Title: And She Was Thankful
Author: xxaerogirliexx
Rating: NC-17
Keywords: MSR, Babyfic
Disclaimer: Nope. No way. Do not own them. However, it would be a nice thing. HeHe

Summary: It has been a wonderful Thanksgiving day at the Mulder household.

Thanksgiving Day
8:45 PM

Dana Katherine Mulder walked slowly up the circular staircase of her home, her eleventh-month-old son fast asleep on her shoulder. Full of squashed carrots and peas the little boy now snored with a sense of contentment as his head lay on his mother's shoulder. As she reached the nursery, Scully gently pushed the door open and walked into the baby's room. It was one of the more thought out and planned rooms, when it came to the decorating. Its light blue walls went well with the toy truck border at the top of the wall, a soft grey carpet, white crib in the corner and an heirloom rocking chair by the balcony window, which Scully had received as a gift from her Aunt Olive at her baby shower.

Walking to the changing table, in the corner, she carefully laid her baby down and couldn't help but smile as he slightly whimpered and rubbed his tiny fists over his eyes, letting out a small yawn. His soft baby blues soon opened and he smiled slightly up at his mother as she worked the snaps of his one piece body suit.

"Hey my big boy," Scully whispered as she stroked a tender hand down his smooth belly, "You ready for bed? You're little tummy is nice and full of Thanksgiving dinner and I bet you left a little surprise in here for mommy, didn't you?"

He gurgled something non intelligible as he just stared up at Scully, with big eyes, as she opened his diaper, she immediately closed her eyes and wrinkled her nose, "Oh wow you've got quite a mess here, don't you little guy?" She reached over and playfully tapped his nose before sliding off the messy diaper and wiping him clean. She ran the wet wipe gently over his peach bottom, making sure to clean him all up before reaching for his cream to heal the diaper rash he had developed a few months earlier.

Now cleaned up, Scully reached for his Bob the Builder snap up jimmies and suited him up. It was supposed to be a rather cold evening, so she made sure that her baby wouldn't freeze. All ready for bed, Will looked up at his mother as she took him in her arms. He flashed a toothy, lop-sided grin that reminded her so much of Mulder and she couldn't help but smile.

Knowing he would not be getting back to sleep on his own, Scully decided to take this time to spend a little mother son time with William. She quietly padded over to the rocking chair and gently sat down, cradling her son close. As she rocked back and forth, she found her thoughts wandered as to how great of a Thanksgiving this had been. Their first together as a true family. She was thankful.

Her mother had gone to Ireland with the rest of the family to visit Aunt Olive, but Scully had kindly declined. It would just be too much of a hassle, carrying William on a plane and not to mention she just wanted some quiet time with her husband and their precious baby. It had been an ideal day, with the both of them cooking. Mulder had gone out onto the back flagstone patio and smoked a very delicious turkey in the fryer, of course dragging the kitchen television out there so he could watch his football game. Scully had stayed in the kitchen with William playing contently in his playpen, while she prepared all the other dishes for their meal: sweet potatoes, sweet peas, stuffing and steamed carrots. It had been a very pleasant, uneventful day.

Now, Scully smiled down at her son with a look of admiration as he resumed his light snoring against her chest. She ran a light hand through his hair as she bent to kiss his head. He was such a beautiful baby, with his dark head of curls, bright blue eyes, pouty, baby mouth and no doubt his father's nose. There was no question that this little one was his father's child, it was scary there resemblance.

When she was certain he was down for good, Scully carefully stood from her rocker and made her way to the crib. She gently placed her bundle in the crib and carefully covered him with his light blue wool blanket. William gurgled in his sleep and smacked his lips before rolling onto his side, and placing his thumb in his mouth. Scully smiled as she ran a tender hand down his baby soft head.

Suddenly she felt two strong hands on her shoulders, and her husband's soft, rich voice in her ear, "He down for the count?"

