Title: Jurassic Files
Author: Bruce C and Angelia D
Rating: PG
Category: CR
Spoilers: none
Keywords: crossover - Jurassic Park, Mulder/Scully friendship, Mulder/Other
Summary: It is 6 years later, and something strange has happened: John Hammond has sent letters to all of his surviving "guests", inviting them back to his island. A concerned Lex - a work-study student at the FBI, invites her new friends Fox Mulder and Dana Scully to accompany her to Jurassic Park, where they encounter the real story behind the dinosaur cloning experiments!

Author's Notes: this work was completed before the movie and book "Jurassic Park - The Lost World", and is completely different.) This is my third venture into the X-Files fanfic domain, and my first joint effort with the talented author Angelia D. My other two stories - Reunion and Ocean Files - were both G-rated. This story is rated PG-13, so sensitive readers beware.

As usual, I probably have violated every copyright law in the books, so I apologize to Michael and Chris for stealing their characters. This story is a genuine tribute to your characters, not meant for profit. If you sue, good luck, you would get a computer with a hard drive that crashes all the time, and a car with more crashes on it than my hard drive.

Now for the story --- sorry JP book purists. This story follows the movie storyline. I have made almost no use of the story line of the book, because we needed the character set left alive at the end of the movie. I also purposely have avoided reading "Lost World" until I finished this story, so I wouldn't be prejudiced in any way by its plot.

Present Day
Isla Nublar, Off The Coast Of Costa Rica

An elderly man walked down the dark road, the sound of a helicopter making him quicken his steps as he headed down to meet his assistant. He chuckled to himself happily rounding the last corner and spotting the rusty jeep sitting by the helicopter. The man slapped the envelopes in his palms with glee as he stopped by the jeep and quickly counted them out.

"One, two, three, four, five," he said, glancing at his assistant; the small man shifted his weight uncomfortably and glanced over his shoulder at the helicopter. "Here they are. Follow the instructions carefully. Make no mistakes."

"Yes, sir," the assistant said, taking the envelopes and a larger fat envelope that contained the instructions. Tucking them in his bag he saluted the elderly man and quickly climbed into the helicopter.

As the helicopter climbed up, the elderly man danced in place gleefully. He spread his arms wide and laughed out loud. Mad laughter rang through the trees disturbing a flock of colorful birds that squawked in surprise before flying away in fright.

A Small Post Office On The Mainland

The assistant handed over five fat envelopes to the post office attendant uneasily. He had a bad feeling about what his boss was going to do. He had followed the instructions to a T and was starting to have regrets about doing what he had been told. His uneasiness had begun when he had realized who the letters were addressed to. He didn't think the old man was sending friendly "thank you" notes to the people that he blamed for ruining his life.

A Cramped And Messy College Dorm Room

"Lex!" a pretty brunette yelled walking into the small dorm room. "Mail call!"

Lex Murphy glanced up from her computer and grabbed the large envelope her roommate handed out to her eagerly.

"Who's it from?" her roommate demanded.

"No return address," Lex said, barely looking at the envelope before ripping it open. She emptied the contents onto her bed and pawed through them. She plucked out an envelope with her name written on the front in cursive. Her eyes widened as she read the short letter inside. "It's from my grandfather."

"Cool," her roommate said. "What did he send you?"

"Plane tickets," Lex answered, quickly rereading the letter.

"Plane tickets?" her roommate repeated. "Where to?"

"Down to his island," Lex whispered, setting the letter down. "On his island he has a whole bunch of computer equipment and he's offered for me to come down and pick whatever I want."

Her roommate's eyes widened in disbelief. "Awesome!"

"I have to leave tomorrow," Lex said, sifting through the rest of the contents of the envelope. As far as she could tell it was just a whole bunch of different tickets. "My mom will never let me. She doesn't trust him."

"Lex, you're 18 now. You don't have to do what your mom says," her roommate said. "Besides this is a once in a lifetime opportunity."

"Okay," Lex said, her eyes filled with visions of the computer equipment that she could keep and sell. "But my mom-"

"What about her?" her roommate asked.

"She'll flip," Lex said.

"Then don't tell her," her roommate answered, seeing the look on Lex's face, she came up with an idea. "You can call her tomorrow after she leaves for work and leave a message on her machine to tell her where you are going. That way she knows, but won't be able to stop you."

"I gotta pack" Lex said, jumping out and pulling out some drawers. "And then I'll have to tell them at work that I am taking a few days off."

"And tell that older guy at work?!" her roommate added - looking for a response. She liked to kid Lex whenever she could. Lex was entirely too serious, she definitely needed to lighten up!

Lex smiled awkwardly in a little embarrassment - she liked an older guy at her job, part of a work-study program with the university. He was very good looking and nice, but a little strange sometimes. "Yeah - him, too!" she admitted. She didn't mind her roommate's kidding - their personalities were a perfect complement of each other. That was the main reason why they were best friends.

A Dark, Dank, Efficiency Apartment Near The University

Shifting through his pile of mail, Dr. Ian Malcolm pulled out the largest envelope in the bunch and opened it. He looked curiously at the pile of tickets that tumbled out and opened the accompanying letter. At least it wasn't another bill -----.

Dear Dr. Ian Malcolm,
I understand that you are one of the foremost minds in the science of Chaos theory. My associates and I are going to have a conference for the top minds at a certain island that I believe you have visited before. This island and your deductions about it are what we believe to be a perfect example of chaos theory. We realize that what happened on this island is still classified and not to be indulged to anyone; but we have gotten permission to broadcast what happened to the public at this conference. We would be honored if you would grace us with your presence at this conference to help us show the world what happened on this island and how chaos theory predicted what did happen. You won't have to worry about the exotic animal life on the island; they have been taken care of. We have enclosed tickets for you to come to the conference.

Ian looked over the letter again a chill creeping through his body, and an ache in his bad leg. Whenever he thought about the island he felt cold all over. He had never thought about going back there; could never imagine going back. Glancing at the letter again, Ian leaned in his chair and went through all of the benefits in his mind if he went back to the island. No decision to make, really. He needed money, and publicity would mean more public appearances, maybe a best seller, and the talk show circuit. Standing up quickly, Ian made his decision and went upstairs to pack.

A Dusty Archaeological Dig In Wyoming

Tim Murphy closed his math book thankfully glad to be done with this week's work. The trailer door opened and Dr. Ellie Sattler stomped into the trailer.

"Finish your math?" Ellie said, sitting down beside him and setting a large envelope on the math book. "This just came for you."

Tim opened his letter eagerly and peered inside. "Who's it from?"

"I don't know, but I got one and so did Alan," Ellie said, opening her letter.

"It's from some lawyer," Tim said, reading over the letter. "It's about grandpa's will. Grandpa died?"

"It appears so," Ellie said, slipping her arm over his shoulders as she glanced down at her letter. "It seems he left me something in his will."

"Me to," Tim said. "We have to go back there to get it."

"That's what it says," Ellie said uneasily, looking at the tickets. She quickly tore open Alan's envelope and looked inside. "He got the same thing we did. I better go get him."

"Are we going?" Tim asked, a feeling of excitement welling up inside him. "The lawyer says that there isn't any danger."

"It seems that to get our inheritance we have to," Ellie said, looking at Alan's letter in her hand. "Especially since we have to leave tomorrow."

"---- and we could definitely use the money," Tim added seriously. Even at 16, he was thoroughly familiar with the realities of scientific grants - their funding was about to run out - again.

FBI Headquarters
Washington, D.C.

Mulder had a spring in his step and a smile on his face these days. He had good reason: Alexis Murphy - whose nickname was Lex. He had first noticed the pretty blonde in the computer center a few weeks ago. She was employed at the FBI on a work study program with her university. Seeing her alone at lunch in the cafeteria one day, he had joined her just to be polite. To his surprise, she not only tolerated his company, she seemed to enjoy it. She was intelligent and charming, and they had eaten lunch together every day since. As the weeks had passed, it was becoming apparent that the friendship was building towards something deeper.

Mulder was a bit uncomfortable with her age, she was 18, but she did not seem to mind him being so much older, so why should he care? Mulder was quick to remind himself - all they were doing was talking and having lunch together. Besides, it was too much fun annoying Scully, who frequently sent a scowl his way when she saw them together. Mulder had endured more than one lecture about "robbing the cradle" from Scully, but she had grown to accept the fact that Mulder had a right to a social life. She just disapproved of his choice of a very young companion. Mulder enjoyed annoying Scully slightly from time to time as long as it wasn't friendship threatening. It kept Scully guessing about their relationship, a situation Mulder liked.

Today, though, was different. He was beginning a long-overdue vacation the next day. Mulder had thought it over, and decided it was time to ask Lex out on a serious date, perhaps to spend part of his vacation with him. He was going to ask her today at lunch. He was not sure what her answer would be - he knew he liked her, but was it just an innocent flirtation on her part? It had been a long time since he had felt butterflys in his stomach at the prospect of asking a girl out ---.

"Fox . . . I have something I need to ask you, a favor," Lex said as soon as Mulder was seated.

Mulder was always annoyed at being called by his first name, but he was willing to allow Lex to - as long as not too many people overheard.

"Sure - what is it?" Mulder asked, a little surprised.

"I got a letter today, and it has me a little worried," Lex said.

"Why? What's it about?" Mulder asked.

"My grandfather asked me to go visit him on his island; to pick up some computer equipment. But - I don't know how to tell you this - I don't trust him. Not completely, anyway," she said.

"Why, what did he do?" Mulder asked, mildly alarmed.

"It's a long story. Would you mind . . . coming with me? I would feel better with you there," Lex said.

Mulder was taken aback - he was going to ask her on vacation, and she had just beaten him to it. He grinned. "Sure, I need to work on my tan."

Lex's expression got serious. "It may not be a vacation - there are some things about the island I can't tell you, not yet. You need to see for yourself. It is sort of like, one of your X-Files," she said ominously.

Mulder's interest was piqued. He had told Lex a little about some of his unusual cases, and she had been fascinated. The more he told her, the more he had felt comfortable telling her - within security limits. But if he was going into an unusual situation, he wanted back-up. "If that's the case, do you mind if I invite agent Scully to come?"

"I don't mind, it might be better to have the two of you there, anyway," Lex answered.

She was aware of 'Spooky' Mulder's reputation, and had received more than one comment about him from various people at the FBI. She knew he was open to extreme possiblities, but the terrible secrets of Jurassic Park were too much to tell him - even if he wanted to believe. She liked him, but if she told him everything, he would think she was crazy. That was not a chance she was willing to take. She didn't want this guy to get away, he was different. Special - sensitive.

Mulder's Office

Agent Dana Scully walked quickly down the hallway and stepped into the darkened office. "Mulder?"

"Over here," a voice mumbled from behind a stack of papers.

Scully walked over to see Mulder's head buried in a file. "Working hard?"

"I hate paper work," Mulder said forcefully, leaning back and rubbing his neck. He glanced up at Scully. "Do you need a vacation as much as I do?"

"Why? What do you have in mind?" Scully had halfway expected to be invited to join him - her own vacation was coming up as well.

"Lex invited both of us to fly down to her grandfather's island," Mulder said. Scully briefly scowled at him.

"It's not what you think - she doesn't feel entirely safe with her grandfather's invitation. There is something unusual about the island - something she doesn't want to talk about," Mulder said.

Scully was relieved in one way - they weren't just going a vacation with Lex. Of course - Mulder would be investigating anything that even remotely looked unusual. Sighing at the prospect of another working vacation, she said "yes".

Isla Nublar

The helicopter pilot strained to keep the bird under control as they dropped down the chute towards the old helo pad. The three passengers gripped their seats and stared at each other.

The helicopter touched down as gently as the pilot could manage on the old pad. The passengers quickly unfastened their seat belts and climbed out of the helicopter. Mulder grabbed their bags as Scully and Lex ran ahead to where a man with a jeep waited.

Mulder dropped the bags next to the jeep just as the helicopter took off. "Hey!" Mulder yelled after the helicopter in surprise. "Scully, our way off the island just ditched us. I hope you got some answers."

"No such luck," Scully said ruefully. "He doesn't speak English."

Mulder looked in surprise at the young man who grabbed their bags and tossed them into the back of the jeep. The man motioned for them to climb into the jeep before climbing in himself and starting it up.

"Your limo awaits Madame," Mulder jested opening the rusty door for Lex. Scully had to open her own door.

Lex grinned back at him, lightening her face a little; but Mulder noted that her face was still tense with worry. Mulder jumped in after her and looked around in interest as the jeep bounced its way through the jungle.

Mulder and Scully looked at each other with worry as they passed through what had once been a security gate. The jungle growth had almost covered the wire, but high voltage warnings were still visible through the leaves.

As the jeep rounded a large hill, the road widened and disappeared into a large grassy field. Both of them sighed a little in relief as the ride smoothed out. The terrain was beautiful, Mulder was contemplating that tan, when he looked over to see Scully - wide eyed in terror and with her mouth open.

He immediately looked around to see what had her attention, and had to stare in disbelief himself: he was seeing what looked like a live dinosaur peacefully eating vegetation!

"Mulder!" Scully said slowly.

"I know, Scully - I see it, too."

Both stared at each other in wide-eyed disbelief. Lex, who knew what to expect, was sort of giggling to herself - seeing their reactions had been fun!

Mulder asked Lex "Is THIS what you meant when you said I wouldn't believe you?"

"Yes, I didn't want to come right out and say 'dinosaurs'. They told us not to say anything," Lex answered.

"Who are 'they'?" Mulder asked, sensing a cover-up.

"The Columbian government men who met us when the helicopter landed." Lex answered.

Neither Mulder nor Scully could deny the reality of what they saw. They began to see more dinosaurs in the distance, near a small lake. They turned their attention to the driver who was oblivious to the creatures around him. Obviously, he knew about them as he carefully steered around one, making his way to the end of the field where the road resumed.

Mulder had to theorize "Scully, I believe we are in the middle of one of the most incredible genetic engineering projects ever accomplished."

"And the most dangerous," Scully said. "Do you have any idea of the implications of this?"

"It will put Barney out of business?" Mulder replied. Lex giggled.

The jeep passed through some type of gate. Large doors had been hanging on it at one time, but only one was still on its hinges. The other stood diagonally, hanging precariously by the bottom hinge. Mulder looked over his shoulder as they passed through the gate; big letters spelled out something at the top of the arch: "_URASS_C _ARK". There were blank spaces were letters had obviously once hung, but they seemed to have fallen off at one time. Mulder wondered what it meant, but didn't think to ask Lex.

The driver deposited them in front of a large building.

Scully walked ahead of Mulder and Lex into the large building and looked around the open hallway. The room was massive and looked like it had seen better days. Her eyes widened in surprise as she noted large, what looked like animal scratches, on the walls. There was also some type of bones littering the floor; she wondered if they were dinosaur bones. Lex shuddered briefly at the sight - this was where she had almost been devoured.

"Wow," Mulder breathed behind her taking in what Scully had already noticed.

"Now what?" Scully said, getting down to business. She turned around waiting for Mulder's answer. A frown creased her forehead as she noticed that their bags had been dropped behind Mulder but she didn't see any sign of the young driver. "Where'd he go?"

"Disappeared," a voice said from above them.

Scully and Mulder spun around and looked up where the voice had come from. A tall man with black hair stood above them on the top of the staircase.

"Hello, Lex! It's nice to see you again. Who are your friends?" he asked Lex.

"This is agent Mulder, and agent Scully - of the FBI." she answered.

"Tell me, what did you do to piss John off?" he asked, walking down the stairs toward them.

"Who's John?" Mulder asked.

"My Grandfather," Lex said to Mulder.

The man grinned and shook Mulder and Scully's hands. "I'm Dr. Ian Malcolm, how do you do? I do math - chaos theory - to be specific. FBI, I'm impressed." Ian turned to Scully as she took out her badge. "A lady agent?!"

Ian's gaze shifted down Scully's figure. She felt uncomfortable with his gaze, and gave him a scowl.

Undeterred, as though he expected her reaction - Ian gave a toothy smile and continued "I love it!"

Dr. Alan Grant walked to the staircase just in time to hear Ian's comment and judging by the expression on Agent Scully's face he decided that he better defuse the situation. He knew that Ian could rub a lot of people the wrong way. He jogged quickly down the stairs and greeted them.

"Hello, I'm Dr. Alan Grant," Alan said, stepping next to Ian. He looked curiously at Lex and gave her a warm smile. "I see you already met our resident eccentric."

"Yes, we have," Mulder said eyeing his partner. "I'm Special Agent Fox Mulder and this is my partner Dana Scully, and Alexis Murphy."

"Of the FBI, yes I heard," Alan said. "And I know Lex, I wish I was as surprised to see her as I am at seeing you."

"Lex invited us," Scully answered.

"I suppose this is in your theory as well," Alan said sarcastically to Ian.

"Everything is in my theory," Ian answered, as two additional people walked into the main lodge and stopped in surprise at the sight of Lex and the Agents.

"This is the rest of our party," Alan said. "Agent Mulder and Agent Scully I'd like you to meet Dr. Ellie Sattler, and Tim Murphy."

"Hello," Ellie said, smiling at the two agents curiously.

"Tim's my brother," Lex explained.

Before she could say anything else a loud gong sounded to their right.

"They did it again," Alan said, running into an adjoining room and bolting to the nearest exit to look for any person who might be around. Giving up, he walked back in and stopped in front of the large buffet table full of fresh food. "I don't understand it, there is no sign that anyone was here except for this."

