Title: Twenty Five Years
Author: XxaerogirliexX
Rating: R
Category: MSM
Disclaimer: They're not mine, however the thought kind of appeals to me.  Their children Katherine and Samantha do belong to me.

Summary:  Mulder and Scully's children throw them a twenty- fifth wedding anniversary party.

Mulder Residence Baltimore, Maryland 6:00 PM

Dana Katherine Mulder stands before the mirror of her vanity in the master bedroom of her home dressed in nothing more than her slip, hose and bra.  Her hair and make up had been completed long before and now all she have left to get ready is her dress.  She walks over to the bed and gazes down longingly at the dress she bought especially for this occasion.  As she steps into the satiny material and pulls it to cover her body she moves back in front of her mirror and smiles approvingly at her reflection.

'Looking good Dana,' She silently praises herself, knowing that she did not look her forty-five years or that she had given birth to three children in her twenty-five years of marriage to her loving husband.  Her elegant dress, for the evening, drapes all the way to her ankles, its dark green color bringing out the blue in her eyes and her rich auburn hair that was pulled into an elegant, tight knot.  The dress was sleeveless and it accents her toned arms nicely and hung to all the right curves, 'Yep definitely looking good.' She thought again with a grin.

Satisfied, she puts her hands on her hips and looks around the room trying to remember where she left her necklace and bracelet and then suddenly remembers. . .the bathroom.  In nothing more than her stocking feet, Scully pads to the bathroom and smiles at her husband as she enters.

Fox William Mulder stands before his side of the counter and sink in his trousers and white undershirt.  A white towel draped over his shoulders he is shaving, carefully gliding the blade down his face.  Scully comes up to his side and reaches into a drawer to pull out her jewelry before turning to him.

"Help me?" she asks as she holds the necklace up to him.

"Sure." Mulder smiles as she finishes shaving and wipes his face with the towel on his shoulder.  He then takes the sterling silver necklace with diamonds sparkling through the center, "Turn around."

Scully turns her back to him and he easily reaches over her and she slightly gasps as the cool object lands on her bare skin.  He clips the necklace closed and places a tender kiss on her shoulder.

 "There you go," he says softly before turning back to the counter and reaching for his aftershave, "Dana you look absolutely stunning."  He pours the aftershave into his hands and pats it around his face in all the right places before he smiles down at her.  He runs a hand along her dress, "That dress looks really good on you, is that the one you bought with your mom?"

"Yeah," Scully smiles as she slides on her bracelet, clips her earrings and slides on her wedding and engagement rings, "You don't think it's too dressy do you?"

Mulder laughs, "Dana it's our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.  It's a very important and formal occasion. Besides the kids did tell us to dress up, it was their idea to throw this party for us."

Scully sighs, "Oh I know, but I would have just been happy with a quiet dinner alone with you."

"You'll still have that Dana," he says sincerely as he comes to take her in his arms but then kills the moment by softly grinding up against her, "minus the dinner of course."

She looks up at him as he wags his eyebrows and slaps his chest, "Mulder you're terrible!"

"Mom and dad come on!  Katherine just pulled into the driveway!"  Their youngest daughter Samantha yells up to them, breaking them of this special, playful time that is still so alive in their marriage after all these years.

"Okay Kate we're coming!" Mulder calls as Scully slips on her dress shoes and he pulls on his crisp dress shirt and buttons it as they walk down the stairs to their waiting children.

Over the past twenty five years Mulder and Scully had raised a very loving and handsome family.  Their first born, Katherine, had just turned 24 and had just recently graduated from the University of Maryland with a medical degree in Pediatrics.  Standing at the same exact height as her mother, she had long curly auburn hair with deep hazel eyes.  She was currently looking for any available job offers in the DC area so she could stay close to home.

William was their middle child at nineteen, and was an exact copy of his father.  At six foot he was now a freshman at American University on a full basketball scholarship. Mulder had started him playing basketball from the moment William was able to walk and it is now showing.  William never lets Mulder forget how grateful he is for all of his 'daddy-son' lessons as they called it.

And then there was the baby of the family, Samantha.  She was a mixture of both Mulder and Scully combined.  At sixteen, she stood a good six inches taller than both her mother and older sister at five foot nine.  She had a head of long, silky brown hair with pools of blue eyes that were able to get her whatever she wanted.  As a junior in high school, Samantha was the key starter for the volleyball team, track team and even basketball team.