Scully turned her head and smiled at her husband as she placed one of her hands on his shoulder, "I should say so, he's had quite a day."

Mulder nodded as he moved to stand beside her, keeping one hand protectively on her back, as they gazed down at their son. They watched every little breath he took, and the rise and fall of his little chest as he continued to suck away on his little thumb. After a few moments, Scully grabbed hand and started pulling him out of the room.

"Come on Mulder, let's get the kitchen cleaned so we can get to bed."

As they quietly closed the door, Mulder tugged her hand in the direction of their bedroom.

"All ready taken care of Scully. All the doors are locked, the alarm set and kitchen and living room straightened up."

Scully smiled at her husband as they stepped into the master bedroom, as she slipped her arms around his waist. His arms went around her back as she rested her head against his chest. She spoke into his shirt, "What did I ever do to deserve such a wonderful man?"

He chuckled as he pulled back and cupped her face, "What did I do to deserve such a wonderful woman?" He countered as he bent to gently kiss her lips. He then pulled back and smiled at her, "Now you go relax, take a long bath and I'll be waiting for you when you're done."

"You don't want to join me?"

He raised his eyebrows, "Are you coming on to me Mrs. Mulder?"

She laughed as she grabbed his hand and pulled him into the direction of their master bath, "Just get your ass in here with me, *Mr. Mulder*."

Her laugh died in her throat as they entered the bathroom. The lights were dimmed, with candles on the counters, toilet and the tub already filled with water and bubbles. There was a thing of wine chilling on the side of the tub with two glasses by it. Scully felt the tears well up into her eyes as she turned to her husband.

"Oh Mulder." She hugged him tightly, "You're so good to me sweetheart."

"Only because I love you baby," He murmured into her hair before pulling away and gently patting her bottom, "Now let's get naked and hop in."

She smirked as he hastily pulled off his wool sweater, "You just killed that mood." Nonetheless, she started unzipping her slacks and pulled them down her hips. When all their clothes had been removed, Mulder gently helped in wife settle into the tub before getting in behind her and pulling her back against his chest.

Scully sighed in content as she rested her head on his left shoulder as he poured them a glass of wine. She took her glass and rested her arm on her husband's knee as he tenderly stroked her hair. They sat in a comfortable silence, as they gently caressed each other while sipping on their wine.

After a few moments, Mulder leaned down and gently kissed her neck as he murmured, "We had a nice day, don't you think? Our first Thanksgiving as a family?"

Scully smiled as she scooted closer to him in the warm bubbles, reaching up to stroke up and down his arm, "That we did sweetheart."

"So you don't regret not going with your mom and everyone else?"

She shook her head as she took a small sip of her wine, "Not really, I mean don't get me wrong. I love spending time with them, but I kind of wanted us to have some time alone. I mean Christmas will be here before you know it and we'll all be together then."

He nodded as he brought a hand to her knee and gently massaged it. She smiled and closed her eyes, loving this intimate and loving time alone. His powerful hands slide up and down her slender, slick legs as his lips started to kiss down her neck.

"Baby, do you know how much I love you?" He murmured into her neck, "You've given me so much: a life I never thought I would have with the world's most beautiful son."

Scully smiled as she sat her wine glass down and turned in the water to face her husband. Taking his wine glass from his fingers, she leaned forward and cupped his face gently. "I love you too sweetheart, more than I will ever be able to say. You are my whole life and I promise that I will love you until the day I die." She then leaned in and kissed his mouth sweetly as his hands slid around her waist.

As she moved to straddle him, he pulled away breathless. "Maybe we should move this to the bedroom, the baby monitor's in there. We wouldn't be able to hear him if we stay in here."

She nodded and let him take her still wet body into his arms and carry her to their bed. He laid her on the plush covers and proceeded to cover her body with his. Their lips slide over each other as their slippery bodies pressed together. Mulder threaded his fingers into Scully's hair as he tilted his head to deepen the kiss. Scully moaned arching up against him as her hands slid down his back and gently caressed his ass.

