Title: All Spooked Up
Author: Katie
Date: October 31st 1997
Category: SR
Disclaimer: Mulder,Scully, Bill Jr. and his kids don't belong to me, but the names of his kids do, this would be Chrissy and Sam's second appearance in fan fic<g> His wife belong's to me, they never featured or mention Bill's wife. Any neighbors in the story are mine so :*_ Mulder and Scully belong to CC, 1013, and FOX.

Summary: Mulder and Scully go trick-or-treating with her niece and nephew and romance falls upon their spooky lil evening.

Author's Note: As much as I hate doing this, could you please forget the ending to Oh Baby! if you've read it? It was a little strong<g> and I want to build up the romance in this story instead of starting full blast ;*)

Scully didn't know why, but she wasn't looking forward to today. It was Halloween, and it wasn't that she dreaded going trick-or-treating with Sam and Chrissy, she was actually looking forward to seeing her niece and nephew. No, it was more of a gut feeling that Mulder would act differently because it was the spookiest day of the year, and spooky was what he knew best.

With bated breath she stepped into their office, bracing herself for the worst. As the door opened she took a careful step -Boom!- She jumped back three feet with surprise frozen on her face. Once realization hit her she slowed her breathing and pushed aside the skeleton that had fallen when she opened the door. She found Mulder sitting behind his desk grinning his head off as he chuckled before saying, "Happy Halloween, Scully."

She glared at him and strode to her desk. She would have liked to stay mad at him for that but couldn't when she saw the *orange* carnation sitting on her desk. The angry look melted from her face into a thoughtful expression. She smiled then turned to him the carnation in hand. She looked down at it then at him and said quietly, "Thank you."

His grin softened into a warm smile and he nodded. "So, Scully, he started, nonchalantly flipping through a file, "what are you doing for Halloween this year?"

She shrugged staring at his tie which happened to be splashed with ghosts and the word spooky. "I'm taking my niece and nephew trick-or-treating this year, Bill has the flu and Jen's out of town."

"You mean Chrissy and Sam?" He asked with a grin.

She smiled and looked down at her feet remembering the adventure they had. "Well, anyway partner, think you're up to coming?"

He looked to her with that puppy dog expression and she laughed. "Come on, Mulder, they weren't that bad, and besides, I can't do it alone."

He feigned a sigh and sat back in his chair. "Oh, okay. I suppose I can spare one night out of my life to help a partner in need," he said with a grin.

"Oh, there's one catch, you have to dress up."

His eye brows went up questioning her sincerity.

"Yeah, Bill and Jen always dress up when they take the kids out on Halloween so it looks as if the tradition has been passed down to us."

He stood in front of the Scully house, tight sequined bell-bottoms, a flashy jacket and black wig with tinted sunglasses and a red scarf around his neck. Beside him stood a she-devil, dressed in red nylons, a red leotard, bright flame-covered cape, red sneakers, horns on her head and a black plastic pitch fork.

Scully rang the doorbell and her brother answered after the five minutes it took him to slowly thump down the stairs. His sleepy eyes blinked open wide when he saw the sight at his door. He squinted. "Dana? is that you?"

She laughed. "Yeah, it's me Bill, how are you feeling?"

"Like there's a hurricane in my head." He brought his hand carefully to his temple, winced then looked to Mulder. "Fox Mulder, right? You helped Dana last time."

"Yeah," Mulder answered softly.

"Well, Chrissy and Sam are almost ready." He turned his head over his shoulder and yelled, "Sam! Christina! Aunt Dana and Uncle Mulder are here." He winced again then turned to kiss each of his kids on the forehead. "Now you two be good, ok?"

"We will, Daddy," Sam replied for them both. He grabbed his little sisters chubby small wrist and pulled her out the door with him.

Mulder smiled. He had to admit they looked cute. Chrissy was dressed up as Tinkerbell, she even had little glittery wings attached to her green leotard. Sam was a cat with painted black whiskers and a little tail swinging behind him. Scully's costume was a huge surprise, he never would have guessed conservative sensible Scully could look so....hot. He smiled and lifted Sam onto his hip as Scully picked up Chrissy.

"How ya doin Sam?"

"I'm great! We're gonna get a lot of candy!"

Mulder laughed. "You bet we are, bud."

About sixty houses later, Mulder and Scully were exhausted. Chrissy had fallen asleep half way through so she contentedly dreamed in Scully's arms. She looked like an angel but she was awfully heavy. Sam had insisted they go to three neighborhoods, but now it was getting dark and even the bundle of energy was running out.

Occasionally Mulder had let his eyes drift to his partner, her bright auburn hair adding to her costume and defined beauty. On this night he felt an odd attraction to her. Of course there had always been a thing between them, that was undeniable, but under the light of the night's full moon he felt compelled to...

"Mulder!" she yelled for the third time.

He blinked and looked at her. "Huh?" He had been so wrapped up in thinking about her, he hadn't heard her.

"Lets head back, ok?"

"Yeah," he said lifting Sam to his hip again.

She watched him and smiled. It almost felt as if Sam and Chrissy were theirs, Mulder would make such a good father, she could tell.

"What?" He asked, curious as to what she was smiling at.

She kept her smile and replied with an innocent, "Nothing. Lets go."

Later that night they sat in front of her TV, Mulder sitting on the sofa, Scully leaning her back against it, sitting on the floor in front of him. Her cape was off as well as her sneakers and head band with the horns. They shared a bowl of popcorn as he rubbed her shoulders and they watched the Halloween movies.

"It wasn't as bad as you thought, now was it?" She asked him with a relaxed sleepy smile.

"All in all it was a nice night. I could have lived without the candy spill," He added grinning.

"Yeah, I could just see the candy spilling out when I saw the handle on Sam's bag start to tear. Before I could say anything..."

He laughed. "Yeah. But truthfully, they're great kids. I only hope one day I'm that lucky to have wonderful kids like Chrissy and Sam."

"You will Mulder, you'll make a great dad, Sam adores you."

He grinned and let his hands just rest on her shoulders when he was done rubbing.

She turned around and added with a laugh, "And besides...." Her voice trailed off as their eyes met. She could feel the sparks between them and it made her stop short in her sentence. They both slowly leaned in, closed their eyes and ever so softly kissed. It only lasted a couple seconds and after it was over they just smiled at each other in silent communication.

Above the apartment building the full Halloween moon shined bright casting it's spooky spell over everything below.

The End :*)

This wasn't my best work I'll admit but I had this *huge* writers block and the deadline of one evening to write up a Halloween story, y'all can sympathize with me<g> Anyway, tell me whatcha think truthfully at DKScully@juno.com Loves you all and Happy Halloween!!!!!!


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