Now as Mulder and Scully walk down the stairs all three of their children stand there dressed to the nines awaiting their parents.

"Let's go you two." Katherine says impatiently as she begins to push her younger siblings out the door, "I promised Uncle Walter we would be there at seven o clock sharp."

"Slow down there Kate, the party can't start until your mother and I get there anyway." Mulder chuckles as he helps his wife into her coat.  He turns her to face him as he watches their children walk out of the house.

Scully smiles up at him and places a hand on his cheek, he looks down at her as she whispers, "I love you Fox William Mulder."

Mulder bends to kiss her softly and pulls back to cover her hands that still rests on his cheek, "I love you even more than I can say Dana Katherine Mulder."

They stare intently at the other, their eyes boring into each others souls grateful for the love they have for each other all these years and the friends that they are about to share it with.  Their quiet moment is then broken by a blaring of a car horn and they jump back into reality. Mulder laughs as he takes his wife's hand, "Let's go celebrate twenty five years Scully."

Baltimore Convention Center Baltimore, Maryland 8 PM

The party began to get into full swing by the time eight o clock rolled around.  Mulder and Scully had been so happy to see so many of their friends, new and old, that had attended this evening.  Of course their former boss Walter Skinner was there, he was as Katherine had said earlier an 'uncle' to their children.  Scully's mom was there and as was Mulder's.  The entire Scully clan had shown up including Bill, Tara, their twenty year old son Matthew, Charlie and his current love.

The first hour or so had been spent in meeting and greeting the happy couple and guests and passing on wishes of happiness and gratitude.  Now it was time for dinner to be served and everyone found their seats.  Mulder and Scully sat at a table in the front of the room with their three children, Skinner, Maggie and Teena.  As dinner got underway and small conversations started throughout the room there was suddenly a clinking of glass.

Numerous pairs of eyes fly to the sound and they see Katherine standing up in front of her seat.  She smiles as all eyes focus on her and she clears her throat as she speaks up, "Tonight is a special night for our mom and dad," she gestures to Samantha and William sitting on either side of her, "and we want to let them know how much they mean to us.  So each of us have written a little something special that we now wish to share with everyone, I guess I'll go first since I'm the oldest."

A few chuckles fill the room and Scully smiles lovingly at Mulder who takes her hand in his and let it rest on the table as they both face their daughter.  Katherine pushes her chair up under the table and moves to stand in the center of the room looking very beautiful in her long black gown.  She pulls out a piece of paper and takes a deep breath before her voice soon fills the room.

"As I was sitting at my kitchen table last night, trying to figure out exactly what it was that I wanted to say about two of the most important people in my life, I came to the realization that there really are no words to describe how much I love my parents or what they mean to me.  Fox William Mulder and Dana Katherine Scully are two of the most spectacular people in the world and I am proud to call them my mom and dad.  They have always been there for me and I will never forget that." She then turns to face a now teary eyed Mulder and an all out crying Scully as she puts away her notes and looks straight at them, "I love you guys and congratulations on your anniversary.  Twenty five years, a silver anniversary. . .that is definitely something to celebrate.  Congratulations."

Applause fills the room as Katherine made her way to her parents and kisses them both on the cheek.  Mulder hugs her in return, his tears now falling as Scully kisses her daughter through her tears.  Katherine moves back to her seat and nudges for Will to take his turn.

William nods as he stands from his chair and chooses to stay in place and faces his parents, "Well let me be honest for a moment, we all know I am no good at public speeches," A few chuckles fill the room, "But for mom and dad I'm willing to make an exception.  Let me start out by saying how much I appreciate my parents and for all they've done as I've grown up into what I am today.  Thank you to my dad for always pushing me to be a go getter at playing basketball, if it wasn't for that pushing I may not be where I am today, playing starter as a freshman in college. I guess all those 'daddy-son' lessons paid off, huh dad?"

Scully smiles over at her husband and gives his hand an affectionate squeeze, as William continues, "And to my beautiful mother, whom I respect and love more than my life. Thank you mom for all the little dribbler games you drove me too, junior high and even high school after I totaled the car.  By the way, have I said lately how really sorry I still am about that?" he asked with a small, innocent boy smile.  The party chuckles as Mulder and Scully just roll their eyes with a swipe of the hand.  "Anyway in conclusion, congratulations you guys on twenty five years, I love you."

