she squeezed her eyes closed and breathed like the way they taught her in the Lamaze classes she and Mulder when to. She did managed to hit the #1 on the phone's speed dial that was labeled "Mulder's Home". She started to cry when she heard his answering machine come on; she hung up and redialed his cell phone number.

"Mulder." He said as he sat in a traffic jam on the beltway.

"Thank God, Mulder! I need your help, it started! OW!" Dana cried as another contraction hit her.

"Oh God! I'll be right there, Hold on I'm coming." He hung up as he drove over to the median onto the other way, nearly missing two cars in the process. He got off the next exit and headed towards Dana's apartment.

Dana managed to get herself dressed in sweat pants and shirt. All the while praying for her child and her own life. She also begged God not to let her die without seeing and holding her child.

"This is it, today is my child's birthday and the day I die. Please God just let me hold my child just once before you take me. Please also, give Mulder and me the strength to get through this day. Oh God, NO!" She cried out in pain as the strongest contraction hit, forcing her to the ground.

"Mulder, please help me, Oh God help me." She whispered as she started to lose consciousness.

A few minutes later, Dana thought she heard the sound of a key slipping into the keyhole on her front door.

"Scully, where are you." Came a soft voice of her angle coming to save her. Mulder called for her again with no result. "WHERE ARE YOU?" He screamed as fear and panic started to creep in as he frankly looked for his partner.

Suddenly he saw her red hair coming from behind the couch. He ran to her side checking for a pulse, finding it steady. He picked her up in his arms and hurried out the door. On his way down the stairs, he called over to Dana's next door neighbor asking for her to lock the front door to Dana's apartment for them.

After placing her in the backseat of his car, he jumped into the driver's side and sped down the road towards the hospital, while placing a call on his cell phone to Skinner.

"Kim, put me through, it's an emergency." Mulder said into the phone as Skinner's secretary answered the phone.

"Skinner." AD Walter Skinner barked into his phone.

"It's too early for any bull shit to happen now," He thought to himself.

"Sir, it's me. I will not be in today."

"Why?" (Oh no, what now?)

"She just went into labor, I'm taking her to the hospital right now. Can you call her mother and tell her to meet us there?"

"Yes I will. I'll also be there as soon as I can." Skinner said knowing who Mulder was talking about, his partner.

"Thank you sir." Mulder said as he hit the power button turning off his cell phone as he looked over his shoulder to check on Dana. She woke with another pain as Mulder hit a pothole.

"Hey watch those pot holes, please." She whispered. "Sorry, I didn't see that one."

Washington General Hospital

As Mulder pulled up to the emergency doors, two orderlies where just finishing up their smoking break. Mulder jumped out calling over to them to help him, they walked over to his car as Mulder helped Dana out of the car.

"You have to help us, she is in labor." He said as one came over with a wheelchair. "Ok now you sit in this and they will help you, ok? I have to make a few phone calls, I'll be right there to help." He said as he helped Dana into the chair, she held on to his hand as if her life depended on this grip of hands. As tears rolled down she nodded her head.

"Please don't be long, I need you more then ever." She whispered as he leaned down to kiss her lips softly. His own eyes filled with tears as he watched them pushing her into the hospital. He pulled his cell phone from his pocket and dialed a number.

"Hello?" Came a voice along with a few clicks.

"Ok Langly turn that thing off now, I don't have time. I need you guys to try and find Alex Krycek for me ASAP! Dana is in the hospital in labor, this is it guys." He hung up before Langly could even say hello. Then he dialed another number that Dana's mother wrote down for him.

"St. Marie's, can I help you?" Came a soft voice over his earpiece.

A few minutes later:

Dana nearly passed out again as yet another pain hit her. This time she had nurses and doctors around her checking all her and the baby's signs. Hooking her up to many kinds of machines, to check on her and the baby's heartbeats, etc... She heard the nurses say that another contraction was coming, they can tell by the baby's monitor. And they were right; another did come and slammed her down, she cried out in pain as one of the doctors ordered a spinal tap to be done ASAP.

An hour later:

Mulder walked into the small delivery room where the only sounds he heard were the heart monitor and fetal monitor. The room was softly lit by the overhead light over Dana's bed.

'Oh God, please don't take her from me.' He thought to himself as he made his way to her bed.

Dana turned her head towards him and smiled. He had a flashback of another time he came to see her in the hospital, after she woke from a coma nearly four years ago.

"Hey, how are you?" He asked as he took her hand in his.

"Well I'm doped up and they are waiting for me to be fully dilated. Mulder, I'm scared." She whispered as he kissed her hand.

"Me too."

"Mulder, we need to talk before .." She whispered as his finger touched her lips stopping her from finishing.

"NO, we are not going to say good-bye. You hear me, never say good-bye." He whispered.

"Mulder, I need to know you will keep on searching and make them pay for what they did to us."

