Title: Dreams Come True
Author: Ruth
Classification: SRA - Mulder/Scully Romance
Rating: Probably PG - I'm not to sure
Spoilers: Redux, Redux II, Christmas Carol, Emily

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Disclaimer: The characters used in this story aren't mine. They are the property of Fox television and 1013 productions. I'm using them without permission but I'm not making any money of it. You could sue me but you wouldn't get much considering the fact that I am a student.

Summary: When Scully is taken ill at a family party it has serious repercussions on the rest of their lives

Authors Notes: This is my first attempt at writing fan fiction so feedback would be greatly appreciated.

On with the show....

J. Edgar Hoover Building
Friday 13th March 1997 4:30 pm

Scully sat at her desk, finishing the last of her paperwork for the day. She was leaving a little early because she was going to he mothers. It was her nephew Carl's 7th birthday party. She was really looking forward to it - it had been ages since she had seen Charlie and his kids. She was just trying to remember the last time when Mulder interrupted her train of thought. "Scully, shouldn't you be heading off."

"Yeah I was just finishing this paperwork"

"Go," replied Mulder, "I'll do it."

"Okay, if you're sure, I guess I'll see you on Monday Mulder."

"Have fun Scully and give my regards to everyone, well maybe not Bill," he said remembering her older brother's hostility towards him.

"I will." She said with a smile as she walked towards the door, "Oh one more thing Mulder, try and stay out of trouble this weekend okay."

He gave he a big grin, "Yes Ma'am." She laughed as she left the office

Maggie Scully's house
6:05 pm

Dana had just given Carl his present - a $25 gift certificate and a yard of chocolate (She never knew what to buy for a seven year old) when Bill made his first remark about Mulder. "How's that sorry sonofabitch you work with?"

Dana got annoyed. "If you are referring to Mulder he is fine."

"Well who else would I be referring to Day, who else puts you in constant danger, who else do you risk your life for everyday!" He was shouting at her now but he didn't really care.

"Bill, that is enough," warned Maggie Scully, to no avail.

"No Mom, it's about time Dana knew how much pain he has caused this family." Dana stood up and was about let rip with Bill when she felt her legs go week beneath her and everything quickly went black.

Georgetown Medical Centre
8:16 pm

The doors to the ER swung open and Fox Mulder came charging in. He spotted Maggie Scully and her family and headed over to them, and asked, "Where is she?"

Bill turned around at the sound of Mulder's voice, "What the hell are you doing here?"

Maggie Scully ignored her eldest sons comment. "Fox," she exclaimed, "thank you for coming."

"That's okay Mrs. Scully, thanks for calling. How is she?" There is concern in his voice; it is obvious he is thinking the same thing as her family, that it is the cancer, that it has returned. "She says she is fine but she won't tell us why she fainted. Could you talk to her Fox? She might confide in you? "

"I'll try Mrs Scully, I promise"

As Mulder walked to Scully's room he thought about all the things that Scully had given him: her friendship, her trust, her support - he couldn't cope if it was the cancer, if she was taken from him. He reached Scully's room and looked through the window. She didn't look sick at all she looked beautiful. Her knocked gently before opening the door. "Mulder? What are you doing here?"

"Your Mom called me - I was worried about you. It seems that it was you who needed to be reminded not to get into any trouble this weekend not me!" Scully smiled. "Your Mom says you won't tell her what's wrong. She's worried - is it the cancer?"

"No, it's not the cancer."

"Then what? What's so horrible that you can't tell your mother?"

"I'm pregnant," she said it so quietly that Mulder wasn't sure that he'd heard what he thought he heard. "What?"

"I'm pregnant - two months pregnant to be precise."

Mulder was dumbstruck; when he finally found his voice there was only one thing that he could say. "Two months, that means..."

"I'm carrying your child."

If Mulder was angry it didn't show, if Mulder was happy it didn't show. His face was expressionless. He slowly rose out of the chair and walked towards the door. "Mulder?" Scully could feel the tears welling up in her eyes.

"I'm sorry Scully."

After Mulder had left Scully let the tears fall.

