Title: All That You Touch
Authors: Weezy and Trelawney
Classification: MSR, S, H, R
Rating: NC17
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Spoilers: Milagro, Bad Blood
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Summary: This is a different take on Post Milagro. Who moves in to the vacant apartment? This story involves a baby, but the baby isn't Mulder or Scully's. There isn't an alien in sight.

Thank you for coming. Keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times. Enjoy the ride.


I heard the noise faintly in the background of the dream I was having. It was a bump, a slam, and a baby crying.

A baby?

I jumped up off the couch and padded across the living room to open my front door. I opened the door and stuck my head out.

It was the baby. A little one sitting in the middle of my hallway. He was cute with a perfect round head and very little hair. I grinned down at him and looked up the hallway and saw that the door of Padgett's old apartment was open.

I was curious about the woman who had rented it. Padgett had only been dead for a week. I was surprised, the landlord had rented the apartment out quick this time. Before Padgett had come along the apartment had been empty for more than three months.

I knew it was a single mother and her son who had leased it. I met her two days ago when she asked for help to move her TV. She was very friendly and was interested that I was a FBI agent.

I was startled by the woman coming out of the apartment at a dead run. The baby smiled up at me showing two shiny white bottom teeth.

She scooped the baby up and hugged him tight to her chest. She looked up at me and smiled. I could see she had been crying. Her blue eyes were filled with tears and her face was splotchy and red.

"Hi, Mulder," she said wrapping her arms around her baby.

"How're you today?" I realized belatedly, that I have a bad case of bed-head and I'm still in my boxers and t-shirt.

"Fine." She sniffs.

"I heard the baby in the hall." I glance around nervously. "Everything all-right?"

"Yes." She hugged her son closer to her chest.

She was obviously upset but wasn't going to make any confessions to me right now.

Her name was Julia Kendrick and her son was Isaac. Julia was a young slender woman with a friendly open face and short, cropped blonde hair. Her son was the mirror image of her with his big blue eyes and blonde hair, that was just beginning to show how curly it was going to be.

She gave me tenuous smile and replied. "He got away from me."

She walked past me back into her apartment and I closed the door to my own.

I had showered and was tying my tie when I heard a soft knock on the door. I tripped over my Nikes and had to catch myself on the wall to keep from breaking my neck. I quickly opened the door.

Julia was standing in the hall and she was crying openly. Her small shoulders were shaking with her sobs. "I'm sorry to bother you, but I need a favor."

I reached out and pulled her into my apartment. "What's wrong."

She ran her hands over her face and took a deep breath. It calmed her and she dropped her hands. "My mother called me early this morning. My father had a heart attack last night."

"I'm so sorry." I reached out and took her delicate wrist. I could feel the bones through her skin.

She nodded and tried to smile. "I just moved to D.C. and I don't know anyone. I have to go and see my father in Phoenix, but I can't take Isaac with me. I'm hoping you can watch him for a couple of days."

I close my eyes for a moment. When I open them she is giving me a sad and tear-filled look. Like all men, I'm a sucker when a woman cries. "I don't know anything about babies."

"What's to know? I'll write everything down, " she dropped her head and I released her wrist, put my hand on her shoulder and patted it, "Isaac is a good baby, he's never a problem." she said.

"There isn't anyone else?" I asked. I couldn't believe I was actually considering watching Isaac. Scully and I had a meeting with Skinner in less than an hour. I was already running late.

It's a good thing Scully never cries like that. She would have had me convinced of her scientific theories in a heartbeat. I would have stopped believing in aliens a long time ago.

"No." She looked up again and I was struck by the sincere heartbreak in her face. "Your the only person I know that I can trust. The rest of my family are spread out over the country. I know its crazy, but I trust you."

I sighed and reluctantly agreed. She attempted a shaky smile and left to go back to her apartment.

She was back by the time I had my jacket on. She was balancing Isaac on one hip. She dropped a overflowing blue and green diaper bag on the floor. I could see bottles, diapers, and other

things poking out of the top. She hugged Isaac to her and kissed his soft blonde hair.

I silently watched as she struggled not to cry again and then took the baby when she held him out to me. It took a moment for me to figure out how to sit him on my hip. Isaac raised his big blue eyes up at me and I was struck by how much like Scully's they were.

Julia handed me a twenty, a long list of instructions, and the key to her apartment. "Feel free to go in and get anything for him. I'm still unpacking so my place is a wreck."

"Don't worry about it." I look back down a Isaac to see him smiling at me. "We're gonna have fun, right?"

"I really appreciate this. I guess you think I'm a horrible mother for me to leave him here, like this?"

"No." I shake my head.

"But your an FBI agent right? After all who else can you trust?" Her voice doesn't seem very convincing.

Julia picks up some kind of white plastic carrier. It has a pastel colored cushion and a little seat belt. "This is his car seat. Make sure you put him in the back seat and face it towards the back. Okay?"

I nod and she continues as she puts the car seat down next to the bag. "All the phone numbers are on the list. I still have your card from the other day, so I'll call you when I arrive." She suddenly moved towards us and kissed Isaac's head again. He reached out his chubby hand towards her. "Be good, baby boy."

After Julia left, I put Isaac in his carrier and buckled him in. He was looking around with a bemused expression on his chubby face. I gathered the diaper bag and my briefcase together and picked up the baby. He smiled at me again and grabbed my nose. "Ya ya ya."

I arrived at the Hoover Building ten minutes late for the meeting. Traffic on the beltway had been packed and I was nervous driving with the baby. It took me ten minutes to figure out how to put the carrier into my car. It was unnerving the way Isaac would watch me. Everytime I met his eyes he would smile widely revealing those two little teeth.

I tried calling Scully twice in the car but she wasn't picking up. I looked for her, hoping she would still be in the basement when we arrived. She wasn't so I took Isaac out of the car seat and left it sitting next to my desk. I wrapped him up in a light cotton blanket so he wouldn't attract too much attention.

The elevator ride was not fun. I was trying to keep the diaper bag strap on my shoulder but it kept sliding off. Isaac started to squirm in my arms. I dropped my briefcase, I could barely hold his wiggling, grunting little body and twice I almost dropped him on his round head. He finally quieted and leaned against my chest sticking one of his fingers in his mouth.

My steps were slow as I approached Skinner's office. I had to admit I was not too thrilled about facing Scully with this baby. I don't know where I stand anymore with her, when the issue of children comes up. Our relationship has been strained enough in the past week since her attack and Padgett's death.


Mulder was late. When he finally arrived at Skinner's office, he was carrying a bundle in a pale blue blanket along with his briefcase and a diaper bag. I had been anxiously waiting for a good fifteen minutes and he just sauntered into the office with the same look on his face from Dallas. Panic.

A diaper bag? My eyes widened and I was almost knocked on my ass by the sight in front of me. Mulder strolled up to me with a baby on his hip, his briefcase, and a diaper bag in his other hand.

I peeked under the blanket. "Mulder, what's going on?" What else could I have said?

The little baby boy he was holding was looking at me with big blue eyes. One thing for sure, was that he was a cute kid. He had the most adorable toothy smile, and the beginnings of the curliest blonde hair I had ever seen, it was lacking in volume, but it was still curly.

Mulder leaned down as he passed me. "It's a long story, I'll tell you about it after we deal with Skinner, okay?" he asked, suddenly, smiling his best I'm-so-full-of-shit grin.

"Where were you, Mulder? You know Skinner doesn't like waiting for us?." I couldn't help but return the baby's sweet smile as he looked back at me.

Mulder informed me that he had gone down to the office looking for me, but when he couldn't find me, he came on up to Skinner's.

Before I had the chance to pull more details from him, Kimberly was standing there telling us that Skinner was ready for us. Mulder said something to Kimberly that I couldn't quite hear and she shook her head at him.

He let his briefcase fall with a thump to the floor on the floor and shifted the diaper bag. It was continually sliding off his shoulder so I offered to take it for him.

"Thanks, Scully." He smiled at me. I gave him a grin back.

We entered Skinner's office, I walked ahead. Mulder, carrying the baby, who was now starting to squirm on his hip, followed. Another man was in the room seated at Skinner's conference table. He was the attorney who had almost represented us during the Ronnie Strickland fiasco.

I recalled that his name was Don Jamela. He was a tall slick fellow, all white teeth and dark knowing eyes. I'd ran into him several times over the past year and he never failed to give me the creeps.