"Don't, I don't think I could go on looking without you. I told you before, in the hallway, I can't go on without you."

"You have to, please?" Dana whispered as the tears flowed down her face again.

"So what's this?" He asked, changing the subject as his hands held a computer printout of peeks and valleys. "Oh that's the printout from the fetal monitor. The peeks are the contractions." She said as she wiped her eyes with the hand with the IV.

"Oh, so this shows when you are having pains? Well here comes another." He said as the machine printed another high peek.

"Mulder, please stop! We need to talk, NOW!" Dana said as anger filled her. Just then Doctor Brown came into the room.

"Well, let's see how you are doing." Dr. Brown said as she picked up Dana's charts and printouts. As she checked the machines, she said.

"Well the contractions are still about 45 minutes apart, we have a few more hours. But just to make sure, let's see how far dilated you are." The doctor said as she started to exam Dana.

"Well it looks like only 2 more centimeters and you will be ready. I'll look in on you in an hour." Dr. Brown said as she slipped out the door. Father McCue peeked his head in a few minutes later.

"Are you two ready?"

"Not yet, give me a few minutes. Thanks." Mulder said as he turned to see Dana's shock expression on her face.

"What was that about?" She asked after the priest left.

"Well I was kind of hopping we could be married before the baby is born. I called your mom and she gave me Father McCue's number. I told him what was happening and he agreed to marry us as soon as the Gun Men get here with the license." Mulder finished while looking out the door for the three stooges.

"Mulder, I would love to marry you today!" Dana said as the tears rolled down her face. Mulder turned to the priest, who was sitting on the bench outside the room. He also noticed the three men walking down the hall, heading towards the room.

"Ok Father here comes the license. Anytime you're ready, we are now." Mulder said to the priest as he pointed to the three coming up the hallway.

A few minutes later
Outside room 203

Alex Krycek peeked in the door window of her room, what he saw sadden him. There beside Dana's bedside stood his greatest foe, Mulder. He held Dana's hand as he looked into her eyes, by the foot of the bed stood a priest. He was speaking as he held an opened little black book in his hand, the bible. Alex noticed something-sparkling coming from the folds of the book, two gold rings.

"Oh my god! He's marring them NOW!" Alex whispered to himself as tears started to fall from his heartbroken eyes. He closed his eyes to the sight, trying to make it go away. As he opened his eyes, he saw the newly wed couple kiss for the first time. He turned away from the door and rushes away from the room. Going to find the one person, if you can call him a person, that will be able to help him save the woman he loved, who now belonged to another.

Chapter 9

Fri Oct 30, 1998

For Dana Scully-Mulder the last three hours was the happiest she has known for years. She was now Mrs. Fox Mulder, now and forever due to Mulder's promise to never marry again. But her happiness was short lived where she was hit with the worst pain yet.

"Oh my GOD! OW. I think the drugs are wearing off." She cried in pain as she held her new husband's hand, squeezing tightly.

"OW, we need more drugs!" Mulder cried as Dana nearly broke his hand. A few minutes after the pain died down, she felt something warm and wet running down her legs.

"Oh shit, um, m, I think my water just broke. It's time. Call the doctor." She whispered as the fear crepted back into her face once more.

"I'll get the doctor, hold on." Mulder said as he kissed her hand and left to find Dr. Brown. He ran out the door, nearly knocking over a nurse with a cart of food.

"I need Dr. Brown NOW! My wife is having this baby NOW!" Mulder yelled at the nurse when she ignored him. He pressed his fingers on the hook of the phone she was talking on. "I said NOW!"

"Sir, just calm down, what's your name? I'll page her." The blond nurse said as she picked up the phone and dialed Dr. Brown's pager.

"Please hurry." He said calmly as he walked back to Dana's room.


"Ok Dana, just breathe, don't push, not yet." The brown haired nurse said as Dr. Brown hurried into the room.

"Ok, let's see what's happening." Dr. Brown said as she checked the machines. Then she moved to the foot of the bed. "Now let's look at you. You know what to do." The doctor said as Dana put her feet into the stirrups.

"Well guess what?" Dr, Brown poked her head up.

"What?" Dana gasped trying so hard not to bear down.

"It's time. Ok first I want you to relax. Take a few deep, let them out slowly." Dr. Brown said as one of the nurses placed medical equipment by her side. "Ok, now you can push all you want, ok? Push hard with all your might." The doctor said as she prepared to do her work, hoping after today THEY will leave her and her family alone.


After eight hours of breathing and pushing, Dana fell back onto the bed and closed her eyes.

"I'm tried, Mulder. I can't do this." She whispered to Mulder. Mulder just wiped the sweat from her face and neck with a cool damp towel.

"You can and will. Scully, I know it's hard, but you have to keep trying."

"Dana rest for a few minutes, when the next contraction hits, just breath." Dr. Brown said as she sat back in the chair she was using. She sighed knowing this was going to be a long day. In her time, she has delivered more then 100 babies; she knew this was going to take a long time.