"My guess is that this will continue," Ellie said walking up beside Alan. "I would be worried if it stopped. Remember we have no supplies."

"Well, next time we have a slumber party at John's I'll bring the marshmallows," Ian said, plopping himself down and stuffing his mouth.

Alan smiled slightly and sat down across from Ian; Ellie sat down next to Alan and looked curiously at the two Agents.

"Why did you invite your friends from the FBI?" Ellie asked Lex, filling her plate up.

"I was - concerned with grandfather's invitation for me to come down here. Something didn't sound quite right," she answered.

Ian joined in. "See - I told you! Another letter. What did yours say, Lex?"

"Grandfather said I could have all the computer equipment in the control room," Lex answered.

"What's going on?" Scully asked suspiciously.

Ian replied, his voice a little anxious with fear. "I'll tell you! First - I assume then that you have seen the dinosaurs?"

"Yes," Scully said.

"Good! That will make things simpler. All of us were invited here 5 years ago to visit this island, John's island. He had a plan to breed dinosaurs, and have tourists visit this island, sort of a theme park. Only the star attractions decided to eat the tourists and we were the tourists. We are the survivors of Jurassic Park's first opening."

"What do you mean?" Scully said.

"I'll tell you what I mean," Ian continued, obviously agitated. "Each of us was lured here by a letter, promising us exactly what it would take to get us back down to this repulsive island. I was promised a world class mathematics symposium with the world's best mathematicians. Dr. Grant, Dr. Sattler, and Tim were offered an inheritance. And now Lex - the computer equipment in the control room. You see, she makes my point again. He promised her exactly what she would want to entice her to return. When we got here, we began talking about our letters, and figured out we had all been lied to. For one thing, all of our letters said there were no more dinosaurs. They look pretty healthy to us! We are the only ones who know what happened here, and I think John is going to tie up a few loose ends." Ian continued.

"My grandfather wouldn't DO that!" Lex said, angry to the point of tears.

"Lex, dear, your grandfather told us he was DEAD to lure us here," Ellie said to her.

Lex was sobbing as she said, "he knew you wouldn't come back any other way. He must need your help," her voice broke with her own uncertainty. "Or something to get his park going again."

"That's what I'm worried about," Ian said to her. "You said yourself you were worried about your grandfather's letter - that's why you invited your friends in the FBI."

Lex's expression showed he was right. Scully was more than alarmed, she could see the pattern of insane obsession that might have developed in Hammond. Still, she didn't want to come on too strong for fear of hurting Lex more than she already was. "I think for now, we have to assume John had some type of ulterior motive."

Lex looked at Scully; she couldn't deny that from her point of view - she was right. She had her doubts - where WAS her grandfather? And if he was going to give her the computers, how was he going to run his park?

Scully noticed that Dr. Malcolm was sizing her up again, physically. She glared at him in anger; feeling repulsion towards him. He was arrogant, smug, and cynical; not her type at all. By the way he was staring at her he was obviously a womanizer.

He suddenly grinned at her, appearing to be amused by her anger. Scully could feel her temper boiling past restraint and was ready to tell him off when Alan suddenly intervened.

"We have to come up with a game plan," Alan said. "We need to get the park systems operating if we want to have any defense from the dinosaurs. We have to find a way off the island, and if we can, we need to find where Hammond is. Also - I don't think anyone should be alone at any time. So, I say we split off in to pairs."

"Good idea," Ellie said. "Tim and I can finish checking the area around the lodge for any sign of Hammond."

"Okay," Alan said, looking at who was left. He didn't want to leave Scully and Ian alone together; but Mulder and Scully shouldn't pair off together since they don't know the area. "Either of you know anything about cars?"

"I know a bit," Scully volunteered.

"Do you have a gun?" Alan asked.

Mulder and Scully exchanged a look before she answered. "Both of us carry a weapon."

"Good," Alan said. "Lex, why don't you see if you can re-activate any of the park's systems?"

Lex nodded her head quickly; obviously still upset over the talk of her grandfather.

"Mulder, could you go with her in case of trouble?" Alan asked.

"Sure," Mulder nodded.

"We'll see if we can put your bit of car skills to work, Scully. If you would come with Ian and I to the motor pool?" Alan said.

Scully sighed and looked at Mulder. "Sure."

They all got up from the table and the groups went their separate ways.

The Control Room

Lex and Mulder made their way to the control room. Lex was glad she had invited Mulder to come to the island - with her rigorous schedule of classes at college, she didn't have time for much of a social life. Now she would at least get to spend time with a guy.

Mulder helped Lex sweep the broken glass from the computer tables and floor. Lex took inventory - no equipment was broken, but several cables had been yanked loose. She deftly plugged the cables back in, and breathed a tremendous sigh of relief as the system booted; five years is a long time for computer equipment to stand idle. Hard drives could freeze up, connections get corroded.

"YYYYESSSS!" Lex exclaimed at the system booted up.

"Are we up and running?" asked Mulder - not knowing the extent of her success.

"I think so!" she said "My grandfather bought the best equipment - spared no expense!"

"What can we do from here?" Mulder asked.

"Everything!" she said triumphantly. "Assuming there was no damage elsewhere, we now have complete control of the park."

Mulder was impressed - he knew that Lex was highly thought of in the computer center, and she was working brilliantly here. 'A woman with beauty AND brains' he thought to himself. He remembered from their conversations at lunch that she was planning to start her own software company when she graduated. Something about reviving 'UNIX' - making it as simple to use as 'Windows'. As if Windows was easy to Mulder -------. That darned computer that Skinner had put on his desk earlier in the year usually gathered dust for days until he logged on - out of guilt more than anything else. Those poor people sending E-mail to him - he would get around to answering them someday. Just when he had just about mastered it - in had come Lex in her official capacity and installed this new thing called Windows 95, and now Mulder was totally frustrated. If it wasn't for the fact he liked Lex, he would have given her a piece of his mind! If she could make computers easier to use - he would be all for that!

Lex smiled up at him. She was impressed - here was a guy that didn't even question her abilities - he respected her, and took her talent at face value. So many of her professors would not - they spent all their time with the male students, and made veiled comments under their breath about how girls in computer science classes were out for their MRS degree. Lex had very little credibility with her colleagues in class, she was the only woman in some of her classes - looking conspicuously out of place. Sometimes she faced open hostility from them. Other times, they just treated her like she wasn't as smart as they were - that - or wanted to sleep with her.

Mulder continued watching her work with fascination, trying not to notice her legs ------. He noted that when she activated the security cameras she was looking nervously at each one to see what might be present nearby.

The Motor Pool

Scully wished she was with Mulder instead of outside heading for the motor pool. She ignored Ian as he jabbered on to Alan about one theory or another. She had thought that she couldn't stand him before, but now she discovered that he was not only a jerk, but an annoying jerk. She didn't see how Alan, whose calmness and quiet self-assurance had impressed her, could stand being around someone like Ian.

But Alan didn't look annoyed at anything Ian said. Scully would have to say that he looked more amused and interested in all of the gibberish Ian was rattling off to him then annoyed.

"I think this is it," Alan said, walking up to a large door.

"What was your first clue?" Ian asked sarcastically.

Scully gritted her teeth against Ian's comment as she helped Alan open the heavy garage door. Alan just laughed at Ian's comment and stepped inside.

"Darn," Alan said looking around.

"What?" Scully asked concerned.

"Only three of the jeeps are gas powered. The others," Alan said, pointing out three green and yellow land rovers "are powered by electricity. We'll have to figure out a way to get them to work. I say we get started as soon as possible, if my watch is correct it will be getting dark soon and I don't want to be caught out here too long in the dark."

Scully agreed and followed Alan to the nearest jeep in the large garage. It appeared that many of the vehicles that had once inhabited the garage weren't present anymore, but there were six left.

"Maybe the missing jeeps will give us a clue on where Hammond is and if he has anyone with him," Scully observed.

"Possibly," Ian said, dragging a table beside the jeep. "First we would have to figure out how many jeeps we lost the last time we were here."

"What do you mean?" Scully asked, wincing at the screeching sound the jeep's hood made as Alan opened it. She noticed Alan look over at Ian quickly before he looked inside, she could swear that she saw a secret smile on his face.

"Well," Ian started. "There was the land rover that the T-Rex knocked down the road into the tree, with Tim in it I believe." Scully looked at him with amazement. "That one was pretty much totaled. I don't think the one Alan and I were in ever moved from the spot it stopped at. I know I didn't drive it anywhere. Then there were a couple of other jeeps I believe that disappeared at different times. I would tell you who took them, but I don't believe I was privy to that information. What do you think Alan?"

"Huh," Alan said, moving around to start the jeep.

"Do you remember what happened to the missing jeeps?" Ian asked patiently.

"Oh," Alan said, starting up the jeep. He flashed a smile at his success and moved off to the next jeep. "Well, I was a little busy at the time and I didn't pay much attention to the cars, but there was the one we used to drive to where the copter picked us up. I didn't see it sitting there, so don't know what happened to it. And as I recall a few jeeps were driven down to the harbor for when the employee's left. There's probably a log around here somewhere if you really want to know Agent Scully."

"That's all right," Scully said sighing. She had a feeling that there probably was many a jeep just parked across the island after its owner abandoned it: either by force or choice.

The Control Room

"Something's wrong!" Lex declared. "The park functions appear to be controlled from another location!"

"Can you regain control from here?" Mulder asked.

"I think I can duplicate the command functions, and allow this control room to work, too," she said. Both of them wondered, though, where the other computers were located, and who was running them.

Outside The Visitors' center

Ellie looked around the area as she and Tim stepped outside the visitors' center. She wasn't looking forward to walking around outside again. Though she had learned the last time she was here that it didn't really seem to matter if you were outside or inside. She and Tim hadn't found much when they had come out here earlier and had been distracted from their search by the sound of the helicopter. They had raced back in the lodge just in time to hear the jeep leaving the center after dropping off Mulder, Scully, and Lex.

She was glad that one of the agents was with Lex in the control room. Ellie felt that she wouldn't have to worry about Lex tonight knowing that the girl had her own trained personal bodyguard to protect her.

"Where to?" Tim asked.

"Well, why don't we stick close to the building this time, since night is coming," Ellie answered.

"Okay," Tim said, walking to the right.

Ellie walked after him looking at the dark forest that was on her left. "Tim you look at the buildings, I'll watch our backs."

A rustling in the bushes distracted both of them - visions of Raptor teeth or worse ran through their minds, but whatever it was seemed to be trying to get away from them, instead of coming toward them.

"John!" Ellie yelled, thinking maybe it was Hammond. There was no reply, but the rustling in the brush stopped for a moment, then resumed.

"Tim - go get Alan! He should be in the motor pool."

Tim responded immediately. Ellie shivered at the thought of being alone. What if it hadn't been Hammond? Even worse, what if it HAD?! But her wait was short; Tim came back within two minutes with Alan. Together, they made their way through the thick brush, mindful of the danger they might be in.

After some time of tracking through the woods they realized the brush was getting thicker and thicker, and they were farther and farther from safety. A jeep starting in the distance told them it was time to give up and return to the visitors' center.

Alan, Ellie, and Tim walked quickly back to the motor pool and checked on Ian and Scully. They had gotten the other gas jeep to start, but hadn't figured out a way to get the rovers to work. Alan checked his watch again and suggested that they all go back to the visitors' center and get some rest. All of them, except for Scully, had already found rooms and headed in that direction. Ellie remembering that Lex and Mulder were working on the computers headed off to let them know that everyone was retiring.

The Control Room

Reaching the control room Ellie discovered Lex completely engrossed and buried in the computers. Mulder was hovering over her, trying to help where ever he could. She smiled and cleared her throat to announce her presence. Both of them looked up at her in surprise.

"We're going to bed," Ellie said.

"Oh, right," Lex said absentmindedly. "Let me just finish here."

Ellie smiled at Lex warmly and nodded her head. She turned to Mulder and raised an eyebrow in query.

"I'll stay with her," Mulder answered - a fantasy rising in his mind, but he fought it off. A girl that young and beautiful must have lots of boyfriends.

"Okay, I'll see you in the morning," Ellie said, exiting the control room and heading for the guest quarters.

Lex restored all that could be restored - it took a couple of hours to fully network with the other control computers, troubleshoot the park's complex systems and get as much running as possible. In spite of her best efforts, many of the park systems could not be re-activated. Several years of neglect had allowed them to get broken, become overgrown, corrode out, etc. Nothing to be done - the computer system was fine, the problems were out in the park. Neither noticed how late it had become.

They headed out into the lobby where Mulder picked up his bags and motioned for Lex to lead him to the guest rooms. "I know a much better place!" Lex said - her eyes sparkling. She had a plan --------

She led him back through the control room and through a back door to a plush office, adjoined by a lavish apartment.

"This was my grandfather's suite," Lex said walking in.

Mulder certainly liked the accommodations here better - large comfortable bed, plush furnishings, and a hot tub that appeared to be fed by a natural geothermal spring. The water looked very clear and inviting, as the warmth of the spring made a gentle steam rise. Everything was fresh and clean; it appeared that Hammond had been living here for quite a long time.

"It's good therapy for his legs," Lex explained as Mulder saw the hot tub.

Lex retired to the bathroom, Mulder contemplated sleeping on the couch and giving her the bed. Not much of a discomfort - the couch was large and plush.

Lex, however, came out dressed in a bikini! "I'm not that tired, I'm a night person," Lex said.

Mulder, still surprised, stopped himself from staring and said "Me, too."

Lex replied, "Want to join me? There are bathing suits in there, John's size, but you can fake it!"

Mulder liked the idea of a hot soak - it had been hot that day, and the ride had been dusty.

Lex lingered quite a while before she got in - Mulder wondered if she was inviting him to look. He had been surprised - pleasantly - to see her come out in that bathing suit. He wondered when he had ever seen a girl that beautiful before, and decided NEVER!

Lex was thinking to herself 'how long do I have to stand here letting him see me? If I get in now it will mess up my hair. He has to see me with my hair done before I get it wet.' Her mind was set on the thought '18 and 35 - this can work!'

She thought of the hordes of guys in high school that had taken her out - just to try to rip her clothes off in the back seat of their car. Whenever she had discussed any of her dreams, her ambitions - the moment they knew she was smart - they left her. They didn't want a girl with a brain, they wanted a girl to have sex with. Over and over - that's all they wanted.

Now that she was going in college, the thought of bars and beers and parties depressed her. She wanted a relationship with depth to it. And the same type of guys that she had known in high school were just older and more rowdy and more aggressive in college. After a while, she had just quit going out at all, just keeping to herself. Not that she wouldn't mind sharing all of herself with the right guy, one that really cared about her.

Lex had been thinking a lot of Mulder the last few days. She was deciding that her problem all along was that the guys she knew were too immature. Maybe what she needed was an older guy - out on his own, financially secure, responsible. One who knew a woman's needs and could meet them. And one who could look at her as a person, not a sex object. Mulder seemed to be very respectful of her talents - treating her like a professional. Lex was thinking that the right guy might be Fox Mulder, and she was going to make really sure he got the message!

Mulder returned in a much too baggy bathing suit. Lex giggled in a very young girl fashion, but caught herself. She offered her hand to him so he could help her in. Instead of getting in all the way, though, she pulled Mulder gently down on the steps next to her.

'Discipline - Mulder' - he thought to himself, having second thoughts of a disciplinary hearing if he made unwelcome advances to her. As they talked for a long time sitting in the warm water, Mulder was liking her more and more, feeling more confident of their relationship. He eventually trusted her with one of his most innermost secrets - his quest for his missing sister.

Lex responded with warmth and sympathy, and by moving right next to him. He put his arm around her - her waist was very soft. She put her head on his shoulder, her hair, still dry and very soft, caressed his back like silk.

Mulder - having vestiges of restraint, initially was uncomfortable. He knew, though, when a woman was attracted to him. After maybe half an hour, they quit talking.

He looked into her eyes deeply, and asked quietly "Are you sure?"

Her response was to close her eyes. He moved to kiss her, gently at first, then ever more fervently. Lex responded gently and positively to his every move. After a very long time kissing, Mulder reached around to pull on the knot that would release her top.

Lex smiled behind his back - her mind crossed with a million thoughts - she was excited, but scared. She had never been with a guy before, and didn't know in some ways what to expect. She had read all the magazines, talked to friends, but this was - so personal. But, she knew this was something she had wanted, and planned. She wanted to experience this part of life, and it was the right time, and the right guy.

Neither of them had noticed the camera in the upper corner as it zoomed in on them. In another part of the park, the elderly man's eyes turned red with rage - as his heart filled with hatred. His own flesh and blood - how could she betray him like that, to people who had come to destroy his life's work? As he became more and more enraged, he struck his cane on the floor over and over again - saying "Damn" every louder, ever angrier.

The Next Morning


The soft, beautiful voice calling his name awakened Mulder from the soundest sleep he remembered having in years. Mulder opened his eyes and looked over to see Lex smiling at him, already dressed in shorts and a T-shirt. As he collected his thoughts, he remembered more and more of the night before.

Lex had been very sweet and nice to him - passionate, but in an innocent way. It was hard for him to put it into clearer terms. He felt strangely filled, satisfied, and content.

All of the X-Files, alien contact, bizarre sightings - it seemed very far away and distant right now. Almost unimportant compared to the wonderful relationship he had developing with Lex. He knew he had to go on with the X-Files for the sake of finding his sister, but there was definitely a new part of his life opening up. He felt a little guilty - thinking of how young Lex was; but her frequent smiles, as he got dressed, re-assured him that this had been her idea as well. He had no reason to feel guilty.

