Title: Daddy
Author: Grey Woman
Rating: G
Classification: VR
Keywords: Major Character/Major Character married
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Summary: Scully's life with her child and husband.

I watch as they watch tv together. My daughter of two and my husband of almost two years. She gives him a big wet kiss and walks awkwardly towards me.

"Mommy?" Missy asks staring at me with her huge hazel eyes.


"Do you love Daddy?"

"Sure I do honey, you know that." My husband is staring at us with interest in his eyes.

"Can you get me some juice?" she asks shoving her childproof cup in my face. "Pwease." Well that was a quick change in subject.

"Sure," I reply and I lean down and receive a sloppy kiss from her. "You want to help me munchkin?" she nods her head eagerly. "Ok," I say and scoop her up into my arms. My husband blows us both kisses.

"I caught mine, Daddy and I caught Mommy's too," she says very proud of herself.

"Thank you for catching them sweetheart," he replies smiling at her. Me and Missy get the juice she wants into her cup with a record breaker of only one spill this time. My husband gets up and stares at us during this escapade. He smiles at us and kisses Missy on her head. Then he helps me clean up. After putting Missy to sleep my husband kisses her on her nose and leaves the room as I say goodnight to my little miracle. She looks and acts so much like her father. I kiss her cheek tenderly and rub her little hands inbetween mine. Then I kiss her again and close the door quietly behind me and leave.

That night I lay in bed contemplating the decisions I had made over the past three years. Some I still agree with while others I would have taken a totally different route. I feel the sheets rustle and my husband turns toward me.

"Anything wrong, babe," he inquires looking at me through the dark.

"Nope," I say. "I am as happy as ever." Even though I know this is not true he accepts my answer and throws an arm around me and pulls me close. Than he places a gentle, loving kiss on top of my head.

"Well whatever's wrong I hope I am helping you."

"You are I reply, thank you." I kiss him and turn to my side and snuggle up next to him. As soon as his breath evens out and I know he is asleep I let out what I have been holding in all day. Tears fall silently from my eyes. I miss him so much.

"I love you and your mommy very much," he says to my daughter. "But I have to go to work today and fight the evils of the world. But don't you worry because Mommy will be with you here," he bends down and gives Missy a kiss and she reaches up and hugs him around his neck.

"I wuv you too Daddy," she replies sniffling a little bit. Missy never liked when either of us left. Then he made his way towards me and held me in his arms."I love you, Dana Scully and don't you ever forget it," he says and leans down and kisses me. We pull apart and I reply with the standard response.

"I love you too, John Doggett."

The End

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