After five minutes, Dana said. "Ok let's get this over with." She pushed herself up to her elbows and took a deep breath, holding it as she squeezed her eyes shut and pushed with all her might.

"That's great Dana, I can see the head. A few more pushes and it's all over." The doctor said from somewhere under the sheet that covered Dana. Dana's eyes locked onto Mulder's, the fear was clearly in their eyes.

"Come on Dana, just a few more, that's it come on." Dr. Brown said as she placed her hands on each on the sides of the almost born baby's head. "One really big hard push and its over, come on, that's it." Dana pushed with all her might, when she felt something leaving her body.

"There he is, it's a boy." Doctor Brown said happily as she handed the baby to a nurse. Who started to clean the baby up, then placing him into his mother's arms.

"Hi there, sweetie." Dana whispered to her son as tear of relief and fear fell onto the sheet. As mother and son bonded, Mulder watched as the tears flowed from his red sore eyes.

"He's perfect Dana, just perfect. You did great. Our Daniel William is perfect." He whispered to his wife as he leaned his head on her shoulder. She looked into his eyes and saw the love there, it broke her heart.

"Daniel? You want to name our son after me?" Dana said as her heart broke, knowing she would be leaving her son and Mulder alone.

"Of course, who else would I name him after, me? I think NOT!" Mulder said as he held his son (not biological that is) as that both laughed uncomfortably.


Dr. Brown looked at the new happy family as she prepared to finish up her job, and a job well done. "Doctor, something's wrong." One of the nurses said softly. Dr. Brown went to see what the nurse was talking about. At the foot of the birthing bed, the sheets and towels used in the birthing were covered in blood.

'Oh my God." Brown thought to herself. She looked at Dr. Williams, who was watching Dana's signs and general anesthetic equipment; she saw the worryness in his eyes.

"We are losing her." He mouths to Dr. Brown.

"Damn it!" She whispered to herself. "Dana dear, we have to take Daniel now. There are something's I still have to do." She said calmly to her patient.

"Is there something wrong?" Dana asked as the red head nurse, Mrs. Penn, took Daniel from her arms.

"Nothing I can't handle, now lay back and just relax." Dr. Brown turned to the nurse to her left and said, "Start pumping O- into her STAT! I'm going in and take care of this. Mr. Mulder, you have to leave now." She said to Mulder as she prepared to go into this patient and stop the bleeding that has gone too far.

"No, I'm staying, we knew this might happen and I'm not leaving my wife where she needs me." He said as tears burned his eyes. The unbelealable was happening; he needed to be by his wife's side until the end.

"Mulder, I'm scared." Dana whispered weekly. She had become weaker and weaker as her life slowly spilled from her body. "Mulder, promise me, you will keep on searching, for me. Make them pay for what they did to me. Daniel, you have to make sure his is safe. They will come for him, please protect my (our) son." She whispered weakly as she brought up her hand to his cheek. "I need you to promise me this Mulder, I need to know Daniel will be ok and you will keep on looking for the truth, Please?" She said as the tear flowed from her eyes.

"I promise Danny will be safe. But I can't promise I will go on without you, because I can't." Mulder whispered as he kissed her dry lips.

"Then they have already won." She said softly.

"Doctor, her BP is dropping fast." Dr. Williams said quickly.

"More blood, more suction, please, STAT! I can't stop this bleeding. Come on God help me here, don't let her die on me." Dr. Brown said to nobody and everybody.

"Doctor, you will not be able to stop it, please just let me go. There is no hope anymore, please." Dana said to Dr. Brown.

"I can't give up Dana, I will not let you die, you hear me!?" Dr. Brown told her patient.

Mulder looked at his wife as she told the doctor to let her die. He has never seen her so pale before, not when she had cancer nor when she almost dies on him in Antarctica when they were in the space ship.

"She's right Dr. Brown, let her go." He whispered as he tried to hold back the tears.

"What?!" Dr. Brown yelled as she worked feverish to save her patient's life.

"Please let her go." He cried as he squeezed Dana's hand, she squeezed back weakly.

"Fine, I have to go." Dr. Brown whispered as she took off her gloves & cap and stormed out of the room.

Doctor Lisa Brown sighed sadly as she slid to the floor as the tears flowed. She has never lost a patient or a child before.

"They say the first would be the hardest to take, man they were so right." She whispered to herself as she made her way to the doctor's lounge. She looked into the window of the waiting room she saw at least 5 people waiting, to her they looked like they all were waiting on her patient. Her heart broke as she saw an older woman who looked just like Dana.

"That must be Dana's mother. Oh God, I'm so sorry, I tried, I really tried. Please forgive me." She whispered to the woman through the glass. She knew then that she could not leave Dana yet. Lisa turned and walked back into Dana's room.


