Title: Come Back to Me

Author: Renee Delrigo

Summary: Scully has her child, but all she can think of is Mulder.

Rating: PG

Spoilers: Requiem

Disclaimer: Mulder and Scully are not mine! Now you all know the truth. You didn't think they were mine? You mean you read the 'Written by Chris Carter' at the end of every ep? (retreats shyly)

Archive: anywhere

Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000

Feedback: I live for it! rdelrigo@yahoo.com

Author's notes: I know this gets a teensy bit sappy, but isn't that what fanfic is for?

Come Back To Me

She walked along the sand. The sun was beginning to set, and it painted the sky with delicate strokes of fuchsia, coral, and crimson. The cool evening breeze blew her short hair around her face. Mulder's hand and her own were interwoven, and slowly they walked along the shore. She delighted in the feel of the sand, which was still warm from the earlier afternoon heat. A little girl ran ahead of her and Mulder, her red pigtails bouncing. "Mommy, Daddy, come on!" She cried back to them. Scully turned her head to face Mulder, and smiled, laying her head on his shoulder as they continued to walk along the beach. She sighed in contentment. She was so happy. Scully could not believe that all her dreams had come true. She had a child, her daughter, Mulder's daughter. She had never thought this was possible. All the years of pain and sorrow, all the hell they had gone through had led to this. It had been worth it all along. She finally had the life she'd always wanted.

Scully slowed her pace, and in turn, Mulder slowed his. He looked down at her and bent in to cover her mouth with his own. Scully smiled, as she broke the kiss, then playfully tugged on his lip, as she returned it. Their daughter ran back to them and tugged on their joined hands. "Mommy," she moaned, and took her mother's and father's hands and tried to pull them with her. She skipped and hopped along. Scully looked down at her daughter in between them. Smiling once again, she thought this was perfect. Too perfect.

She rolled onto her side, and the movement startled her into waking. Her first instinct was to roll back onto her back; the pressure on the baby would be too great if she lay on her side. Then she remembered. She could hear the wailing in the crib beside her bed. Getting out of bed, she retied her bathrobe and approached the cradle. She reached down and gently picked up the newborn baby girl. "Shhhhh, sweetie. It's ok. Mommy's here." she crooned. The baby's hazel eyes widened at her mother's prescience, and she gave a little cough and stopped crying. Scully sat down on the bed and begin to nurse the baby. She wished with every beat of her heart that Mulder was here to see this. She wanted him to be able to hold his child in his arms. This child was a symbol of their love, and the product of their union. Tears started rolling down her face again. She had been so emotional throughout the entire pregnancy, and now, post birth, she was still a mess.

Her daughter stopped sucking, and Scully rolled her onto her back to burp her. She had named her Hope. It had been an extremely hard decision to name her. Scully wanted to wait for Mulder to return. She wanted them to discuss names together, but her didn't even know she was pregnant, and he probably was never coming back. No, she chided herself. He will come back to me. Somehow, we will find a way. Hope was the key. She had been born under impossible circumstances, and the impossible would happen again to bring them together. It had to.

Hope burped, and Scully stood up to return her to her crib, but changed her mind. She didn't feel like returning to an empty bed, and if she did, Hope would most likely start crying again. Scully held her tightly against her chest, and walked to the window. She opened the curtains and looked out onto the view of the nation's capital. Despite the late hour, and deserted streets, the sky was shrouded in a pale mellow haze, which hid the light of the stars. This was the way it was every night. Every night she dreamed the same dream with her and Mulder walking along the sand. Then she would nurse the baby and stand at the window, gently rocking Hope back and forth until dawn. The monotony of it was exhausting, and she could think of nothing except Mulder. She would continue to wait for him, and could only pray that somehow he knew. He was not alone, wherever he was. He carried the most precious part of her with him: her faith; locked in a tiny gold cross worn around his neck. Scully had given it to him at the airport just before he left for Oregon. She had hoped that by giving him the symbol of her faith, God would protect him and return him to her.

Scully looked down at the now sleeping Hope, and closed her eyes in wonder at nature's perfection. It was just her an her daughter now. Faith was all she had left. Scully looked out at the skyline one last time. Dawn was just beginning to break. She closed the curtains, and returned her child to her crib. Scully was still on maternity leave at the bureau, so there was no need to prepare for the coming day. She tenderly laid Hope back down in the cradle and crawled back into bed. Scully preferred to fall asleep again quickly, and to return to the world of her dreams. They were so much more pleasant than the reality she had to face. She whispered the words, "Mulder, come back to me," as she drifted off once more.


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