As we moved further into the office, Skinner saw exactly what I had been trying to conceal by walking in front of Mulder.

"Agent Mulder, can I ask you why you have brought a baby to this meeting?" Skinner's dark eyes darted between Mulder and me. Mulder only shrugged. He finally rested them on me, as though I would know what was going on. As if I know all Mulder's secrets.

"Agents, please have a seat." Skinner was impatient to start the meeting. Once we were seated he asked. "Agent Mulder, could you please explain to me why you have a baby with you today?"

Mulder looked up, and stuttered "Well, uh, Sir, see my neighbor, she had a family emergency and had to go out of town and she had

no one to watch Isaac. Her baby, sir." He plopped the baby, Isaac, on his lap. "Well, I kind of got stuck with him."

Skinner's eyes narrowed behind the wire frames of his glasses. "I see." He paused. "Do you also have an explanation to why you thought it was necessary to steal Phillip Padgett's Mail?" He stared at Mulder his eyes turning cold.

I could tell Mulder was stalling. Mulder said, "Umm, excuse me, sir, but it seems that Isaac here has done a bit of a job in his diaper, I am going to have to change him."

"Agent Mulder, I think you have kept Agent Scully and Agent Jamela waiting long enough."

But Mulder was already sitting on Skinner's couch removing Isaac's diaper.

"Please sir, continue, I'm listening," he said and the rest of us turned back to the table.

Skinner began to ramble on about how mail theft was not only wrong but illegal, how Mulder would need to return all the mail that was stolen. Agent Jamela began to recite a long list of conditions and precedents in the law, that may or may not help us with this case if it should come to trial.

We were desperately trying to avoid a lawsuit with Padgett's sister. She had heard from a friend who had heard from a the sister of a cop that Mulder had stolen Padgett's mail when we tried to set up the sting. Funny how Padgett had not received a single phone call from his sister in the six months we traced on his phone, but after his death she was ready to sue the FBI in a wrongful death and mail theft suit.

I tried to listen, I really did, but I couldn't keep from staring over Skinner's shoulder at the scene behind him. Mulder was changing the baby like he had been doing it for years.

"Agent Scully, are you listening?" Skinner asked, breaking my concentration, I jerked my gaze back down to the report in front of me.

Skinner sighed heavily and stood up. He proceeded to walk over to the couch when I didn't answer him. Mulder was just beginning to put Isaac's new diaper on.

"Agent Mulder," Skinner crouched down and picked up the baby's diaper bag. "I think you need to be doing this elsewhere." As he stood back up, Isaac saw his perfect target.

Suddenly an arch of urine sprayed up and hit Skinner squarely in the chest. Right along the lapel of his gray suit.

Mulder jerked the front of the new diaper down and cut off the stream. Skinner didn't seem to know what hit him at first. He stared down at the stain on his suit. As he realized what it was, I could hardly hold back my giggles.

The look on Mulder's face! I couldn't help myself. I let out a small giggle before I had even realized it. I clapped my hand over my mouth and I averted my eyes from Skinner's furious face. Isaac gazed up at Skinner with his big blue eyes and let out a gurgle.

A muscle was twitching along Skinner's jaw. "Agent Mulder, I suggest you remove yourself and this child from my office."

Mulder tried to finish putting the diaper on Isaac. Unfortunately by this time, Isaac was squirming. I kept my hand over my mouth, barely managing to stop myself from laughing as Mulder tried to get the tabs to stick to the diaper. When he finally got the diaper on, he snapped up the baby's blue jumper.

Mulder quickly hoisted Isaac onto his hip and strode out of the office and out of Skinner's sight as quickly as he could.

Skinner dismissed me too. As I was leaving the room, I noticed Mulder's briefcase and diaper bag on the floor. I picked up the diaper bag and noticed a container of Huggies diaper wipes in the bag. I turned to look at Skinner, pulled out a wipe, and handed it to him.

I wanted to say something to apologize, but I was afraid that if I said anything at all, it would be followed by a tremendous roar of laughter.

The noise of apology that I did manage sounded strangled.

As I left the office, I met Mulder and his new friend at the elevator. "So you want to tell me what's going on?" I asked?


Scully took the news about Isaac better than I thought. Between

sending me amused looks and making baby noises at Isaac, I explained the situation.

I never know exactly how to read Scully, but for whatever reason her guard was down today. She looked annoyed when I told her about my new neighbor, concerned about my neighbor's father, and thrilled about my new baby-sitting venture.

She sat at my desk and fed Isaac his bottle while I finished up some work. She seemed as awkward as me when she first started handling Isaac, but within moments her natural instincts kicked in.

I worried that facing her with a baby would make her concerned about her own infertility and she would be more quiet and introspective. However, she seemed happy, she hummed quietly to the baby and rocked him as he finished his bottle.

Kimberly called down and said the meeting would be rescheduled for Tuesday morning. Kimberly was inquisitive about Isaac and asked if he was mine. I quickly assured her that he was not. I'm sure news of Isaac was all over the secretary pool by now. They probably think I'm planting seeds of illegitimacy all over the metro area.

I gave Scully the thumbs-up sign as Isaac and I left the office. He fell asleep in the car on the way home and I got a little work done at home, while he slept in his carrier.

He woke and I consulted the list of instructions. I grabbed a jar of peas and one of pears, I seated him at my rarely-used, small dining room table and attempted to feed him the food.

He would turn his head at the most inopportune moments and peas would land up his nose or across his cheeks. I think I got most of the food down him. He gnawed on a cracker while I cleaned him up with a washcloth. His bib was a disaster.

I sat him on the living room floor while I unpacked his diaper bag. Julia had given me a lot of stuff and I couldn't think that a baby would need it all. I didn't think that I would need to use her key. I went into the kitchen to put away the container of powdered formula and other jars of Gerber baby food.

When I came back into the living room Isaac was chewing on my Led Zeppelin IV CD. I swooped down and pulled it from him. It was then, as I got close to him that I smelled it.

It smelled worse than one of Scully's autopsy's. I gagged and looked at him. His face was turning bright red and he was making obscene grunting noises.

"Gotta load huh, boy?" I left him to his business and gathered up the box of wipes and a diaper. I started to sit beside him but the smell forced me away.

I watch Isaac warily for a long moment trying to decide how best to approach the situation at hand.

He finished, his face returned to its normal color. He looked at me and said, "Ya ya ya." I decided to go for it.

I sat cross-legged on the floor and laid him back. Unsnapping the jumper was easy but the smell got worse. I quickly undid the tapes and peeled the diaper back. Ugh. It was awful. I scraped what I could off with the front of the diaper and started using the wipes as quickly as I could.

"Yuck." I took both his feet in one hand and raised his bottom up and cleaned him until his skin turned pink. I took another wipe and cleaned all his little cracks and crevices where his little legs had rolls of fat, under his scrotum and gently around his penis. I tried to avoid the fiasco from earlier in Skinner's office and hoped he wouldn't pee on me.

I quickly put his new diaper back on and looked down at him. "Thank you boy, for not squirming and getting it everywhere."

He gave me a wide smile.

I started to resnap his jumper but noticed a smear of brown along one leg of the blue material. "Spoke too soon." I muttered and pulled off the jumper. I gathered the dirty diaper and the fifteen or so wipes I had used and carried them into the kitchen. I stuffed the mess into a plastic evidence bag and sealed it shut. No more odor.

When I returned to the living room with a new outfit for him, a green jumper with little dogs on the front, Isaac was pulling my CDs off of the shelf under the TV. One chubby hand was holding my Bare Naked Ladies cd as he pulled the CD's into his lap. He looked up at me. "Da da da."

This startled me. I can admit I've never thought I would hear anyone calling me "Da da." I shook my head at him. "I don't think so, Isaac. Come here." I picked him up and wrestled with him while trying to get him dressed. He wanted to play and began to giggle as I snapped the legs of his clean jumper.

I gave him some toys from his bag and stacked my cd's out of his reach. Then I picked up my phone and punched Scully's number.

"Scully." she answered.

"Did you know I just had an explosion in my apartment." I said.

"You're kidding! Are you okay? Is Isaac okay?" Her voice rose about four octaves.

"Isaac is the one who did the exploding. I just changed the nastiest diaper I've ever seen."

I heard her small sigh of relief. In my mind, I could picture her leaning back in the chair at my desk, perhaps propping her feet up on the desk. Wait. Maybe they wouldn't reach?