He tilted her head to the side as he kissed down her neck and buried his nose into her hair, "Aww god baby, you feel so good."

Scully sighed and stroked her hands through his hair as she gently pushed him further down her body, "Mulder, please."

"Please what baby." He whispered as his lips covered her hardened nipple and gently tugged. She cried out as her head twisted back and forth on the pillow, her fingers tugging and pulling at his dark locks.

"Put your mouth on me." Her voice was nothing more than a breathy whisper.

"Where?" He countered as he traced his tongue between her heaving breasts and latched onto her other nipple.

Her body flushed and her voice breathless, "Ahh, gawwd put your mouth on m-my." She broke off as she grabbed his head and pulled his lips to hers and kissed him hard and insistent, "So God help me Mulder, if you don't go down on me in five seconds I'll personally make sure we never have anymore children."

He chuckled as he murmured, "Bossy, bossy." Before his lips were on her body, making their way southward. He kissed and licked down her chest and ran his tongue along her navel before he reached the crimson triangle of hair between her legs. He placed his hands on her creamy thighs and gently parted her legs and chanced a look at his wife.

She was looking at him through half closed eyes, her breathing erratic, and a flush covering her body as her breasts rose and fell with each breath she took. He felt himself grow harder from just looking at her and slowly lowered his mouth to her. Scully let out a breathy whimper as she spread her legs wider, placing her feet on the soft mattress. Mulder held her thighs apart as he expertly worked his tongue up and down her folds. Scully's body quivered beneath his as he pressed his tongue directly on her clit and swirling it around there as he slid two fingers past her folds.

"Aww Mulder, yessss."She hissed out as her eyes slammed shut her hands scraping through his brown locks.

His fingers left her body and both hands moved to cup her ass as he pulled her further down the bed and buried his mouth deep into her. A breathy shriek left her lips as she felt his tongue bury into her and she wrapped her thighs around his neck.

Scully's head tipped back in pleasure as she ran her tongue along her bottom lip as her husband's mouth had its way with her. His big hands squeezed and caressed her bottom as he worked his tongue in and out of her. Suddenly, his lips closed around her sensitive bud and she felt her stomach tighten.

"Ahh.Mulder, I'm gonna."

Scully's cries were muffled by her arm, as she was still aware of their sleeping son down the hall, as her orgasm ripped through her. She bucked into her husband's face as she felt her warm juices sliding out of her body and into his mouth.

As her tremors subsided, she looked down at her lover and she couldn't help but smile at the image he made. Her juices were coated on his face, and his hair was sticking up in different directions, due to her tugging and pushing. He flashed a lopsided grin and began to slowly kiss his way up her body, leaving no area un-kissed. Scully sighed as she ran tender fingers through his hair, loving the feel of his lips on her body.

She felt the tip of his erection placed at her opening and she spread her legs further in silent invitation. Just as he was about to slip past her exposed slits a loud wail rang out through the baby monitor.

"Aww God you're kidding me." Mulder moaned as he dropped his head to the pillow next to Scully.

Scully smiled in sympathy and ran her hands through his hair and then gently pushed at his chest, "Come on Mulder, let me up and I'll check on him."

He groaned as he rolled onto his back, giving Scully a very impressive view of his `full mast' erection.

"That kid has got the worst timing."He threw a hand over his eyes and another across his six pack stomach.

Scully smiled and leaned down and placed a tender kiss on his lips before giving his cock a playful squeeze, "You just keep that bad boy waiting and I'll be back before you know it."

Mulder grunted and looked at her from under his arm as she slipped from the bed and slipped on her silk robe. She padded down the hall to their son's room and he could hear her through the monitor.

As he listened to his wife through the monitor, he felt the need to be with her and their son. So he slipped out of bed and pulled on his boxers and made his way to the nursery. As he entered he saw Scully standing at the changing table gently talking to their son as she changed him.