"I'm sorry." Mulder whispered over and over to Dana as she started to close her eyes.

"Mulder. You. Are. Not. To. Blame. I choose to follow you, I knew the risk. Please don't blame yourself, blame THEM." She said weakly as her breathing became labored. "Mulder, it's almost over. The pain, heart trying to keep up, can't. Mulder, hold me please." She whispered as she closed her eyes to the pain. Mulder got onto the bed and held her as one would hold a baby. "Sh, it's ok, I'm here. Did I ever tell you that I love you?" He whispered as Dr. Brown came back into the room. He watched her as she talked to the nurses. "Turn off all the machines, leave the heart monitor on, with now sound." She told Dr. Williams. As he shut all the machines down, the blond nurse started to remove all the IV's and oxygen tube from Dana's body. "Say it again." Dana whispered to Mulder as she placed her hand on his cheek, wiping the tears from his eyes. "I love you more then you ever know. I just wish that we were not so scared to tell each other before. I need you, but if you are in pain, I want you to close your eyes and rest. Do you hear me? You fought well, you earned the right to rest, to let go." He said as the tears flowed. She opened her eyes to, look into his tired, teary ones to see the love and reassurances to let go. "Mulder, I love you. I have since I walked into the office all those years ago. I've been afraid you didn't feel the same way. I will always be with you, I will watch over you and our son." She closed her eyes and whispered.

"Protect our son, don't let them take him too. Hold me, please." He pulled her in a tight hug as she took her last breath.

"Doctor, she's gone." Dr. Williams whispered as he saw the flat line on the monitor.

"Time." Dr. Brown asked as she wiped the tears from her face.

"12:01am October 31, 1998, doctor." The blond nurse said in a shaky voice.

"Halloween." Dr. Brown whispered to herself.

Oct. 31, 1998

Mulder spent the last half an hour with his wife, trying to find the courage to go out to her family and tell them the sad news.

"Sir, we have to take her now." One of the orderlies said to him as he sat on the bed still holding her.

"Please, give me a few more minutes." He whispered as he pushed a lock of her hair that fell onto her still, pale face. "Sir, I'm sorry. We have to take her now." The other, much bigger orderlies said to Mulder.

"Dana, I have to go now. I promise you will be in good hands." He got off the bed and placed her down on the bed. He pulled a sheet up to her chin, as if tucking her in for the night. He turned to the little orderly and said "You take good care of her, be careful. Please."

"Sure sir, she's in good hands." The big orderly said as he rolled his eyes. Mulder kissed Dana on the lips and turned to walk out of the room.


Mulder took a deep breath and let out a sad sigh as he opened the door to the waiting room. Maggie was the first to stand and said.

"Fox, what's going on?" She asked as she saw the sadness and tears in his eyes.

"Well it's a boy, a 8 pound 6 ounces health boy, we named him Daniel William." He said, trying to high the tears in his voice.

"My little girl? Is Dana ok?" Maggie asked. Mulder paused for a few moments, trying to find his voice.

"The doctors could not stop the bleeding, they tried all they could." Was all he could say before the tears took over.

"Oh my god, not my little girl!" Maggie cried as Bill ran to her before she fell to the floor in tears. Mulder looked at Maggie and saw the pain and despair in her eyes, the anger and hate in Bill's face. As his eyes fell to the others in the room, Tara's head in her hands, The gunmen all looking at their feet, Skinner taking off his glasses and rubbing his eyes hoping nobody notice the tears and Alex Krycek, who just entered the room. Bill sat his mother down on the couch, and then he walked over to Mulder and punched him in his face.

"I hope you are happy, you killed both of my sisters. I don't want you here anymore, get out and never contact this family again!" Bill screamed as Mulder just got up and went to Krycek.

"You want someone to blame? This is the real father of your sister's son. He's the real one that killed her." He grabbed Krycek by the back of his coat.

"You let me go." Alex yelled as he pushed Mulder away from him.

Mulder just got up off the floor and ran out of the room, out of the hospital. He just ran as fast as he could. The tear flowed as he ran. Remembering the first time he see Dana, to their first case, to all the fun and sad times they had. After an hour of running he fell onto a bench.

After he caught his breath, he notice he was sitting in "their" bench, the one they use to meet at when they were shut down.

"Oh God WHY??" He screamed at the heavens. He trough his head in his hands and cried until he fell off the bench and fell into a deep sleep.



Same old boy, same sweet girl, five years down the road There's going to be a little one, and she says it's time to go Doctor says the baby's fine, but you'll have to leave Cause his momma's fading fast and Johnny hit his knees

And there he prayed: Take the very breath you gave me, take the heart from my chest I'll gladly take her place if you'll let me, make this my last request Take me out of this world God please don't take the girl


Chapter 10 A

Unknown Time Unknown Place:

As darkness surrounded her, Dana looked around for anything, finding only the darkness and a low fog hiding the ground. She wrapped her arms around her chest as if trying stop herself from shivering, she thought to herself. "So this is it!? After all the church told us, nothing. No angels, no pearly gates, no St. Peter, NOTHING!"

