Title: Lucky
Author: Agent Kate
Rating: PG. This is so clean you could eat off of it.
Keywords: Mulder/Scully Romance.
Spoilers: William, teeny ones for Nothing Important Happened Today and The Truth.
Distribution: Yes, but tell me first please.
Disclaimer: You may have their bodies, but I will touch their souls.

Summary: Is this the little baby I gave up almost 8 years ago?

Author's notes: This is my contribution to the world of post-William fic. I know I could never give up a child, especially not one that I had raised, cared for and loved for nearly a year. I applaud Scully's strength. I wanted Scully and Mulder to have a happy little family, and I needed some closure on the whole William thing. So here it is, short but sweet. Enjoy ;)

His longish curly auburn hair gently framed his face, which was pale-skinned and covered in a smattering of freckles. He bit his pouting lower lip and looked up into his mother's face. He had big blue-green eyes flecked with gold, and framed in long lashes. He crossed his arms in front of him, tucking his large hands under them.

He was thin and gangly, even though the foster care-home mother jokingly complained that he ate like a horse. His red and gray baseball tee-shirt rode up when he crossed his arms, and she could see his pale skin and slim belly. He looked back down and shuffled his sandaled feet nervously.

<Oh my God,> Scully thought. <Is this the little baby I gave up almost 8 years ago? What happened to that sweet round face, the pale downy hair?> They were replaced by Mulder's unmistakable square jawline and high forehead, and her naturally red curls.

He was beautiful beyond words.

A little bit of her, a little bit of Mulder. . . . Their son.

And now they were going to get him back.

John and Mary Van de Kamp had been killed in a car accident nearly 3 months before. William Van de Kamp, their 9-year-old adopted son, was put into foster care, where he remained until a couple from Chicago put in to adopt him. Their names were Dana Scully and Fox Mulder.

William knew from about the time he was 3 or 4 years old that he was adopted. He never knew or dared ask who his real parents were. It wasn't until the day before he was to meet his new parents that he was told who they really were. His biological mother and father, who gave him up for adoption to protect him for some unknown reason.

And now they were seeing him for the first time in 8 years.

William was nervous. Scully was even more nervous. She hadn't seen her baby, her son, in so long. . . . She was afraid of what he would think of her. Nine years old. She still thought of him as a baby. Sometimes, late at night when she couldn't sleep, she would walk around the house, imagining she was still carrying her baby William, feeling his tiny body warm against hers.

She never truly wanted to give him up, yet she knew it was the best thing for him. Scully knew she had to protect him, keep him safe.

The thought had crossed her mind many times, <If we couldn't keep him safe then, how can we do it now?> Mulder reassured her, time after time, that it was all right, that everything would be okay. She wanted to believe him.

Scully kneeled before her son, gently placed her hand against his cheek. He looked again into her eyes, and they were full of tears. "Oh, baby" she whispered, pulling him against her. William sunk into his mother's arms, wrapping his long arms around her shoulders. "Oh, William, oh, sweetie . . ." She kept saying, over and over, frantically smoothing down his hair and touching his face.

Mulder stood behind them, his back against the wall. He was crying, tears streaming down his face. He was with William for only 3 days before he went away to New Mexico. William was a newborn then, tiny and fragile. After that, he had only seen William in pictures. His son was much bigger now, and Mulder was amazed at how much he looked like him. He had his nose, his jawline, his long, gangly arms and legs. But he looked like Scully, too, with that hair and pale, freckled skin. A perfect blending of both of them, as absurd as that seemed to Mulder. But he was absolutely beautiful.

William looked up over his mother's shoulder at his father. Scully let him go, and William stood before the man. He was about as high as Mulder's waist, so he had to look far up to see into his father's eyes. Mulder smiled, reached out and gently ruffled his son's hair. William leaned in, hugging Mulder around the legs.

Scully stood up, and walked over to them. <My men,> she thought. <Our family.>

William was finally with them, they were finally going to be the family they had always dreamed of. She too leaned against Mulder, and he rested his chin on top of her head. "We're the luckiest people in the world, you know that, Scully?"

"Yes." She sighed against his chest. "We are."

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