After getting dressed, Mulder suddenly had a big apprehension: Scully! She was going to find out very soon what had happened and she would not be happy.

Dining Room

Mulder was self-conscious of the situation as he and Lex walked into the dining room.

Scully saw them together and initially missed - something - but a small doubt in her mind made her look back, and linger a moment. Was it the fact that they had left together the night before and arrived together this morning? Or was it that they were sitting 2 feet apart instead of 3 feet apart like everybody else? Was she seeing Lex and Mulder steal admiring glances, almost undetectable? Scully wondered, was she wrong?

But - she saw the same signs and more. Mulder wouldn't have - couldn't have - taken advantage of Lex? But it was unmistakable. Mulder had not looked at Scully more than twice, and that undercurrent of attraction he had for her; but continually fought off was gone. Mulder looked different; completely rested, content with things, laid back.

Scully studied Lex quickly. She had dismissed Mulder's little flirtation with her these past few weeks as being nothing more than that - a flirtation. Mulder would never - could never be seriously attracted to her. But this morning, Scully had to notice that Lex was a very mature, very beautiful, and quite capable of attracting Mulder's interest. Scully became more and more enraged - not jealous - more protective of Lex's tender age. How could Mulder have done that????

Mulder began to notice that Scully was staring at him, and she was ANGRY! She had already figured it out. He didn't look forward to facing her, but knew he had a few words to say in his own defense.

During the silent encounters, plans were laid for the rest of the day. Lex was to operate the computer system. Mulder and Scully were to look for any sign of Hammond on the island. Their talent, after all, was investigation. Alan, Ellie, and Tim were going to attempt an animal census - to see how bad their situation was. Ian would stay behind and co-ordinate the others by radio.

The Expedition

Mulder and Scully climbed into one of the jeeps that Scully had helped fix in the old motor pool. They said goodbye to Alan, Ellie, and Tim as two jeeps headed in opposite directions. They had scarcely said a word to each other until they were bouncing along the dirt road when Scully had to say something.

"Mulder, I need to know something. Last night you left with Lex and this morning you came back with her. Do you know how that looks?"

Mulder, knowing it would be better to be honest, still wanted to avoid the issue if at all possible. "Scully, everybody noticed you leave with Ian and Alan last night. Do you know how THAT looks?

Scully scowled at him briefly, his joke was NOT funny.

"Mulder, I'm asking a very simple question. Did you take advantage of her?" Scully asked, not deterred by his comment. When he didn't answer she continued. "I don't really know how to react to this, Mulder. If you did what I think you did, I'm very disappointed and angry at you. I can't believe you would take advantage of a young girl like that!"

Mulder, knowing it was useless, tried to defend himself. "Scully, she is a legal adult. We both are, and what we did or did not do is our own business!"

Scully slammed on the brakes and glared at him. "Mulder, she's half your age!!! It isn't right and you KNOW it!!!"

"Scully, look at me," Mulder insisted, trying to calm her down. "I'm not going to lie to you. I've never lied to you. Do you believe that?"

"Yes," Scully admitted reluctantly.

"Scully, in the three years that we have spent together I have looked at you first as an intrusion and a threat, then an annoyance, and now I think we have become true partners. I've come to trust you, and you me. I consider you to be one of my closest of friends. I know you, too. You're jealous!"

Scully glared at him, her mind a confused jumble of emotions. Was he right, was she jealous? Shuffling through the swirling emotions she knew that she wasn't jealous. Jealous wasn't the right word for what she felt. She was attracted to Mulder, she couldn't deny that. But what she felt towards Mulder was more like what a mother taking care of a wayward and irresponsible child would feel. Scully knew that she could never share that with Mulder.

"Mulder, I do care, but not that way. She's too young for you. You'll almost certainly end up hurting her badly --- and yourself, too. I care as much about that." Composed, she resumed driving.

Mulder was silent; it was ominous. Something was coming, but nothing could have prepared Scully for it. "Scully, I think I want to marry her. We decided last night - we couldn't just 'do it' like that - with no commitment. So we decided we wanted commitment before we . . . were together. We know our age difference. We're going to wait several years until she is out of college and on her own - to see if we feel the same."

Scully slammed on the brakes again in complete shock. This was not what she had been expecting. She thought that she had been surprised that Mulder had slept with the girl, but to marry Lex?

Mulder - she could almost understand. She had seen him impulsively follow his whims many times. She wondered about Lex, who obviously was just as impulsive as Mulder. Scully pondered for a moment what to say to protest the situation. She normally had some opinion to share on any subject, but she found herself embarrassing and frustratingly at a loss for words. She knew that she needed to choose her words carefully, because it would affect her working relationship with him in the future. "Mulder - she can't take the place of your sister. If you want to go through with this, I just hope you realize that a couple of years after you get married, it will probably end in divorce."

Scully's words pierced him right to the heart - was he in love with Lex because he thought she could fill the empty place left in his heart by the absence of a sister? He had to face this right now. He decided that, for once, Scully was wrong. He had fallen in love with Lex, she was not a best friend like his sister. At least not yet. Scully was his best friend, and the closest thing he had to a sister now.

"Scully, you're the one who is filling my sister's place," Mulder said.

She drove on - deeply touched. She had no idea he felt that strongly about her. "I'm not your sister, Mulder, and never can be. But I am your friend. I hope that helps. You will never be at peace until you find Samantha. That will affect every relationship you will ever have - especially with Lex. Be careful with her."

Mulder and Scully spotted something up on rise above the road. It looked like a rusty jeep.

"Scully, pull over! There's a jeep up ther--" Mulder was rudely interrupted by an abrupt crash, as their own jeep veered crazily out of control and narrowly missed hitting a tree.

An amazed Scully looked at Mulder and said. "What was THAT?"

Mulder said dryly, "woman driver?!"

They stepped out to survey the damage; they had run straight into a rusty, but still very strong steel cable stretched across the road and attached to the tree. The steam rising ominously from the radiator told them both they were in for a long walk.

The jeep on the hill suddenly made a lurch forward and came crashing down the hill - smashing into the side of their jeep. Scully barely jumped out of the way in time and landed face first into the mud.

"Scully! Are you OK?!" Mulder asked.

Scully had to think for a minute - nothing broken, nothing hurt. "I'm fine, Mulder," then she started to think about her appearance - why did it bother her that Mulder would see her covered in mud?

Mulder was helping her up by then. They went over to the jeep and the normally cool Scully winced at the scene of horror inside.

"Well, Scully, it looks like we found . . . someone."

She guessed by the jeep and from the body that it had been here for some time, possibly years. The body was almost completely bones, except for some skin and such in odd areas of the body. It looked like something had been eating whoever had been driving this jeep. She looked away quickly to the trees to settle her churning stomach.

Mulder said, "I don't think the windshield was broken by his jeep hitting ours. It's broken OUTWARD, by something from within."

Mulder's professionalism was contagious. Ignoring the spectre of death within, Scully could see he was right. The glass looked like it had exploded from within the jeep.

"Look here, Scully!" Mulder said pointing. There was what looked like rotting flesh, non-human, on a sharp piece of the windshield, on the inside of the glass. Like whatever had eaten the body had been inside the jeep, and was not a scavenger that got to him afterwards. "Scully, I think he gave a ride to a dinosaur and it decided it wanted a snack along the way."

"How can you joke about this, Mulder?"

"Who says I'm joking?" Mulder said, looking around the body. He stopped when he came across a wallet. "What do you think? Is it the dinosaur's or this poor guy's?"

"Mulder!" Scully said in exasperation.

He grinned at her and opened the wallet up. "Let's see, looks like our friend here is Dennis Nedry. Ring any bells, Scully?"

"I don't recognize the name," Scully said. She walked over to the jeep remembering the walkie talkie. "I'll ask Dr. Malcolm."

Mulder nodded and continued to go through the wallet.

"Dr. Malcolm?" Scully said. "Ian, you there."

"Agent Scully, lovely to here from you," Ian's voice crackled from the speaker.

"Listen, we found someone--" Scully started.

"By your reference and tone my guess is the someone isn't, shall I say, whole," Ian said.

Scully glanced over to Mulder, who was having a hard time controlling his laughter. Just great she thought, if one Mulder wasn't bad enough. "Your correct."

"Any particular reason you would want to tell me this," Ian asked. "Except for your own perverted pleasure in grossing me out."

"He had some identification on him," Scully said, gritting her teeth together to keep from snapping at him. Her irritation towards him was still pretty strong after her first encounter. When they had been trying to fix the rovers he had talked nonstop about his theories. Though she had been fascinated by some of his ideas, she had been annoyed by his attitude. "His name is Dennis Nedry."

"Nedry, Nedry, gosh the name does sound familiar," Ian said absent mindedly. "I have a feeling I know the name, but let me check. Hold on a sec . . . Lex! Do you recognize the name Dennis Nedry?!"

"Yeah!" Lex's voice barely came through the speaker.

"Well! Who is he?!" Ian shouted.

"He was in charge of all the computer systems here," Lex answered back.

"That's right," Ian said. "As I recall he was one of the first to disappear and caused quite a problem when he did."

Mulder looked at Scully curiously as he stepped up beside her to listen to Ian. Scully asked, "What do you mean a problem?"

"Well, when he ran off, for whatever reason, he turned off a majority of the park systems. Causing many dinos to get loose. And if I'm remembering correctly that was the reason, what's his name? Arnold, that's it. That's why Arnold turned off all of the systems; which of course caused the raptors to get loose. Which in turn caused--

"Well, it's a long story," Ian said interrupting himself. "So, where did you find him?"

"In a jeep," Scully answered.

"Interesting," Ian said deep in thought. "Well, let us know if you find anything else."

"Will do," Scully said, hooking the walkie talkie to her belt. "Find anything else?"

"Nothing," Mulder answered. Their investigative skills satisfied, they began walking together down the road.

"OUCH!" Mulder said.

"What is it, Mulder?" Scully asked concerned.

"My arm," Mulder said, looking at it. "It feels like it's burning!"

"What is this green stuff?" Scully said as she and Mulder scraped it off of his arm with a branch.

"It was all over the jeep, Scully," Mulder answered. "I thought it was plant residue".

Scully took a small sample of it and put it in a small plastic evidence bag. Where DID she keep those bags? Mulder wondered - she always had one ready. After he got it off his arm, he noticed that his skin had turned very red and looked like he had a rash.

"Mulder, this stuff looks like partially digested plant matter,"

As they walked on, debating about whether they should continue on the road or go overland back to the visitors' center, they were conscious of the fact that some distant animal roars, which had been getting ominously closer - had stopped.

"Mulder," Scully said. "Did you feel something?"

"Intense desire for sunflower seeds?" Mulder asked.

"No, Mulder," Scully said. "Sort of like an earthquake, or a distant explosion."

It happened again. This time they both noticed the ground shake again and a little stronger!

"Mulder, I got a bad feeling about this!" Scully said.

They looked at each other in horror as a large animal the size of a building came crashing out of the brush directly at them! Without their training, they would not have reacted fast enough.

Mulder and Scully both knew their guns would be useless, that their only option was to RUN LIKE MAD!

"Scully, follow me into the underbrush; it'll slow him down!" Instinctively she followed Mulder. He was right, the animal was fast, they wouldn't have a chance in the open. But the brush was much harder for a bulky creature to run through than it was for two frightened humans. On and on they ran, Scully giving no thought to the thorns that were ripping at her legs; except she wished that for once she had worn jeans instead of shorts. Glancing back, it occurred to her that the animal looked like a dinosaur; in fact it looked like a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The T-Rex roared, looming closer.

"Mulder!" Scully yelled as she spotted it: a drainage pipe sticking out of a hillside. No time for thought, no time for debate, the beast would get them for sure if they kept running. They both dived in. The pipe was small and somewhat corroded. It was a tight fit, they had to huddle together.

The T-Rex eagerly attacked the pipe. Mulder and Scully could see it looking in on them, then disappear. They then heard a sickening sound of teeth trying to get around the outside of the pipe. It was deafening as the teeth ground against the metal. Both of them were sure that the pipe would crush - the teeth punch through. The hungry animal had to have tremendous strength in those jaws.

He embraced his beautiful partner one last time - to comfort her in death. His mind flashed briefly to Lex and the wonderful relationship he had with her, and the wonderful friendship he had with Scully. His only regret would be never seeing his sister again. He closed his eyes and imagined how in a few instants the terrible jaws would crush the pipe, and them, in unimaginable agony, as their bodies would be mingled in a tangle of broken bones, serrated flesh, and bent metal. What a terrible way to die! Both of them held each other tightly, frozen in embrace. But - the noise abruptly stopped.

They waited - and waited, to terrified to move a muscle, for at least half an hour. The T-rex was gone, but they wondered if he was just hiding in the brush - playing with his prey.

Scully was the first to break the silence. "Mulder, you can let go now!"

Mulder quickly let go. "What happened, Scully? I thought we were about to be dino - din din?"

They cautiously exited the pipe, ready to dive back in at the first rustle in the leaves. But the beast was gone. They heard it roar in the distance, obviously hunting again. They looked at the outside of the pipe - the teeth marks were very obvious. But so was the fact that the T-Rex could not get the pipe firmly in its jaws. The pipe was just a little bit too large. Had it been a few inches smaller, the T-Rex would have crushed it.

"Get Malcolm," Mulder said. "I don't much feel like walking anymore."

"Right," Scully said, reaching behind her to pull the walkie talkie out of her belt. Her hand connected with the fabric of her shirt and she turned her head to look where her hand was. "I don't have it."

"Great," Mulder said. "Guess we'll have to walk."

"I must have dropped it somewhere back there," Scully said.

They both looked back where they had come from and together turned in the opposite direction and made their way through the forest towards the visitors' center.

A Field Near The Visitors' center

The elderly man was petting and talking to an odd "pet" - a 22 foot long stegosaur! "Yes, my precious one, you WILL teach my naughty Lex a lesson, won't you?"

Its vertical back scales folded almost flat, then pointed up again in excitement as the man fed it a favorite food.

"Strumpet, that's all she is. I thought I could trust my own family. We can't have the American FBI coming in and closing us down, can we? NO! Mustn't allow THAT. And we can't have scandal in the press, my granddaughter with an older man. No, that would never do. There she is, she has wandered outside. Go - to the pond - YES - that's right!"

The beast ambled off towards a small pond, as the man hid himself.

Lex had taken a break: the computers were working beautifully. She had spent the morning getting rid of 357 bad lines of code that Dennis Nedry had written, no wonder the park systems had been so unreliable. She smiled at her own skill, compared to his. But she had a lot more to smile about. She didn't really want to go very far from the visitors' center, but she needed a moment alone to reflect on all that happened to her.

The garden fountain in front of the visitors' center was overgrown, all but invisible from the main building now, even though it was less than 50 feet. It was a beautiful place. She knelt by the pond and relaxed. She had a warm feeling inside. It was awesome to think she had made love to a man, and it wasn't as scary or awful as she thought. She really was impressed with herself snagging the guy she really liked - who was always nice and respectful to her. She felt a little guilty for having to seduce him like that the night before, but she knew their age difference was so great she had to do something or he never would have gotten over his moral resistance to her age. Her plan had worked, and now he was hers! Things would be very nice at work from now on, knowing that their relationship had entered a new and beautiful dimension. To top it off, he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. She was loved, really loved, for the first time in her life! As she thought of the warmness of the night before, she saw the flowers. Some strange new species she had never seen before. She picked a large batch and inhaled the fragrance deeply, closing her eyes. She was jarred back into reality by a sharp shove in the back that almost knocked her to the ground.

Turning around terrified, she looked straight into the reptile eyes of a horrible monster that had big scales down its back and spikes on its tail. What was it?! She knew it was a dinosaur - she hated them, she tried to get away but was frozen in fear.

"No! Not NOW! I got my whole life ahead! I just found the right guy! Don't eat me!!!" But the words couldn't make it past her lips, she was too terrified. The small head of the monster hovered only a foot above her trembling body. She sobbed uncontrollably wishing she had never come to this stupid island again.

"GO AWAY!!!!" Lex screamed.

Suddenly - all in the flash of an instant - a resolute peace came over her. Her life might be over, but she wanted to die with some sort of courage and dignity. She wanted to have control over herself. She resolved - 'gone are the days little Lex screams uncontrollably at the sight of a dinosaur!' She entertained the thought that - perhaps - the seeds of new life had sprung within her as the result of the night before. That was the only thing to regret, never knowing. But other than that - her own life - it was fulfilled.

"Come on, get it over with!!!" she screamed, clenching her eyes shut to wait to be eaten.

Lex heard the crunching, but nothing hurt. Opening her eyes, she looked over apprehensively. The monster was eating the flowers, still in her clenched fist.

She watched for several seconds. "You're a veggie-saur, aren't you, girl?"

The beast seemed to respond to her words, but without understanding, of course. Her voice was soft, maybe the beast could pick up her emotions. She continued to talk to it as she made her plans for quick escape. She would give it a feast of those flowers, then run as fast as she could!

She was still scared, but she remembered her middle school lessons. The vertical scales down the back, the small head, the spikes on the tail - this was a stegosaur. She didn't remember for sure if it was supposed to be dangerous, but she sure didn't want to rely on some old text book to tell her. Not when she had one standing here. 'All dinosaurs are dangerous' she thought.

She made a big pile of flowers. "Here you are, girl!"

Then she backed away slowly, and when she was out of sight, she was inside the building and at her seat behind the computer in a hurry! She was breathing so hard she was wheezing; what a narrow escape!!!

