The All Hallow's Eve Series
by Windsinger

All Hallow's Eve
Driving back to Washington on Halloween evening Mulder and Scully see strange lights in the sky over rural Maryland, stop to investigate, and find themselves spending a night they will not soon forget.

All Hallow's Eve II. Extreme Unction
Mulder and Scully return to the Halloween bonfire dance they visited in 1995 and run up against a very menacing figure. Bad things happen after that.

All Hallow's Eve III. All Xmas Eve
Mulder and Scully with the help of friends make a break for freedom.

All Hallow's Eve IV. Miracle
Tannis, a young witch, is invited to a certain Halloween party by a certain good-looking FBI agent in hopes that she can prevent tragedy sweeping up our heros once again.

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