As she continued to turn around, she noticed a pinpoint of light far down in front of her. She started to walk, almost floating for she could not see her feet, towards the light. As she walked towards the light, the light became brighter. The brightest light she had ever seen.

Suddenly she became aware of someone calling out, a child calling for her mommy. Emily appeared not far in front of her.

"Oh God." She whispered to herself as she closed her eyes to this new vision of her dead daughter as Emily ran towards her.

"Mommy you're here! I missed you!" The child said as she lifted her arms in the air as if asking to be picked up.

Dana closed her eyes again trying to block the pain, she bent down and picked up the child and held her at her hip.

"I didn't expect to see you here yet, Day." Another voice said. Stepping out of the darkness, Dana saw the owner of the new voice, her sister Missy. "Missy! Oh God. Where are we?" Dana asked her sister.

"You are at a holding place. Here is where you wait for your final placement. From here you will either go to Heaven, Hell or back to the land of the living. Yes Day, you are dead, right now at least." Her sister explained. "Your love ones who passed before, me and Emily, will help and guide to your finial destination. Dana, I know you are not spouse to be here, not yet. You have a son now, who needs his mother. Yes he didn't come into this world as God intended, but he is here now and he needs you. Other will come for him, try to take him away, you must stop them. You must go back, I will look after Emily, don't worry about her anymore. Missy explained.

"So now what?" Dana asked as Emily squirmed in her arms to get down. Dana placed the child down as she grabbed her hand and led her to a light on the floor.

"Look down." Emily said as she pointed to the floor. Dana looked to see a window that looked down over the hospital waiting room. She saw her mother nearly collapsing as Bill held her. Mulder and Krycek nearly killing each other.

Mulder running out of the room and out of the hospital, running away. Her doctor, Lisa Brown, taking off her cap and gloves as she slid down against the wall to sit on the floor. As Dana watched all these people, she noticed they all were crying, mourning for her.

"This is how they all reacted to the news about you. But you must go back for all these people need you. BUT only one truly needs you the most, look." Missy pointed down. Dana looked to see the nursery of the hospital, there in a clear bassinet laid Daniel. Mulder was written on the blue card in from of the bassinet.

"He needs you the most, you have to go back, for him."

"Missy, what do I do? I want to stay here with you, Emily and Dad. By the way, were is Dad?"

"Dad is here, but since he came to you before, it was our turn. You can't stay here Dana, you must go back, you have work to finish, truths to uncover." As Missy finished Dana felt an invisible hand pulling her backwards, away from her sister and daughter "Missy help me, something's pulling me." Dana cried for her sister as she stumbled backwards.

"Day you have to go back, it as been decided it's not your time yet. We will watch over you and your new family, we love you."

"Bye bye Mommy, I love you." Emily yelled as she waved good bye.

Washington General Hospital
Oct. 31, 1998

Alex Krycek walked into the cold morgue looking at the names on the drawers that held the most recent deceased. He came a pond the one he was looking for, DKSM. He pulled the lever and pulled the long drawer out. He lifted the sheet to relive the woman who stole his heart. Her nude body was a pasty white while her lips were blue in color.

Alex picked up the chart on the foot of the drawer. She has now been dead for five hours, if his plan was to work he had to get moving. He when to the door of the morgue and motioned for his partner, a tall, stone looking man came into the room.

This was not a man, he was an alien with no name, some come to know his as "The Alien Bounty Hunter" or ABH for short. Alex knew his breed could heal the sick, but can they bring the dead back to life? Today he will find out, he hoped. "I know your kind can heal, but can you bring her back?" Alex whispered to the ABH.

"I don't know, never been down before." The ABH said in a low voice.

"Well my friend this will be the first. I want you to heal her, bring her back." Alex said as he brushed a lock of Dana's hair that fell onto her face.

"I will do my best, sir." The ABH said as he stood over Dana with his arms out, his right hand lay on top of her chest, while his left was over her lower body.

Alex watched as the ABH worked. His body reacting to the sight of his love's nude body on the cold steel table. He closed his eyes, seeing his fantasy with Dana in his mind's eye. He mentally kicked himself for thinking of her in that way while the ABH was trying to bring her back from the dead.

Suddenly white light surrounded the ABH, spilling from his fingers and over Dana. The ABH struggled to keep control, he stumbled a few times before the light disappeared and he fell to the floor panting.

"Can't. Bring. Her. Back. Gone. Too long." He said in-between gasps.

"DO IT!" Krycek screamed as he pulled out a small long weapon, he hit a switch and a small, thin blade popped out of the top. "Do it or I will kill you!"

"Yes Sir." The ABH stumbled as he stood in front of Dana again. The light again spilled from his fingers, again surrounding Dana's body.