Five Minutes Later

Something was terribly wrong in the visitors' center. Lex could feel the floor jarring and she could hear things breaking.

Malcolm came running into the control room. "Lex, we need to get out of here - RIGHT NOW! We have a big visitor!"

Lex turned around to see the Stegosaur coming through the door to the control room.

Malcolm threw himself in front of her. "Get behind me, Lex!"

But the Stegosaur shoved him aside and laid down at her feet, filling most of the room. The Stegosaur slowly started to go to sleep.

"Oh GREAT!" Malcolm said. "You have a pet; a very ugly pet."

"I don't WANT one!" Lex said. She knew what had happened; she had fed the stupid thing. Now, it was going to follow her where ever she went.

Lex began to work again, gaining more and more confidence that her big companion meant her no harm.

Malcolm, however, had no such assurances. Just looking at the thing brought back memories of his last visit to the island. He shivered and tested his leg. Tens of thousands of dollars that he really couldn't afford had saved his leg; but it was so full of metal that it set off detectors at the airport and ached with every temperature change. He was embarrassed to have to use a cane on occasion, but it was better than a wheelchair.

Favoring his leg, Malcolm started to walk out of the control room, but he stopped just inside the door and cursed his cowardliness. He couldn't leave Lex alone with the thing.

"What are you gonna name the thing?" Malcolm said, sitting as far away from it as possible.

"Huh?" Lex said, already engrossed in the computer. "I don't know."

"How 'bout Ugly?" Malcolm said, staring at the sleeping Stegosaur. "I think it suits her."

Lex turned around and tossed Malcolm a disapproving look. Lex was feeling more comfortable, now that the stegosaur was asleep.

The Vast Interior Prairies Of Jurassic Park

Alan, Ellie, and Tim were faring well in their hunt. They had seen at least 20 species of dinosaur, and were now of the opinion that the dinosaurs had not only survived, but flourished.

Alan smiled as he thought of Ian's chaos theory 'nature finds a way'. The dinosaurs had overcome the Lysine deficiency somehow and were fully adapted to the 20th century atmosphere and bacteria by now. Perhaps if that huge meteor hadn't hit the earth they would have made it to the present day without John's help.

"We still haven't seen the Triceratops," Ellie interrupted his thoughts. "We should be in his territory, he was past the old T-Rex compound."

"Over there!" Alan said as he saw a large brown pile. "That looks fresh!"

"Oooo - Gross!" Tim said.

"Tim, remember that when you are studying any animal, even extinct, that you need to consider ALL clues to their diet and behavior," Alan said, slipping naturally into a teaching voice. "Did you know there are dinosaur researchers that specialize their whole career in nothing but fossilized excretion?"

"That won't be me!" Tim said. "Besides, that isn't a fossil, it is fresh!"

Ellie was pleasantly amused by their exchange. Tim had been a bright spot in their lives, especially when they realized they probably would not be able to have children of their own. Alan had taken this bright boy into his life, and been a real father to him. Tim would be going to the finest university and study paleontology under Alan's guidance. Already Tim possessed the equivalent of an undergraduate degree and was a great help in the field. He had even supervised minor digs done by graduate students several years older.

As the jeep pulled up beside the pile, all of them realized that Tim's observations were right. It WAS smelly. Alan kept watch while the others looked with binoculars to find the Trike, but she was nowhere to be seen.

With absolutely no warning, the ground started to thunder! They had been so busy looking in the distance, they hadn't even considered the thick brush near them. The two great horns of the Triceratops pierced the passenger door of the jeep with hardly a sound, barely above Ellie's legs. The raging beast lifted the jeep off the ground and ran several yards, carrying it on its horns. Furious, it slammed the jeep down and backed up for another charge. Alan hit the gas and the wheels threw up grass and mud until they caught some traction. Just in time, as the beast thundered through where the jeep had been standing seconds before.

"Alan!" Ellie screamed. He looked to see the Trike turning around to charge them again. As it charged, it picked up speed, gaining rapidly on them.

"Alan, keep swerving, I think he can only charge in straight line!" Tim yelled.

Alan didn't waste time debating whether it would work. As he swerved back and forth the Trike fell further and further behind. After they passed another pile the Trike suddenly broke off its charge completely. They pulled to a stop.

"Territorial markings?" Ellie said.

"I think so!" Alan agreed. "How did you know that it couldn't turn corners quickly?"

Tim was gleaming, he had just saved their lives and knew it. "I compared the Trike to a Rhinoceros, the closest species in behavior. Mammalian instead of reptilian, one horn instead of two, but similar ecological niche!"

Alan smiled in satisfaction; Tim had made a brilliant deduction, and it proved to be right. The two animals were similar, and their behavior was similar. "Good job, Tim!" Alan said. "You were absolutely right!"

Alan noticed something on a patch of bare ground. Raptor tracks, and lots of them. Judging by the number of tracks they had bred and there was a colony of them. Memories of their narrow escape five years ago were still fresh in his mind, and he felt a sudden chill go down his back at the thought of tangling with them again. The sound of another jeep in the distance distracted him.

"Who could that be?" Ellie asked.

"Maybe Agents Mulder and Scully!" Tim said. "Let's go find them!"

It seemed like a good idea to Alan and Ellie. Maybe it would be better to join forces, there might be safety in numbers. Charting a course well around the Trike's territory, they drove in the direction of the other jeep. It easily out - distanced them, however, before they could even see the driver.

"Stop!" Ellie said when it was clear they weren't going to catch up. She had seen something.

As they parked and got out of their jeep, they saw the other tire tracks, the tracks of the Trike, and a set of footprints, a man with a cane. "John Hammond?" Ellie asked.

"I don't know, perhaps" said Alan.

The Visitors' Center

"Back so soon?" Ian said to an exhausted Mulder and Scully as they walked into the visitors' center. They looked terrible! Scully had managed to rinse off in a stream, but still had mud stuck to her in un-noticed places, cuts and scratches on her leg, and several rips in her clothes. Mulder was relatively better, but had obviously had a long day as well. Still - he managed a smile at Ian's 'joke'. He was starting to like Ian.

"Yeah," Mulder said. "We just made a trip around the corner to use the pay phone."

Ian asked. "What was it? Raptor or T-Rex?"

Mulder answered, "T-Rex"

Ian replied. "John still knows how to show his guests a good time. Listen, I think we all better think about a way out of here, the dinosaurs are starting to discover that we are back!"

"What do you mean?" Scully asked nervously.

"Better ask Lex!" Ian said.

"What about Lex?!" Mulder asked a little too anxiously.

Ian noticed his concern, and thought to himself 'hummm - interesting'. He answered, "she's okay, but she had an encounter, too. Her 'encounter' is now in the control room, asleep."

Mulder abandoned Scully; to her annoyance, and rushed in to see for himself. The scene before him alarmed him at first, but he realized quickly that there was no danger.

"Fox!" Lex screamed in delight and rushed over to embrace him - all caution and pretense aside. She had been frightened, and needed him near.

The commotion wakened the sleeping monster, which quickly realized that it was hungry. Seeing that Lex was occupied, it shoved her on the side of the leg.

Mulder instantly had his gun out and would have shot, but Lex said "NO! She's not dangerous. Just hungry."

Scully and Ian had both seen what happened as they entered. Scully was annoyed to see Mulder embracing Lex publicly like that. Ian was intensely annoyed - he still thought of Lex a little girl. Looking at her, though, he saw she had grown up a lot. But Mulder??? Wasn't he a bit old? Ian decided maybe he was making too much of the situation, maybe it wasn't what it looked like.

"Lex, if you know it is hungry, do you know what to feed it?" Scully asked.

"Flowers!" she said. "Like the ones out in front of the visitors' center."

Scully was quick to formulate a plan to lure it out of the building with a trail of flowers. She went to pick some, and Ian followed her, leaving Lex and Mulder alone with the animal.

"Fox, I was so worried. I thought that thing was going to kill me and I would never see you again. You were gone for hours!"

"I, we, had a narrow escape from a T-Rex," Fox said.

Lex's heart was breaking; they would never have a chance together. They would die on this island. She embraced him again.

"Lex, we aren't dead yet. We need to think clearly. Were you able to contact the mainland?"

Lex let him go gently. "No - the phones are out, and so is the Internet. I think it's on purpose."

Ian and Scully had returned, the stegosaur was already eating the flowers they had left on the ground, and it began to slowly eat its way out of the visitors' center.

"Whew," Ian said halfway to himself. The others agreed.

Outside The Visitors' Center

Alan, Ellie, and Tim pulled up in their jeep; their survey concluded for the day. They were exhausted and weary from their recent experiences with the territorial Triceratops. The last thing they wanted to see was another dinosaur.

"Alan!!!" Ellie screamed as they saw the dinosaur leaving the visitors' center. Terrified, she had visions of the others dead, and the three of them being left alone on the island.

"Nobody move!" Alan said. He knew that this was a stegosaur; in spite of its formidable appearance, it was a plant eater. "Just be still, I think it's harmless, but it doesn't know our intentions. If it perceives us as a threat, it will use those spikes on its tail!"

But the creature continued to eat the trail of flowers. It passed quite close to the jeep as they watched - wide eyed and intently.

"Don't be afraid!!!" Lex yelled as she and the others came out of the building. "She's just hungry!"

The flower trail began to make sense to Grant - they had lured it out of the building with food.

A Security Bunker Elsewhere On The Island

Two men were arguing. The younger man took a long pause to light a cigarette, and then continued talking to the elderly man.

"My associates are not satisfied with your progress. They have a tight schedule, and need for your research to be complete."

"The cloning process in lower animals is virtually 100% accurate! I am up to 97% percent accuracy in higher animals!" the elderly man said, obviously very upset.

"That is not good enough!" the other man said, blowing as much second hand smoke as he could manage. "My associates are not interested in your 'pets'. They need this process perfected! That is all that matters to them."

"I told you, I need more time, and more research subjects." the elderly man said.

"So you took it upon yourself to invite them!" the cigarette smoking man said angrily. "I told you we would supply them, and whatever else you required, as long as you finished the work on time. We had subjects already selected to your specifications - persons who would never had been missed - transients, street people, homeless. You have created a tremendous security risk by inviting three high visibility scientists, and worse yet the two worst security risks to the entire project, Agents Mulder and Scully. I had other uses in mind for both of them and your invitation has upset my plans."

"I didn't invite them!" the elderly man said intently. "They came with my granddaughter."

"Agents Mulder and Scully can potentially undermine all that we hope to accomplish. Their presence here is a danger. You must take appropriate action to insure they never leave the island with any information or proof."

"I will not be dictated to on my own island!" the elderly man replied angrily.

Totally undeterred, the cigarette smoking man paused to take a long drag, and then replied. "Purchased with money supplied to you by my government. Your pets are alive because we shipped you enough livestock to keep a third world nation fed. You have not lived up to your part of the bargain, and if you do not perfect your process, we will terminate the agreement with you."

As the smoking man left, a second elderly man - identical to the first - entered the room.

"Hello, John!" he said.

"Hello John!" the first one said.

"Should we use him in our experiments?" one asked to the other.

"No - I think we will finish on time. Did you collect the DNA samples from Alan and Ellie?"

"No - they escaped from the Triceratops."

"Damn!!! We need those samples to perfect our process. Maybe he is right, we ARE incompetent!"

"No, it is these dinosaurs. In spite of the imprinting, we are not able to fully control them."

"Raptors!!! We need to send the raptors. They're the most intelligent. They'll do the job."

"And the most dangerous, John. It's very hard to control them."

"Just make sure you collect the samples before the raptors finish the meal!"

The Visitors' Center

A loud 'gong' signaled the evening's meticulously laid out scrumptious dinner, but this time they were ready. Alan, Mulder, and Ian had realized this was their best chance at locating Hammond and they had stationed themselves strategically to capture the mysterious Hammond or whoever was setting out the food.

Mulder grabbed a small man by the collar as he was sneaking out the back door and spun him around. "You're the one that was driving the jeep. Where is Hammond???!!!"

"Alejandro COOK!" the startled man said in broken English. "Don't hurt. Alejandro just cook!!!"

"WHERE can we find Hammond?" Mulder asked angrily.

"Bunker, Northeast road!" Alejandro said. Mulder released him and Alejandro darted away.

"Who's going with me?" Mulder asked. Alan, Ian, Ellie, and Scully were quick to volunteer, but Mulder didn't want Lex to be left alone. So, he asked Scully to watch after her.

A Storage Bunker

The bunker had only been a five minute drive away from the visitors' center, but when they arrived they saw that it was abandoned. 'Alejandro!' Mulder thought to himself in disgust; he should have had Scully detain him. Alejandro had gone straight into the kitchen and had probably warned Hammond that they were coming. Mulder wondered how Alejandro had sent the warning; that would have to be something he would figure out when they got back.

"Agent Mulder, I think you might like to see this!" Ellie said.

Mulder turned around to see her studying a notebook. "What is that?" he asked.

"I found this on the floor, I think its how he made the dinosaurs!" she said.

"Bring it with us - it might give us some way to defend ourselves against them." Ian said. Since the bunker was abandoned - they decided to return to the Visitors' center.

Later That Evening

Tim had been troubled by something all day. He had noticed that earlier that morning that Lex and Agent Mulder had been extremely friendly to each other and after watching them he had begun to wonder if something was going on between them.

When Mulder and Lex slipped away from the others for the night Tim followed them. They were headed for control room and as soon as they got out of sight of the others Mulder put his arm around her waist and she put her head on his shoulder.

Tim knew for sure that something was going on between them, especially when they went through the control room into the private apartment that Tim had found with Ellie the day before when they were exploring the place. He cracked the door open to Hammond's suite after they had gone inside and saw Mulder take Lex into his arms and kiss her gently. Unobserved, Tim closed the door again and raced for the guest quarters.

'What am I going to do?' Tim asked himself. He had never been very close to his sister, especially after they got back from Jurassic Park. Their dad had taken off with another woman, which had been hard on him. Tim was more than happy to stay with Dr. Grant. He hadn't wanted to stay with his sister and mother when he knew that he would be the only male in a predominately female household. His mother had reluctantly agreed to let him live with Alan and Ellie - it was a splendid opportunity for him to be tutored by two of the world's best scientists.

Lex would have no part of living in the field with Alan and Ellie; too hard to get modem connections and Internet in the field! She was never interested in paleontology. Lex did love him, he knew that, but they had grown apart for the last five years. Fewer and fewer letters had been sent back and forth between them, but he knew that he loved his sister a lot more than he would ever admit to anyone. A protective urge for her was overcoming him and he knew he had to do something to stop Lex from this affair with an older man.

Over the years, Alan and Ellie had become a real family to him; sometimes he forgot they weren't really his parents. They would know what to do!

The Guest Quarters

Ellie was studying the lab notebook as Tim came in the room. Alan was still dressed, but had begun preparations for bed. Tim stayed silent for several seconds, and then started haltingly to Alan. "Dr. Grant, Alan, I need to ask you something."

Alan knew that tone of voice - something was up. He had heard it when Tim had started puberty and had first started liking girls. "What is it, Tim?"

"I think," Tim paused. "Lex, may be, is in trouble."

Alan jumped up alarmed; his mind filled with thoughts of velociraptors or worse. "What do you mean?"

"I think she's," Tim said uncomfortable. "Involved with an older man."

Alan's focus shifted; he too, had noticed Mulder and Lex, but had thought it was a father/daughter type thing. "How do you know?"

"I just saw them," Tim said. "Together."

Furious, Alan needed no more proof! "Show me where they are!"

Tim darted out of the room followed closely by Alan and Ellie. The commotion they made disturbed Scully and Ian, who followed after them.

Hammond's Private Quarters

Alan burst in to find his worst fears realized. Lex and Mulder were locked in each other's arms sharing a passionate kiss. They broke apart in surprise when everyone stumbled into the room.

Before he knew what he was doing, Alan darted across the room and his fist connected squarely with Mulder's jaw. Mulder hit the floor in a surprised heap.

"Alan - Dr. Grant - NO!!! We love each other! We may be getting married!" cried Lex, getting between Mulder and Alan.

Alan looked at her in disbelief. She stood in front of him with her arms crossed and a strong disapproving face. He had hardly noticed, but she was now more than a foot taller than the last time he had seen her. That "little girl" look she once had was gone. She was tall, developed, and had a mature confidence in her face. Alan realized that he had hardly noticed that she had grown up.

Lex had lived with them, the same as Tim, for a time after their visit to Jurassic Park. Most of his memories were based on that time. The memories had stayed the same after Lex went to live with her mother and Alan had a hard time separating Lex from the young girl. Yet, he realized that she was a different person now. Alan still didn't like the idea that she was having a relationship with a man as old as Mulder, but he knew that it was her right if she so chose.

"Alan, let's go!" Ellie said.

Alan looked into her eyes, also filled with disapproval. With a flash he instantly knew why. In his mind, he re-lived the day when he met Ellie. A brilliant gorgeous little blonde student who came into his class. He had seen a lot of promise in her and they had spent a lot of time together. Eventually, they had fallen in love, even though she was 11 years younger then him. He had raised more than a few eyebrows in faculty circles by having an affair with a student; only his stature in the scientific world had saved his tenure at the university. His faith in Ellie had been well placed, she had graduated with a doctorate in paleo-botany, and she was now tenured at the same university.

Ellie was remembering Alan and her beginnings as a couple. They were 11 years apart; who were they to judge Mulder and Lex if they were 16 or 17 years apart? She had fought hard for recognition in a world of male scientists, and fought the gossip every step of the way to prove that she deserved her position for her intellect, not because Alan had handed it to her.

