Title: One Precious Moment
Author: Velvit
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Spoiler: Emily
Rating: PG
Classification: Vingnett, Angst
Disclaimer: They are not mine.
Credits: "Right Here Waiting" by Richard Marx
Keywords: Mulder/Scully friendship

Summary: "Emily" missing scene fic

Notes: I was listening to a few songs that most of you would deem"super shippy" and a friend of mine and I wondered if anyone had written a story specifically about Emily. She asked, and "put out an ad" and there was no answer. Then Later, I found a whole slew of them. This is just my drop of gas onto the fire, So, here goes...Enjoy.

Scully sat in the bed with Emily cradled in her arms, still. She felt so worn out, spiritless. Her head pounded with a screaming migraine that crept up on her sometime two days ago. She was offered medication . She refused to take anything that may help her to sleep. She wanted to be there for Emily, just in case she woke up. Because there was that sense that if she were to sleep, Emily would slip away to that world that awaits us all.

Was she selfish? She was no more selfish than the people who decided that this child should be left to die in the sterile confines of a hospital room, away from someone who had grown to love her more than the people who raised her did, more than the people Emily had known as her parents.

The beeping of the monitor sounded more like a timpani or a bass drum, thundering with each beat. Signifying that Death was just one beat closet to Emily. Scully hated the sound, it made her head pound each time she heard it. Some would say that it was the beeping of the monitor that should reassure her that the child would live just a little longer, that she was not gone yet. She knew that death just hung over her child, just waiting, for the exact moment that God had put aside for her to be taken. It would not be long now.

He was there for her, it had become clear to her, she could not do this alone. He was there in the beginning of this ordeal, and he would be there to see her through to the end, and thereafter. Bill
and Charlie were gone. Maggie could not handle her daughter's pain. He had also wanted to leave, knowing that Scully was going to be very hurt, and he did not want to see it. But he was all she had left to turn to now. His was the shoulder she cried on when the weight just became too much for her to bear. He felt that he owed her at least this much, to be there. To be a witness to what these people had done. A witness to what was created, and then left to die by the hands of an organization who cared more about protecting the truth instead of letting this child live, for the sake of her mother. For the sake of his own sanity.

He had taken on the role as surrogate father some time ago. This little girl he had just met had stolen his heart the first time she looked up into his eyes that day at San Diego Childrens' Center. He saw in her eyes there was an innocence that was lost so long ago in himself, and so much pain. There was too much pain there for a child her age to have had to face. But soon, there would be no more pain. She could finally rest. There would be no more drugs. No more tests.
No more crying.

He took the picture of the potato out of his coat pocket Emily had colored and looked at it. Then he slipped it into the bible that lay next to Scully.

Dr.Vinet's shift had ended and Dr.Shah came into the room to do her evening rounds. She took note of the couple in the room. Lifting the chart from the rack on the wall, she gave a quiet "Good Evening." The man nodded. The woman did not acknowledge her. The tension in the room was almost unbearable as she walked over to the bed and looked over the monitors. She jotted a few notes down and then took vitals.

She noted her blood pressure was rather low, so was her temperature. The child's breathing was slow and labored. She removed her glasses and took a long look at the doll-like little girl in the bed. She had her own opinions as to what was best for this child. And being in that hospital was among one of her least favored ones. She had been briefed on the whole situation. It was something awful in her mind.

Scully reached up and gently pushed the hair away from Emily's face. Emily stirred for a moment. She opened her eyes to the dimmed room and set her eyes on Scully's. Mulder stepped up a little closer. "Hi, baby," Scully whispered to Emily through her tears. She kissed the
palm of her hand and held it in her own. Scully knew that the time
was very near now.

Emily looked around. She saw Mulder standing next to Scully. The doctor on the other side of her. "I. . ," she said and took another breath, deeper this time. "I don't want to be here," she whispered, with all the strength she could muster in her tiny body.

"Emily, you don't have to stay,..." Dr. Shah began. Scully stared up at the woman in front of her.

"Chambliss, she said Emily had to stay..," Mulder stated.

Dr. Shah walked away from the bed, so that Emily could not hear. "Are you her father?" Mulder did not answer, he only looked at Emily. The doctor brushed the question off, seeing the emotion in his face, as he stared at the dying angel in the bed, 'Of course he is her father,' she assumed. "You two, take her home, don't let her die here, not here. She doesn't want to be here. Let her at least be someplace she wants to be when she goes."

Mulder looked at the woman. It was all he could do not to break down. Scully looked up with a questioned gaze. The doctor looked at Scully."I'll unhook her," she said and turned the heart monitor off.

Scully looked at Mulder and his eyes told it all. She turned back to
Emily. "Emily, where do you want to go?"

"With you, Mommy," she whispered back and closed her eyes. Scully gasped at the words that came from the child's mouth . She had never told Emily that she was her mother, she only spoke about it with Mulder when Emily was comatose. Could she have heard her? Maybe she was confused.

