Title: Legacy of Flight II: Secret Wishes Revealed
Author: Emcee Phile
Category: SAR
Keywords: Mulder/Scully Romance
Archive: Yes provided that I'm informed.
Spoilers: The End, and the prequel, Legacy of Flight, must be read first. This is set pre FTF.
Disclaimer: All I have is a Y2K compliant PC and a lot of really good books. Not Mulder, Scully, Gibson, and any other characters mentioned here.

Summary: A young boy who has been told a story decides to put the information to use.

I crouch in the trees, alert and awake. I am amazed that I am free, that I am alive. I fear for my life still, but the old man has surprised me. His fear of me turned into something far greater than I could have imagined. He needs me for a different purpose than his colleagues, perhaps a better purpose. I am fairly certain it is better, since his purpose includes me alive, and theirs includes me as a test subject. He brought me here, saying that I needed to tell them the most important part of the story. The past is something that haunts them, so there is no need to tell that part. And I am certainly not stupid. The secret would break Mulder's, spirit, as his nemesis, the Smoker, is so certain of. He thinks I do not know him, do not know that he is afraid of Agent Mulder and every move to stop him is perceived as a move to save his own life.

I have all the answers, but I don't want them, and it takes someone with strength, a falcon, I suppose, to construct a true answer out of the all encompassing truth. Mulder wants the truth, but Scully's answers are just as important. If only she would see that.

I watch them now, strolling in the twilight. I see what the British man was pointing out about the pair, as they stroll through the park. Scully is beautiful, strong, and ever certain of her place, at least on the outside. But I can read her thoughts. She has lost her bearings, now that the X-Files are closed. She still longs to fly like the man at her side. And she is unsure if her place is still with him, now that the woman my companion calls Agent Fowley has returned. Agent Scully is lonely, part of her still grieves for a child. She was kind to me, I was not her tool. Not like the men, who look at me as if they want to stick probes and needles on every inch of me.

Mulder still looks like the knights in my King Arthur book, but he is tired. And I know what Scully does not. He mourns his fallen friend, but his thoughts are all on Scully. The files are gone, but he is most worried about whether they will be separated. He said the pair were bound to a quest, but the ties appear to be growing looser. But Agent Fowley's task has begun, and he is wondering if working for the answers is still what he wants. The Smoking Man has found a weapon to use against them. They need common ground again, and I think I can give it to them. My assignment was to communicate with them telepathically, something I have learned from the Greys. I am to nudge them along to take the next step. They are faltering. When I look at them, I see veterans of a war, people who really do care. And even without the persuasion of the British man, I would want to help them.

"So, Scully, what do you think is going to happen to us? Are we going to be cleaning chewing gum out of the cafeteria, or doing stakeouts 'til we pass out?"

Agent Mulder, predictably, voices his very genuine fears with a joke. People hide their thoughts as if they think everyone was like me. It's almost funny, how much time they spend concealing their thoughts. "Don't be so dramatic, Mulder. We've been granted a leave of absence until they decide our new assignment or have a case they want to use us for. You requested no profiling work." Mulder grimaces. He hates profiling, hates the monsters. I feel sorry for him, because I know what it is like to hear what you do not want to hear. "Scully, I can't ask you to shoulder an insomniac, starving, obsessive me. I don't like who I become when I profile, I stop being your friend when I profile. I turn into a machine."

Mulder has seriously considered this subject, I know. He could do great things as a profiler, but that is unimportant if Scully needs him. It reminds me of parents, quitting their jobs even if they make good money to give emotional strength to people they care about. His faults are clear to me, but I admire him still.

Scully is shocked by his honesty, and gently takes his hand. "Mulder, I can still see the partner I trust inside the obsessive hunter of monsters."

She smiles, a smile that lights up her entire face. Mulder gently reaches down to stroke her hair, her cheek. Scully appreciates the gesture her partner has made. There is a pause like the movies. I can hear Scully wondering if this is certainty that she will never be replaced. I can hear Mulder wondering if he will get slapped for his trouble. And now looks like as good a time as any to fulfill my mission. Mulder will be less surprised by my voice in his head than Scully would be.

"Agent Mulder, remember how you used to imagine a future as a bird, with Samantha at your side? Even those who are most grounded want to fly too." I think that this is the most important part of my friend's story. It will teach Mulder something about his partner.

"Scully, did you ever want to fly?"

"The ground always seemed like the best alternative, Mulder. But yeah, I guess that I wanted to fly once."

He grins. They have found their common ground. If I have played some part in keeping them unified, then I can be content. I smile, as finally, he kisses her. But I'm only twelve and I really don't want to watch. I am surprised that their thoughts are not heard by everyone. They mostly consist of: FINALLY!

I climb down from the tree, and my British friend is here to pick me up. He fears an attempt on his life if he tries to help Mulder, and I know that he will. When he dies, they will find me. But I will be free, and return to help the happy pair who are enjoying a flight of the spirit.


Notes: Thanks to Cindy, for posting and encouragement, Jessi, for loving it, and Jamie, for the insightful beta.
And as always: Amanda, for being the best friend I have ever had


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