Ian was, to his surprise, deeply troubled at the thought of Lex and Mulder being a couple. The last time he had seen Lex she had been a young girl. His initial reaction was to want to clobber Mulder as Alan had, but his mind was accustomed to looking at objective reality. He could see that Lex was fully mature now and had turned into quite a lovely young woman. Though he recognized the severity of situation, this had been quite an amusing incident to break the monotony of the day. Suddenly - he broke out in one of his toothy smiles and laughed under his breath.

Scully saw Ian's reaction and scowled at him - this was one more thing that made her furious at him.

"Stay away from my sister!" Tim yelled uselessly at they left the room.

"Tim!" a remarkably enlightened Alan said, reprimanding him. He didn't like the situation, but he knew it was none of his business and reflected on his relationship with Ellie.

"Shut up, Tim!" Lex yelled as the closed the door.

'That's it!' Tim thought to himself as they left. Lex was further away from him now than she had ever been. Tim wondered if he even liked his sister anymore. ** THE GUEST QUARTERS

Ian and Scully had the last two quarters on the hall. As the others retired for the night, they walked together for a few feet.

"Does he do this sort of thing often?" Ian asked, trying to make conversation.

Scully lost it, the implication of her and Mulder together was too much. She slapped him across the face, turned around and stormed for her room. Before getting halfway, she realized that she could have taken what he had said wrong. She was disgusted with herself and now she would need to apologize to Ian. She turned around, but Ian had already gone into his room. Darn, now she would have to knock.

"Back for round two?" Ian asked, with a mildly amused, mildly irritated look when he saw Scully.

"I was wrong to fly off the handle like that," Scully said coolly. "I apologize."

"Perfect example of chaos theory!" Ian's smile was back.

"What do you mean?" Scully asked.

"Tonight, all the unpredictable behavior!" Malcolm said. "Would you like to come in?"

Scully was a bit uncomfortable with the invitation, but when she hit him, it had released a lot of her pent up feelings towards him. She felt a little remorse for it, after all, this was one of the world's most famous scientists and he was extremely interesting. If he made advances towards her she knew that she could handle it. Plus, she was impressed that he could forgive her rashness so fast. She didn't often get mad and felt bad when she did lose control.

Ian offered her a drink. She really didn't want to drink, but politely sipped small token amounts.

"Chaos, I have heard of it. I read your book, it was interesting." Scully wanted to drive the conversation: "Why did you come back here to the island?"

"I presume you saw my PBS series - The Chaos of Numbers?" Ian asked. Scully nodded. "Well, that was my day in the spotlight. Lots of talk show appearances, etc. Then along comes Carl Sagan and Cosmos. Everybody forgets Malcolm and his numbers, but the bills keep coming. My wife leaves me. I find another and she leaves, too. Along comes John Hammond and his money. I go down to his island and whether I endorse it or not, I get a pile of money. Instead of his money, though, I get a shattered leg. Lots of medical bills, lots of pain. I was told that there would be a world class mathematics symposium here and I could announce to the world Hammond's...excesses," a faraway look came into Malcolm's eyes. "I could see myself back on top again, back in the public eye, another book, more talk show appearances, at least enough to pay some bills."

Scully was taken aback, this man she hardly even knew had just opened his life to her. That type of vulnerability was rare and she found it attractive in a way. That was one reason she like Mulder, he had that same openness and vulnerability. She felt she understood why Ian was the 'eccentric' that he was; he really had nothing left to lose by being 100% honest about his feelings.

Sensing her growing comfort with him, he moved to sit beside her with his drink. Scully didn't initially like his closeness, but accepted it. She could easily flatten him the way Alan did Mulder if things got out of hand, but she was not about to clobber a man with a cane. After all, she was a doctor.

Ian knew he hadn't left her with a way to respond. He knew he had an apology of his own. "I see why you were upset. I didn't think about what I said, and I realize you could have taken what I said wrong. I didn't mean to imply that you and Agent Mulder--"

"I know, that's why I came to apologize. I guess I'm sensitive about it. Mulder and I are partners, nothing more, but I look out for him. And he looks out for me."

"May I be so bold as to ask," Ian said. "Is there more?"

Scully resented the question, not because it was personal, but because she really wasn't sure herself. She knew, though, that Mulder's relationship with Lex had made the limits of their own friendship much clearer. She said slowly. "No, we aren't each other's - type. Our differences make us work together well, but make it impossible to be more," she then added. "In a way, I am happy for them."

The sound of those words made her feel very empty and lonely. There had been something more and the chance for it to develop had ended with Lex. She suddenly felt depressed. Scully hoped that she hid it well enough. She never wanted anybody to know the way she truly felt about Mulder.

Ian, more than anybody else, was able to see the very slight indications in her that she was hurt and maybe a little jealous. Maybe she didn't even realize it yet, or hadn't defined it in her mind. He moved toward her and put his arm around her to try to comfort her.

Scully accepted his arm around her and was surprised to find that she was strangely comfortable with him. She stiffened suddenly as a completely inappropriate thought crossed her mind.

"What's wrong?" Ian asked concerned.

Scully shook her head. "Nothing."

"You sure?" Ian asked, turning her around to face him. "Sometimes, things upset us more than we realize," he paused awkwardly. "And often we don't want anyone to realize that it has upset us."

Scully grinned slightly at his bungling attempt to tell her that he realized that she was upset about Mulder and Lex, but not in the same way that everyone else was upset. "I'm sure, I'll be fine. It will just take some getting used to."

"That's a girl," Ian said, squeezing her shoulder and smiling. He jumped up and poured himself another drink. "Would you like another?"

Scully glanced down at her still full glass and smiled. "No thank you."

"Okay," Ian said, taking a sip of his drink and looking behind her. He slowly lowered his glass, engrossed in what he was looking at.

Scully turned to see what interested him so much and grimaced at the picture he was looking at. She was surprised that she hadn't noticed the painting of the T-Rex standing over a kill when she had first walked in.

"Ugly aren't they," Ian commented.

"I suppose," Scully said, turning back to Ian, who was still engrossed in the painting. "Some people find them quite beautiful."

Ian snorted in contempt and went back to his drink. "I can't see why."

"Can't you?" Scully asked. "You did come before."

"Yes," Ian answered with a slight smile. "I thought it would be an interesting experience. Besides like I said, I was hired to give an evaluation of the Park and I wanted to see what they did after they ignored what I had to say."

"You wanted to say 'I told you so,'" Scully said, taking a sip of her drink and leaning back into the couch.

Ian looked at her over her glass and smiled. "Yeah, I wanted to say 'I told you so' to John. I guess I should have reminded myself that if I did something very wrong - it would have to happen here."

"I don't mean to pry," Scully started.

"Sure you do," Ian interrupted.

Scully smiled briefly and went back to her question. "You never told me what happened to you at the park."

"Really?" Ian said thoughtfully. "I figured out of all my whining that would have been mentioned somewhere."

"If you don't want to talk about it," Scully said.

"I don't mind," Ian said, sitting across from her. "I was one of the luckier ones, along with Lex, Tim, Allen, and Ellie. Tim and I got the worst out of those who survived. Tim being electrocuted--"

"Wait," Scully interrupted. "Tim was electrocuted?"

"Yes," Ian said. "As I heard, they were climbing over one of the perimeter fences when the power came back on. He got quite a jolt. Got blasted right off of the fence. I got grabbed by a T-Rex and he tossed me. I guess I don't taste very good, which I'm very glad about."

"You got attacked by a T-Rex!" Scully repeated.

"Is there an echo in here?" Ian joked, trying to lighten the mood. "Why are you so surprised? You and Mulder got chased by a T-Rex. It does happen."

"I've never met anyone that was attacked and survived," Scully said.

"Who else do you know that was attacked by a T-Rex?" Ian asked.

A small smiled traveled across Scully's face. "Not many."

"Well, give them my number. I have a great shrink if they want one," Ian said, propping his feet up.

"I think I better go," Scully said, glancing at her watch.

"So soon," Ian said in a hurt voice.

"If I don't leave now, I might never leave," Scully said, standing up.

"Really?" Ian asked hopefully.

"Goodnight, Dr. Malcolm," Scully said, opening the door.

"Goodnight, Agent Scully," Ian called out as she closed the door.

The Next Morning

Mulder and Lex awoke to loud knocking on the door to Hammond's suite. "What now?" Mulder asked mostly to himself.

Lex had managed to get the door lock working, they expected no other intrusions. Mulder looked at his watch: it was the next morning. Another delightful night's sleep; he could get used to this!

They rushed to get decent, and Mulder opened the door to let an anxious Ian in.

"I think you better come join the rest of us, we have problems!" Ian said, no sarcastic toothy smile this morning. He was completely serious and focused.

"What's going on?" Lex asked.

"Raptors!!!" Ian answered. "There must be a dozen of them, coming this way!"

Seeing the look of sheer terror on Lex's face Mulder knew that he didn't have to ask for more details. He quickly grabbed his coat and his cellular phone fell onto the floor. He had forgotten he even had one; it was useless on the island anyway.

Lex, though, was quick to grasp the importance of the phone. Her grandfather had made sure that they were isolated on the island. He had obviously cut the phone lines, she had re-booted them from the control room, but they only worked on the island. She couldn't connect with the mainland. There were no radios, she couldn't even connect with the Internet. But Mulder's cell phone wasn't under her grandfather's control.

They joined the others in the conference room. They had gathered there because it still had a good lock on it, and they hoped that the creatures would be fooled into thinking the visitors' center was abandoned and leave.

"How did you find out about the raptors?" Mulder asked.

"I couldn't sleep," Scully answered. "I was looking at the sunrise out a second floor window and saw them crossing a field in the distance. I didn't know what they were, so I went and got Dr. Grant."

Mulder looked at Alan; he was a bit distant, but nodded in acknowledgment. Obviously, this overshadowed the unpleasantness of the previous night.

Mulder felt confident in asking Alan for tactical details of their situation.

Alan's answers didn't encourage Mulder. "They're intelligent, cunning, and persistent. Raptors are enormously fast and strong. They co-operate with each other in the hunt and learn from their mistakes." His face was tense with each word. He had obviously tangled with them before.

Mulder took mental inventory of their defenses: a locked door that he had already been told would not stop the raptors and two FBI hand guns that would kill a Raptor, but they would need to empty quite a few bullets into it to kill it and they didn't have an unlimited supply of bullets. Their situation was bleak. He knew that they would need to rely on their intelligence and hope that theirs would be greater than the raptors. They had no defense or weapons against the raptors.

"What about the security bunker?" Ellie asked. "They didn't get into there before!"

"That is only because they didn't FIND it before!" Ian reminded her. "It has the same type of locks as the visitors' center. They wouldn't hold. John spared no expense!" His sarcastic smile was back, but only for a second. He amused himself with a mathematical calculation of how fast a Cheetah speed predator could catch a lame man like himself. Something in the two second range.

Lex hardly heard a word of the conversation, she was formulating a plan of her own. She strained to remember her basic electronics course in college. She had taken basic electronics because she wanted to know a little about the computers she had programmed. She didn't want to feel intimidated about replacing a failed hard drive, or changing a power supply. But cell phones, how did they work? Her instructor was good at digressing, he wanted his students to know how the things they used every day worked. 'Cell phones - 900 MHZ - line of sight only - each cell only a few miles across.' They were 90 miles off the coast of the mainland. No hope of hitting a cell on the mainland, even if the phone had the power. And then there were the mountains that would block the signal anyway.

Alan and Mulder after some talk devised a crude plan to give everyone some type of weapon that they would be able to use in defense. They had already gone to the kitchen and gotten every knife that they could find, and they had located some flagpoles or other long straight poles for spears. Alan knew about where the heart of the creature would be located. Raptor's tended to charge their prey; if they could point the spear right at the chest when the raptors charged there was a chance that the creature would die before it could sink its teeth into them. It would be bloody and probably unsuccessful but they had no other form of weapons. Alan and Ellie had looked for any guns when they had first arrived and hadn't been able to locate any. Mulder and Alan returned just as they all heard the first raptors cry. They had only found two poles long enough to keep them away from the Raptor's claws and light enough to hold easily.

"THE MOUNTAINS!!!" Lex said loudly in triumph. Mulder stopped making one of the weapons for a second and looked at her. Lex knew she had it, a bold plan to get them rescued. But it depended on one last detail. "Fox, is your cell phone charged?"

"Yes, but it won't reach the mainland!" Mulder said, pulling it out. The lights on the phone came on; the indicator was 'fully charged'.

"Oh yes it CAN!!!" Lex announced - her green eyes twinkling with hope. "All we need is to get more power and line of sight to the mainland!"

By now everybody was paying attention. Lex continued. "I can get more power using the network adapter my grandfather uses for the computers. It operates at 960 MHZ, which is almost the same as the phone. All we need to do is move the network adapter to the top of a mountain and use it as a repeater for the phone!"

SLAM!!!! The sound echoed through the room as something through itself against the door. The lock held, but the sound of claws grating against the metal door from the outside was sickening. Obviously, the creatures knew there was food inside.

"Open the door, let one in!" Alan said, to the surprise of everyone.

"Are you CRAZY?!" Lex asked.

"Listen," Alan said, trying to convince everyone. "In the five years since we were here last, I analyzed the raptors strategy and I have a plan! Only it depends on us only letting one of them in."

Mulder grasped a part of the plan; don't let the predators know how strong the door was, but the rest of Alan's plan escaped him.

Reluctantly, the others prepared to unlock the door and slam it back again after one creature was in the room. The sound was increasing, the creatures were obviously trying more and more force. The tempered steel bolts were beginning to weaken.

During a lull in the claw sounds, they opened the latch and in a split second two of the creatures rushed into the room! With all of their might, those by the door got it shut again and locked again. They pressed themselves against the door as they noticed that they were being eyed hungrily by the raptors who were determining the best moment to attack!

SKREEEEEEEE!!!! HONK ---- HONK ---- HONK!!!! The sound was deafening! One Raptor charged Grant, Ellie and Tim. The other Raptor watched; to see what would happen. Mulder raised his gun and fired four consecutive shots before stopping because he risked hitting the others. Grant raised his spear and threw it as hard as he could at the Raptor. The creature did not even seem to notice the four bloody holes in its hide, and picked up speed and charged right into the spear. The spear penetrated the Raptor and not only impaled it, but went right through the body and exited out the other side. It got its teeth to Grant's arm just as it died, but the teeth never penetrated the skin.

SKREEEEEEEE!!! Went the other Raptor, with an inflection that everybody could interpret as anger. This time the target of the attack was Mulder, Lex, Scully, and Ian. Only the creature did not charge head on, it circled warily, destroying the conference table and chair with its movements. It seemed determined to avoid Mulder who held not only a spear, but also had that loud weapon. Darting from side to side, it moved ever closer, ever more menacing. Scully aimed her gun at it as soon as she had a shot that wouldn't risk hitting any of the others and pulled the trigger repeatedly. The creature winced with each bullet hitting its hide, but kept circling them.

Alan, Ellie and Tim watched in horror as the creature cut them off from the others. Fortunately, they were able to trade positions and re- enforce the weakening door. The other creatures outside had renewed their attack, and the bolt was bending and weakening. It would only be a matter of minutes before all of them were through!

Ian wanted a weapon, he didn't like not having anything to defend himself. He looked down as the hunting Raptor herded them around and repulsed as he was, he pulled the spear out of the dead Raptor. The feel of sticky warm blood was nauseating, but at least he had a chance, be it a small one, to defend himself.

The creature's strategy was clear, it was systematically splitting them up into smaller groups to single out one of them as prey. It darted briefly at Scully and Lex. Mulder instinctively put himself between Lex and the creature with his spear and gun, leaving Scully and Ian open to attack.

"Mulder!" Scully yelled in fright and disbelief as the Raptor charged her. Ian raised his spear in defense and the creature stopped in its tracks. Mulder, taking the clear shot, emptied the rest of his bullets into the creature; which was beginning to weaken from lack of blood. Ian boldly raised the spear and thrust it into the creature, killing it.

Scully looked at Mulder, who was busily involved with comforting Lex. Mulder did not even notice Scully was looking at him. Scully could not believe it - Mulder had abandoned her - for Lex!

Ian sarcastically asked Alan. "Do you have any more bright ideas?"

This first attack had only killed two out of who knows how many creatures, and they had exhausted their bullets.

Scully, no longer distracted, joined in the conversation. She was irritated at Alan as well as Mulder. "What WAS your plan?"

Alan replied. "They're pack animals, I thought if we could kill one or two, show our power, they might think twice about attacking and leave us alone."

Scully couldn't believe how foolish that strategy was. "You mean RESPECT us?? Did it EVER occur to you, that they might react emotionally - with anger - when we killed two of their pack?!"

Alan knew his mistake, but it was too late. The door bolts gave way. It took all of their strength to hold the door almost closed as several grotesque claws forced their way in, groping for a victim. Repeated deafening choruses of SKREEEEEEE!!!! and HONK!! HONK!!! HONK!!! signaled the raptors upcoming meal. It sounded almost like a triumph song, like they knew they had won.

In the midst of their struggling to keep the door closed, Mulder felt Lex move beside him and press close. He looked into her beautiful green eyes, trying to re-assure her that they had done all they could.

Scully scowled at Mulder when she saw them together, but he didn't notice. Ian noticed, however.