When the IV and the monitor leads were removed from Emily, Scully dressed her in fleece pajamas with the feet. She wrapped her in a blanket, and Mulder lifted her out of the bed. The doctor came back into the room and had Scully sign release papers. "Don't worry, I will handle anything Susan Chambliss has to throw this way. She is all air, but no clout. Don't worry." She peeked at the resting child in Mulder's arms, "The Car seat is in the hallway," she told them and

Scully fastened the car seat into the back seat of the car, and Mulder fastened Emily in. "Where to, Scully?" Mulder asked, pulling out of the back seat.

Scully looked at Mulder and then at Emily. "Just take me to my brother's."

The drive to Bill Scully's home was not a long one. Scully chose to sit in the back with Emily while Mulder drove. Scully stroked the girl's forehead, wondering what she was thinking about, if she was thinking at all.

She was still sweating, even through the bitter cold of this winter night. The night stood as a preamble of things to come. Scully would cherish these final moments she had with her daughter. She could be gone by morning. She could slip away in the night when no one was awake, when no one was there to soothe her back into a living world that held nothing but pain without solace for her.

Emily opened her eyes again. This time she said nothing. She only looked straight ahead. Scully continued to stroke her cheek. Mulder came to a stoplight and peered into the rear view mirror at Emily. She met his gaze. "Will you play it for me?" she asked, Mulder. He had been thinking of a song that just seemed to suit the situation, and she had just asked him to play it, or had she?

"What song, Emily?" Mulder asked, his eyes still locked with hers in the mirror.

"That one." Was all she said. And she closed her eyes again. "You'll play it, on the piano for me," And she was quiet again.

Scully looked at the girl and the at Mulder through the mirror. "Mulder?" Mulder looked back at Scully and then at the road ahead of him. "What song is she talking about?" He chose not to answer. Emily knew what she wanted him to play. And he would.

Mulder pulled the sedan into Bill's driveway and got out. He opened the door for Scully and let her out. Lifting Emily out of the car, he quickly followed Scully to the front porch. Margret Scully was already at the door. "Dana, Fox, what's going on?" she asked looking at the sleeping child as she lay in Mulder's arms. She stepped back to let them into the warmth of her home. Mulder took Emily to the living room and laid her on the couch.

"Mom," Scully said, "I want to talk to you." Maggie looked at her daughter and knew it was something she was not going to want to talk about.

"Of course, Dana," she told her daughter. And they went into the kitchen. "Do you want me to make you two some coffee?"

"No, Mom, I just want you to be here for me, that's all." Scully's voice trembled as she spoke to her mother.

Maggie could see that her daughter was hurting. She put her arms around her. "Oh, baby, I am always here for you! We all are." Maggie said as she smoothed the hair on the back of Scully's head. "You are my baby girl! I am always here for you! Always!" and she held Scully just a little tighter. She stepped back and looked at Scully. She wiped the tears from her eyes, "Dana, honey, I am going to go back upstairs, so you can be with that child. I'll let Bill and Tara know you are here, to give you privacy. You call me if you need me," Scully shook her head.

"Mom, she doesn't have much longer, she could go anytime now..." Scully told her mother as her voice trailed off, her lips shaking.

"I know, but Dana," Maggie took Scully's hands into her own now. "You will know when it is time. You will know. All I am asking is that you not to try to keep her here." Scully's face was twisted into an image of pain that threatened to shatter at a moment's notice.

"I. . .I don't know if I can, Mom. . ," Scully said in an almost inaudible whisper. She started again, "I thought I could do this, I thought it was the right thing, to let her go. But it hurts so much, mom."

"Dana," Maggie whispered, "Don't let that baby suffer any longer than she has to! When God calls her, you have to let her go!" Maggie kissed Scully's fingers and went up the stairs.

Emily lay on the couch watching Mulder tentatively as he paced the floor in front of her. Glancing at the covered piano next to the window, he stopped. Then he looked at Emily. She forced a smile for him. "Play it for me," Is what he heard as he was looking right at her, but her lips never moved. He stood for a moment and then asked her, "You want to hear it, Don't you?" she did not answer, she only stared at him with her large blue eyes. She closed them and inhaled deeply.

Mulder went over to the piano and played the first string of notes with his right hand. He stopped and put his hand back into his lap as the keys seemed to be on fire to his touch.

Scully came out of the kitchen. She lifted Emily's head and placed it in her lap as she sat down. Emily nuzzled into Scully's embrace, Scully then realized that this may be the last time she would get to hold her daughter in her arms. The last time she would ever get to hold a child that was actually her own flesh and blood. She let the tears break over her eyelids and fall into Emily's hair. Emily opened her eyes again and looked up at her. "Don't cry, Mommy," she said and wiped the tears from Scully's cheeks with her tiny hands. Scully only let the tears of sorrow pour then. She could not hold them back.