After a few minute Krycek saw the color returning to Dana's face, as her blood started to flow again. He also notices her chest slowly rising and falling as she started to breathe again. He snatched her hand looking for a pulse, for a few seconds he didn't feel anything. Then suddenly there it was, then again, and again.

"YES! She's ALIVE!" Krycek cried out in joy. Just then the ABH fell to the floor, dead. The green goo spilling outs from everywhere, until the ABH as nothing but a pile of cloths and green goo. Krycek grabbed two gas masks from the wall behind him, just in case of emergency. He places on over his face then over Dana's as the toxic gas came from what was the ABH. Once the gas cleared the air he removed his first to make sure it was ok to breathe.

"Um-mm." Came a groan and a gasp for air.

"Dana, come on, come back to me. That's it, come on. Now open your eyes, can you do that for me?" Krycek whispered in Dana's ear.

"Mul.. Where. Am. I?" Dana whispered as the life slowly returned.

Alex picked her up off the table, with the sheet covering her body. He made his way without being noticed, out of the hospital. He placed Dana carefully in the back seat of his car and drove away, far away.

Penns Grove General Hospital
Oct. 31, 1998

They drove to a small town just over the New Jersey-Delaware border called Penns Gove. Alex planed to take Dana to a small hospital where he had friend help him with her. When they arrived at the small hospital, he carefully picked her up from the back seat and carried her in to the hospital.

"Where's Dr. James? I'm Alex Kennedy; I'm brought my wife here for him to look at. He expecting us." He asked the nurse at the front desk as he carried Dana into one of the small examine rooms.

"I'll page him." The nurse said as she picked up the phone and paged Dr. James.

Same place

Dana slowly opened her eyes to see Krycek leaning over her. "What? Were am I?" She whispered.

"Welcome back to the land of the living." Krycek smiled, as Dana became more and more awake and alert.

"What happened?" She asked as she closed her eyes and opened them again.

"What do you remember?" He asked as he took her hand and sat next to her on the bed.

"Um, baby. I had a baby, a son. Tried, so tried, weak, I was dying. Then nothing. But I had a dream about Missy and Emily." Dana said.

"Well if it's not Alex Krycek." A voice said from the door. A tall, black man with a Russian accent came into the room. Alex smiled and said something to the man that Dana didn't understand.

After a few minutes of laughing and catching up, Alex finally asked his friend, who was adopted by a Russian family, Alex's family. Michael Krycek, his adopted brother. Mick as Alex called him as a child, came to America in 1989 after the "Wall" came down. He changed his name and when to school in the US, getting his MD in 1995. He picked a small out of the way town to work in, but not too far away. Penns Grove was about 1 hour south of Philadelphia, and about 3 hours north of Washington DC. The only other person who knew of this town was the actor Bruce Willis, who grew up in this southern most part of New Jersey.

"I'm so sorry Dana, this is my friend, Mick. He will check you out ok? Mick take good care of her, she's been threw a lot in the last few days." Alex said just before he left the room to let the doctor look at her.

"Ok, Dana, let have look at you. Can you tell me what has happen in the last 24 hours?" Mick asked as he checks her out.

"I gave birth to a son, I think there was heavy bleeding, but that's all I remembered." Dana said as Mick checks her blood pressure.

"Ok, I'm going to ask another doctor to look at you, she's a gynocologist. Hold on, ok?" He said as he left the room, coming back just a few minutes later with a female doctor with him.

"I'm Lynn, I hear you just had a baby, lets check you out, ok?" The older redhead murmured as she began to examine Dana.

Same place

"Well, she is in perfect health Alex, her body shows no sign of her even giving birth at all. Are you sure she did have a child?" Mick asked Alex a half an hour later.

"Yes, I was there, we have a son. Mick would you believe me if I told you that just under 6 hours ago, she was dead?" Krycek said as he started to leave.

"You're kidding, right? She is in perfect health. Where are you going?"

"I have to let some people know she's here. Mick take good care of her, don't let anyone near her without me, ok?" Alex smiled at his friend and brother as he turned to leave.

Chapter 10b

Mulder's apartment
Oct. 31, 1998

Mulder fumbled with his keys, with all the booze in him it was a miracle that he found the hole to place the key into. As he walked into the apartment, he thew the key across the room. Suddenly the lamp on his computer desk turned on. "What the fuck?" Mulder slurred as he squinted to see a figure behind the light.

"Man you must be totally shit faced. Well I don't blame you after what happened last night." Alex Krycek said as he stepped out of the shadows.

"What the hell are you doing here?!"

"I need you to come with me, I have someone who wants to see you." Alex smiled to himself.

"Go to HELL! Haven't you done enough tonight. She's gone because of YOU! You know what? Just kill me, please." Mulder whispered as he collapsed onto the couch. He closed his eyes only to snap them back because all he could she behind his closed eyes was her face, pale and lifeless.