Scully stands up from her seat and grab her sons face and gives him a kiss on the cheek before William takes her in his arms, "I love you mom."

"I love you too baby." Scully whispers through her tears as she holds her son tight.

William then moves to hug his father before resuming his seat and motioning for his younger sister to take her turn. Samantha smiles as she delicately pushes her long hair behind her shoulders before she stands to move in front of her parents.

"Well unlike my brother I am all for community speeches, but when it comes to speaking from my heart?  Well that's a sign of weakness," she quips and earns a smile from her parents, "No in all seriousness you guys, in the sixteen years of my life I could not be more grateful or proud to call you my parents.  You both are so loving, kind and when the situation is right patient.  I love you guys so much and congratulations on twenty five years."  She kisses her parents before taking her seat and soon the entire party bursts into a roar of applause.

Mulder smiles over at his wife as he motions for her to stand up and they move to the microphone on the stage by the dance floor.  Mulder grabs the microphone and soon his rich voice fills the room, "Don't let our kids loving and meaningful speeches fool you, they can be terrors." Mulder teases.

"Mulder!" Scully chides playfully slapping his arm and grabbing the microphone as their friends and family laughs, "Don't listen to him everyone.  Thank you everyone for coming and helping us share this special event.  We love you all and appreciate everything you have done for us over the years."

Mulder suddenly grabs the microphone from her and speaks again, "And now it's time to get down.  And I believe it is our special prerogative to have the first dance, so band, take it away." He places the microphone back on the stand as everyone laughs and Scully rolls her eyes as Mulder offers her his hand, "Let's boogie baby."

"I can't believe I've put up with you for twenty-five years Mulder." She murmurs teasingly into his neck as he pulls her close.  The band starts up playing a soft, slow classic hit that Scully vaguely recognizes.

"Ah contraire my dear, you're forgetting the six years before we were married where we were work partners under Skinner's command," he whispers softly into her hair tickling her ear.

Scully smiles as she slides her arms tighter around him, "God that seems like ages ago, doesn't it?" She pulls back to look at him as the beat changes and they are soon waltzing around the room, "I mean think about it, we've been together for over thirty years and it's been the most wonderful time of my entire life."

Mulder smiles down at her as she traces his thumb down the dip of her spine, causing her to shudder as she slowly closes her eyes, and lays her head onto his shoulder, "Me too baby, me too."

As the couple dances the night away, numerous more couples soon join them on the floor.  In the corner of the room, there three children stand with proud smiles on their faces as they watch their parents.

"They look so happy," Katherine admits as she watches her father lean down and whispers something to their mother and makes her laugh, "Mom looks so beautiful, I just hope I'm that beautiful when I am that age."

"I hope I find somebody that I will still be that much in love with after twenty-five years, I mean you can tell that the spark is still there." Samantha speaks up, "In a way I should be disgusted by the thought of my parents still well you know. . ."

"Aww Sammy, don't be such a prude," William teases as she slings his arm around her neck, "surely mom and dad have given you the birds do it, bees do it and even educated MDs do it.  Just say it, mom and dad are still doing the naked pretzel with you in the house."

Katherine laughs as Samantha smacks her brother in the chest, "Shut it up William."

The siblings fall silent as they all watch their parents continue to dance slowly with the music, after a few moments Katherine comes up to her sister.  "How about you come stay with me tonight sis.  I can tell mom and dad are going to want the house to themselves tonight."

Samantha laughs out loud as she slips her hand around her sister's waist, "Oh yeah."

Mulder Residence Georgetown, Virginia Midnight

"Oh Mulder I had such an amazing time tonight," Scully sighs as she and Mulder stumble into their home after midnight, their shoes discarded and smiles of unconditional joy on their faces.

"I did too sweetheart, the kids did such a wonderful job in setting up the party for us." Mulder replies as he locks the door behind them and they make their way up to their bedroom.

"Where did Samantha say she was going again?" Scully asks softly as she lets her husband pull her up the steps.

Mulder laughs, "William told me she was going to stay the night at Katherine's because she figured we would want the night alone."