Mulder watched, feeling so helpless to either of them, once again. His own tears threatening an escape from the catacombs of his own heart.

This was Scully's daughter. Not his. He should not feel so strongly, so connected to this child. But he does. He feels as if it is a piece of himself he is about to loose. Mulder turned and faced the piano again and tapped out the same string of notes that he did just minutes before.

It had been a while since he had played, but the notes just seemed to flow directly from him as he put his left hand on the piano. He stopped for a moment and looked over at Scully, rocking Emily in her arms, crying into the child's hair softly. Emily looked up at him. He turned back and started to play the song again, quietly. Then after the first two stanzas, he let emotion fill the music as he played, for her. For Emily. It was her last request. She had not asked for anything more than a song. One song that was so full of beauty, a song that would haunt him for an endless time. His tears fell as he played.

Emily watched Mulder play as her mother held her close, rocking her to the rhythm of the melody that started to empty from Mulder. "Dance with me," was all she said.

Scully looked at Mulder and then to Emily. "You want me to dance with you, baby?" Emily only looked at Scully. Her eyes told it all. Scully forced a smile and wiped her face. "OK. I'll dance with you, to Mulder's music." Scully glanced up at Mulder and he smiled at her. He nodded at her.

Scully stood up and took the blanket off of Emily and lifted the child into her arms. Emily rested her head on Scully's shoulder.

Scully rubbed the child's back and started to sway to the music that Mulder had started to play again, from the beginning now. She could almost hear the words to the song inside her head now:

"Oceans apart day after day
And I slowly go insane
I hear your voice on the line
But it doesn't stop the pain
If I see you next to never
How can we say forever. . ."

Mulder played the striking melody for all he was worth. This is what he would do, give this child this song as she slowly slipped away. Mulder looked out he window and could see the sun threatening to peek over the horizon, ready to cast light on a new day. He was not quite sure if he wanted the night to end. Mulder wished he could make time stand still, for the rest of eternity. But he could not, so much as he willed it. He played on.

Bill and Tara stood at the base of the stairs watching the scene unfold before them. Mulder on this piano that had been untouched since they got it, Scully having this last dance with her only child. For the first time, Bill was glad that Mulder was there. They watched on in silence.

Scully gently swayed to the piano music. She could feel Emily's breath on her neck. Her breaths coming farther and farther apart with each moment. The music, the words still heard clearly in her mind:

"I took for granted, all the times
That I thought would last somehow
I hear the laughter, I taste the tears
But I can't get near you now. . ."

"Mommy, they're here." Emily whispered into Scully's neck. Scully stopped dancing and listened to Emily. "Who? Who is here?" Scully knew what Emily was talking about, she just was not ready to believe it. Not yet, she still needed a little mote time. . .

"The angels, Mommy, they are so beautiful. . " Is all Emily was able to whisper to Scully before she took another labored breath. "They. . .They. . .want me to. . . go with them."

At this, Mulder noticed Scully was facing the window. She was fully crying now. He stopped his playing and spotted Bill and Tara.

"I. . .I am. . .scared, Mommy. . ," she said lifting her head slightly and resting it against Scully's chin, she too looked toward the window.

Scully wanted to tell her to stay as long as she wanted to, that she loved her and did not want her to go. But then she remembered what her own mother had just told her. She had to let this child go. Keeping her here would have been like something worse than death. She did not want her baby to hurt anymore. But the question was would she be able to go on, after this sweet little girl was gone? would she be able to deal with her own hurt?

"Emily," Scully started, "You are my baby, my only baby. I love you, and I don't want you to hurt anymore. I know you are scared, I am too. But It's alight to go," Scully said these words, trembling with the sadness that washed over her body.

"Will you still love me?" Emily asked, lifting her head, looking into her mother's eyes, searching for reassurance.

"Oh, baby, I will *always* love you," Scully said as a fresh shower of tears spilled from her eyes.

Emily put her tiny hands up to Scully's cheeks and wiped away some of the tears. She kissed her mother's cheek, and looking into her eyes again, "I love you too, Mommy," And then she looked toward the window again. "I'll wait for you," she said as she laid her head back on Scully's shoulder. She took one final breath, "I love you."

And then there was nothing.

Her hand slipped from Scully's face and fell to her side.

Scully closed her eyes, letting those last words echo in her heart."I love you too," she whispered, and she turned to see Mulder, just as torn as she was.

He wiped his own tears away with his fingers.

"Finish the song, for all of us now, Mulder, please." Bill said, his face covered in tears he did not know were there. Mulder only nodded and turned back to the piano. His arms heavy, he pulled his hand to the ivory keys and began the song again. This time he played it the whole way through:

"Wherever you go
Whatever you do
I will be right here waiting for you
Whatever it takes
Or how my heart breaks
I will be right here waiting for you"

The sun now came up and spilled into the confines of the living room. A new day was here, Scully would get through it. He would be there to help her through.

The End

For Lizzie and Carrie.

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