"I have something to show you that will make you feel better, I promise." Alex said as he pulled out his gun. "Do I have to force you to go with me?"


"Ok, fine. Have it your way." Alex said as he knocked Mulder out with the butt of his gun. As Mulder collapsed onto the floor, Alex just smiled and picked up the unconscious man.

Washington General Hospital
Oct. 31, 1998

He appeared shortly after the only nurse on duty on the children's floor went on her break. Slipping into the nursery room without a sound, he looked at the names on the front of each crib. He took the cigarette out of his mouth when he saw the name of the child he came for, Daniel Mulder. Dropping the cigarette on the floor he crushed it with his foot as he reached into the crib to grab hold of the child. He lifted the child, who was still asleep, into his arms as he turned and slipped out of the nursery.

"Why do I feel like Merlin taking the child Arthur?" He thought to himself as he quietly and unnoticed slipped out of the hospital.

Penns Grove General Hospital
Oct. 31, 1998

Mulder woke to find himself in a room with no windows. Rubbing the back of his head where Alex hit him with his gun. He stood slowly, trying not to let his knees give out on him. He slowly made his way towards the door.

"Let me out Krycek." He yelled to the door.

"I will if you let me explain a few things to you, without you going nuts, got it!?" Krycek yelled at the door on the other side.

"Fine." Mulder said as he sat on the cot near the back of the room. He heard a key being turned to unlock the door.

"Ok now? I have some important and happy news to tell you." Alex said as he walked over to the cot. He bent down and whispered next to Mulder's ear. "She's alive."

"WHAT?! What kind of sick joke is this?" Mulder whispered as the anger and heartache creep into his heart. "She's dead because of you! She died in my arms, I was THERE!"

"Do you remember when your mother was sick a few years ago? How did she make a fast and complete recovery? She had a little help, help from THEM." Alex looked towards the sky.

"What do you mean by 'THEM'?"

"The aliens, specify the one who you know as "The Bounty Hunter". His species has the gift of healing. But "HE" gave Dana all he had and more. He brought her back Mulder. But he died in the process. I will take you to her if you want?" As Alex finished, he turned and walked out of the door, leaving the door wide open.

"Are you sure it's her, not a clone?" Mulder asked as he stormed out of the room, flowing Alex down the hall.

"I was there Mulder, I took her from the morgue and she was alive!"

"Were is she?"" Mulder pushed Alex against the wall.

"Easy man, or I will not take you to her." Alex laughed.

"Fine, sorry!" Mulder said sarcastically.

"Ok, follow me." Alex said as he walked ahead of Mulder.

Dana heard the door of her room open as she slowly woke. Alex peeked in and said.

"Someone wants to see you, ok? Are you up to visitors?" He asked smiling widely. He's never been this happy in his life. The woman who he loves more than his own life was alive and healthy.

"Sure, who is it?" She asked as she straightened the sheets and blankets that covered her.

"You can see her now." Alex turned his head talking to someone behind him.

He opened the door widely letting the figure into the room, then left them alone.

"I can't believe it, you are alive!" The figure said as he stepped into the light. Dana's eyes widen in surprise and happiness.

"Mulder, oh my god!" She cried as he threw himself into her arms.

"Thank god you 're alive." He cried as he kissed her face, eyes, and cheeks then his lips meet hers. As the kiss ended he hugged her so tightly, she couldn't breathe.

"Do you know what happened, Mulder? I died, I remembered it, all of it." Dana whispered as Mulder let her go. He sat in the edge of the bed holding her hand. "Krycek saved my life, he is responsible for bring me back. Mulder, we owe him so much. Not only did he bring me back from the dead, but he also brings me back to you. Danny, were is Danny?" Dana said as fear griped her heart to think something has happened to her son.

"He's still in the hospital, your mother was coming tomorrow to pick him up. She said she was going to take care of him for awhile. Your mother? She doesn't know you are alive. I got to let her know, I'll be right back." Mulder said as he ran out of the room looking for Krycek.

Nov. 01, 1998

The phone kept on ringing as Maggie Scully paced back and forth by the table that held the phone.

"I can't talk to anyone right now, please just shut up." She cried at the phone but the phone kept on ringing. Finally after the 20th ring she grabbed the phone and softly said


"Mrs. Scully, I'm glad you are there. You got to come to Penns Grove NJ as soon as possible, and bring Daniel. Take I-95 to the Del Mourial Bridge, take 295 north to the 2nd exit and follow the signs to the Penns Grove General Hospital. I'll meet you out front at 4:00, ok. You got to come, Dana, she's alive." Mulder said so fast that Maggie had to write the directions down fast.

"What? Fox, what do you mean Dana's alive, she died in your arms yesterday. Could it be true? I'll be right there with Daniel." Maggie said as she grabbed some clothes before she hung up the phone.