"Mmm, she is so right. . ."Scully says seductively as she slides her arms around her husband's neck and pulls his face down to hers, "Kiss me Mr. Mulder."

"It'll be my pleasure Mrs. Mulder," he murmurs as his lips come down onto hers.

Mulder slides his lips over his wives as she angles his head to deepen the kiss.  Scully slides her hands down Mulder's back, and rests them on his bottom, giving him a playful squeeze.  Mulder chuckles as he pulls his lips away from hers and gazes down into her eyes.  He brings up his hands to cup the sides of her face as her hands come up to grip his waist.

Stroking his thumb over her bottom lip he whispers to her softly, "You're still as beautiful as ever Dana, I can't believe I was so lucky as to find someone as special as you. You changed my life so much sweetheart gave me a family and I want to grow old with you."

Tears sprinkled in her eyes as she ran her hands along his sides affectionately, "I feel the exact same way Mulder, I love you so much."

"To twenty five more years Scully," he whispers as his lips hover over hers.

"To twenty five more years Mulder." She confirms softly and pulls his mouth down to hers.

They kiss slowly and deeply as Mulder backs them up to lay on the bed.  He slides his hands along her sides, over the dip of her waist, swell of her breasts as she runs her along his back and to his bottom.

"Sit up," he whispers as he slowly unzips her dress and she helps him slide it off her body.  He carefully tosses the dress to the chair beside the bed and gazes back down at his breathless and beautiful wife, "God, twenty five years and I still can't get enough of you."

"Get down here and love me g-man," she pants as he runs his hands along her body.

Mulder unclasps her lacy bra and lets the cups fall away. He lets out a small groan as he takes her small, pale breasts into his hands. Scully closes her eyes and arches into his touch, letting out a small gasp as he gently lifts her mounds to take a rosy nipple between his lips.

"Aww Mulder, that feels so good."

All the while Scully's hands are not idle, she gently rakes them under his dress shirt and grabs a handful pulling the garment over his head.  Her nails rake down his bare back and slip down underneath his trousers cupping his muscular ass.

Mulder groans as he kisses his way up from her breast and buries his face into her neck.  Scully combs through his hair and whispers, "Take off your pants sweetheart."

The final barriers of their clothing are removed and Mulder quickly covers her body with his, skin against skin.  Mulder gently tilts her head to the side as he kissed down her neck and buried his nose into her hair, "Aww god baby, you feel so good."

Scully sighed and stroked her hands through his hair as she gently pushed him further down her body, "Mulder, please. . .I'm so ready for you."

She locks her arms around her husband's neck as they lean in for a kiss. Slowly she snakes her small, wet tongue out to wet her lips, and she felt his breath quicken against her mouth.  He groans as his hands found their way to her hair and he kisses her with such fervor that her moan was lost down his throat.  His tongue plunges deep down her mouth as they kiss with such an undeniable passion.  Her hands slide from around his neck, down to rest along his hips.

Mulder is hot and hard against her thigh and he slowly positions himself to her wet center. "Oh baby," he sighs into her neck as he felt himself slide deep inside of her body.

"God", she moaned arching to meet his hips, "How can it still be so good?  Oh yeah baby. . ." Their lips met in a loving kiss, as he begins to move slowly in and out of her, until they reach the inevitably point of climax tumbling over in ecstasy with a cry of each other's names.  Mulder collapses, breathless, on top of his wife sated with pleasure.  His entire body shakes as Scully runs her hands along his sweaty back in a gentle, soothing gesture.

"I love you Fox Mulder." Scully whispers after a few moments of quietness.

Mulder smiles against her shoulder, placing a soft kiss there before he pulls back to look at her, "I love you too Dana Mulder."  He then grins big as he props himself on his arms and looks down at her, "God, twenty five years and I still got it!"

Scully laughs as she pulls a pillow up and whacks him across the head with it.  He retaliates and grabs her around the waist and starts to tickle her, her laughs filling the house.  It has been a wonderful twenty five years.

Author's Notes:  I hope you all enjoyed this story, the idea came to me when I attended my parent's own "Silver" Anniversary last month.  It is such a magical and wonderful time for any married couple.  The speeches by the children were inspired by similar ones me and my sister read to our own mom and dad.  Thanks for reading everyone! The End!!!

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