"Scully, do you have your feet on my desk?"

"What! No. Mulder, the diaper couldn't have been too bad. I'm guessing its the second you've ever changed in your life."

"Trust me, it was bad." I sat down on my coffee table.

"I do trust you, Mulder." I heard her give a little snicker after she said it. "So, I take it you survived?"

"Yep. He's all clean and happy. He keeps getting into my stuff."

"Lock your kitchen cabinets and close your bathroom door." she replied.

"What are you working on?" I asked. I watched as Isaac put down the plastic keys he had been chewing on and made a move for the drawer where my video tapes are stored. I panicked and pulled him back.

"I'm just about to leave for my three o'clock autopsy and then I'm done for the day."

I dug through my cd's and found the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever. I handed it to Isaac. There, let him do his damage, I never did like the BeeGees. "Anything interesting?"

"Nope. Just a routine homicide. Look, I have to run. I'll call you tonight." she hung up.

I looked at Isaac. His two teeth were attempting serious damage to the case. "Aunt Scully is too busy to talk."

"Ya ya." He answered grinding down on John Travolta's image.

End Part 1 of 4

All That You Touch

Part 2 of 4


I was curious about how Mulder was making out. It was almost dinner time, and I wasn't sure how Mulder was going to accomplish feeding Isaac.

I know from helping Charlie with his kids when they were young. It's a lot of work just to feed them their meals. I could just imagine Mulder, trying to get a spoon of carrots into Isaac's mouth. Actually, the thought of it was quite humorous. I decided that it would probably be wise if I checked in on him.

Since I don't think he would appreciate me barging in on him just to make sure he was doing everything right, I figured it would be best if I called him instead.

The phone rang about five times before I heard the receiver being picked up. "Mulder." I heard someone one on the other end answer. I knew it was Mulder, but he sounded out of breath and frustrated. "Scully is that you?" Mulder said still sounding out of breath.

"Listen, tell me how do you get an eight month old with the stubbornness and reflexes of an 18 year old, to eat his carrots?" I could tell Mulder wasn't frustrated at Isaac, just at the fact he probably had carrots all over himself. I wanted to laugh out loud, but decided against that option.

"Okay Mulder, listen it's really not that hard." I started to continue, when I heard a loud thump "MULDER, what was that?" I was worried about the both of them. I thought maybe Isaac had squirmed out of his chair, and fallen onto the floor.

"Oh nothing, he just threw his bottle on the floor again, hold on one sec." I heard Mulder put the receiver down as I suppose he bent down to pick up the bottle. "No Isaac, don't do that again, its not funny."

"Listen Mulder, when I watched Matthew a couple of months ago, he was at the same stage Isaac is now, when they don't want to eat anything. It just takes some patience." Yeah I thought, and a really big mop. I remember trying to feed Matthew, his meals would consist of eat, throw, eat throw, eat, throw.

"He ate the peas and pears fine earlier. But he doesn't want these carrots at all. So Scully have any ideas on how to get this food into his mouth without it ending up on me or the floor first?" I smiled as I thought about what I use to do for Charlie's kids. I never did it to Bill's kids, he would of thought it was ridiculous.

"Well, Mulder, I do have one idea," I hoped he wouldn't fall on his ass laughing at me for this, but he was the one who asked "see you take the spoon with carrots on it, and you hold it up in the air," "Mmmhmmm." Mulder

"and you move it slowly towards his mouth." I continued.

Mulder decided to interrupt. "Yeah Scully, I did that, but he keeps his mouth clamped closed or he knocks the spoon out of my hand." Mulder started to whine, "Come on, Scully, why don't you just ask your mother?"

"Would you just let me finish" I said, trying not to sound mad. "Now as I was saying, as you move the spoon towards his mouth, start to make an airplane noise." I paused just waiting for it to come.

I knew the laughter would start any moment on the other end of the phone. Instead of that I heard a small grunt, perhaps he was trying to hold back the laughter?

"An airplane noise. Would you like to demonstrate this wonderful sound for me, Scully? I wouldn't want to get it wrong now, would I?" God, it was bad enough to explain, now he wants his own personal demonstration.

"Mulder, you know what an airplane sounds like" I told him. Hoping he would leave it there, I started to say "and as you move the spoon towards the mouth making the airplane sound." I thought I had almost gotten away with it.

He interrupted again, "Come on Scully, I lived on Martha's Vineyard, I don't know what they sound like, I need a demonstration, to make sure I get it right." This was the last thing I ever wanted to do, but I figured he wouldn't let up until I caved in.

"FINE." Okay, what exactly does that sound like again? "Brrrrrrrr, Brrrr, Here comes the airplane, let it come in for a landing. Brrrr, brrrr, here it comes, open up."

That must of been the single most embarrassing thing I have ever done over the phone. "Satisfied, Mulder? Now, when you finish put the spoon in his mouth and he should eat it."

"Yeah, Scully, it's working." Good, at least I won't have to demonstrate that again. Mulder didn't hang up, I think he thought I could help him, in case he got into trouble again. It was hilarious hearing him making the same noises that I had just demonstrated.

When he finished feeding Isaac, I heard him clear his voice "Listen, Scully, I am going to give him a bath, can you stay on the line, just in case you have any other special sounds that you could demonstrate." He gave a small snicker over the line.

Yeah sure, I don't know anything about bathing a baby, let alone any sounds that are helpful.

"Very Funny, Mulder, I will stay on the line, but I will not make any more sounds, understand!" I hoped he wouldn't fight me on this. There was absolutely no way that any more sounds would come out of this mouth.

"Okay, Just stay on the line." The bath happened without incident, save for the toy throwing, water flinging, and near drowning. But other than that everything went just fine. It was getting late. "Scully, you still there?"

"Ya Mulder, I'm here, you better get Isaac to bed, he must be exhausted. I will call you tomorrow to see how your night went. Okay?"

I was slightly worried about the baby sleeping in Mulder's apartment. But since Mulder didn't want to sleep in Julia's apartment he had moved Isaac's playpen into his apartment and decided that would be where Isaac slept. "Have a good night, Mulder. Bye"

"See you tomorrow, Scully."


It was past eleven, but I could not resist calling her one more time.

"Scully." She answered her phone in that sleepy, sexy voice. I felt a stirring down south and my brain sent the message, Down boy.

"Scully, it's me." I had been looking through Isaac's bag.

"Mulder, what time is it?" I heard her move in the bed and my brain had to shout the message, again.

"It's a little after eleven."

"I just got to sleep. What's wrong?" she asked.

"Nothing. Julia called. Her father is going to be okay. She'll be back on Sunday."

"Goody." Scully never does sarcasm well over the phone. She doesn't have the attitude for it and she can't use her eyebrow. "No. I'm sorry. I'm glad her dad will be okay."

"Scully. Are you aware that they make video tapes of Bible stories told with computer animated vegetables?"

"Hmmm?" Oh God, my brain just gave up. Her sleepy voice combined with the sound of her body moving under the sheets made my brain send up a white flag. I was standing in my living room sporting a full-sized hard on, barely encased by my boxers.

"Doesn't that sound like a paradox? Shouldn't a nice Catholic girl like you be offended that the high handed marketability of commercial video enterprise would exploit a tomato to sell videos based on stories from the Good Book?"

She gave up. I could see her sit up in the bed against the pillows. "Mulder, as long as they get the stories through to children, I'm all for it. What stories are they using?"

"This one is Dave And The Giant Pickle. The box says: It's a lesson in self esteem...Sunday morning values, Saturday morning fun...Bob the tomato and Larry the cucumber retell the story of David and Goliath."

"The cucumber's name is Larry?"

"Yep. And David is a piece of asparagus."

"Mulder, was it bad? Did you put in the video for Isaac?"

"It wasn't bad at all, actually. We sat on the couch and watched it until he fell asleep."

"Be glad it wasn't Barney or Sesame Street."

I fell back onto my couch. "Why? I always like The Count."

She made a gasping sound into the receiver. It sounded so reminiscent of sex that my cock twitched. "Okay. I always loved Grover. Do you still have the tape in the VCR?"

Oh shit! "Uh. No. Um, I took it out."

"Mulder!" she was outraged. "Nevermind, I don't want to know what tape is in there now."

I laughed softly.

"Night, Scully."