Penns Grove General Hospital
Nov. 01, 1998

Maggie finally found the hospital after getting lost twice and having to deal with the cops at the hospital where her grandson was spouse to be at. If Dana was alive, this would kill her, her newborn son was missing, someone just came and took him, and nobody saw or heard anything. After all the heartache she and her family endured in the last few years, this was the most unthinkable thing that could had happen, who would take a 2 day old child for god's sake.

After parking her car, she walked up to the main door not seeing Mulder; she walked into the main entrance. She approached the entrance, and saw Fox asleep on a couch.

She set down a suitcase, filled with Dana's things as Fox asked her to bring, walking over to the sleeping man. She bent down to push a lock of hair off his forehead.

"Fox? It's Maggie." She said softly, waking him up.

"Um, oh good your here. Were is Danny?" He asked as he sat up rubbing his neck.

"Oh Fox, he's missing." She whispered as she sat next to him on the couch.

"What do you mean by missing?" He asked as he sprung up from the couch.

"I went to the hospital to pick him up and the police were there asking question about a missing infant. I asked one of the officers what was happening; he told me that one of the newborn children was missing. I asked him which one because my grandson was in there; he told me it was Daniel who was missing. Fox, what's going on? Why would someone take my grandson, what kind of trouble were you and my daughter in? Fox I need some answers!" Maggie finished as she paced back and forth.

"I don't know, but I do know that your daughter needs her mother, I'll show you to her room." Mulder whispered as he wiped a tear from his eye, they took his son, but he did have his Dana back. He stood and walked down the hall was towards Dana's room, with Maggie close behind.

Mulder lead Maggie down the hallway, he was so happy he nearly ran towards Dana's room. He held open the door to the room, letting Maggie in. Maggie nearly collapsed when she saw her baby girl asleep in the bed, alive.

"Oh thank god it's true, she is alive." Maggie whispered to Mulder as she sat on the edge of the bed holding her daughter's hand. "Dana honey, its mom, wake up."

She whispered in her motherly voice as she caressed Dana's hair back.

"Um, Mom, hi." Dana mumbled as she slowly awoke.

"Hi honey. I'm so happy to see you are ok now, I was so worried about you. We thought you had .. had .." Maggie could not finish before the tears of joy took over. She gathered up her daughter in her arms and they held on to each other as if their lives would depend on it.

"I'm fine mom, really. It's over. I just want to get back home with my son and new husband and get on with my life." Dana said as she cried on her mother's shoulder. "Daniel? Where's Danny. I want to see my son; you did bring him right? Mom?" Dana's eyes became wide with fear as her mother broke the embrace.

"Um, honey, someone took Daniel from his crib at the hospital. The FBI and the DC police are searching for him as we speak. Honey, I'm so sorry." Maggie explained to her daughter as she played with the polish on her nails as the tears blinded her.

"What?! Oh my god, they took him?! Mulder, we have to fine him, NOW!" Dana said with fear and panic in her voice as she started to get out of the bed. Mulder ran towards her and stopped her from getting on foot off the bed.

"We will, I promise. But right now we have to think about you, stay in bed. The doctor said you could go home tomorrow. But no work for at least two weeks, got it?" Mulder said as he kissed her then tucked her in the night.

"Goodnight, get some rest, your mother and I will be here." He said as he shut off her light and he and Maggie left her to sleep.


Dana when back to DC the next morning. After many debates Mulder and Scully decided to move into a new apartment down the street from FBI HQ. Hell, if either of their cars break down, they could walk to work.

The FBI called an inquiry into the marriage between the two partners, debating whether to let them remand partners. Two weeks after Dana got the OK to go back to work; the FBI committee ok'ed the request from AD Skinner to let the partners stay partners. Thus the Mulders were the first husband and wife team the FBI had allowed.

While they solved the most weird and unexplained cases the FBI had, they also searched for their missing son. Almost six months later they got their first clue of what might had happen to Daniel Mulder. Alex Krycek pulled Dana into a dark alley next to her apartment building one late evening.

"They have him, Dana. They have OUR son. I'm here to let you know he's ok and I am watching over him just like a father should. You have nothing to worry about, I will let you know how he's coming along from time to time." Alex whispered to Dana as he took his hand away from her mouth.

"I WANT my son, Alex." Dana whispered angrily at him.

"You can't, I'm sorry." Alex said as he handed her an envelope, then turned and disappeared into the shadows. As she walked back to her apartment building she opened the envelope Alex gave her, she pulled out a 8x10 picture of a six month old boy. With the biggest blue-green eyes and strawberry color hair she has ever seen. This was her son, Daniel Krycek, the back of the picture said.

"We will be together again! I will find you and WE will raise you, just be brave little fellow. Mommy is coming for you, just hang on." She said to the picture as she ran down the hallway towards her apartment to tell Mulder what she found out. Together they will search the Four Corners of the earth until they find their son.

The End

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