Title: Adieu
Author: Cathey Scully
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Season 9, nothing really explicit though.
Category: R, A, V
Keywords: Mulder/Scully Romance
Archive: Sure, if ya want. Just tell me where you're putting it.
Disclaimer: Mulder, Scully, Maggie, Skinner, Doggett, and Baby William aren't mine. Don't sue me dammit!

Summary: She knew the day would come eventually.

Notes: I thought this up on the way to ballet.

She'd known that this day would come eventually. She knew that one day she'd go to visit, and they'd be gone. Now as she surveyed the bare apartment, her earlier musings came rushing back. Deep down in her mind, she panicked. What if she hadn't left willingly? What if they'd been hurt and this was someone's way of covering up?

Her thoughts stopped abruptly when she entered the bedroom. It was vacant, save for the pristine white envelope resting against the windowsill. With trembling fingers, she reached out and clasped the envelope, bringing it tightly into her chest.

Steeling her emotions, she slid to the floor. This was the letter she dreaded receiving. After a few moments, she nudged the envelope open with a perfectly manicured nail. Pulling out a sheet of simple notebook paper, she unfolded it and began to read the curvy, precise handwriting.


I know this is going to be one of the hardest letters you'll read, and I'm so sorry. It was hard to write too. As hard as it is to put on paper, this is something that we both knew was inevitable.

I can't and won't say much about where we're going. We both know why we've left, though. This separation from Mulder is killing both of us. Albeit slowly, but its become too painful. We've lost the ability to stay safe; the need to be together is overpowering our judgment and we're putting not only ourselves at risk, but also those we love.

Please don't worry about us, Mom. We'll be okay. I've put all our things in storage with Mulder's belongings, and the lease on this place is paid until the end of the month. After that, it's okay to let it go.

Please don't let Skinner or Doggett or anyone look for me and William. We won't be found. When it's safe we'll be back, all of us.

I love you mom. William loves you too. Stay safe, please. Keep us in your prayers.
Love Forever,
Dana & William

Maggie wiped her eyes, trying to clear the tears from her vision. Dana was gone. Her only remaining daughter was gone. Dana had taken her son and left to be with Mulder; the father of her child. At this, Maggie smiled. Dana hadn't been happy in months. Mulder made Dana happy. Who was she to deny her child happiness?

Maggie stood and was surprised to find that she was shaking. She looked around Dana's empty apartment and felt a few more hot tears run down her cheeks. After a few moments, she wiped her face again and sent a quick prayer for Dana and William's safety. Her daughter would come home when she could. Hopefully Fox would be in tow.

Maggie walked to the door, clutching Dana's letter against her chest. Taking one last look around, she closed the door and walked away.


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