"I'll talk to you tomorrow, Mulder."


I was worried about Mulder. Maybe even a little about Isaac. So I went over that morning to check out how they were doing. I was surprised to see them both up and dressed. I asked Mulder where they were off to and he replied that they were going for a walk to get some fresh air.

Mulder was getting Isaac's jacket on him. When he finished zipping up his jacket, I took Isaac when Mulder passed him to me. Mulder proceeded to fight with the stroller. "Damn, thing." he muttered.

He finally managed to open it and lock it into place. I placed Isaac into the stroller and buckled him up. Mulder was wearing navy sweats and a long sleeve white tee-shirt. He paused to pull a hooded sweatshirt over his head. We left his apartment, and went into the elevator.

"Do you and Isaac want some company on your walk?" I asked. Isaac looked up at me and gurgled, I think I got my answer.

"Always, Scully." Mulder said giving me a small smile.

"So Mulder, has Isaac given you anymore surprises lately?" I asked looking down at Isaac as we walked off the elevator.

"No, thank god, I think it is just a one time a day thing," He also looked down at Isaac and then back at me "or at least I hope so."

We walked for a while, enjoying the warm sun shining down on us. Suddenly, Isaac made his presence known. We both stopped abruptly.

"What's the matter, little buddy?" Mulder said as he stopped pushing and went around to the front of the stroller to check on Isaac.

I went around as well, and Isaac held his chubby little arms up to me. I bent down and began to pick him up. As I lifted him to me and shifted him to my hips, Isaac snuggled into my chest. He pushed his face up against my breasts and I shifted him again back onto my hip.

I glanced up and caught Mulder staring at me. "What?" I looked at him, but he was staring at Isaac and my chest "Ahh, Scully I think your Isaac's hungry, we better get him his bottle"

The look in his eyes, and exactly where those eyes were looking, told me he was thinking something completely different. I don't believe it, Mulder actually believes that Isaac was trying to latch on to me. "Mulder, the kid's been on a bottle forever, he's not trying to, well, you know." I don't know why, but I started to laugh.

I looked back towards Mulder and he was still staring at me. But I could see the bemused smile that he was trying to conceal. For a moment I could also detect a bit of a blush upon his face. I think he was embarrassed. "The bottle, Mulder, where is it?"

That seemed to do the trick, he quickly looked at me and said "It's in the diaper bag, but we have to warm the milk up, Scully."

"Well why don't we find a place to sit down and get this bottle warmed up. How about the Starbucks just down the block, okay?"

Mulder came around to the back of the stroller and began to push it again "Yeah," he said "that would be great"

When we got to the Starbucks it was practically empty. We walked in and went to the counter. The cashier was a young girl in her mid-twenties, she was all arms and legs, with frizzy dark brown hair. Her name tag read Kelli. " What a beautiful baby you two have, you're so lucky. How old is he?"

I was about to tell her that we were only looking after him, that he wasn't ours, when Mulder spoke up and said "Thank you, he's eight months old." he continued, "She wants a half caf with skim milk and a double shot of espresso with chocolate sprinkles. I want a regular coffee." He handed her Isaac's bottle, "Could you heat this up for us. Just knock the chill off." He paid gave her a ten and she made change.

Kelli turned away to prepare the coffees.

When she set our coffees and bottle on the counter, she smiled at both of us. I was about to explain again that we were only baby-sitting, but Mulder picked up the coffees and bottle, handed me mine, and wrapped his arm around my shoulders. As he pushed Isaac over to the sitting area, I looked at him with questioning eyes.

We sat down at a secluded table off in a corner. Isaac grabbed the bottle out of my hand and popped the nipple into his mouth.

"Mulder, why did you tell her that, we aren't his parents, you should've explained." I said exasperated. It felt good to have his arm around me, but I knew it was just an act. That hurts more than if he did nothing at all. If he is going to touch me, or hold me, I want him to do it because he wants to. I don't want it to be done as an act, under false pretenses.

Mulder watched Isaac and the baby smiled up at him around the nipple. "Look Scully, you said you wanted a normal life. This is about as normal as normal gets. You've got the kid, the husband, all you're missing is a dog and a white picket fence." I gave him the eyebrow.

He looked up at me. "We could stop by the pet store on the way back."

I gave him a tiny smile.

Isaac had almost fallen asleep. He looked so sweet, his eyes were drifting shut. I looked at Mulder, he look just as tired as Isaac. It surprised me how right this felt. Just as it should be, Mulder and I sitting in a coffee shop and relaxing.

We finished out coffees. "Hey Mulder, Isaac is asleep, why don't we get him home and into bed, okay?"


Isaac woke up just as we got back to my apartment building. He started crying in the elevator as we rode up with Mrs. Klein. Mrs. Klein is an older Jewish woman with a permanently pinched face and an opinion about anything and everything. She lives on the fifth floor and has twice tried to get me evicted.

The first time was when X had been murdered. She was the woman who had found all the blood in the elevator. The second was after I killed Scott Ostelhoff. She raised a big stink and was quoted by the news. Her twenty second claim to fame was her in a ratty bathrobe and hair curlers stating "He is always making a ruckus around here. An old woman like me shouldn't have to put up with this."

Last week, Mrs. Klein got on the elevator just as I was looking through my latest issue of Hustler. I held the magazine up and made a big show of turning the magazine sideways. She had pursed her lips and stared at the crack separating the elevator doors.

She was glaring daggers at Scully and me. I picked Isaac up and tried patting his back. The elevator was slow. Isaac was really starting let loose his face was red. Scully took him from me and tried her best to comfort him.

He continued to scream even as the doors opened and we strode down the hall. We entered my apartment and Scully tried to calm Isaac with his pacifier while I fixed a bottle. I ran out of the kitchen and she popped the nipple in his mouth. He took it for all of thirty seconds. Then he threw, he's gonna be a quarterback I know, the bottle, it hit my TV splashing milk all over the screen.

He started to scream again and we looked at each other. Scully's eyes were as confused as mine. "Do you think he's sick?" I asked.

Scully shook her head. "No. Come here, Isaac," she took the baby and laid him back on her lap across her thighs, she slipped her finger inside his mouth, "oh, sweetie, your gums are on fire." Scully looked up at Mulder. "He's teething. One of those top teeth is about to come through."

Scully gestured to the diaper bag. "Check and see if there is any teething lotion like Oragel or Numzit in the bag."

I picked up the bag and began to unpack the contents onto my coffee table. I reached the bottom of the bag and checked all the pockets. I looked up at Scully, "There isn't anything in here. It would be a tube, right?"

She nodded and I stood. "I'll go next door and look for something." I was surprised to see her follow. I used Julia's key and stepped into the apartment. There were still boxes to be unpacked. They were stacked in every available corner.

Scully moved into the room behind me carrying Isaac on her hip. He was no longer crying, but he wasn't happy either. She was looking around looking more nervous than I've seen her in a long time. I knew this couldn't be easy for her to come back here. She commented, "At least Julia fills the place up with furniture."

"Yep." I moved to the bedroom and found a chest of drawers with Isaac's stuff on it. I looked around and the moved into the bathroom. I rummaged around in the medicine cabinet, but didn't find anything.

"Find some?" I called out to her as I came back out into the living room.

"No." She called out and stepped out of the kitchen. I looked around the room but I was hesitant about digging through Julia's things. Scully was gazing toward the bedroom and I could tell she was a million miles away.

I was surprised at the anger I felt. I remember how I felt when I burst into Padgett's apartment and how totally shocked I was to see Scully sitting on his bed. She had been so calm about the situation and all I wanted to do was take Padgett by the throat and rip his fucking head off.

I remember how violated I felt when I read his novel. Every word Padgett had written about Scully and the Stranger. He had described her body in exquisite detail, her breasts, thighs, belly. The way the Stranger's hand had moved over her body. Scully and I are one. When he invaded her mind and body. It was as though my own person was stripped of all its secrets.

I shook off my melancholy thoughts and placed my hand on Scully's waist steering her towards the door. She walked out in front of me.

Scully was quiet after we let ourselves back into my apartment. I had to go pee and when I returned she seemed to have rid her own introspective thoughts and she gave me a radiant smile.

"I've been thinking, Mulder, this apartment is not child proof. He's already made a wreck of your Saturday Night Fever CD." She tossed the cd onto my table. Isaac was sitting on the floor with some Barney blocks. "I think you should come over to my place and we'll make some dinner and it will be easier to keep and eye on Isaac with the two of us."

