Title: Another Choice
Author: Wildafox0619 ( wildafox0619@yahoo.fr)
Rating: PG
Spoilers: William
Category: MSR-AU

Summary: What if Scully had made another choice?

Author's notes: Written for the Haven 510 words Do Over Challenge. Thanks again to Xdks for the beta and the comments! You are a gem! Written June 2,2003

"He didn't have a choice to come into this life. I don't have a choice about what he is or was ... but I do have a choice about the life my son will have ..."

The words she had said to Monica Reyes kept on ringing in her head. She had never been more sure of herself than when she took the decision that there was no way she would let her son be harmed.

She had waited for the night to fall before packing a suitcase with enough clothes for William and herself for a few days. She packed the diaper bag full of diapers, toys, formula and bottles. She left Washington taking great care to check that she wasn't followed.

William was asleep in his car seat. He was peaceful in slumber. As he grew, he looked more and more like his father: dark hair, hazel eyes and delicious pouting lips, and she was glad because no one would ever question his origins anymore.

William was their miracle and nobody had tampered with his genes. He had been born from love and she would cherish, all her life, the memory of the night he had been conceived. She smiled while remembering the events prior to that wonderful night.

Mulder was back from his monthly trip to Raleigh. He'd gone to put flowers on his mother's and sister's tombstones He needed do to that alone and she understood. `She understood that he needed to do it alone and let him go without question'

She wasn't expecting him until the following day and had been agreeably surprised. They had shared a romantic dinner by candlelight at her kitchen table and then he had led her to the bedroom. They took their sweet time making love that night and their miracle was created.

She'd had the difficult duty of keeping their son from harm whilst Mulder was in hiding trying to defeat the shadow government's plans. She had failed and didn't wait one minute more before executing plan B. She travelled across the country in four days, stopping every night at a motel to rest.. Her little boy behaved himself and had never complained about being confined in the car most of the day.

She had reached her final destination, and parked in a secluded alley somewhere in New Mexico `As she unstrapped William and took the gurgling boy into her arms he smiled, as though he knew that all the travelling was over. She climbed the three steps separating her from the little white house's front door and knocked, bracing herself for what was coming.

The door opened and an audible gasp greeted her. William shrieked and drooled all over himself.

"Da da da" he chanted as he was engulfed with his mother in his father's bearhug. The two grown-ups started to cry at being reunited after ten month apart. Explanations would come later. They were together again and that was all that mattered.

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