Which Episodes are chapters about?
December 2009

It took us six years to complete this project, which is aproximately five more than we thought when I proposed writing a short story back in 2003...that idea quickly flew out the window when we decided to rewrite the entire series using the plot we'd meant to apply to a short story. We anticipate posting the last few remaining chapters in January to April of 2010.

Ninty-eight chapters of this story focus on just over half of the episodes from the show's nine season run, and the remaining twenty-nine chapters have very little to do with anything on the show, but forward our own plots. Most of those chapters come during our versions of seasons eight and nine and the chapters that follow "The Truth" as we've needed to go a year and a half past the finale to finish telling our story.

How did we choose which episodes to include? Either the ones we've agreed on need to be included to fufill our over-arching theme, or ones we particularly like. Fortunately I favor MOTW and Felinefemme likes the Mytharc so it has balanced out.

We've also have relied heavily on the X-Files Timeline, and have arranged episodes in to reflect the order on the time line - if we agree with it. Sometimes we didn't. Any chapters maked "n/a" are ones noted above that have nothing to do with episodes, but our own plots only.

You make also have noticed, we say "chapters" not "stories". FelineFemme and I consider this to be one very long story, but many people refer to it as a series. Call it whatever you like.

Episodes by chapter:

01. n/a "Last Christmas"
02. Pilot
03. n/a "Familial Pressure" <-- chapter revised 7/29/09
04. n/a "Lucky Break" (minor references to Squeeze) <-- chapter revised 11/22/09
05. Fire
06. Beyond The Sea
07. Lazurus
08. Darkness Falls
09. Tooms
10. Elerenmeyer Flask
11. Little Green Men
12. Sleepless
13. Duane Barry
14. n/a "First Page"
15. One Breath
16. Irresitable
17. Aubrey
18. Colony
19. End Game
20. Fearful Symmetry
21. The Calusari
22. Anasazi
23. The Blessing Way
24. Paperclip
25. n/a "Home Sweet Haunted Home"
26. Oubliette
27. n/a "Namesake"
28. Clyde Bruckman's Final Reprose/Piper Maru
29. Apocrypha
30. Revelations
31. War of the Coprophanges/Pusher
32. Jose Chung's From Outer Space
33. Quagmire
34. Wetwired
35. n/a "Hex & The City"
36. Home
37. n/a "No Monsters Here"
38. Unruhe
39. The Field Where I Died
40. Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man/Paper Hearts
41. Tunguska/Terma
42. Leonard Betts
43. Memento Mori
44. Kaddish
45. Tempus Fugit
46. Max
47. Small Potatoes
48. Elegy
49. The Unusual Suspects
50. Detour
51. Post-Modern Prometheus
52. Christmas Carol
53. Emily
54. Chinga
55. Killswitch
56. Bad Blood
57. Patient X
58. The Red and The Black
59. Travelers
60. All Souls
61. The End
62. Fight The Future
63. Fight The Future
64. Hollywood AD - flashback portion
65. Triangle
66. Dreamland I
67. Dreamland II
68. Terms of Endearment
69. How The Ghosts Stole Christmas
70. Two Fathers
71. One Son
72. Arcadia
73. Milagro
74. Three Of A Kind
75. The Unnatural
76. n/a "A Parting Shot"
77. Biogenesis
78. The Sixth Extinction
79. The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati
80. The Goldberg Variation
81. The Amazing Maleeni
82. Signs and Wonders
83. X-Cops
84. First Person Shooter
85. Hollywood AD - movie premiere portion
86. The Gift - flashback portion (well...only portion in this universe)
87. All Things
88. En Ami
89. Requiem
90. Within
91. Without
92. Patience
93. Invocation
94. Via Negativa
95. Salvage
96. n/a "The Spy Who Loved Me"
97. Per Manum
98. This Is Not Happening
99. "Coping" (minor reference to Deadalive)
100. Deadalive
101. Three Words
102. n/a "New Life (After Death)"
103. "Welcome Back" (minor reference to Existence)
104. "BEK" (minor references to Nothing Important Happened Today)
105. n/a "Aloha"
106. n/a "Conscience"
107. n/a "Consequence"
108. 4-D
109. Trust No 1
110. n/a "Endeavor"
111. n/a "Endurance"
112. Scary Monsters
113. Jump The Shark
114. n/a "Kevin"
115. The Truth
116. The Truth
117. n/a "Jose Chung's The Truth Is Out There"
118. n/a "The Salvatore File"
119. n/a "Overdue"
120. n/a "Samantha" (references to Redux II & Closure, minor reference to Amor Fati)
121. n/a "Late Nights With Dead Ringer"
122. n/a "The Red Carpet"
123. n/a "Isn't It Romantic?"
124. n/a "Myths and Blood"
125. n/a "Spooktacular Halloween Episode"
126. n/a "The Last Case"
127. n/a "All Done, Bye Bye" <--final chapter!!

* chapters 3 and 4 were scheduled for revision/expansion in 2009. No other chapters will be effected by the desire to make more of the empty timeline between "The Pilot"/"Deep Throat" and "Squeeze". 12/09 these revisions have been made

Another thing to mention is that we post at the X-Files OS and at 3F before putting chapters up on our page. Why? Mostly to reward loyal readers who have been reading our fics on the boards for years. I don't think either of us would still be writing if not for them =)

As a historical note, all chapters were posted to the OS message board prior to being posted on our webpage, the url to that thread is: At the X-Files OS http://forums.prospero.com/foxxfiles/messages?msg=121863.1

The making of "The Family G-Man"

September 2004

To my surprise, more than one reader has asked how Felinefemme and I coordinate this writing project. I guess it's of interest due to the scale =)

If you too have wondered, read on.

This story's evolution began with a simple idea around Thanksgiving of 2003: I'll write a Christmas fic that spoofs The Family Man. Then, the more I thought about it, it seemed as though I was unlikely to finish it alone in time for Christmas, so maybe I should find a co-writer. FF and I had known each other (via message boards) for a couple of years at that point, and were well familiar with each other's writing styles. I thought she'd be fun to write with too, so I sent her the first six pages of the story as well as the master outline, and she agreed that it would be fun.

Well, it's now ten months later, so I'm sure you realize that we didn't meet our first deadline, which came and went about 300 pages ago. We had no idea that this fic was going to be this, um, epic, in length when we first started out. (now, with three seasons spanning 330 pages, I think it's safe to estimate this will be about a thousand pages when all is said and done)

As for how we write this, it's like this:
As I've said, there's a master timeline, which we've tweaked just a few times. I won't tell you what the timeline encompasses, least you become spoiled, but I will say that it spans all nine seasons and includes a list of events we must include in the plot, and episodes we need to do in relationship to those events- fifteen or so crucial episodes.

But, as I'm sure you've noticed, many more eps are used. For that we have other lists, one or so per season, of episodes we want to do, and as importantly, who will write them in what order(there are just a couple of eps we've both written parts of); this forms our to-do lists, so we always know what we're working on until we're done with the season at hand...then we do the same for the next season.

We also have a list of ideas (I'm the guiltier of this) we have that we e-mailed each other that we really want to work into the story. This is where a lot of our twists away from canon stem from. ("it might be neat if...")

No instant messages, though. Although it might be handy, it would probably cause our brains to implode...

So there you have it. Lists, e-mails and more lists. And more e-mails, and...


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