I looked at her. "Ye-Yeah. That would be great."

"I'll pick up some teething medicine for Isaac and meet you at my apartment okay?" She rose and grabbed her jacket.

"Sounds good to me. There is a Knicks game on at three and I would hate to miss it."

Scully cut amused blue eyes at me. "I didn't say *I* would watch him, Mulder. I said we'd do it together."

"Right, Scully, teamwork." I watched as she let herself out.

I glanced down at Isaac. He had something in his mouth. I bent down and narrowly avoided getting bit when I pulled a stale sunflower seed out of his mouth.

"Yep," I said to him, "Scully's, right. It'll take two of us to watch you."

I gathered Isaac's things up and thought about Scully's words. I wondered if her suggestion had been why she was so quiet in Padgett's old apartment after all. Maybe she was less concerned about last week than I was.


God, he had been such a good baby all day. And now he won't stop screaming at the top of his lungs. I never knew that a child so small could produce such a loud sound. Mulder is frustrated and worried to say the least. Mulder can't believe teething would make him cry so loudly.

I am standing in the middle of the medicine aisle at the local pharmacy. The pharmacist walked up to me and asked me "Can I help you find anything?"

Well yes, I thought, what do you do for a kid that won't stop screaming? But I figured I should be more specific.

"Well I was wondering where you'd have teething medicine for infants?" I looked at him, hoping that he would give me some miracle drug that would calm Isaac's crying in seconds. "He won't stop crying, I believe he's teething."

"Yes, well now, how old is your son, and is his cheeks flushed or does he have a fever?" The man asked.

I was going to correct him, but decided against it, it would take too much time. I wanted to get back to my apartment as quickly as possible. Before I came home to a crying kid and a deaf partner.

"He is eight months old, and his cheeks are slightly red, and he has a temperature, but his," what to call Mulder, the pharmacist already thought I was the baby's mother, so, I guess that would make Mulder the dad "um, dad is giving him a bath right now at home."

The pharmacist scanned the shelf and pulled out a small rectangular box that had a picture of a small baby on it. I read the label and it said Baby Ambesol. "This should do the trick. Coat his gums with this 4 times a day."

I sent a prayer, hoping this stuff would help Isaac. I don't think Mulder, nor I, could take his crying for much longer. As I paid for the Ambesol, I scanned the magazine racks, and found an issue of Parenting Magazine. And as my luck should have it their cover article was about teething. I put that on the counter with the Ambesol and paid the cashier.

I headed towards my place.

As I pulled into the parking lot of my apartment building, I saw Mr. Crenshaw. heading towards his car, which was parked only a few spots away from mine. Mr. Crenshaw had moved in a few weeks ago, and had assumed that Mulder was my boyfriend or husband. I was never quite sure which.

"Ms. Scully, I met your husband today, such a nice man, and your son is just adorable. You tell that husband of yours that if ever wants to come down and visit me with that sweet boy again, to feel free to." My mouth hung open.

Mr. Crenshaw was the one person I never wanted Mulder to meet. Mainly because I had never corrected him on his assumption. And by the look of things neither had Mulder. As I walked down the hallway to my apartment, I wondered what exactly Mr. Crenshaw had told Mulder.

I was surprised to have to unlock the door to my apartment, I was sure Mulder was there, unless he had taken Isaac for a walk. I put my bag on the counter and took off my shoes and my jacket. As I walked further into my apartment, I noticed that the stroller was sitting in the middle of my living room. I stopped to listen for a few moments and heard the slight sound of someone snoring. I walked toward my bedroom.

Before me lay the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. Isaac had finally fallen asleep, he was lying on my bed, with pillows to his left. What caught my eye was to his right.

Mulder was sprawled on his back. He had changed into jeans and a black tee-shirt. His Nikes had been kicked off and were laying next to the bed. He was sprawled across my bed on his back. His head was tilted back and a soft snore was coming from his open mouth. His tee-shirt had ridden up around his belly and between the edge of his shirt and his low riding jeans, I could see a sparse trail of hair that ran under the spot where his jeans fastened.

The sight of them together made me smile, not only on the outside, but my inside smiled as well. Mulder looked at peace. It was so rare that I get to watch Mulder sleep, that I wasn't going to pass up this wonderful opportunity.

I watched them for a long time before going over to the side of the bed which Isaac was on. I moved the pillows aside and slowly lowered myself onto my bed. I was very careful to not move to quickly for fear of waking up Isaac, or Mulder, for that matter.

As I settled down into the mattress, I readjusted the covers on Isaac. I closed my eyes and was prepared to catch a good hour of sleep. But as I finally found a comfy position, I felt a hand creep up my arm. At first I thought it was Isaac, but the hand was too heavy and big. I slowly opened my eyes to the sight of a sleepy Mulder, and what an adorable site it was. His eyes had turned a dark green and he rolled over onto his side to stare at me.

"Hey," I said smiling at his sleep tousled hair, "how long has Isaac been sleeping?"

Mulder still looked half asleep, but at least he looked like he had gotten a good cat nap. "Well after we talked to your neighbor Mr. Crenshaw, I guess we must of laid down about forty minutes ago. Isaac finally settled down. I think he likes your bed." Mulder said sheepishly.

"I see he's not the only one, Mulder." I said grinning at him. Isaac was still asleep, so I decided that we better move before we woke up the little banshee.

"Why don't we go out into the living room." We both slowly got off the bed and I led the way out of my bedroom. As we walked down the hall towards my living room, I realized I was thirsty. "Mulder, do you want anything to drink? I have orange juice, cola, root-beer, and iced tea."

Mulder turned to me and smiled "I think I will have the iced tea, thanks." He went to sit on the couch and turned on the TV, flipping the channels until he found a Celtics-Wizards game, but left the volume muted so he wouldn't wake up Isaac.

As I went into the kitchen, I was wondering what Mr. Crenshaw had said to Mulder. But I decided not to jump to conclusions, until I knew all the details.

I sat down on the other end of the couch. What I really wanted to do was snuggle right up to Mulder, but I couldn't do that. "So you talked to Mr. Crenshaw today, did you?" I tried not to look nervous, even though I was worried what had been said.

"Yeah, I was just walking by your mailboxes, and he stopped me to say hello. He thought we had a beautiful baby." Mulder smirked at me.

I stared at him, he had said we. "Anyway, so he invited me and the baby to come and visit him any time, of course if it was okay with my wife first." I knew it was coming, but I still almost choked over his words. "I asked when he had heard that we had gotten married, and he said that you had told him about a month ago."

I closed my eyes, I hoped Mulder wasn't mad. But when I opened my eyes I could see he was anything but mad. He had a grin on his face from ear to ear.

"Well, Mulder he just assumed that we were married, because you were always over here, especially in the last week. I guess I just never bothered to correct him. Sorry." What else could I say?

"I'm sorry if me being over here last week is cramping you style, but I was worried about you." Mulder looked away from me, I could tell he was shutting his eyes. Maybe he was going through the events of the last two weeks as I have been doing.

"Mulder, please, look at me. You weren't doing anything wrong. I like having you over here. Especially now, after all that has happened in the past two weeks." I knew that I was close to tears, I couldn't hold back for much longer. "Mulder, please look at me."

He slowly turned his head, and looked straight into my eyes, as if he were looking right through to my soul. "Mulder, I like having you here, I need you here. Right now, you are the only one I can talk to about this. Its hard to talk to my mother, she wouldn't understand." I felt the tears threatening in my eyes, I could see that they were doing the same to Mulder.

End Part 2 of 4

All That You Touch

Part 3 of 4


"Scully, tell me what's wrong, don't shut me out, please." I looked down towards the floor and then back up at her. "You let me in last week but ever since then you've once again closed yourself off." But Scully shook her head and rose from the couch.

She moved into the kitchen doorway and I suddenly remembered Padgett's words to us in the police department. He'd said "Agent Scully is already in love."

She suddenly stiffened and turned to face me from the doorway. I realized at that moment that I had spoken the words aloud.

"What did you say?" she asked and she took two nervous steps toward me. I rose to stand beside the couch.

"I said, Agent Scully is already in love." I licked my lips. "Remember that's what Padgett said to us."

She stared at me for a long moment. My heart was racing like a rabbit in my chest and I was surprised she didn't hear it. She nodded slowly and approached the couch.