A TREMENDOUS crash resounded through the conference room. They all thought that the door had been breached, broken off the hinges - but NO! The claws disappeared instantly and the "victory song" stopped. It turned into what sounded like angry "SKREEEEEEEs ----". Loud crashes and what sounded like painful SKREEEEEEES followed.

Curiosity overwhelmed them, they cautiously cracked the door to see what was happening. At least three of the raptors were dead, covered in blood, ripped apart. A fourth was being impaled - on the spikes of the stegosaur! The normally slow moving animal was nimble and quick as it slammed the tail spikes deep into a fifth Raptor. Two other raptors, which had tried to sink their teeth into the armor plates along the creature's back, were easily thrown off when the stegosaur folded the plates down against its back, then snapped them vertical again. Alan marveled at the strategy, he had never understood those armor plates before, they were defensive decoys! He noted that they hardly even bled where the raptors had been, much like antlers.

The remaining raptors retreated - leaving the stegosaur hardly touched by the encounter. As Lex and Mulder emerged, it ambled slowly toward Lex and rubbed its head against her leg, causing her to almost lose her balance.

"Let's hear it for Ugly," Ian said, looking around the room in disbelief.

Lex didn't know what to do, she didn't want the attention, or a pet dinosaur, but it had just saved all of their lives. "Good girl," she said, cautiously petting it. It looked up at her with a look that almost communicated trust.

Later That Morning

The stegosaur had a position of honor - a gentle bed of leaves and moss in the center of the visitors' center. An ENORMOUS pile of flowers was sitting near its head, as it dosed off.

Mulder and Lex had been in the control room for a couple of hours working on Lex's idea. Scully was just as happy to be rid of Mulder right now. She wasn't sure how she would react to him in the future, but right now she felt betrayed and hurt and angry. If Ian hadn't had that spear - she would have died because of what Mulder did.

Lex had nimbly removed the network transmitter from the top of the building. Power would be no problem - they found rechargeable batteries for the portable radio. The smell of melting flux was thick in the control room as Lex soldered the battery leads together. They wouldn't power the network adapter for long, but they only needed one phone call to work. The frequency, though, was a big problem. The network adapter was just slightly off, but enough to cause problems. Lex knew she could de-tune it slightly by removing screws from the side panel.

When she was ready - they tried making a test call. Lex had Mulder look at the flickering image on the oscilloscope - Mulder knew what one was, but not what the images meant. No problem - Lex explained that when the "trace" rose to the top of the screen, it was ready.

The adjustment proved to be very delicate, though. "It will never survive being carried up the mountain!" she told Mulder. "What are we going to do! If we even touch that side, it will quit working!"

"What if we protect it?" Mulder asked. Looking around the room, he found a briefcase. He broke it apart and handed a side of it to Lex, along with some tape. "Here!" he said - proud of himself for coming up with the idea.

Lex grinned at him - in an instant she had laid the delicate equipment in the side of the briefcase, the delicate adjustments did not move, they really would be protected!" She wrapped tape around the whole assembly. It looked like junk, but she hooked it up and tried the call again, it worked perfectly. She thought to herself 'Fox and I make a good team'.

The Lunch Room

Mulder and Lex returned after they finished. Mulder noted that Scully was sitting with Ian.

Alejandro was back - they all wondered where HE had been during the Raptor encounter, but he was polite and non-committal, something about being "elsewhere". Now that they knew he was the one supplying the food, there was no more gong, he announced the meal to them, and was very attentive, like a very good waiter in a high class restaurant.

"I don't think we can relax, not for a moment," Ian said. "We only won that encounter because the stegosaur intervened. Suppose the next time it is a herd of T-Rex's instead of raptors? Lex's pet wouldn't last very long!"

Lex scowled at him. She had received quite a kidding about the Stegosaur, and she did NOT want people to call it her 'pet'.

"Lex and I are going to give her idea a try," Mulder said "So far, it is the only idea we have had that might get us in contact with the outside world."

Scully was quick to counter. "I think our BEST plan is to corner Hammond and make him contact the mainland!"

Alan spoke up, the voice of reason. He almost felt sorry for Mulder and Lex now; the others were so cold to them. "There is no reason why we can't do both. Mulder, if you and Lex want to try it, go ahead. The rest of us will go after Hammond."

Alejandro had overheard their conversation, and seemed shaken by it.

"And YOU!" Alan said to Alejandro. "If you know where he is, you had better tell us!"

"What am I going to do?" asked Ian, mindful that his disability made him a liability to either group.

"Stay here, keep in contact with both groups by radio, and feed Ugly!" said Alan. The name was starting to stick -----

"No one should be alone," Scully said, glancing at her gun. She had discovered after the attack the she still had three bullets left; the gun had jammed when she had emptied most of her clip in the Raptor. "I'll stay with him." She looked at Mulder, with an expression that almost communicated 'payback'. Mulder knew she would be mad for a long time ----.

Lex and Mulder

The afternoon was humid and hot as they walked to the motor pool. Both longed for the breeze they would feel when they got into the jeep. Lex was enjoying seeing Mulder in jeans and a T-shirt - much better than that awful suit.

"Have you ever done any climbing?" Lex asked Mulder.

"Only what was required for FBI training," Mulder said.

"I haven't either, but I know we will need this - " she said, pointing to some rope hanging on the wall. The motor pool proved to be a valuable source of general purpose tools - obviously a landscaper had a small storage area there as well. They were able to find some gloves, and a couple of small picks.

Mulder let Lex drive the jeep - this was her plan. They drove for about 20 minutes, in a direction towards a peak Lex had spotted which seemed to have gentle slopes. So many of the peaks on the island were volcanic spires - almost vertical rock faces. They would never be able to scale one of those. To the relief of both of them - the temperature cooled quite a bit as they entered the foothills of the mountain she had selected. She drove on as far as she could, but had to stop as the slope got too steep.

They got out and looked around where they had come from. They were treated to a panorama of the park - they could see the top of the distant visitors' center, traces of fencing in places, several small utility buildings scattered through the park - no wonder they hadn't found Hammond - there were a lot more buildings in the park than Mulder had originally thought. He could play the "shell game" with them for a long time. Mulder also took time to take in the beauty of the park - nestled in a valley - a miniature garden of Eden - with dinosaurs. The grass they had been driving on was verdant green, there was the faint sound of a distant waterfall, and a trace of cool mist coming down the mountain slope. Mulder took quick note of the mountain - not too steep at first, and it looked like no cliffs. He imagined some slopes were close to 45 degrees, and the climb looked like about 10000 feet. This was not going to be a picnic.

"Come on!" Lex broke his concentration. She had retrieved their equipment. Mulder grabbed the rope, and picks, and they started up the slope.

Ellie, Alan, and Tim

Ellie, Alan, and Tim had visited the motor pool shortly after Mulder and Lex. Their plan was simple - to explore every mile of roads in the park, and try to find Hammond's hiding place. They explored a road that followed the rest of the "tour" they had taken years ago - dilophosaur, ruined T-Rex paddock, Triceratops plain - then on to unexplored regions - the stegosaurs, Allosaurs, the dimetrodons, every enclosure and paddock now in ruins - the occupants escaped. An hour had passed, and still no Hammond.

"Alan - STOP!!!!" Ellie yelled. They all hopped off the jeep and looked in horror.

"I think we found Hammond!" Ellie said, grimacing her face in disgusted horror - the elderly man was lying face down by the road, with half a dozen small chicken sized dinosaurs eating him - something like vultures. Alan recognized them as compys.

"Be careful!" Alan said to an inquisitive Tim who was getting alarmingly close "they may be poisonous!" One of the compys made a threatening nip at Tim's leg, but they made way.

"Dr. Grant!" Tim said "come and look at this!"

Alan and Ellie both came over - Hammond had been killed by a single gunshot wound to the back of the neck.

"I'm - sorry Tim" Alan said - mindful that this was Tim's grandfather.

"I'm OK" Tim said. "we never were - close" he was more upset than he let on, but Ellie and Alan could tell. "Who do you think did this?" he asked.

"I don't know, but now we have a new problem - there is a murderer loose on the island!" Ellie said.

"Worse than that - he was our only way off the island!" Alan said, discounting any thought that Mulder and Lex would succeed.

"Dr. Grant - look at this!" Tim said - holding a half smoked cigarette butt "grandfather didn't smoke!"

A Security Bunker Elsewhere

Two identical elderly men were arguing -----

"This is intolerable, John - he KILLED one of our brothers!!!"

"I know, John, something WILL be done!"

"But John - suppose he killed our original? We aren't that sure who our original is!"

"I am the original, John!"

"NO - I AM the original, John!" said a third elderly man, entering the room to confront the first two.

"This is pointless, John - all we need to do is complete the experiment, and he will leave."

"Not from MY island, John. I will not tolerate murder! Not when its one of us."

"Its My island, John - I am the original!"

"NO - I AM!"

The Mountain Slope

The verdant grassy plain had given way to a dense forest. Mulder and Lex were relieved to see mammals again - forest monkeys whose antics gave them a restful and amusing break. Numerous species of birds seemed to come here from the mainland to breed. Their calls could be heard echoing through the trees. Moss clung to the branches of most trees, still damp with dew from the morning. Mulder imagined the voracious hordes of insects that would come out that night, however, and they continued on. Both wondered - were there any dinosaur species adapted to the mountainside?

The forest gave way to a sort of alpine meadow. The moss and lichens were spongy underfoot, and they stopped to drink from a very cold stream. The water was crystal clear and very pure. Small rodent like animals were darting in and around the rocks as they walked by. In its own way this was also a paradise, but a treeless paradise. The breeze was distinctly cold, and Mulder wished he had his jacket --- to give to Lex who was obviously cold. The best he could do was warm her by putting his arm around her as they continued.

From here on - the climb was getting steeper and steeper. Already they had some steep climbs in the forest, but seldom over 20 or 30 feet, easily scaled by holding onto tree trunks. Here - there were no tree trunks. Only hard, sharpened, grey rocks. At times, they slipped back two steps for every three steps they took forward.

Finally, they climbed above the rock slide area. From here, it looked like a smooth climb to the top, but already the angle was steep, they had to keep leaning into the side of the mountain, or they would fall backwards, tumbling helplessly onto the sharp rock slide below. Their problem - it looked like the slope got steeper before it rounded out at the top of the mountain.

Still - they had no choice. Both Mulder and Lex were a bit apprehensive about how they would get back down the slope - they were tired and weak, and the way down looked impossibly steep.

"Don't look down!!!" Lex gleefully said to Mulder - mindful that she was reviving the old adage way too late. But -- it worked. Both were encouraged to see that they were more than 3/4's of the way to the top of the mountain, judging by where they level with surrounding peaks. They continued on with resolve to make it to the top.

A Road In The Park

Alan, Ellie, and Tim decided to check in with the others. "Ian - do you copy???"

"Yeah - Ian here," the voice on the radio crackled back "Did you find something?"

"I'm afraid so!" Alan said. "We found John - he's been murdered!"

The radio was dead silent for several seconds.

"Ian! do you copy????"

"You . . . you sure it's John?" Ian's voice crackled back.

"Yes - positive!" Alan replied, puzzled. "Why?"

"Because at this moment - Agent Scully is talking to John!" Ian replied. "I was about to radio you - he came in here a few minutes ago - ranting about being in danger - evil men trying to kill him! He asked for our help."

"That's ---- very interesting. We're coming in, and we're bringing the body with us ---- OUT." A thoroughly perplexed Alan looked at Ellie and Tim.

They glumly re-arranged the back seat of the jeep for Hammond's remains. Ellie was repulsed by the dead body, and the amount of blood. They had a tarp that they could use to put under the body to soak up blood, and to wrap over the top.

"Alan - do you remember the movie we saw when we came here the first time? The one where John explained cloning?" Ellie asked - breaking the silence.

"Yeah - the one where he talked to himself on the screen?" Alan asked. Suddenly - the same thought dawned on him that had just dawned on Ellie: cloning a human would be a snap - compared to cloning ancient dinosaurs! All the DNA you need - in tact - no reconstruction required. "Are you thinking what I am thinking?" he asked Ellie.

"What - tell me WHAT!" Tim demanded.

"Tim - we think maybe your grandfather cloned himself." Ellie said to Tim. She then turned to Alan "I hoped I was wrong, but when I read his notebook last night - it kept referring to the 'next phase' of the project - as though the dinosaurs weren't then final objective."

"And you think human cloning was?" Alan asked.

"Yes, and the proof is back at the Visitors' center." They both looked up at the sky - the afternoon tropical rain would come soon. None of them relished being out in an open jeep in torrential rain. They drove back to the visitors' center.

The Mountainside

Lex and Mulder were having a lot of difficulty. They had to resort to the rope and picks, and were tied together at the waist, Mulder first, then Lex, then the pack of their important equipment. Mulder had taken to climbing pretty well, the procedure was simple - use the pick to get a secure hold a foot or two up, then take one foot or hand at a time and find secure holds for each. Then move carefully upward. The slope was almost 60 degrees now, not unmanageable, but very difficult. It was harder for Lex - she had slipped several times already, and had a couple of nasty cuts and bruises. Mulder had to pull her up by the rope more than once. Still, she was young and in good shape - keeping a figure like that meant hours of working out each week. She just wasn't used to this. Still, every time he looked down, she looked up with a smile and obviously had the confidence and trust in him to go on.

The portable radio Mulder had on his waist crackled with static - and faint voices "Ian - do you copy???" "Yeah - Malcolm here." Mulder reached for it, to hear and join in the conversation, but he lost his balance at the same instant and had to grab wildly for the pick. The portable radio spun wildly as it rolled rapidly down the slope - they were able to see it split open and fly into pieces at the bottom where it leveled out.

"GREAT" said a disgusted Mulder.

"It's OK, let's go on - it looks like it's not much farther!" Lex said. She knew it WAS a lot farther, and was scared of the height, but would not let on to Mulder.

Mulder was not thrilled at the prospect of going on - it was becoming increasing obvious that it might take them several more hours to make the summit. There was no way they were going to be able to make the descent after dark - they might be stuck on this mountain all night. Still - the alternative for all of them was worse. He swung his pick to get the next set of hand and footholds. Lex began to copy him, and get the hang of it.

Both saw the rain clouds gathering for the afternoon, but it looked like they were going to be above the top of the storm clouds.

The Visitors' Center

Scully's voice was filled with controlled rage as she was interrogating Hammond. He was somewhat co-operative, but Scully observed that it was hard for him to think clearly - like he was senile or something. "You invited everybody here under false pretenses! I want to know why!"

"Oh - I never invited you and Mr. Mulder. I only meant to scare the others - they cost me most of my fortune, I wanted to pay them back and then I was going to let them leave."

"Your actions are criminal, under any jurisdiction this island may fall under!!!" Scully said at the obvious lie.

"Mine!" he said gleefully "This is a sovereign state - my Jurassic Park." He turned his eyes downcast "My greatest work. I spared no expense."

Scully began to feel a little sorry for him. In the 30 minutes she had talked with him, that was about all she had managed to get. He WAS senile - it would do no good to subject him to interrogation. His mind was not able to comprehend, it would just be cruel to continue.

"I don't think we are going to get any more out of him." Scully said to Ian. Hammond continued to stare at the floor.

"What do you suppose he meant before, when he came in here ranting about 'evil men' trying to 'destroy him'? Did he give you any clue?" Ian asked.

"No!" Scully said sadly. "He doesn't seem to remember why he was terrified, why he came here, or even how he got here."

"There's a jeep outside!" Ian said. "One of our missing jeeps - freshly painted, running well. For a senile man, he seemed perfectly capable of keeping the best vehicle for himself, and driving!"

"That doesn't prove anything." Scully said in a clinical voice "Sometimes senility comes and goes. He may be more lucid later."

"What about that crazy story Alan told us - of finding Hammond murdered? Why would they say that?"

"It's obviously a case of mistaken identity" Scully said.

"But - if you don't mind me questioning you on this, Agent Scully - Alan, Ellie, and Tim know John even better than I do. How could they make a mistake like that?" Ian asked analytically.

"I don't know" was the best response Scully could manage. John smiled un-noticed at their confusion.

Half An Hour Later - At The Visitors' Center

Alan, Ellie, and Tim arrived just before the rain hit. Scully and Ian came out to meet them, and see Hammond's body for themselves.

"I don't understand - its John!" Ian said.

"I think I do." Ellie said. "I think he used his DNA technology to clone himself." A little doubtfully, curling her lips, she asked "where is - John?"

"Inside ----- petting Ugly" Ian said dryly.

Hammond was on the floor, treating the huge animal like a human baby. "Yes - yes - that's my pretty girl!" he said. Ian frowned at the irony of the name they selected for her. "Now - mustn't eat TOO much. Flowers aren't cheap - they all had to be grown just for you - yes - they were extinct, you know. No food for you and your cousins - my POOR pretty little girl!"

Ian was disgusted by now. "John - if we could interrupt you for a moment, there is something - someone we would like you to see!"

"Yes - yes, I am coming. I'll see you in a little while, my pretty girl!" he said as got to his feet.

Hammond's reactions and moods changed dramatically when they lifted the tarp from his double's face. "HE - KILLED - MY - BROTHER!!!!" Hammond screamed.

"Then you were a twin?" Scully asked probingly.

"No - no, we are not twins. We are - duplicates. In case the original got killed," Hammond said.

"Then you admit you are clones?!" Ellie asked, shocked he would come right out and admit it.

"Yes - clones - copies - twins. I couldn't risk being killed by one of my animals - the park was too important. So I made copies of myself, too. That way, my death would only be a minor inconvenience."