The Reflecting Pool
8:53 pm

He didn't know why he came to this place to think, all he knew was that he always seemed to end up here when things got rough. As he sat staring at the water his mind drifted back to that night two months ago. She'd looked so beautiful when he arrived, unannounced, at her apartment that night. He'd got lonely so he'd picked up a video, a pizza and a bottle of wine and headed for Scully's place.

They were half way through the film when they finished the wine that he had brought, but Scully had a bottle in the fridge. By the time the film had finished they were both feeling a little light headed. Scully had insisted that he didn't drive home, saying that he could sleep on her couch. He'd resisted at first but she had persisted so he gave in. At about 3 am he'd awoke to the sounds of sobbing coming from Scully's room. He quietly made his way across her apartment and sat down on the bed with her, put his arm round her and held her while she cried for the daughter she never really knew. After her crying had subsided he lifted her chin so she was looking straight into his eyes and lowered his lips onto hers. He thought she would pull away but she took him totally by surprise and kissed him back. He hadn't intended it to go as far as it did but one thing just led to another and they had ended up making love. The next morning was extremely uncomfortable, he wanted to talk about what happened but all she would say was that it was a mistake and they should try and put it behind them. So he did.

Whenever he was around Scully he kept from thinking about that night but when he was alone in his apartment he would fantasize about her and hope that one day she would turn around and tell him that she had been wrong, that it hadn't been a mistake. At first it was hard and their friendship suffered but eventually they were back to their old selves.

Now, however, he didn't know what to do. Scully was carrying his child - a situation that they had both thought was impossible. He'd wanted this for so long, he'd dreamed about this. But in his dreams it was different, they'd been in a stable relationship and they'd both been so happy. He knew that Scully would want to keep this child but where would he fit in. Would she even want him to be involved? He didn't know, but he did know one thing - he didn't run away from his responsibilities.

Maggie Scully's house
Saturday 14th March
10:03 am

Mulder had decided not to try and talk to Scully last night because she needed to rest and he had needed more time to sort his head out. He had called the hospital this morning and found out that she had been discharged and was staying with her mother. As he approached the house he wondered if Scully had told her mother about the baby, and how she would have reacted. If Bill knew, he was a dead man. He knocked gently on the door, trying not to wake anyone.

Luckily it was Mrs. Scully that answered the door. "Fox, come in."

"Thanks Mrs. Scully is Dana up?"

"Yes, she's in the kitchen. She was sick this morning, Fox, I'm very worried. Did she tell you what was wrong?"

So Scully hasn't told her mother. Great, how do I get out of this one. Luckily he was saved from having to think of anything to say because Scully, having heard Mulder's voice, came to his rescue. "Mom, can you excuse us for a moment, we need to talk?" Mrs. Scully complied with her daughter's request and left them alone. "So, where d'you go last night, I was worried about you."

"I'm sorry I ran out on you like that, it was just a bit of a shock."

"Yeah, tell me about it," she replied with a chuckle. He looked at her and he had to smile, she was glowing, she really was radiant.

Okay time for his speech. "Scully, I will not walk away from my responsibilities to this child. I don't care if you don't want me to be involved I want this child to have a father and you have no right to take that away from it...or me." He was certain he was crying now but he didn't really care.

Scully was shocked to see Mulder reduced to tears so easily. "Oh, Mulder. Whatever made you think that I wouldn't want you involved?"

His voice was so quiet now, like a child's. "You said that…that what happened was a mistake, so I thought you'd push me away and I don't want that Scully I want to be a Father to this child...to our child."

When it was clear that he had finished she walked over to where he was sat and placed his hand on her belly. "I would never not want you to be involved. What I said, about that night, I didn't mean it Mulder. I was scared, scared about how it would affect our friendship and our partnership. What happened that night was not a mistake and sorry that I never told you this before, but...I love you Fox Mulder, and I have done for a long time."

Oh my God she said it, she said she loves me. I never thought I would here her say that. "God, Scully I never believed that you would ever say those words to me, especially after that night but now you have and you've made all my dreams come true." Well all but one he thought < i>but I think it's a bit too soon to be talking about marriage. "I love you too Dana Katherine Sc.." He was cut off by the feel of her lips on his.

Just then Mrs. Scully tapped gently on the door. "Dana, honey is everything alright?" she asked as she opened the door. "Yeah Mom, come on in, we've got something to tell you."

So, what do you think? Love it? Hate it? Want a sequel?

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