I continued. "Who is it Scully? Was it Padgett? Did you really do all those things in the manuscript. Feel that way?"

She shook her head. "It's not Padgett. When I was at the church, and he was telling me everything that he knew about me, I didn't think it was true. But now, I'm not so sure. He told me a lot of things, but the thing that sticks so clearly in my mind now is that I was lonely. I didn't believe him, Mulder, I had my family, I had you. But I'm not so sure anymore."

Scully sighed heavily and placed her hands on her hips. "I mean, I don't have anyone I can talk to about the real me. And I don't know what I mean to anyone at this point." Tears spilled out of her shimmering blue eyes onto her cheeks.

"Scully," I said almost choking on his words "you mean everything to me. You are my best friend, my life line, and you mean more than anything to me. I mean I wouldn't track half way across the world for just anyone."

She clamped her hand over her mouth, but I pulled it away. I pulled her towards me and wiped the tears away from her cheeks. We stood there beside each other with my arms wrapped around her and just stared silently at each other.

"Scully, we don't have to be lonely, we have each other." She looked up towards me and she looked like she was gaining the courage to say something.

"I love you, Mulder." She closed her eyes and as she began to open them I moved my face down toward hers. My lips touched hers in a soft sweet kiss. I pulled away and watched her carefully for any signs of doubt.

I sat down on the couch and pulled her down on top of me. I turned her gently so she was practically sitting in my lap, facing me. Then I felt her soft lips touch mine. I kissed her slowly and it seemed to go on for ages. We nipped at each others bottom lips as our tongues explored the crevices of each others mouths. I pulled away, and I heard her soft moan of protest.

"Is this alright, Scully, I mean are you sure?" For a moment I thought she was going to laugh, but she must have decided it would not be the best thing to do at this moment.

"Mulder, do you think I would of had my tongue in your mouth if I wasn't okay with this? Now get back here, I'm cold." And she pulled me back closer to her. I looked down at her and she then snuggled in closer to my chest. I decided to return her simple words. "I love you too, Scully."

And with that our lips were once again one, and I ran my hands up underneath the thin dark green sweater she was wearing. My hands soaked in the feeling of the soft flesh of her back. I paused for a moment at the small of her back and then moved my left hand over the area where her skin had been marred by the tattoo. My hand belonged there. Always.

Her mouth was so hot. Her tongue was like velvet as it caressed my own. Scully nipped down my jawline and further down my neck.

My hands were shaking as they slid around to the front of her sweater and I felt creamy hot skin as I touched her stomach. I ran my thumb over her belly button and then moved my hand up and laid it over her heart between her breasts.

I kept it there for a long moment and then reached around with my other arm and hugged her tight against my chest. I never wanted to let her go.

As Scully's lips teased my ear, I moved my hands around to cup her breasts. My hands lingered as I enjoyed the soft weight of her in my palms. Scully moaned softly.

I pressed my thumbs in the areola of each breast and then flicked them over her stiffened nipples. She gasped and then tried to pull away. I let her go immediately and she almost fell off my lap.

"I'm sorry, I'm sor-." She put the fingers of one hand over my mouth.

"Shhh. It's Isaac. He's crying." She rose off my lap and nervously stood in the center of the room.


"Shit, I better ahh, Scully, I have to go get him." Mulder stood and quickly left the room to get the baby. Moments later, I watched him walk from my bedroom and I could hear him whispering words of comfort to Isaac. He came back out with a very sleepy Isaac lying on Mulder's shoulder.

The minute Isaac saw me, he reached his chubby little hands out to me. I reached out and took him from Mulder's arms. He sat on my lap and laid his head back on my shoulder. Mulder came around and sat beside us. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and we just sat there like that for a while.

"I better get dinner started, is chicken and Caesar salad alright, Mulder." I asked as I handed Isaac to Mulder. Isaac started to cry again. I pressed my palms over his cheeks. They were still warm. "Oh shit, I forgot about the Ambesol. I'll go get it." I went over to the counter where I had left the bag and took the box out of the bag. I also took out the magazine but I left it on the counter. I walked over to the couch and sat down beside Mulder. "Mulder lie him across your lap on his back with the back of his head towards me." As he laid him down, Isaac began to scream more. "Good, here you go little guy, this will help."

I put some of the gel on my fingers, I held his head down with one hand, put my finger in his mouth and spread the gel on his gums. "Oww!" I pulled my finger back suddenly. "I forgot that he had those two front teeth." I guess he didn't like having my finger in his mouth, because when he got his chance, he bit down hard.

I stuck my finger into my mouth, which was a mistake. The remaining gel soaked into my tongue, leaving my mouth numb.

Mulder picked up my hand and looked at my finger. "Are you alright, Scully?"

I nodded. "My mou wen numb."

He started to laugh, but put his hand over his mouth. But it didn't help, he couldn't keep from laughing. Isaac, by this time, was smiling and settling down. God, that stuff worked good.

I got up again, leaving Mulder to attend to Isaac. I went into the kitchen and started to make dinner. After I had put the chicken in the oven, and made the salad. I got out some food for Isaac, made his bottle and brought it along with the magazine out to the dining room table. "Mulder, you need to feed Isaac now, okay" I set everything up for them and then began to read the magazine. Mulder came in about 5 minutes later.

"Sorry, Mom," Mulder said smiling "we had to watch the rest of the game first." Mulder placed Isaac in his carrier and buckled him in. I went back to reading the magazine.

Mulder fed Isaac, and in between reading an article on diapers and another article on fussy kids I heard Mulder in the background pretending to be an airplane "Brrrrrr, brrrrrr" I giggled quietly to myself.

I heard the oven bell ding and I got up to take the chicken out of the oven.


I watched Mulder wash the dishes as I fed Isaac his bottle. He was really getting to be domesticated. Maybe I'll keep him, I thought to myself.

Isaac started to slowly close his eyes. "Mulder, I'm going to put him to bed, okay? Did you set up the playpen yet?" We were going to let him sleep on the bed again, but I didn't want him to roll off the bed in the middle of the night, so I had asked Mulder to set up the playpen.

I went into the bedroom and laid Isaac down into the playpen. As I covered him with the light yellow blanket, he made a few snorting sounds but quickly fell back asleep. Looks like that teething gel did some good. I turned to go out of the room and as I was leaving I hit the light switch. I closed the door behind me and walked out towards the kitchen.

Mulder was just finishing with the pots and turned around to catch me smiling at him. "Hey there, you just wipe that grin off your face. Don't expect me to become domesticated or something WOMAN." He said with a grin from ear to ear.

I smiled at him and grabbed a dish towel to help him dry. We finished in silence. I was thinking about his mouth and how it felt on my skin. I thought about all the places I wanted his mouth to be. Then I started thinking about where I wanted my mouth to be. I must have started to blush.

"Hey," Mulder said popping me with another dish towel on my butt, "penny for your thought."

I know my fair skin turned even redder. He dried his hands and left me to dry a couple more pots.

"Sportscenter is coming on." he said and made a beeline for the remote control and my couch.

I finished the drying and put some coffee on for in the morning. I was nervous. I didn't know what to do. Do I sit beside him? Sit in the chair? Run for the hills?

I turned off the kitchen light and the overhead light in the living room. The only illumination in the room was a lamp and the TV. I walked slowly into the living room and nervously checked some of my knick knacks for dust. I was stalling and Mulder knew it.

He didn't say anything. He appeared to be concentrating on the post game scores for all the NBA teams that had played that day. Earlier he had finished watching the final quarter of the Celtic/Wizards game and then Isaac and I sat through a Knicks/Heat game. Larry Johnson, Mulder's favorite Knick, had topped the game with 23 points, sending the Knicks to another win.

Now I knew I was stalling if I was rehashing NBA games. I tried desperately to think of anything else I could do. I decided to check on the baby and I disappeared down the hall into my bedroom. Isaac was sleeping soundly on his back. His tiny fists were clenched in his sleep.

I went into my bathroom and brushed my teeth. I splashed water on my flushed face and took some new pearberry lotion I had gotten from Bath & Body Works for my birthday and rubbed it into my hands and elbows.

I hesitated before going back into the living room and after one last look in the mirror for courage I went back out to face Mulder.


I was pretending to watch ESPN. I could barely listen to the final scores from the games. This was bad. I had money on some of those games.