The others were trying to keep from being totally repulsed by the hideous logic that Hammond was obviously believing. Scully, though, realized she had her chance for some answers - this had shocked him into himself, he was in his right mind now.

"You told us that you were in danger - that someone was trying to kill you. Obviously - they got to one of your clones. As soon as they know they didn't get you - they will be after you - and us. Can you tell us who they are?" Scully asked.

"Government men - from your government" he replied. "I thought you and Mr. Mulder were some of - them. But he said no - the one who smokes. He knew you and thought I invited you. Quite upset, if I remember correctly."

Scully could scarcely believe what she had just heard 'the one who smoked'. Could their old adversary be involved - here????

Tim said "I found a cigarette butt by grandfather's - his - body". Tim said, obviously having a hard time coping with all of this.

"There - you see! It is him, and he will be coming. We don't have much time!" Hammond said.

"John - if I may be so bold - just what is it that we are supposed to do? You stranded us here, you cut off our communications, you left us open to attack by dinosaurs, and now you want us to HELP you?" Ian responded disgustedly.

"Ian - he is our only chance!" Ellie said. "John - you can help us, too! Get us off the island, and you will be safe, too."

"Its not that simple!" Hammond said. "He is the one who stranded us here. The smoking man - I - was doing research for him. He wanted no leaks, so he cut off communication / transportation. None of us will ever leave here, but he may keep us alive if we give him WHAT HE WANTS."

"And what is that????" Alan asked emphatically.

"Why - my DNA research! What else?" Hammond replied. "Oh - I will need samples from all of you to complete the work. Then - everything will be fine."

"No way!" said Ellie "Uh - UH" said Tim" Alan said "No!" Ian shook his head no. Scully scowled - not her DNA either.

"There is still Mr. Mulder and my Lex," Hammond said. "Where ARE they?"

'Good question' Scully thought to herself. Mulder had a radio, and they could reach him, but she didn't trust Hammond any more than the others did. If Mulder and Lex had a chance, she didn't want to reveal their plan. "Why - out looking for you!" she said. "But - they won't let you, either."

"Never say never, my dear," Hammond said "sooner or later, you will give in. You will have to. So will the others. So will Mulder and Lex, when they get back." Hammond was beginning to lapse back into senility. He began to lament to himself about Lex and Mulder, and the others just let him sulk, now aware they had been under surveillance the whole time they had been on the island.

Later That Evening - On The Mountain

Lex and Mulder had placed their makeshift climbing equipment in a pile - no need for it any more. They were ascending up what was a relatively flat slope - nearing the top. But --- where was the top? The air was intensely cold, and both had seen patches of snow nearby. They were walking on some sort of grass, and every once in a while, bare rock showed through. This was no place to be stuck at that night! Mulder was aware of being very short of breath - the altitude, no doubt. Lex was doing somewhat better, but both were covered in sweat, even though they were shivering. It was a little hard to think, and each step they took - their feet felt like they were made of lead.

Suddenly - as they walked on - they were greeted simultaneously with a view of the Pacific ocean, and an intensely cold wind that almost knocked them off their feet. They had made it!!! The bright sun rays punching through the clouds made it almost impossible to see through the dim mist of a distant fog. In the distance, they thought they could see - just perhaps - a mountain peak. Even when sun was shining through breaks in the clouds on the West Coast of the mainland - they were awfully far away, and it was hard to see anything. Too cold to celebrate or ask questions, they began the task that brought them to this mountain top. They grabbed the pack and got out the contents - cell phone - repeater - antenna - batteries. All of it had survived the climb. Lex fumbled to make the connections that might save all of their lives - but it was hard work in the cold and thin air.

This would be a one way call - no way to know if they reached anybody. Mulder served as the antenna tower, holding it in front of him against the wind. The bent square shape caught the wind, and was very difficult to hold. It took all of his strength. He was mindful to keep his hands off of the active part of the antenna - he would short circuit the signal.

"MAYDAY!" a frightened Lex spoke into the phone. "To anybody who can hear this call, we are marooned on Isla Nublar, off the coast. We are in constant danger of attack by large, predatory animals, and need immediate help! This is not a prank call, we are in desperate trouble. Please send helicopters to rescue us, accompanied by military personnel! We are unable to acknowledge your response, we only have one way communication."

Mulder thought to himself - 'pretty good, I couldn't have done better myself'. He secretly doubted that anybody heard, however. 'My God' - he thought to himself - 'what a lonely and desolate place.' He looked toward Lex, whose face was also filled with concern and doubt ----.

Lex repeated her message two more times, five minutes apart. After the second message - the phone, which only had its whip antenna, had crackled and it sounded like a voice was talking in Spanish, but the tone was not urgent and it faded as quickly as it started. Some sort of atmospheric reflection ----.

"Lets get out of here," Mulder said. "We can't get stuck up here in the dark." He was furious with himself for not grabbing a flashlight. In disgust - he picked up the cell phone. It put out a little light, but not enough to see by.

Lex was very scared. She knew how cold it was now, and how much colder it could get that night. She didn't let Mulder know, but she was beginning to doubt whether they would make it off the mountain alive - they might die of exposure that night.

It took half an hour for them to walk to the spot where they had left their picks and rope. But - it only looked like a hour or two of light was left. They both scrambled to get the rope tied, and backed down into the treacherous slope quickly, almost recklessly, slipping several times.

"Fox!!!" Lex yelled as she once again fell.

"I got you!" Mulder said, straining to hold on to her as her weight pulled against his. "We are almost to the rock slide - can you get grips?"

"I think so!" she yelled up as she dug her fingers into the dried earth. She was really glad she didn't have long nails, they all would have broken by now. She wasn't into that - it would impede her typing. She gained her composure and backed down some more when Mulder gave her some slack.

They got to the top of the rock slide as the last rays of the sun were blocked by the mountains across the island. Almost immediately, it got very cold and very dark. "Keep going!!!" Mulder yelled to her, mindful that they would die of exposure if they didn't get off that mountain soon. Getting down the rock slide was much easier then getting up. After almost falling and becoming part of a maddening tumble of rocks - they decided to sit down and sort of slide along. It was more than a bit uncomfortable as the rocks poked them along their legs and on their rears, but it was relatively easy to make good progress down the slope. Even fun in a way.

The Visitors' Center

The others were having a dreadful supper. Alejandro had prepared gourmet cuisine, now that Hammond had joined them. They would have been satisfied with a quiet supper, but Hammond insisted on "entertainment". He had dusted off his projectors and was treating them to a presentation of his "new, safe, and improved" Jurassic park.

Ian was groaning to himself as he saw the senile man making the same blunders he did before.

Ellie asked Alan quietly "Can you BELIEVE this? He acts like everything that happened before was just a minor glitch!"

"Ssssshhh - Ellie, just listen politely. We don't know what he is capable of doing - in his mental state. He might even demonstrate his advanced transportation off the island to us!" Alan shuddered as Hammond entered the portion of the presentation about expansion plans, first Jurassic Tennessee, just outside of Nashville ---- Alan had to smile a bit as he thought of velociraptors AND the Grand Old Opry. Not a good mix for vacationers. But a fitting end to country music, which he despised. He loved classical, occasionally some rock. But NEVER country! Then Alan became serious at the thought - if they got out - there would be no chance of containing them on the mainland. They had adapted completely to present day bacteria and pollution - and thrived. They would spread all over North and South America.

Scully was studying Hammond as he talked. He showed signs of advanced senility - total detachment from reality. He had no concept that his life, too, was in danger. Just grandiose plans for a theme park. Scully couldn't help but notice - he WAS looking older, much older than that afternoon. She noticed that his skin was peeling, too. Much like peeling after a severe sunburn, but there was no trace of burn on him. And he was sweating even though the room was cool. Almost too cool - somebody had kept the air conditioning in good repair. His eyes were sunken, and she noticed several bruises - severe anemia. Scully came to an unsettling idea that this, too might be a clone. She decided not to share it yet, for fear of hurting Tim.

Mercifully - the dinner ended. Hammond retreated to his private quarters, after promising them "the thrilling tour of a lifetime" the next day. None of them wanted to be on it.

The Mountain

Mulder and Lex were in deep twilight as they came to the alpine meadow. They heard the stream in the distance. "We can follow that stream downhill!" Lex realized as she told Mulder. Instinctively, he followed her. Both were shivering uncontrollably, it was intensely cold. They were conscious of crunching ice crystals in the moss and lichens as they walked. The stream bed was flat at first, but started to slope. In the distance - Mulder thought he could see signs of the first trees, but it was getting too dark to tell.

"Fox - try the light in your cell-phone!" Lex said.

Mulder whipped it out, and it did dimly light the ground around their feet. They would not trip on anything, as long as the battery held out. Walking briskly helped them with the cold, but both were getting numb in their fingers. Mulder knew they did not have much time left - this was the first sign of frostbite. They already had severe hypothermia.

The Guest Quarters

Ian and Scully were the last to reach their rooms, as usual. Scully noticed that Ian did not go in his room, he stood in his doorway, beckoning a silent invitation. Looking around at him and understanding - Scully turned around and came back.

"Would you - like to come in?" Ian asked, almost hesitantly.

Scully wanted some company - badly. She couldn't decide how much she "owed" Ian for saving her life, or how much she was willing to "pay", but spending some time with him would be a start. Her own thoughts were confused by being very tired, and by feeling betrayed by Mulder earlier, and by a nagging concern for Mulder. She couldn't decide whether to be angry or worried.

After getting her a drink, Ian broke the ice. "You are worried about them, aren't you? Mulder --- and Lex," Scully did not care what happened to Lex. She amused herself with the thought of raptors feeding on her skinny body, but stopped herself 'no - that's not right - you are jealous - stop it'.

Ian read her thoughts in her face almost like a book. "I guess I should re-phrase that. You're concerned about Mulder."

"Yes," she admitted slowly.

"Grant and I were talking earlier. We think that at first light, we should send out some kind of search party to - find what -- to find them."

Scully was grateful to hear that, the thought had occurred to her, but she didn't know if the others would agree. Strangely relieved, she suddenly felt the need to be alone.

"Ian - do you mind if I leave?" Scully asked.

Ian understood, to her surprise. He WAS sensitive, and a gentleman after all. He escorted her to the door. She lingered for a moment - looking in his eyes. This time, they were full of understanding and compassion. Maybe even love. Scully leaned up and kissed him.

"It would have been fun!" Ian said - smiling with his trademark smile.

Scully understood the joke, and smiled at him before walking down the hall and going into her room. 'What did I just do?' she asked herself when she got inside. She decided 'the right thing', and resolved to figure out her feelings when she was more alert.

The Forest on The Mountain

Mulder and Lex were grateful for the fact that there was no more crunching ice crystals under their feet. They were deep in the forest, and the temperature was cold, but well above freezing. They would be cold, but they wouldn't die.

The battery in Mulder's cell phone was giving out, and in the quickly dimming light they made out the trunk of a large tree, and piles of moss around it. With a single thought - they worked together to spread the moss on the cold ground, and then made themselves a wraparound "blanket" of moss.

After a few minutes huddled together, they were almost warm. Unfortunately, so were biting bugs in the moss! But - they weren't too bad. In spite of the discomfort, they were both asleep in a couple of minutes.

The Next Morning

This was to be a full scale search and rescue operation. Tim had still been spying on his sister, and knew what direction they had taken the day before. Rope, food, water, radios, other supplies --- and makeshift weapons took a couple of hours to gather on the floor of the great hall in the visitors' center. It was quite a mess - with the remains of Ugly's meal, and some smelly deposits she had left among the broken fossil bones.

"Messy - MESSY - untidy. I shall have to call maintenance at once!" Hammond said as they exited and made their way to the two waiting jeeps.

"Have a wonderful expedition in Jurassic Park today!!!" a totally senile Hammond wished them in a jovial tone. "Don't forget Mr. Mulder and my Lex. They overslept - AGAIN!" All of them could hear the disgusted tone in his voice.

Alan decided to humor him "Oh - no - they already left, they're ahead of us! We'll pick them up along the way!"

"FINE - Fine!" Hammond said. "You do that!" he then turned around and entered the visitors' center.

As they debated among themselves who would ride with whom - they did not notice the imposing stranger smoking a cigarette who had walked up to the other side of the jeep.

Ellie turned around, and was first to see him. "Who are you??!!!" Ellie asked.

Alan had a chill go up his spine as he remembered the cigarette butt by Hammond's dead clone. He was certain he was face to face with a murderer.

"I must ask none of you to leave!" The cigarette man said simply.

Scully knew immediately she had seen him before. But what was he doing here? Dim, distant memories of her abduction and subsequent return made her frightened at the sight of him.

Walking right over and facing Scully, he took another drag and said "Agent Scully, you are free to leave if you wish. You will be provided with transportation off of the island. Mulder, too, when we locate him". He nodded to three jeeps that were pulling up in front of the compound, followed by a white panel truck.

Scully did not even consider his offer. She didn't love Ian, but she felt a close friendship developing with him. Added to that, she did not want to leave the others at the mercy of the cancer man and his associates. "No, I would rather stay with the others."

"You will decide otherwise!" he said without looking up from his cigarette. "Take them inside!" he said to a number of black - suited men who had exited the jeeps. They looked oriental. None of them were smiling as the cigarette man followed everybody into the building.

"YOU!!!! Are you still up to your cloning games with me!" he said angrily to John upon seeing him with Ugly.

John got up slowly - obviously agitated. "There is no need to repeat yourself. You made your feelings quite clear when you murdered my double!"

"That one was defective - it was going to warn the others. And I suspect that you, too are here to warn them!" the cigarette man said, obviously reaching for his gun.

"Freeze!!!" Scully yelled, pointing her gun resolutely at the cancer man's head.

"Agent Scully - you have no stake in this, PUT - THE - GUN - DOWN! --- NOW!!!!" the cigarette man said - in an annoyed voice.

Scully looked around at a half dozen guns pointed her direction, and reluctantly lowered her gun. She was disarmed in an instant. She tried a different strategy to save Hammond's life. "What difference does it make now - we know most of it anyway!"

The cigarette man considered her words, but saw no logic in it. "Agent Scully - this Hammond you have been talking to is an unauthorized and defective clone. I have no choice but to terminate it!" He raised his gun, and to the horror of Scully and her companions, shot Hammond in front of their eyes. The blood and goare scattered everywhere, as Tim looked away and buried himself in Alan's chest. He tried so hard to be 'cool', but the tears came all too easily.

"ROAR!!!! went Ugly, as she knocked the cigarette man across the room. She missed him with the spikes, but shots were ringing out all over the room, Ugly managed to escape by smashing through the front door of the visitors' center, and in the confusion - so did Scully, Alan, and the others. In a mad scramble, they managed to make it to one of the jeeps. Scully got behind the wheel, with Alan beside her, and Tim and Ellie in the back. Ian was not so lucky. His bad leg crumpled under him as he rushed for the jeep. Ellie was looking back and saw what happened - she jumped off to go to his aid. They both were surrounded and captured.

"Agent Scully - turn back!!!" Tim yelled from behind. "They've captured Ian and Ellie!!!"

"Tim - we can't help them by getting captured ourselves!" Alan said. "We will have to go back for them later."

They sped on, being sure they were not being followed.

The Genetics Lab in The Visitors' Center

"Prepare them!!!!" an asian scientist said to some assistants, as the cancer man and two other black suited men watched. Big, burly assistants surrounded Ian and Ellie.

"NO!!!!" Ellie screamed as they quickly ripped her clothes off. Ian was getting the same treatment, only he did not cry out. He was too humiliated for expression. Normally, the thought of seeing Ellie that way would have given him pleasure, but he felt no pleasure as both of them were wrestled to surgical tables and strapped down with heavy leather straps. He only felt humiliation, resentment, indignation, and deep-seated anger. He did not consider himself a violent man, but if he had agent Scully's gun right now, he knew he could kill. Ian turned to see them plunge a hypo clumsily into Ellie's arm, and he turned to see the same type of hypo about to be plunged into his arm ---------

The Road

Scully had scarcely said a word in the past several minutes. She was concentrating on her driving - 50 to 60 was all she could manage on these dirt roads without wrecking. They saw a jeep in the distance coming straight for them --- could it be Mulder and Lex???

The oncoming jeep came straight for them, but it was John Hammond!!! None of them were really very happy to see another clone, but this one seemed lucid enough. "I have to get the three of you off the island - NOW!" he said.

"We can't leave - they captured Ian and Ellie! And we don't know what happened to Mr. Mulder and Lex!" Tim said.

"What happened?" Hammond asked.

"The cigarette man arrived at the visitors' center with a small army of men. They took us prisoner, and the cigarette man killed one of your clones. Lex's pet dinosaur attacked him, and in the confusion the three of us escaped. But Ian and Ellie were captured." Scully said.

"Damn!!!!" Hammond said. "Where are Mr. Mulder and Lex?"

"We don't know. We were going to look for them when we were captured." Scully answered. She then continued "If you don't mind me asking - are you the real Hammond or just another clone?"

"As real as you are, Miss Scully!" he replied.

"That's not an answer!" Scully said back, and then turning to Alan she said "this one does seem to be more lucid - more alert than the others. He is either the original or a more advanced clone."

"Yes, yes - I am the first to admit that some of my early duplicates were imperfect. They tended towards senility, rapid aging, and tissue degeneration."

Scully was going to seize the moment, and eagerly pursued the interrogation she had wanted to do on Hammond. "Can you tell me just who those men are, and what is going on here?"

