After The Truth series by Pattie

A series of interconnected series that take place in a Post-Truth universe.

After The Truth

Mulder and Scully, on the run

A Walk In The Desert

Always, Mulder. Always

The Best Birthday He Can Remember

My Dear Son...

Close to Christmas

Close To Christmas? Heck, It IS Christmas!

Indeed, It Was Christmas

Anywhere But Here

Journey To The Distant Shore

After "The Truth" Mulder and Scully learn that a tragedy has struck William's adoptive family, and they take their son back even as they begin to plan to save humanity.
All eighteen chapters here

After The Run

Mulder and Scully put their plan to stave off the alien invasion into action and add a daughter, Meg, to the family
All eight chapters here

Beyond After

A continuation of the same universe finds the family (mostly) happy and growing

Spray Paint, Bellefleur And A Diamond
Mulder proposes to Scully, giving her a ring in the same X he painted when they had been to Bellefleur.

See Fox Run
Scully sits down at the kitchen table, writing a fairytale for William, who is still a toddler, but she wants to plan ahead for the time he can read, and the time she or Mulder start reading him bedtime stories.

My Brother's Keeper
Mulder's half-brother, Jeffrey Spender, is back and brought into the family as well as the FBI.

And For All Of You To Share It With
Mulder, Scully, William And Meg visiting Doggett and Reyes at Thanksgiving and we find that they, too, have a little baby girl.

Can't He Help Me Unpack?
A pregnant Monica Reyes is quite upset that her husband, John Doggett, isn't helping her unpack in their new apartment.(And For All Of You To Share It With prequel)

Snow Globes and Seaships
On his fifth birthday, William is thrilled with two very special birthday presents from his mother and father.

Progressive egression
Mulder has hypnosis-type treatment in order to recall his abduction and deal with the traumas that cause him nightmares.

Mother's Day Serenade To Go
Mulder is arranging a special gift to Scully on the eve of Mother's Day.

Mulder Puts Bill In His Place
A very pregnant Scully, carrying the couple's second daughter, listens in during Thanksgiving. A "Scully POV" story.

This Is A Wonderful Day
Mulder and Scully re-open the X-Files Office and Scully about to give birth to Samantha Ann.

The Best Damn News Of All
Samantha Mulder, this time the genuine one, returns after it is safe to do so considering everyone is now safe, and another daughter, Samantha Ann, has been born - totally and truly human.

He's Wondered About A Happy Birthday
Mulder dreaming he talks with his long-dead father, awakening to birthday greeting from Scully and William while the girls sleep.

Mandy, a child hybrid once given to another couple, finds Mulder and Scully adopting her into their family after her adoptive parents die. Her growth had obviously been accelerated as she is a teenager.

After Mandy: Bobby
Bobby is another hybrid, but one who far less lucky than Mandy - he is about to die due to seriously accelerated growth gone wrong. Scully discovered that he was created from one of her stolen ova. She cares for him until his death.

Alison is another adopted hybrid who is suffering a deadly DNA reversion and it is up to Scully to save her. The girl is almost identical to Mandy. Mulder and Scully decide to let her adoptive parents keep her, with open visitation after treatment renders her healthy again. A new "Consortium" had been formed and unsuccessfully tried to kill her.

Tell 'Em William Called
finds young William calling Mr. Van de Camp to wish him a Merry Christmas, along with the sheep he so loved on the farm. It is 2008.

New Year's Eve Revelations
It becomes a very trying time when Mulder decides he and Scully should tell William, Mandy and Alison about their origins, and remember how happy they are as they ring in the New Year, 2009.

New Year's Regrets
William, curious as he is, has been finding things to read around the house that make it necessary for Mulder and Scully to have another "talk" with William as well as Mandy, and Mulder resolves to lock all documents and evidence away from William's reach.

How We Got William Back
Used to being written stories, Will challenges his mother to write a science fiction story, and she makes the characters herself and Mulder.

I Can't Believe I'm A Dad!
Father's Day, Mulder-style

I Ain't Afraid Of No Zombies
Trick or treaters stumble across a house filled with dead bodies. Moving ones.

This Time, It's A Boy!
After being the only boy in a family full of girls, William finally gets the little brother he's always wanted.

We Gotta Get Outta This Place
After baby James is born, the Mulder house is too small. Time to move!

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