Scully was nervous. I don't know how I could tell, I haven't really seen her nervous in years. Maybe not since that first day when she walked into my office alternately showing the sweet versus the arrogant sides of her persona.

I pretended not to notice when she left the room and again when she came back. She moved to the center of the living room, not enough to block the TV, but she was still in my line of vision.

Abruptly Scully turned and without looking at me, she strode to me and crawled up on the couch and me, so that she was straddling me. Her sweet mouth came down on mine and I buried my hands in her soft red hair.

She'd brushed her teeth. I could taste the toothpaste on her tongue and in the recesses of her mouth. My body was on fire. My dick was throbbing and pressing against her center through the material of our clothes.

She was wild on my lap. Her mouth was all over my neck sucking the skin and licking along my ear. I pulled her head back by her hair and buried my face into the hollow of her throat. She raised her hands and cupped my face in them.

I pulled back. What was that smell? "You smell like a slushie." I said.

Her eyes opened and she looked back at me. Her blue eyes had darkened and were clouded with passion and confusion. "What?"

"You-smell-like-a-slushie." I repeated and brought her fingers up to my nose. "I don't know what flavor."

She smiled suddenly with understanding. "Sorry. It's the lotion."

I shook my head and wrapped my mouth around her thumbs. "Umm, Scully, my favorite flavor."

Her face flooded with color and she pulled her thumbs from my mouth. I didn't let her get away so easily. Six years of waiting and she thinks I'm gonna let her go for being shy? No way.

I moved my mouth back to her neck and sucked at her delicate skin, leaving a small mark. She made a gasping sound and my dick jerked beneath the denim of my jeans. Her hands moved beneath my tee-shirt and slid along my back. I pulled back and took it off, tossing it across the room. I think it hit the TV.


His mouth. Oh God, his mouth was like a furnace. It was hot and wet and his tongue was rough and silk at the same time. The skin of his back was smooth, I ran my hands over his shoulders, the muscles hard and flexing beneath the surface. He's put on weight in the past year, I'd noticed, but I didn't know he had bulked up too.

Mulder raised my sweater up and I let him remove it. He looked for a long moment at my breasts encased in my eggshell white bra. He leaned forward and pressed his lips over my heart.

I raised his face with my pearberry/slushie smelling hands and began to kiss him again. His hands came up and smoothed down over my back and then down, moving to cup my ass. He slid my pants down partway and I stood and removed them. I crawled back up and straddled him again. I had felt his erection before, but now I could really feel the heat and length and hardness of it.

I pressed down on his cock and he groaned. It sounded loud in the room drowning out the sportscaster's voice as he droned on about final hockey scores. I think the Toronto Maple Leaf's were playing the Flyers tomorrow.

I stopped thinking about anything related to sports when his hands slid around and slid into my bra. He brushed the backs of his fingers over my nipples. He pushed my breasts together and looked down at them as though he had made a new creation. His tongue snaked out and licked at the crevice made by my cleavage. Then Mulder moved his fingers and released the front clasp on my bra. The sides of my bra fell away and I shrugged off the straps and let it fall to the floor.

He stared at my breasts for a long moment before raising his eyes to mine. His eyes had turned a dark color more brown than green. He smiled.


I'll never understand why I find pornography so interesting. It's not. The same plastic women parading around. The same boring dialogue. The same sex positions that I no longer find amusing.

But this, this is why a man loves a woman. Why he would worship at her feet and follow her to the ends of the earth? It's this deep abiding love and this deep, baser primal urge that drives us.

Scully is beautiful. Not because she's sitting on my lap in only her hi-cut panties and glorious nakedness. Because she is Scully. She is mine.

My Scully is beautiful. Her bra fell away and I revelled at the sight of her naked breasts. They were plump and soft. Her nipples were pale pink and very sensitive. The cooling air alone was making them tighten and stiff.

I watched myself raise my hands and cover her breasts. To squeeze and release their weight. Scully watched my hands as well until she shifted her hips again and my dick sent the message to hurry.

I slid on hand down to her ass and beneath her panties. I raised her up and plumped up one breast to my lips. Her nipple was suckled into my mouth and as it elongated I pressed my tongue up against it, rubbing it, flattening it against the roof of my mouth. She cried out and clawed at my hair. "Yes. Yes."

I worked her nipple for a long moment and then released. It popped out of my mouth and I moved for the other one. Scully braced her hands on my shoulders and I slid my hand from her breast to her panties. I dipped my fingers inside.

She was slippery with wetness. I ran my thumb over her clitoris and she made a keening sound. I yanked at the panties until they were down her hips a little bit. She moved over me and stood a little on the couch cushions and I tore at her panties until they slid off one foot and then pulled them off her other foot.

I took advantage of her precarious position and titled her hips and ass forward and buried my nose and mouth into her heat. She gasped, "Mulder!" It was a strange position. She was standing on the cushions balancing with one knee braced against the back of the couch and the other against my chest. Her hands were trying to grasp my shoulders to get leverage. And she tasted good.

I ate at her, pushing my tongue deep into her, sliding out to lick at her clit, and going back for more. She tasted like crushed flowers and darkness. I kept at it until it became evident we were not going to be able to keep this position up any longer. My arms were cramping from holding her up.

We moved apart in unison, although Scully made a small sound of disappointment. She stood on shaky legs beside the couch and I attacked my button fly jeans with a vengeance.


I have never allowed a man to be so free with my body as I have allowed Mulder. He finished unbuttoning his jeans and slid them off to reveal pale green cotton boxers. He stood awkwardly beside me and then slid them off as well.

He was breathtaking. His body was a tower of bone and muscle. His skin was naturally olive but it was far paler on his chest and legs. As much as I wanted to see the whole picture I was fascinated by the sight of his penis.

His penis was thick and long with a smooth texture, the head had slightly more girth than the shaft. I moved onto my knees and closely inspected it. I allowed my breathe to blow slightly across it and was rewarded by the involuntary jerk. I glanced up at Mulder to see his head thrown back and his eyes shut, but before I could look away he glanced down at me, we stared for a long moment until his hand moved to his penis and he wrapped it around the shaft.

It was exciting for me to watch him grasp himself. I'd never seen a man do that before. I wondered if he had done this before and thought of me. He slid his hand over the hard flesh and then he reached out and pulled my own hand to cover his cock.

He moved them together and then dropped his own. I leaned forward licked my lips and slid them around the head. I took as much as I could in one stroke. I thought Mulder was going to have a coronary at the noise he made. "Ahhh. Yeeeaaah."

I slid my mouth back and forth along the length and pressed my tongue against the underside. My tongue snaked along until I got to the slight indention just behind the head. His body shuddered and I repeated the motion. His hand slid into my hair and pressed me forward. I took as much as I could and then slid back. His hand didn't apply more than a slight pressure and his fingers wrapped themselves in my hair.

Mulder suddenly pulled out of my mouth and grasped my shoulders bringing me to my feet. He fell back onto the couch and pulled me onto him so that I was straddling him again. He hands lifted my hips and his mouth took my nipple again.

His tongue was working against my nipple again and the fingers of one hand moved around and slid into me. His thumb bumped my clit and started a circular rhythm. I was so turned on that within moments I could feel the rush of the beginnings of orgasm.

End Part 3 of 4

All That You Touch

Part 4 of 4


I didn't know how much further she could go before coming but I wanted to be buried in her when it happened. I placed my hands back on her full hips and moved her into position.

The head of my dick began to slide into her slick folds and I gritted my teeth as I slid up into her pussy. "Oh God, Scully," I whispered against her neck, "you're so wet, so hot."

And she was. Her flesh accommodated my size and I pulled her hips back up again. I moved her down again and this time my dick slid all the way in. All the way. She fell back against my arms and her hands grasped at my shoulders.

As I set a rhythm I succumbed to the raw feeling of Scully. She was wet and hot and tight, her vaginal muscles contracted against my sensitive flesh. I was gasping for oxygen and I could feel the burn beginning deep inside.

I moved her back so that she could set a rhythm and pushed my thumb against her clitoris rubbing in the same circular motion as before. It wasn't long before she began to gasp my name and then I felt the tremor shake her body. Her vagina began to contract and spasm deep inside and I almost came as the tiny muscles clenched my dick.

She laid very still for a moment breathing hard. I watched her breasts, damp with sweat, heaving as she attempted to regulate her breathing. She finally raised up and her slippery pussy slid down on me even further.