"Those men - yes, government men, from your government, I believe. They never give out their names or titles, though. The others have probably filled you in about the park. I had intended to open Jurassic Park 5 years ago. At the last moment, my computer programmer - Dennis Nedry - decided to terminate his employment here by letting all of the animals loose. There was a terrible loss of life, several good men died." Hammond looked down - in obvious sincere regret. "The rest of us barely escaped with our lives."

"If you knew it was so dangerous here, why did you return?" Scully continued.

"This is my life's work, Miss Scully. My greatest achievement! I could not simply walk away from it. Mistakes were made the first time, terrible mistakes. We were too dependent on fragile technology. The animals were caged in enclosures like a zoo. This time ---- it will be different, better! We will protect the visitors, but let the animals run free, in a more natural way - free to breed, free to be predator and prey. Nature knows best! It is the people who need protection. The animals will only be constrained by the ocean and the mountains."

Alan knew that Ian would have a few choice words from chaos theory about this latest blunder on Hammond's part, but he remained silent. He briefly entertained visions of raptors - escapees from the island - roaming our new urban jungles.

"But who are these men????" Scully continued.

"Yes, I was coming to that. After our escape, they came to me and offered to help restore the island - if I would conduct genetic research for them. I have the finest equipment in the world after all - spared no expense! And my team of scientists left before the disaster, and was totally intact."

"What type of research???" Scully demanded.

"Why - human! Miss Scully. I thought you knew!" Hammond replied. "You have seen the results - I used myself as the blueprint. At first, all went well. The island infrastructure was restored, my dinosaurs prospered, and my research went well. But - my clones began to deteriorate - genetic defects. Much the same way that incest produces weakened human offspring. I needed more genetic diversity. The government men are working with somebody else, who got impatient! They began to treat me like an outsider - unnecessary. They took over my research! If they have their hands on Ian and Ellie - they are in great danger of being used for genetic research. It may kill them!"

The Jurassic Park Genetics Lab

In a dreary, sleepy half sleep - Ellie was dimly aware of the technicians working on her. Her tolerance to medication was high - they may not have known she wasn't out all the way. She was aware of being poked with needles and having tissue samples taken. The pain was terrible but she wanted to hold onto what little consciousness she had. Her vision came and went, and was blurry at best --- she was aware of oriental looking faces bending over her -looking into her eyes. Then - was she imagining it? - their appearance shifted slowly from oriental human into something - different. Large dark eyes, no nose, small mouth --- she drifted off into sleep.

The Lake Outside The Visitors' Center

Mulder and Lex had looked better - they had spent a cold bug infested night together - slept fitfully if all, and both were tremendously sore from their climb the day before. But they were alive, and ready to join the others. They had easily made their way back to the jeep that morning and driven to the visitors' center.

They were terribly afraid, however. They had arrived at the visitors' center in time to see everything - the cancer man - the escape, the re-capture. They had driven their jeep into the brush - unobserved by everybody, and hidden in the brush. Lex was tending to Ugly, who had walked to the lake before collapsing. She had lost a lot of blood, and Lex felt extremely sorry for her trusting companion. She had snuck back to the jeep to retrieve a first aid kit, and had dressed the wounds as well as she could, and was now stroking Ugly's head and feeding her flowers. "You will be all right, girl! Just relax for now, get your rest." But it was too late, and the wounds too severe. Ugly drifted off to join her distant ancestors in extinction.

"Fox!" she said as she started to cry.

"I know - it's OK. You did everything you could." Mulder comforted her.

"I - didn't want her. She saved our lives, twice. Now she is gone and I never really cared - until now, and it's too late!" She started crying uncontrollably. Mulder just held her. After a long time, she gathered her composure. Turning to Mulder, she asked "what are we going to do?"

Mulder knew they needed numbers "We need to find the others, and try to sneak past the guards. Do you think you can create a distraction with the computer?"

"And HOW!" she said - staring at him resolutely. They were going to PAY for what they did to Ugly!!!

Mulder expertly took out the guard at the front door, and carefully checked inside. No more guards as backup. They had been careless! Motioning to Lex to join him, they both slipped in the front door and made it to the control room without being seen.

"And what shall we do to Jurassic Park today, Mr. Mulder!" Lex asked, managing a smile.

"Anything you please, Miss Murphy!!!" Mulder answered, trying to cheer her up by joking around.

"How about we shut down their power, lock their doors, and turn off their air conditioning for starters!" Lex said as she quickly typed the lines of code that would make life just miserable for everybody in the genetics lab.

"Don't forget -- Ian and Ellie are in there!" Mulder said.

"No problem - I won't make it TOO bad! she said. "would you like to see what is happening to them?" She was already activating the security cameras.

"OH MY GOD!!!!" was all she could say when she saw what was going on. Their joking mood was over - Ian and Ellie were in serious trouble and they knew it.

Mulder was indignant. He hadn't had much of a chance to talk to Ian or Ellie, but he liked both of them. But - he was especially upset to see Ellie on the table like that. To see her or any woman exploited and mis-treated like that was something he just couldn't stomach.

Mulder was alarmed to see the number of technicians and guards. They didn't have a chance in the world to rescue the others. The best they could hope to do was slow them down. Mulder asked "Can you download their research onto a tape in here, and erase their files?"

Lex nodded, as the tape began to write the all-important evidence. "Their files will erase automatically after the tape is full. This may take a few minutes."

"Can you get sound?" Mulder asked.

Nodding - Lex typed a few commands and then the computer speakers came to life. Two oriental technicians were talking.

"---- are we going to do reproduction analysis on these specimens?"

"No - the DNA extraction is of primary importance. Our advance force is already en-route, and we still do not have viable hosts."

"Very well - are we authorized to terminate?"

"You are authorized to terminate!" said the cigarette man from the mezzanine.

Mulder looked at the man smoking the cigarette, a feeling of recognition flowing through him as he thought back to all the times he had been standing in Skinner's office with Cancer Man observing.

Lex stared at Mulder - terrified. The technicians were preparing a large hypo, and Mulder knew they needed to take immediate action. "Do your WORST to them. Get us some time."

Lex clicked on the red EXECUTE? square on the computer screen with her mouse.

"Let's get out of here!" Mulder said, desperately wanting to get Lex out of danger. On the computer screen - the lights in the genetics lab went totally dark.

"What about the tape?" Lex asked.

"I'll come back for it if I can - later!" Mulder said. He knew the chances were slim. They would come straight here when they realized what happened. No evidence - again. But nothing was more important than Lex.

Both of them could hear loud banging on the lab door as they approached the main hall of the visitors' center. Five guards rushed past them, not even seeing them. They managed to get outside unobserved and were in the brush in an instant, panting hard.

Both Mulder and Lex felt strong hands grasp them from the rear and cover their mouths! 'Guards!' thought Mulder. But he turned to see it was Scully, as Lex turned to see it was Alan.

"What did you do?!" asked Scully "the guards outside all rushed in, portable radios saying something about 'being locked inside' and 'sabotage'."

"We slowed them down a little, but they are going to kill Ian and Ellie - for their DNA." Mulder answered.

"And so they will all of US if they catch us!" Hammond said. "Our only chance of escape is to leave them behind."

"No way!" Alan said.

"Very well. I'm leaving." Hammond said as he resolutely got to his feet.

"No! You're NOT!" Mulder said, getting into his face. Mulder didn't trust him at all. Hammond backed down.

Several ominous clicks from behind them spelled trouble. WHY hadn't they kept watch behind? The guards emerged from the brush, and escorted all of them back inside the visitors' center.

Cancer Man was just emerging from the genetics lab when they were brought inside. Obviously frustrated to the point of extreme anger, he confronted Mulder. "Agent Mulder, all you have managed to do is create a temporary delay in our plans. I assure you we will be fully operational again inside of an hour." He took a drag on a cigarette. "I have other uses for you and Agent Scully. You will be taken from the island immediately." He motioned to some guards who grabbed them and began to drag them to the door.

"Fox!!!!" Lex screamed - as they dragged her, Alan, and Tim towards the genetics lab. With all of his strength, Mulder freed himself momentarily and rushed to her aid, only to be hit across the face with the butt of a rifle - knocked to the ground - one of the guards pinned him down with a heavy boot in the middle of his back. The guard seemed to get a sadistic pleasure out of inflicting pain by grinding down with the heel ----

"Stop that!" Cancer Man ordered. The guard instantly obeyed. He jerked Mulder to his feet - Mulder's back ached, but was not broken. The cancer man walked over, looked at Mulder with a long gaze, and then turned to the other guard holding Lex and said "release her!" He turned away and walked toward the lab. Mulder was returned to Scully, and Lex's guard brought her over. They were roughly escorted toward the door.

"Tim!!!" Lex screamed as they dragged her. "NO ----- release him, too. Or take me instead!!!" She could see that Tim had heard her as he was dragged away. She was sobbing as she joined Mulder. Mulder, Scully, and Lex all struggled as hard as they could to get free, but there were just too many guards.

As they emerged from the visitors' center - the sound of helicopters began to fill the air. 'Our luxury ride off the island!' Mulder thought to himself. He wondered why the cancer man had let Lex go - was it for him, because he cared for Lex - or was it to stop further trouble? He was intensely relieved to have Lex by his side, but it was no comfort to her. She had just lost her brother and second parents to some unspeakably perverted experiment. Mulder knew it would take her a long time to recover from the pain, and he would give her that time.

But ---- Cancer Man emerged from the visitors' center extremely disturbed as the helicopters landed. They were NOT part of his plan, that was certain! As soldiers streamed off the helicopters and the guards abruptly released Mulder, Scully, and Lex, and headed for jeeps. The soldiers brought Lex, Mulder, and Scully to the commander. Mulder was trying to remember what little Spanish he knew when the commander asked in very good English "Are you the people who called for help?"

Lex grinned in triumph to Mulder - her plan had worked!!! Mulder wasted no time in replying "Yes, and those men who are escaping are the ones responsible!"

"VAMOS!!!" said the commander to his men as they started after the cancer man's guards. They were caught and taken prisoner quickly.

Cancer Man was nowhere to be seen. As the soldiers entered the visitors' center, it was evident that the guards had left. The door to the genetics lab was locked - a quick volley from a machine gun popped it open - the force of the gun caused it to slam against the wall as it swung open.

Scully was quick to adopt her medical role as she examined Ian, Ellie, and Alan - they were all heavily sedated, but otherwise unharmed. Lex helped Scully locate white robes for them.

Something moved in the corner - the lights were not all on yet - the corner was very dark. Mulder drew his gun, and approached cautiously. As he rounded a desk - he spotted a person in the dim light. "come out with your hands up!!!" he yelled. He was in no mood to fool around.

"Don't shoot!!! It's me!!!" Tim emerged from the shadows. Mulder put his gun away.

"What happened?" Mulder asked.

"They were about to strip me and put me on one of those tables when their leader - the cigarette man - came in and said that they had been discovered, and there was some sort of security risk." Tim answered. "Are they going to be all right?" he asked looking towards Ian, Alan, and Ellie.

"I think so" Scully said. "But they will be out for a long time." Soldiers were already carrying them gently out.

"THE TAPE!!!" Mulder said to Lex - suddenly remembering. Motioning to some soldiers to follow, he headed for the control room with Lex. As they arrived, they found the tape drive empty, the tape cartridge had been removed. They heard helicopter noises, this time from the top of the visitors' center. Mulder and Lex led the way trying to find a way to the roof, followed by the soldiers. It proved to be easy - there was a staircase outside of the control room that lead to the cryogenic storage on one level and the roof on the next. Mulder and Lex emerged in time to see Cancer Man climbing into the waiting helicopter. He glanced at Mulder and held up the tape, as if to gloat about his success. The soldiers began to fire, but his helicopter was quickly out of range.

"The genetics lab!" Mulder said, realizing he had been 'had'. After they returned, Lex found that every computer hard drive had been erased, all the research gone. They went to Alan and Ellie's quarters, only to find that it had been ransacked, and the notebook was missing.

Later That Day

Alan, Ellie, Ian, and Tim were all a bit quiet - their recent experience was still having some effects on them. Scully glanced over towards the others as they prepared Ellie and Ian for the trip. Ellie had regained consciousness a short time ago, but Ian was still out. Scully was a little worried about him, but there wasn't anything she could do but wait. One of the soldiers that was stationed by Ian looked up at Scully and motioned for her to come over.

"I'll be right back Mulder," Scully said over her shoulder as she jogged over to Ian.

"Deja vu," Ian said, just as she reached his side. Noticing her, he turned his head and gave a weak smile. "Well, I guess it's not deja vu, they didn't have any pretty nurses for me last time."

"I'm a doctor not a nurse," Scully said smiling, happy to see that he was behaving like his old self.

"Really?" Ian said, in a weak voice. "Then I should call you Dr. Agent Scully or should I call you Agent Dr. Scully?"

"Agent Scully, we're ready to load him," the soldier said behind her.

"Alright," Scully said to the soldier. "You can call me Dana."

"Can I?" Ian said, smiling and closing his eyes.

"Yes, you can," Scully said, stepping back to let the soldiers pick him up. "Ian, I'll see you when we reach the main land."

"Okay, Dana," Ian called out weakly as they loaded him on the place.

Scully walked slowly back toward Mulder, and about halfway back, she made a decision. She looked at Mulder and Lex together, and decided to blow off Mulder's betrayal to her. Scully realized that - in a sense - he did the right thing: protecting a civilian and leaving a trained agent, her, to fend for herself. Her reaction to the whole situation might have been wrong. Walking to Mulder, she looked at him for a moment.

Mulder understood the look, and that the issue of betrayal was gone. He seldom used her first name, and when he did, it would be a deep subject. "Dana, I know you're upset that I jumped in front of Lex to protect her. Maybe I WAS thinking more of my fiance than of my partner."

"No, you did the right thing," Scully said. "She was the only one without a weapon," after a pause, she added. "It's OK."

Lex had watched the encounter between Mulder and Scully, and knew not to interfere. She listened politely, and then walked over to Scully and said, "Agent Scully, Fox has told me a lot of nice things about you. I know you don't know me that well, and resent my involvement with Fo-, Agent Mulder, but I would like a chance to be your friend. I know that I could be viewed as an intrusion on your special friendship with Agent Mulder, but I would never interfere. I wouldn't want to."

Scully looked at her carefully - Lex was sincerely reaching out. Scully took Lex in her arms and hugged her. Maybe Lex was OK, Scully would give her that chance.

None of them had noticed Tim coming up from behind. "Lex," he said. "Can I talk to you for a minute, in private?" She nodded and they walked a few paces away. "I wanted to thank you - for trying to save me. I heard you when they were dragging us away. I'm sorry I acted like a jerk. I guess - it's OK with me if you want to be with that guy," Tim said, looking at Mulder. But Mulder was busy talking to Scully.

"Where's John?" Scully asked.

"Vanished again!" Mulder said.

"We must leave now!" the helicopter pilot shouted from beside the helicopter. Lex rejoined Mulder and put her arm around his waist as they all walked to the waiting helicopters. Scully started to throw a scowl, but it quickly turned to a smile. Would Lex settle down the reckless, impulsive Mulder? She suddenly was interested to see the outcome of this! More than that, she felt a tremendous sense of relief. It would no longer be her responsibility to take care of him, perhaps even love him. Lex could do that now.

As the helicopter's left, John Hammond emerged from a secluded grove of trees, holding a brochure for the grand opening of Jurassic Park, coming soon! Insane laughter filled the trees as the birds squawked and flew away.


Five Years Later -
A Quiet House in A Nice Neighborhood
Alexandria, Va, Just Outside Of Washington Dc.

The little girl looked up as her mommy yelled. "Samantha! - time to come inside!

Samantha looked up with love and trust at her mommy - the same beautiful long blonde haired Lex, just 5 years older, and dressed in a nice dress instead of shorts and a T-shirt.

"Hurry and get bath - we're going to have company! Dana is coming over!"

Samantha smiled at the name - the pretty red haired lady that always gave her candy and big hug. She looked up to see her daddy walk in - she loved her daddy! He was tall and strong and good to her.

Mulder looked at his wife and smiled - they had a good life together these past 4 years since they got married. He looked at the wedding picture on the table with amusement - it had been a normal wedding except for his best "man" Dana. The photo looked a bit lop-sided with women on both sides of him! And Frohike and the others - they never did like dressing up.

He grabbed Samantha and she giggled in glee as he swung her around - with Lex watching, giving him a big smile. Lex was happy as well - Fox really came through taking care of Samantha when she had to work late. She was bringing in the majority of the income with her successful company, and she was happy that he didn't resent her success. After all - the FBI never did pay a lot.

THE END ??????



Angelia - who gave me the idea for this story, and without whom this story would have been terrible. Jessica - who helps me get Mulder and Scully right without even realizing it. Amanda - who gave me some good suggestions. Barbara - who proofread the story.

Thanks to a couple of original "Star Trek" episodes, an old "Man from Uncle" book, "Honey I Shrunk the Kids", and several "Nature" and "Dinosaur" episodes --- from which I blatantly stole quotes and ideas.

This also is written as a tribute to Ariana Richards, the talented young actress who played Lex in Jurassic Park. She tirelessly promoted the movie for Universal, and was rewarded by not appearing in the sequel. In my story, instead of covering her in mud and dinosaur snot - I made her the finest "babe" ever - the romantic lead - and a central, multi-dimensional character, the one who saves the day for all of them.

This story was also a way to allow my boyhood favorite dinosaur - the stegosaur - to have a central role. I was a bit disappointed not to see one in the first movie.

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