He walked into the room and she looked up surprised as she tossed the soiled diaper into the trash.

"Hi daddy, look Will daddy's here." She cooed as she scooped the now happy baby to stand on its chubby legs facing Mulder. He wasn't walking yet but he be held up by someone and even hold himself up.

A toothy grin spread across his face as he reached out for Mulder. Mulder smiled at his son as he walked to him and scooped him into his arms.

"How's it going slugger? Did you have a messy diaper? I bet mommy fixed you up good, didn't she? She's pretty handy to have around, what'd you say Will?" He pressed a soft kiss on the baby's head as Will playfully slapped at his face.

Scully smiled as she walked to them, "Okay you two, bed time. Let's go baby." She took Will back to his crib and laid him back into his crib, covering him back up with his blanket. He kicked it away with one chubby leg as he reached up a hand to his mother. Scully leaned down and kissed a pudgy fist before clicking on his star and moon mobile, hoping that will keep him transfixed until he falls back asleep.

Will's eyes went wide in wonder as the mobile came to life, his hand going into his mouth as he watched the mobile in amazement. Scully smiled and ran a tender hand over his brow before turning back to her husband. He was no where to be found. Furrowing her brow, she quietly left the nursery and head back to her bedroom. He wasn't on the bed, just as she was about to head to the bathroom the bedroom door was shut and two powerful arms encircled her waist.

She chuckled, "Mulder."

Her hands covered his as his lips began to slide down her neck and to her shoulder, "Get onto the bed baby, I'm going to have my way with you."

Scully shivered as she let him lead her to their bed and then lower them to it. She laid down on her stomach with her head resting on her hands. Mulder moved her hair aside and begin to kiss along her neck, down her shoulder blades, past her back and the swell of her ass. Tremors coursed through Scully's body as her husband put his lips all over her.

He gently spread her thighs and was pleased to see that she was still as wet as she had been before they'd been interrupted. Covering her body with his, he placed his lips at her ear. "I'm going to take you from behind baby."

Scully groaned as she involuntary arched her ass up to him causing the head of him to slip past her pussy lips. They both groaned. Grabbing her hips he positioned her to lift up as he placed his hard erection back at her opening before slowly sliding into her. Scully started panting in anticipation.

"Mulder, please." Scully moaned as he buried her face into her arm.

He rose to his knees and grabbed her hips tighter as he pushed himself deeper into her, watching as his cock disappeared into her tight body. His eyes squeezed shut as his head tipped back.

"God Scully, you feel so good." He panted as he slowly moved himself in and out of her. He tenderly ran the palm of his hands along her back and the curve of her ass as he slowly pulled almost all the way out before thrusting all the way back in. Scully gasped as she slid a hand down between them and gently rubbed her swollen clit.

This aroused Mulder even more and he picked up the pace thrusting into her for all that he was worth. He felt himself tighten as her inner walls gripped and sucked him deeper into her body. Scully began to quiver and writhe beneath him and she let out a cry of pleasure as his fingers swirled around with hers on her clit.

"Shh baby." He leaned over to whisper raggedly into her ear as he laid them flat down onto the bed, his lips right by her ear, "You don't want to wake the kid again, do you?"

She couldn't answer, she just buried her race into the crook of her arm as she her husband continued to push him in and out of her. Suddenly they both came, Scully's cries muffled in her arm as Mulder buried his teeth into her shoulder as he thrust harder releasing his semen deep into her body.

They collapsed onto the bed in a heap of sweaty, sated bodies. After a few moments Mulder gently pulled out of his wife and rolled her to back. They smiled tenderly at each other as he reached and tucked an errant piece of her hair behind her ear.

"I love you." Scully whispered as she reached up to cup his cheek pulling his face to hers for a loving, tender kiss.

"I love you too." He murmured against her lips before he slid down to her throat and placed a wet kiss there. Scully smiled and held her husband close to her as he continued to love her again. And she was thankful.

The End

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