I slipped out of her and I moved her over and back onto the cushions of the couch. She spread her legs out and I moved over and into her again. "Aww. This is good." I moaned and began to rock against her.

Scully raised her legs until her knees were even with my shoulders. I raised up and she hooked her legs over my shoulders. I slid in even deeper and she gasped as my dick hit a sensitive spot.


His cock hit my G spot. I didn't even know I had one until now. Well only theoretically, anyway, within seconds I felt the hum in my limbs and the concentration of pressure along my lower back.

Mulder was so deep inside me. His lips were moving and I could barely hear his whispered words, "Love you, love you, love you." He was pumping his hips, his penis thrusting far inside me. His eyes were closed and his hair had fallen forward along his forehead.

The orgasm hit me hard and I jerked up as I felt the pulsating thrill and the wonder of release. Mulder suddenly thrusted forward and he growled deep in his throat. That had to be the sexiest sound I've ever heard.

I felt his penis contract and throb as he came deep within me. He fell forward and hugged my body to his chest. I wrapped my arms around his neck and head. His tips inched forward and he nipped slightly at my nipple.

We laid like this for several long moments until Mulder slipped out and moves off me. I rose and he sat down on the couch. I made a quick trip to the bathroom and then I returned and sat beside him.

Sportscenter was long over. I don't know what was on the TV afterward. It looked like a Ford truck commercial. I snuggled up against him and pulled a blanket that was on the other end of the couch over my legs. Mulder wrapped his arm around my shoulders and brushed his lips against my forehead. There was no need for words. We sat and stared at the TV until Mulder reached for the remote and turned it off.


I heard something ringing. I wasn't sure what it was, Scully, was still sleeping soundly beside me. I didn't want to wake her, so I slid gently out from underneath her. I pulled on my boxers and I went to check on Isaac but the ringing sound wasn't coming from his room.

Suddenly, my brain kicked in, my cell phone. I rushed back out into the living room to find my leather jacket. It was hanging over the arm chair. I found my phone in the pocket and pressed the send button. "Hello?"

"Thank god, Mulder! I didn't know where you were, where are you, anyway?" It was Julia and she sounded a little frantic.

I looked over toward Scully, where she was stirring a bit on the couch. So I walked into the kitchen and leaned against the ceramic tile countertop.

"Hi Julia, I'm actually at my partner's apartment. She thought that my apartment wasn't child proofed enough." I said sheepishly "So where are you, Julia? I thought you weren't coming back till later today?"

"Well I missed Isaac, so I took the red eye flight home. Can I come over and pick him up?" I didn't think Scully would appreciate someone coming into her apartment when she was naked and hopefully, coming of the best sex high of her life.

"Um, how about Scully and I drop him off to your place once he wakes up, if that's okay?" I realized that our game of house was going to be over.

I would have no excuse to have my sorry son of a bitch ass over at her place all weekend anymore. Unless, of course, things were looking up because of last night.

"Yeah that's fine Mulder, see you guys in a bit. Bye" Julia said and I heard her click the phone down on the receiver before I even had a chance to say goodbye. I went into the kitchen and turned on the coffee pot.

I heard footsteps coming up in behind me. I felt two arms wrap around my waist. "Good Morning," a sleepy voice said, "who was that on the phone?" I didn't realize that the phone had woke her.

"Mornin." I said turning around in her arms. She was wearing my tee-shirt and nothing else. "That was Julia, she just got home. She took the red eye flight last night to get home sooner." Scully reached up on her tiptoes and brushed her lips up against mine.

I could still catch a faint whiff of the lotion on her from the night before, she still smelled like a slushie. I'm think I'm going out to get some more of that stuff for her.

She pulled away and broke the kiss, then she reached around my back and got a coffee mug from the cupboard. She went over to the coffee pot and poured herself a cup of coffee. I pouted at her, but she just kept on sipping her coffee. She then pointed her finger to the cupboard behind me.

We drank our coffee in silence until Isaac broke that silence with his crying. I put my coffee mug down and went into Scully's bedroom to get him. Isaac was standing up hanging onto the side of the playpen. When he saw me, he put his little chubby arms into the air. Of course he didn't plan on falling flat onto his butt, but I picked him up and took him out to the living room.

Scully was making breakfast. I changed Isaac's diaper and the put him in his carrier and got his bottle ready. As I fed Isaac, Scully was setting the table. I noticed that she had pulled on her panties beneath the tee-shirt and looked absolutely stunning.

She turned toward us "Breakfast is ready." I picked up Isaac and we went over to the table. There were pancakes and bacon on the table. As we ate, Isaac was sitting on my lap playing with a spoon. I fed him little bits of his pears and rice cereal while getting bites of pancakes myself.

We cleaned up and got Isaac dressed, then I put him back in his carrier. Scully was folding up his playpen and gathering up the things for his diaper bag. I put the playpen and stroller into the trunk of my car.

Scully came downstairs with Isaac in one hand and the diaper bag on her shoulder. She reminded me of how I must have looked on Friday morning in Skinner's office. We put Isaac in the car and made our way over to my place.

As we went up on the elevator, Isaac was happy and saying, "Ya, ya, da, da, ya, da." The doors opened and I lugged all the stuff out before the doors closed. We went straight to Julia's apartment. Scully knocked on the door.

The door opened, and Julia stood there smiling in a white sweatshirt and black jeans. She looked better than she did a few days ago. "Hi there, baby boy."

As soon as Isaac saw his mother, he nearly leapt out of the carrier. He would have succeeded if he hadn't of been buckled in.

"Come on in you, guys. You'll have to excuse the mess." She said as she took the carrier from Scully.


As I followed Julia into the apartment, I realized how much Isaac looked like her. The resemblance was amazing. "You must be Mulder's partner." Julia said as she turned around after taking Isaac out of the carrier.

"Yeah, Julia, this is my partner, Scully." Mulder said putting the playpen down. "She's been helping me take care of Isaac."

I looked closely at her. I felt a bit stupid and ashamed now to know that I had been slightly jealous of his neighbor. He had told me last week how pretty she was and it had not sat well with me all week.

"It's nice to finally meet you, Julia." I looked around the apartment. Julia had been busy packing while she was waiting for us to bring Isaac home. "Why are you packing everything?"

"Oh, well, my father is still weak and I want to be closer to him. So I am moving back to Phoenix to help my mom take care of him." I noticed that with everything packed up, the apartment looked similar to how Padgett had it when he lived here. It gave me the creeps.

Julia continued, "I want to thank you both so much. I am so very grateful to you both. Here you go, it's not much, but it was all I could afford." She handed Mulder an envelope.

I turned to Mulder, who was shaking his head and waving the envelope away, and then back to Julia. "No, no, Julia, please, consider it a favor. You'll need that for the move and lots of teething gel." I handed her the small tube of Ambesol. "He was teething yesterday." Julia started to protest as Mulder handed her back the envelope, but Mulder insisted.

"Thank you so much." Julia said to both of us and she placed the envelope in the pocket of her jeans. Mulder looked toward me and smiled.

"No, we should be thanking you. It seems your son taught us some valuable lessons this weekend." I walked over towards Isaac and held his hand.

He smiled at me and his big blue eyes sparkled. I kissed him on the forehead and pulled Mulder over towards Isaac. He also kissed Isaac's forehead. We said our good byes and Mulder led me out of their apartment.

Mulder unlocked his apartment and led me in. We sat down on the couch and snuggled into each other. "Did you have fun playing house with me Scully?" Mulder said softly moving his lips down my temple and towards my own. As he reached me I mumbled something that sounded like a yes.

One thing is for sure, I think I want to play again. I am pretty sure Mulder wants to play too.

The End

Thank you for joining us and please exit to your left.

Trelawney's Notes: I would like to express my appreciation to my co-defendant, Weezy, for going from a muse, to a critic, to a partner, and winding up as my friend. Thanks to Haven's Message Board for introducing us. You ROCK Amy. A special thanks to Piper, Arial, Carri, Lauren, and Nay for your help and input.

Weezy's Notes: I challenged her, she challenged me and in the end we both challenged ourseleves. This is my first fanfic to write. Now no infants were hurt in the making of this fanfic, although Skinner will never be the same. This was a joint effort and it has both Mulder and Scully POV. Please, please, send feedback. I promise to write back. If you don't have anything nice to say, send it to Trelawney. *g*

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